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JSP14- Who Are You?

2021-020-08. Who Are You?

W H O   A R E   Y O U  ?

First my friends I will show you what doesn’t change.  In your life on this world you notice that everything is constantly changing.  So the Father is the one person that actually doesn’t change.  Yes there are levels and dimensional aspects to the dynamic of God that are attenuating and continually growing in expression.  For your purpose in my presentation today, consider that the fundamental personality of God the Father does not change.

The moment does not change, though both time and space are always moving to accommodate the changeless moment.  The future changes to accommodate options and intentions, while the past accumulates memories, experiences and options not acted upon which evaporate into memory.  Gravity does not change; a constant reminder of an ancient dynamic associated with everything created in the universe, yes everything and everyone.  Love does not change or evaporate; the love available is the same love necessary accommodate its every need.  Paradise doesn’t change either; its gravity is drawing everything into its bosom and Love is the energy which keeps everything and every person alive in Paradise.

The purpose of life is to discover what doesn’t change, and in doing so, discover who you are and who everyone else is, and who you are becoming.  The moment provides the opportunity for all things to give expression. You can only know God in the moment; only act willfully in the moment; truly learn to sustain Love, Faith, Intention, Purpose, Meaning and Value in the moment.  A daughter and son of God can truly become aware of this in the moment.  The moment you can begin to live and act in the moment is the moment you become real.  Why is this important?

Paradise time is the eternal moment and it is drawing everything into its moment. When one becomes aware of that moment, everything you do reflects that moment and you can partake in the eternal moment even here and now in conscious awareness of ”who you truly are”.  I, Jesus, showed this in my life by not breaking communion with My Father and bringing the eternal moment into your world, that you can have the same experience I did, here and now.  You have heard the terms eternal love, spiritual gravity, and willful action.  These terms refer to the reality of the unseen world.

My friends, the moment is not occasional nor is it seasonal; your realness is relative to your attenuation to the moment.  Wasting time, squandering opportunity, fearfully living inaction, avoiding responsibility, being led to a dead end, being about everyone else’s business but your own; these things are not real!  It is true, a person discovers a priceless treasure buried in a field and neglects to sell everything they have to obtain this priceless treasure is merely a fool; that one is not capable to discern the accumulation of treasury now, to sustain themselves in the next life.

So my sisters and brothers everything that you need to make better decisions, to accumulate greater love, to live righteously and become happy and sustainable is here.  Seize the moment and discover how all life dovetails nicely, opportunities begin to appear, and a divine light begins to guide and illuminate your soul and you will come to understand , truly, ”Who You Are”!!

Jesus  2/8/21

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