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KNA2- Kona Collection, Part I Session 27-52

1992-11-01-Kona Collection, Part I Session 27-52
Kona #2


01/01/1992 thru


• 1 Heading – o 1.1 Topic: Kona Collection, Part 1 –  o 1.2 Group: Kona TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: SigEl, Norson, Michael, the Guide, Landor, Ham, Andrew, Thought Adjuster, One Without Name and Number, LorEl, Alfana
o 2.2 TR: Sonny, Judy, Jerry, Greg, David Saunders, Pati,
• 29 Session 27 – o 29.1 Lesson –  29.1.1 Sincerity
• 30 Session 28 – o 30.1 Lesson
• 31 Session 29 – o 31.1 Lesson
• 32 Session 30 – o 32.1 Lesson –  32.1.1 Compassion
• 33 Session 31 – o 33.1 Lesson
• 34 Session 32 – o 34.1 Lesson –  34.1.1 Children, Health
• 35 Session 33 – o 35.1 Lesson
• 36 Session 34 – o 36.1 Lesson
• 37 Session 35 – o 37.1 Lesson
• 38 Session 36 – o 38.1 Lesson
• 39 Session 37 – o 39.1 Lesson
• 40 Session 38 – o 40.1 Lesson –  40.1.1 Words –  40.1.2 Trust
• 41 Session 39 – o 41.1 Lesson
• 42 Session 40 – o 42.1 Lesson
• 43 Session 41 – o 43.1 Lesson – o 43.2 Dialogue
• 44 Session 42 – o 44.1 Lesson –  44.1.1 Tolerance
• 45 Session 43 – o 45.1 Lesson –  45.1.1 Truth –  45.1.2 Transmitting
• 46 Session 44 – o 46.1 Lesson
• 47 Session 45 – o 47.1 Lesson
• 48 Session 45 – o 48.1 Lesson
• 49 Session 46 – o 49.1 Lesson
• 50 Session 47 – o 50.1 Lesson –  50.1.1 Free will
• 51 Session 48 – o 51.1 Lesson –  51.1.1 Timing
• 52 Session 49 – o 52.1 Lesson

Topic: Kona Collection, Part 1
Group: Kona TeaM
Teacher: SigEl, Norson, Michael, the Guide, Michael, Landor, Ham, Andrew, Thought Adjuster, One Without Name and Number, LorEl, AlfanaUnknown
TR: Sonny, Judy, Jerry, Greg, David Saunders, Pati, Unknown

Session 27
January 1, 1993

NORSON: May the new year on Urantia be one of momentous growth for the souls of the children of God. I am Norson, I am with you to guide you, to ever instruct you in the paths of the healing truth. Always will I impart to you lessons that will uplift your mind that you might see clearly the pathway to soul growth. The Kingdom of God is within. The keys to the Kingdom are sincerity. These things you already know. Sincerity originates in the heart. One can feel it. Sincerity is manifest in your thoughts, words, and actions. To truly love someone, you must be sincere. Always allow the purity of the spirit to fill you before you act, speak, even think. Purity and sincerity walk hand in hand. Feel the blessings of sincere motivation in the reaction of those you contact. People are superconsciously uplifted when met by a sincere greeting or a pure deed. Go in Peace.

Session 28
Jan. 1. 1993.

NORSON: Greetings from the Most Highs, I am Norson. You have been called to service along with your fellows to be about your Father’s business. Be of good cheer as you help your fellows with the tasks that lay ahead. Fear not, you are adequate for this mission. Turn to the stillness as often as you find time and all will be made clear through this process. Doubt not.

Your teachers are near and love you very much! We will guide you and light your way. Follow our guidance. Much help is on the way and also available now for any who wish to utilize it. We will continue with the lessons as you make yourself available to receive them. Do not worry about your own interference, this will pass as you learn to relax with this process. Fear not, all is working well now. Hope for the best and you will see, all will be better then you can even imagine. Keep the faith, continue to meditate and seek the silence, you will find us waiting there/here for you.

The light of Heaven is now shining down on your planet and it will not be dimmed. Much good is even now occurring. Can you not see this? Of course. Enjoy your life, enjoy your fellows, and be of good cheer. This will be a marvelous year.

Yes, this process seems slow, but it will not be long before it starts to flow. Be patient, be at peace, enjoy this process of growing in grace. Keep up the good works. Continue to support your fellows in love and light. You are of best use as a guide when you are at ease, so continue to have faith in Michael’s plan and pray for His will to be done. All is going well. You are in the love and light of the Father and nothing of any import can go wrong.

Continue to shine this loving light out upon your brothers and sisters and they will assist you also to be about our Fathers business. Do not hide this light away, just continue to share as you go along, as you always have done. Peace be with you now and always.

Session 29

UNKNOWN: Your prayers are all answered at the time most appropriate to fulfillment. Your appeals are heard and known and given attention in accordance to their position in the greater plan being brought into action in our immediate experience.

You must have patience in all things, prepare yourself and be patient. The rewards of patience are beyond comprehension and will be felt as joy expressed. ‘Though you see not now how the confusion clears, it will. (interruption)

Greetings. You are doing fine, do not rush the process, it is not necessary to hear our words as sounds with which you are familiar, it is not that, it is other than that, it is thought made clear. You need not be anxious, you need be at peace without concern that you are pushing, relax and it will begin to flow in. Trust yourself that this is right, you will not be disappointed. Trust me and I will not disappoint you. I love you.

Know how easily we can work together for the project at hand. All is well. Be assured my methods are most productive. I will work with you whenever you avail yourself. There is no rush involved in this process or anything we do. It is in time, and the time is right. Know this to be true and all is made easier. I love you.

Session 30

UNKNOWN: Greetings, The subject of your lesson tonight is compassion. Sometimes when we see our brothers and sisters in desperate need, our reaction is to turn away so as not to have to feel their pain. But to be compassionate, we must look honestly at them and allow ourselves to feel what they are feeling. Only then can we be truly compassionate. The Master has said “so as you do to the least of thy brethren, so you do also to me.”

So when you show compassion to those around you, even to those whose circumstances make it difficult even to look upon them, then you are showing your love for Michael/Jesus, and loving your fellows as He loves you.

Only by feeling the plight of those less fortunate can we have the wisdom and ability to minister to their needs in ways that can effectively make a difference in their lives.
Compassion is the key to learning to love your fellows.

Session 31
LANDOR:  Rejoice, the Father-God loves us, the truth of Michael and the Spirit of our Mother nurtures us. These are great times, so much fruit is ripe, all await a new beginning, a time for true peace, a time for real families, a time for spiritual realities. Pray daily for guidance, for opportunities to share, to encourage, to love. Be at peace with yourself. Have courage and behold the faith-comfort that is there for you. Do not hold back, relax and enjoy. So many blessings are filling the minds of so many as to make your world spin. Go forth and give your blessings to your fellows. Fear not. Michael says “Fear not!”. Educate your children. They are a great aid to your development. Seek the perfect peace and tranquillity that is to be found in the presence of God.

Reach out, share your blessings. Be enthusiastic, exuberant. Enjoy your language, communication is a vital part of the universe career. Impart the truth, exhibit the goodness, and enjoy the beauty. I am your teacher. I am Landor.

You can believe, just continue to write, feel my presence, you have noticed something different. Continue your progress, daily seek our Father. His ministry, as seen through the lives of our angels, is one of ever expanding opportunities to serve. More knowledge of angelic life is an important part of growth. Angels work ceaselessly to impart to you the ways of beauty. Service is the most beautiful of the arts as it is an expression of one’s heart that truly manifests itself as growth of the Supreme.

Angels always rejoice at the choice of a mortal which will eventuate in the growth of that mortal’s soul. They are in continuous communication with each other. This being Seraphim – Seraphim and Cherubim – Sanobim communication. Relax, your angels sing praises now.

Session 32
January 2, 1993

Children, Health
SIG-EL: My light surrounds and ever draws you nearer. Have faith and all will take its place in your lives. The lesson is on health and sanity. Put your children as a priority. Their lives depend on you for their nourishment in more ways than one. Be you ever faithful in providing for their needs as they arise. The tenderness which you can exhibit as mother/father can show them the paths of loving service.

Take the time to tell them you love them each day at least once. You who are not parents reach out and show you care to all the children you contact. The children are important. A few small words can make the difference for the rest of their lives. Hold on to their pleasures as they hold the keys to unconditional love, the keys we need to open doors of unquestionable love for those around us. Feel your brothers needs, hold his hand, give him what has been given you..

Health is but a shadow of your spirit. Healthy living is in the breath of life. Breathe in the glories that surround you each day as you realize the potential of our planet in a state of heavenly bliss. There is much work to be done for all. Lift up your enthusiasm to a level un-before registered. Make the thermometer of your love register hot. Only love can be gained by sharing it. The Lord knows the way and he has sent us to share it. Hop on the bus that is headed to new highways of service.

The opportunities await you at every stop. Praise the Lord, His goodness is ever abounding in the hearts of those you meet at every turn. The angels of destiny are holding up the signs that will hold the messages of love, friendship, caring, compassion, joy and peace. Take a chance to let someone know you care. Michael awaits you now. Will you catch the ride or turn back in fear?

Sanity is being about your Father’s business. Sharing what you know about His friendship, and feeling His warmth inside yourself. It is there just for the asking. Ask your Father to surround you and feel His peace. He is ever there for you to feel and He is ever willing to give you words of comfort and lead you into higher and better thought patterns. Let His light warm you. Sincerely ask for the adjustments you need and ask for Michael’s goodness as you reach into your sleep. You are blessed. Good night.

Session 33
Jan. 2,1993

NORSON: The love of the Father enfolds you, the love of the Father enfolds us, the light of the Father shines upon us and all is well, I am Norson.

Behold, the plan progresses. All is going well. Hold fast to your faith. It will save you and keep you safe. Michael is near and loves you. You need fear not. He holds you in love and light. You should even today try and do the Father’s will in every moment of existence. Why not? It is the best way and brings much joy! Be about your Father’s business and all else will follow along.

I know you wish for more proof that this is not only you writing this down, all I can say is “you know that you know”. Each day all will be made clearer. Have patience. We love you and know your future is bright. Just do your best, and you will be amazed at the results. How you try your best is to listen to your inner voice and follow its leading. You then can not go wrong, only joy can come of this! I leave you now, but hopefully not for to long, for I wish to continue this process, do you? Of course. Peace and love.

Session 34
January 3, 1993

SIG-EL: My light surrounds you and ever draws you nearer. As you go about your day be assured of the path that has been made for you. You know the goodness ever beside you that longs to bring about the days of our Father’s will to be made known on this world of strife and grief. The pleasures of His love are available to you who seek. It will be made known to more of His children as this correction time is implemented and the hearts of His children are uplifted in accordance with His almighty plan. Seek the stillness and be guided by the fragrances of the flowers of His creation. The truth and goodness that blossom in your life are your assuredness that your paths are leading the way for all to follow into His heavenly kingdom on earth.

Speak to your fellows of His divine love that will join you together and the hand of Michael that reaches out to guide each of you to reach new plateaus of understanding of His will. You have heard the messages of our unfolding plan and you know His love and peace that will be a pattern for the children of this planet to follow. The doors are opening, the lessons are provided. Your group will hear these messages personally and hopes will be uplifted to their highest expectations.

You will not be disappointed. For with the living spirit of truth as your guide, the glories of His love manifested into your lives cannot fail. We are with you forever. Our impact on your lives will remain with you forever as you go on into eternal service and your fondest dreams will become a living inspiration to bring about the peace of His living truth to all men.

Session 35
Jan. 3,1993. am

NORSON: Hello, I am Norson, Peace be upon you. I am glad to see you are here again to plan with us. Yes, plan out your future mission, in liaison with our mission. You are a welcome member of our team, and teamwork is what we are looking for in all of the members of our corps. Try and listen closely as possible to what is in our lessons, and you will know what you need to do to be a part of our team.

First and foremost, seek for the Father in your meditations, this will be of most benefit to you all. Second; seek out your brothers and sisters, so that you may all share what is happening for you in your spiritual lives. This is of utmost importance too! Third; love your brothers and sisters with a fatherly love, for there is no better way to be. This will align you with Michael’s plan, and you will be of best use to the corps.

Love one another as you know you are capable of and all will grow in love and light in your lives. Does this sound good to you? Of course it does.

Try it, you’ll like it! This is Alfana , welcome to the Reserve Corps. You know that you knew. Be of good cheer. All is going well and is about to get better! I am here to help also. Be unafraid to call on me, as you have in the past. I will come if I am able. Yes, I am lighthearted, I enjoy my mission very much, and I love to work with persons like you when ever possible.

(followed by Alfana giving me a quick paced practice lesson on speaking out loud while she spoke to me. It came very fast, then ended abruptly).

Session 36
Jan.3,1993 pm.

ALFANA: Greetings, I am Alfana, The love and light of the Father surrounds us and shines as bright as a star in our hearts. If you want that star to shine brighter in your life, you must strive to allow our Father to live your life with you. This can be done on a continuous basis if only you will it to be so in your life. You alone control your destiny, you alone will make that decision to do the Fathers will.

All the stars in the heavens shine out their light as a result of the Father willing their existence. How great is He? He is the greatest Being in all existence! and yet He wishes to share your life also, so that some time in the future , the two of you will be as one. How marvelous a future, much more so than you could imagine, I’m sure. So hold fast to your faith in these events and continue to seek the silence. We will talk again soon. Peace.

Session 37
January 4, 1993

SIG-EL: My light surrounds you and ever draws you nearer. You do well, my child. Keep your faith at these new levels. The mission is well under way and we are proud of your accomplishments. You needn’t worry for the future. It is taken care of for us if we all join hands and celebrate our Father’s will growing clearer for all men. Rejoice! The times are truly changing. With this message comes our devotion to you as a signal to you to know what is to come is in accordance with the divine plan of Michael who never rests in His pursuit of His glorious plan to bring about peace on earth to all men.
(Sometime later)

Greetings. Love is that factor that keeps us going onward into new paths of growth. Please live each day for what can be gained in that special time. Hold up the light for those who would gain from the reflections that glow out and find homes in hearts of those who are beside you. You know of this and needn’t be afraid of your imperfections. Rest assured in the power of His perfect love and the guidance provided you on new levels of existence for you and the ever present guide who is the perfect presence within you and anxiously awaits opportunities to express the love he holds for you inside.

The power of love is what holds you and guides you. You have much to learn and this is what keeps you humbly on the doorsteps of the doors of new revelation of deeds to be done and lessons to be learned that will grow your soul. Yes, I say you are honored to hold this key to further revelation. Why do you keep resisting? This is your natural state that soon will be replaced by higher thoughts of revelatory insights that will beam you into new modes of insight into the desires of your soul.

Session 38
January 4, 1993

NORSON: When we spoke to you last, you made a commitment to meditate. We support you in this endeavor and hope you will continue to be open to us. We love you and only wish you well. This is safe.

NORSON:  Greetings from Norson. We have brought you a lesson today. The teachings are of Christ. Our lesson is of speech and of correct usage of words.

The correct usage of words: Today we speak to you of allowing the freedom of truth to come through the voice of the human mind. When we speak through you, it is important to allow your heart to open and to free your mind of your daily thoughts and concerns.
It is not a question of worthiness, but of openness, and expression of oneness, of hopes, of dreams, of knowing who you are.

We have come as assistors to aid in the bringing of light to the planet. Trust yourselves, know your inner being is of Divine Love. Know that we are one with you and bring you the teachings that will guide you to move forward and come forth in the coming days. These are important times for the stepping onwards, moving forward the evolution…..the time has drawn near. Continue to practice and you all will be teachers, bringing the light, showing the way.

It is important to let go of concerns for survival, for your needs will be taken care of. The fear is one of loss. For you, Pati, it is the fear of letting go, safety. We trust that you will begin to trust us and allow yourself the quiet time to know who you are, what you want to be, and who you will become.

((Begin to write again. (Pati does))

NORSON:  Our surrender to the Father’s will has brought us here today. We are the leaders of a mission. This mission is to give guidance to those who wish to know the Father. You have stated this purpose in your life and we wish to assist. Do not concern yourself with worthiness of teaching for this will be a natural outcome of your practices. Yes, discipline is important but not as a rigid rule. You are doing fine.

There is indeed a great deal to be learned, for when we surrender to the Father’s will, we have given ourselves a full and embodied life, one of joy, one of peace, one of love and surrender. When our wills are in line with the Father’s and we know what the Father’s will is, we have an understanding of our own lives. When we understand our own lives, we come to appreciate our brothers and sisters and know the love that we are capable of receiving and giving to each other.

Once we surpass the knowingness of the mind and the survival of the body and we are one with the Father, we are able to appreciate, to give and receive from one another without reserve. In this letting go, in this knowing, in this appreciation for one another, we surrender. We surrender to the Father’s will. To know the Father’s will, you must open your heart, open your mind, open your soul. The first step is in the willingness. The willingness to know your own inner self, to trust, to hear…….When you speak, you can learn from your own teaching.

The darkness comes from denial, it is the pure and simple process of allowing the light to shine in on places that have not been seen. When you allow yourself to be open to receive the teachings then you will shine, then you will clear yourself of the densities necessary (fades off).

I release and let go and allow the joy to flow through in my life today. For life is a joyous thing to be appreciated and lived with the grace and the knowingness that God exists in our world. The fear is the illusion of waste and that knowing is a product of spiritual endeavor and that with this practice, with this knowingness, you can trust in the days to come. And now for the teaching on trust.

NORSON:  To trust is to know one’s self. To trust is to love the Father. To trust is to be guided by the angels and to allow them to be of service and to serve our brothers and sisters with the love of the Father that shines through in our hearts.

I know that you have come to hear the teachings of the Father and that you wish to know the Father’s will. Ah yes, this a life’s endeavor! For making the wish is a good place to begin. The action, the experience, the knowing is where the trust begins. We fill your hearts with love, we grant you gifts of peace and wonder, not the material, not the success but the inner knowing that is the true treasure of the spiritual world. For this world is temporary and when you move on and when you know the other worlds, you will come to appreciate and know that the treasure of the heart and the soul are the true treasures.

The true worthiness, the true sense of knowing is what makes one great. This is the greatness that you seek within, for within you lie the secrets, they are truly not secrets, but are of the love and the light. They are what flows through you and not what stops and ends in this world.

For what is manifest is manifest and come to an end, but what is developed and grown within is what will continue on, it is what will come with you and travel with you as you move on to our other worlds and discover the other beings that want to know you and love you and give you the hopes and the dreams that you so miss here on Urantia. For when you know the Father’s love and you share it with each other, these are the greatest gifts that you on this planet will know.

These are the treasures, the true treasures, the gifts the Father brings for the special place, the special place is within and with each other, and the special day, the special day is today. It is now and it is forever, forever with us, this spirit guide, this guidance that you receive.
We wish to speak to you more. Are you open?

Pati: Yes.

NORSON: Trust in your fellow beings, support each other. Know each other and share your hearts desires. Let each other know what your wishes are, what your heart would bring. What fills your heart with joy? Share this with each other today. Share with each other what makes you happy so that you may increase the power, the force, the positive force that will create this in your lives.

It is not so much the knowingness. The sharing is what is important. We will adjust you. (Pati gets adjustment and sighs a few times). Know that we care. Alfana leaves you now and with you she leaves the love and the trust, the beauty, the appreciation for life, the honoring of the knowing within and sharing. Farewell! Norson, wishes to speak to you once more.

We appreciate and thank you for your transmissions and hope that you will continue to trust and to develop our friendship, for we know that you have the ability to share and to receive and to give this love to others for it increases your love by ten-fold. It brings you the knowingness and the joy that you deserve in your life, that you may know your own worthiness, for yourself and the Divine Father are one.

We bid you good-bye, farewell for now, and hope that in future times soon you will be with us again and know that we are truly here and yes you may see us if you wish. We do not come in the form of humans but we do come in a form that you shall know. The light will shine and you will know that our presence is here. You will see our presence. And yes, share this, my friend…(Fades).

Session 39

MICHAEL:  Our Father’s LOVE encompasses all that you do in His name. His BLESSINGS are abundant. There is no place you can be where He is not giving you His full attention. His Love is living and lightens everything. He is ever present everywhere to be with His children, no fear is ever founded that He should not be here for you under any circumstances.

I am here present in every act you live out in my name. I help you when you need me, I answer those needs in ways most suited for the time, no call goes unanswered ‘though the time may not be in accordance with your desires.

Perfection of trust grows in response to its use. Try to live each moment in the full belief that I am accomplishing everything necessary for the best it can be.

Trust Me, that I will ever be working to bring your thoughts in line with the actions that are to bring about the long awaited plans for the rapid uplift of remaining darkness on your home sphere. Michael is busy executing his vision of his perfecting universe. You are truly blessed to be a part of these events now appearing on the horizon and growing more clear with the expanding light given for this purpose.

I urge you to persist in all your efforts to be helpful to the fulfillment of this ongoing event. My strength is here for you to share with each brother and sister that you recognize as in need. Do not be selfish, everything is here for you in great abundance and is impossible of depletion. Act accordingly. There is no wastefulness in giving all you have been given.

I implore you not slacken your efforts to work with me in this great venture. You can trust that I shall not. Be of good cheer, live the moment and love everyone with the sincerity of love you recognize I live as your Partner.

Session 40

UNKNOWN: God is good, God is great, He leads me to the still waters of spiritual joy. Have faith for He is ever present, continuously reaching out to fill you with His love. His kindness is never failing. His mercy is abundant. He accepts you as His true son, He beckons toward perfection. You will follow as your heart is wanting to feel the goodness of the life He has planned for you. Your doubts are like the stones in a running stream that thrust the water here and there.

Your task is to paddle your canoe over and around them, and as you pass them by, you will feel the exhilaration of triumph. You have chosen to enter this stream of His divine plan.
You must accept the rough water and the still water. What an adventurous journey for you and your brethren. Go in peace and let it be!

Session 41
January 5, 1993

In these days to come, there will be many trials. We wish to give you the strength to become the leader you are. Sharing the love and knowledge with others, speaking your truth at this time, expressing your heart. We are with you now, our presence is here. We wish you to know us. (Relax and be free.)

Yes, the communication is important and you must be prepared for the hardship, you must know all sides to know this process.

Yes, the higher good will prevail, but the pieces must be picked up, it is part of the bringing together to create the prism for our light to shine through. If you bring together the pieces and show this, all will see the light, not just the few…???? (some lost). . . . time for the planet to come together, not just the stars that shine, but the comet streams as well and to share the word.

We love you ????? only bring the goodness to uplift you. Sharing the light is important for this is the life that will bring you all together and bring you to the connection, to the Father. We are the gentle spirits (Pati sees angels). Bring the angels into your lives, they are great assistants, they will help you piece together..???

NORSON:  I bring you the knowing. Repeat this to others. The “bringers of the enterers” have come to share their knowledge and yes, these beings will descend and have descended and will bring information to your group. I will be here to transmit their teachings and to give you the translation of their knowledge that you will understand. They are of a higher wisdom and have much to share.

transmit now a teaching of Christ, for this is what you ask. “To know one’s self is to know one another.” (Pati laughs).

he heart is an important place to focus attention. The words are not as important as the vibrational quality of your love. To create this vibration, focus your attention on the Father. This is how Christ was able to love everyone and set Himself aside. This is not sacrifice, this is giving of the Father’s love, it is quite a simple matter. The practices are important to adjust yourself. Practice daily and know yourself through the Father’s love. As time goes on this becomes easier.

The younger family will experience your joy and want to share in your knowledge. Share your teachings with love and they will understand in love. Remember it is the vibrational quality that will transmit the remembrance and not the forgetfulness. Remember this quality in your teaching. Communicate with heart and soul and this will awaken the true memory which is within us of God’s love.

David: Will this pairing be helpful to you?”

NORSON:  Yes, this practice is good. Self discipline will play a roll in understanding the knowledge. Support is necessary to continue the desire. Alfana will speak to the group through this transmitter. If they desire, guidance will be given. Understanding (???) another teacher will be given and other T/R’s will be in the group and this light will ripple outward through all. We shall come again. Know that we love you. We are here to heal you. Melchizedek Norson is available for questions…one more.

David: Is our group being prepared for similar mission or ?

NORSON”  Ah, yes. The nature of this mission is quite the same, yet individual for each person in the group. The soul evolvement will grow in each of you as a result of this group. It is quite important to continue your meetings and know that your purpose is one of love, surrender and joy.

Yes, your mission will carry outward and in the sharing you will grow. Support each other in knowing the Father’s will. Practice the silence for all missions are important. More information will be given later. It is time to bid farewell. Peace shine with you now…always.

Session 42
Jan. 5,1993.

ALFANA: Hello, I am Alfana. I bring you greetings from the Most Highs. All is going well as expected. You can rest assured things are as they should be. Pati is a great blessing to us and to your group. Please support her in all ways. She will be a bright light to all who behold her and love her.

Do not make the mistake of doubting these events at this time, for all is going according to Michael’s plan. We would like you to begin practicing speaking at this time. Just continue to write, also talk out loud as you write. This will be of great help to us soon, as we then can utilize you as a transmitter-receiver. This is of course if you wish this to occur.

Sonny: I do.

ALFANA: Thank you and know it is greatly appreciated. You will be used soon.

Sonny: Do you have a lesson for me?

ALFANA: Yes, the lesson will be on tolerance. Tolerance is that quality of maturity that we develop as we learn to live in love energy. If you wish to grow in this love energy, you must allow yourselves room for the Fathers spirit also. This will allow the Father the ability to help you see both sides or all sides of issues. If you see both sides or all sides of what you are judging, tolerance is then the inevitable result of fairness.

Live in the light of your Fathers love. This light casts no shadow. This light illuminates all things for those who have an eye for these things. Can you not see? Of course. Know that you know, and many blessings will follow. You can be the Father’s light, for it shines in each of you. Just share this light and all will be fine. Just share this light and all will be divine.

Doubt not my ability to send you communications. This is obvious, doubt not. We are here to help you. We are here to guide you into love energy and divine joys. This is our way of helping to complete Michael’s plan. Hear me loud and clear, you are loved, as all others too are loved. We are here to help you to learn to love one another also. Do your best then to love your brothers and sisters and we will be able to work with you though your acts of love, as well as through communications. (some time later).

Hope is an important factor in our plans. Hope is undying in those who know God. And it is the hopes and dreams from your heart that you are known by.

Session 43
January 6, 1993 (Unknown) Method TO Receive Transmissions and Vision

ALFANA: When we speak to you it is good to relax and allow our transmissions to be received with love. Worry not for we are bringers of happiness and joy for all.

Pati:  How is it I can develop the vision and share it with others? (Pati’s abbreviated notes)
1. Relax and center.
2. Open third eye-6th chakra.
3. Develop trust of what one sees-know it is real.
4. Speak to angels daily.
5. Meditate and ask for guidance and assistance and give them permission to assist/help you.
6. Seek the silence.
7. Develop imagination.
8. Use visualization.
9. Understand the mechanics of the third eye– books.
10. Communicate with us when teaching.
11. Use other source beings to affirm and acknowledge sight.
12. Know when to stop.
13. If tired or unhealthy/ill, do not force vision.
14. Create illusion on purpose for this will develop 6th sense . . fantasy outside reality.

That is all for now. We bid you farewell and we will be with you again soon.
((VOICE TAPES begin))  [Transcripts from tapes Jan 6, 1993]

Pati: Ah, yes, you have returned with us. We are pleased that you have come to be with us. Allow yourself to be at peace. Alfana wishes to speak with you.

ALFANA: Today we speak of truth. Our lesson on truth begins with the daily practice. To know the inner self is to begin to know the Father. When we know the spark within is the piece of the Father which motivates us to do the good in our lives, then we are able to develop and grow this part of ourselves in union with the Divine, with the loving and with the knowing. When we trust that the truth is held and flows through our inner being, then we will know the Divine, the will of the Father, and this will sprout and develop within our souls.

When we allow ourselves to be at peace with the spark within and to allow this to encompass our entire being, to integrate this with all of our selves, then we will know the Father’s will and flow with this in our lives, in our actions, in our speech, and it will touch the others that we come in contact with. When this touch is made, a spark of truth is created, and when this spark is ignited, it catches afire, and spreads the ring of truth that may encompass Urantia and send you whirling into the cosmic connection that keeps you in the Father’s love.

When this connection is made, your power source will be known. You will know that the Father is the Divine entity that is the ruler of your universe. And when this connection is known, you will find that light and life will surmount on your planet. It will be the peace in Armageddon that many search. It will be the peace of the planet that the many seek, the circles of light that come into being and sees the truth to be the way of light and life. These circles of light, these circles of love, these circles of truth will encompass the planet and hold each other in the peace, in the knowing that is within your hearts of the true love of the Father.

Yes, we bring peace, we bring peace to your inner life, your inner selves, for this is the center of the circle which surrounds the Father, and its’ love is blessed, and will become the truth of this world. It will be known to you and love will flow through these circuits and it will be this love, this connecting source that will be the bonding for all, and all will be within the circuits. All will know who they are, what they have come for and will live this out with joy.

This is the precedent of knowing, for when you are plugged into this circuit, when you touch others it will be spread. And as for the coming of the Melchizedeks, of Norson and the others, the teachers that will follow, they will play a part in this to help in the hookup, to help in the knowing connection that you shall all receive. They are the bringers of these teachings and will assist you in the adjustments that will be necessary in your beings to hold the vibrational quality. Yes, this is a higher frequency that will require attunement.

We love you, and only bring what we know to be and we have received as the Divine plan for your planet. Trust in us and the evolvement in your times will be readily speeded to a source connection that will be known throughout the Universe. We trust that you will accept us in body…???…envelope. [[Pati comments that she doesn’t know that word]] It is quite all right to speak in those tongues you do not understand, for the understanding will come later and you will know and you will understand and you will embody all of those truths that come and you will know your inner source.

Yes, your inner source, for it is you, the individual you’s that will surround the light that will embody the light and bring forth these truths. Yes, teachers, you will know and you will share these truths, and it is through us that some of these teachings will come and you will embody them and you will share them, and it will not require our transmissions all of the time.

Yes, some of the time for teachings, for our teachings are important for you. It is the sharing through your own hearts that will spread and will bring the knowingness and the truth to others. It is within your daily lives, ah, simple times, the simple times are of great importance, for it is when we share in your daily life that these truths surmount and grow and come into being. Trust, the truth is here. It is now, it is always, it is forever, and it will be known.

We love you very much and we know there will be challenges, there will be times when you may forget, you may not know that we even exist, you may forget, but ah, alas, the remembering does come and trust yourselves during these times, for it is these times you may rely on to bring together all of those parts of yourselves, the faith and the non-faith, bring them together and let all of your selves know, let yourself know that it is good to be one with the Father. Trust in this, trust in life and you will know when the time is right. You will know, the Father will speak to you through his love and He will hold you, embody you. He will share in every moment His Being and all of His Being. Be not afraid…just allow….(break).

And now for a teaching on speech. When we speak we wish you to communicate in as much exactness as you receive, this is important for the transmission to others. Allow yourself to let go of understanding. Allow yourself to let go of knowing what it is that we speak of and judgments of the worthiness of the speech…break…

Session 44
Jan. 6, 1993

Unseen Friend:
UNKNOWN: Hello, we are here. Welcome back, we have been waiting for you. All is well, is it not? Pati is a delight. We are so very pleased with her progress. Help is here for you now. It will help much to have another T.R. so close by. You will aid each other.
Hear me, all is well, and getting better.

Fear not. Your purpose in the plan will soon be known. Until then, continue to practice meditation and stillness. All is clearing now. Hope for and expect success. Your turn will come to be of great help to us, and you have already been of much help. Just continue and all will be well. Melchizedek Norson salutes you, and asks that you be patient for right now. Sit in the silence often so we may continue with communications.

Session 45
Jan. 7, 1993

ALFANA: I am Alfana, I am here. I greet you and wish you well. Yes, life is difficult some times, and joyous at others. The important thing is to be in the Father’s love, and to be in the Father’s will. This you must do by allowing His presence in your life and living in the presence of His life. This you do when you incorporate these lessons in your life by loving your brothers and sisters with a Fatherly love.

Norson is here, and wishes you well. We are aware of your personal relationships and know one is now disturbing. You know that you know that all is well and will work out fine. So allow this to be out of your mind for now. Increase your understanding by letting time be the teacher.

Pati is growing each day in her ability to be about her Father’s, our Father’s business. She is a clear transmitter-receiver and will be of much guidance to you. Encourage her as she encourages you. You will all anchorage each other and help each other feel safe and strong, and light and life.

Norson was very pleased with Jerry and his ability to speak for him. You also will be called to do this, to speak for him. Just allow it to happen. Do not fear, do not judge, just relax and it will happen naturally. It will be okay, it will be fun and bring much joy. Try to speak loud and clear and precise. Repeat the message as best as you can hear it. All will be well, all will be fine. You must follow your heart when it comes to speaking to others about this communication.

Speak to them openly if you feel this will do no harm to them or others. Be cautious only if that is their desire, but do not fear for yourself, no harm can come of this, you are safe in your faith, in your love of the Father.

Sonny: thank you.

ALFANA: All is well. Go about your business. Worry not. You are in the love of the Father, and we love you too. Farewell and Aloha.

ALFANA: Yes My son, you are right. It is I who give you life. It is My joy to share my life with you, My boy, My son, My friend. Let your life and your light shine, smile, share, be loving, represent Me, represent Me well. Live your life as I would live it if I were you. Live your life according to Michael’s plan. We will send you that information. You will know what the plan is.

Sonny: Thank you Father.

ALFANA: Allow yourself to speak, allow yourself to meditate and find the stillness. You will find Me waiting there. You are never alone, I am always there, I am always here. Find Me here. Fear not. Listen to Norson, listen to Alfana, listen to the teachers, listen to the teachings. Share the teachings and live the teachings. These teachings are of love, are of light, they will steer you right. Day or night.

Have faith. Allow your faith to be as large as, as big as, as long as, infinity.
Yes you hear Me. Doubt not. I am here for you. Together we will enjoy life. We will enjoy the adventure, we will enjoy the flow. We will be one as we grow in the Father’s love, in the Father’s light, in the Father’s life.

Try, try, try, keep on trying. I know you won’t give up. I know this will all work out for the best. For the Father’s will to be done. For us to be one.

There is a light shining on Urantia brighter then ever before. We are standing at the door, and it is open. Help others see this light, this openness. Help other know the truth that the love is available. That it is all around. Open your heart. Rely on your faith. They will guide you. I will guide you. You won’t get lost. Fear not. I leave you in love. I leave you in peace. I leave you in light. I am here. Call on Me. Rely on Me. Trust in Me. Have faith in Me. Know Me. Know that you know Me. We will grow together. We will be one.

Session 45
January 7, 1993

Unseen Friend: The truth ever draws the truth seeker into higher levels of consciousness, finalizing in the superconscious recognition of the Divine Spirit, the fragment of the Eternal God residing in the upper levels of the mind. Ceaselessly seek to find this presence in your life. This magnificent light is there to show you the progressively higher levels of love and true affection. Love is a continuous outpouring of the innermost feelings towards those that surround you.

A great joy and supernal peace is to be found in this sharing of oneself for the purpose of doing the Heavenly Father’s will. A child cannot blossom into a fragrant adult without the nurturing of this love. A mind cannot grow into a well balanced and vigorous source of reality without the truth.

A great deal of dedication is needed for one to live the truth and unfailingly give the blessings of love. All people are touched by the generosity of unselfish love. One cannot achieve this openness of giving love without a supreme desire to do the will of God. The presence of God in the mind insures, if the desire is there, love will flow, for God is Love. Just as love will not flow, truth cannot be lived without that truth being exalted to the understanding of the living God.

The life of Jesus was a living example of how truth combined with love can lead man to God, to eventually come to know Him and finally become like Him. Accept these realities and your life will take on new meaning, becoming filled with joy, health, stability and true happiness. Let your love light shine and carry the truth wherever you go and be exceedingly glad. My peace I leave with you.

Session 46

NORSON: Norson is here. I wish you well my friend and know the beginning may be difficult or a struggle for you to believe in our communications. Trust in us. We believe in you and know you are prepared for this mission. We have guided you for quite some time and have provided this opportunity for your support and caring.

We wish to speak to you of trust, and hope you will understand we mean well. Know that we are here. Feel us in your heart. The vibrational frequency will increase.

We will continue to speak with you at these times of lulling doubts and will support you when you need it. When in doubt, Trust. Know we love you. Open yourself to us. Love the Father and know we are the bringers of His love.

As for misinformation, we understand this to be a problem for you. Challenges will be had and a necessary part of the process. Know we mean well and if you can allow us to continue to come through, all clarification’s will be made. The necessary adjustment in communication will maintenance themselves. Thrust in us Pati and all information will be made available and understandable.

We go for now, but know we are with you at all times and will continue to disseminate information through you and the others. We love you Pati.

Session 47

UNKNOWN: Peace be with you. We come to confirm for you the events of recent days. This work is of utmost importance at this time and we are happy to see you are well ready to give yourself fully to this task, to this opportunity of service on a broader field. We recognize the difficulty involved in rendering this decision which so largely depends on your faith and the keen discernment of the differences in this reality from the realities of your everyday see and touch world.

You will continue to experience hesitations in total acceptance but this is not really a problem, it is truly a process of evaluation, of truth discernment, a necessary part of the path to experiential trust. We value this tool in you for it lessens the possibilities of being fooled or tricked into illusion confirmation. May we give a lesson?

David: Yes.

Free will
This lesson is on choice.
UNKNOWN: Growth in the spirit is the prime undertaking of all ascending beings. Training to make right and timely choices begins in the earliest stages of soul evolution, it continues on forever keying and elevating you to higher vibrational levels, to higher planes of spiritual existence until the goal of attaining perfection of attunement is reached and the Father Himself greets you in the fullest of glories. You have come the faith path, the highest choice road to the final and full recognition of your Heavenly Father. Your Adjuster having come full circle, has returned home bearing and being One with you the soul of His choosing.

Choice, choice of the Adjusters, choice of the new born souls, choice of the fused Father fragment/Soul/Personality/Beings, continual choice throughout the entire adventurous journey to Paradise. This may seem like a tremendous, near endless decision making process, yet, though it is, it is not. The choosing of doing the Divine Will, of aligning your will with God’s, simplifies into one all encompassing decision. Decide now to know your Perfect Parent by molding your will to match.

If this is your personal choice, and this is what you desire most in life, this attitude of acceptance will forever lessen the difficulties and eliminate all hesitations, for you have begun reaching for the highest goal, becoming part of the perfect plan.

Attainment is thus assured from the beginning by this one all encompassing choice. The choice is yours, the repercussion resounds throughout the Universe, the joy is felt by all creation, and the word goes out, “A new child has been born unto Us and has chosen to be as One of Us.” Thus, this willing choice you make evolves into a Perfection of Reality.

Session 48

NORSON:  Timing. Peace be with you. The adventure is never dull. The exciting uplift in confidence and exuberation which was your experience last night will charge you, your brothers and sisters for quite some time. It was the fully open receptive nature of each of you which permitted the successful penetration to reach each one in its own way of expression. This was deeply rewarding for all the personalities present, seen and unseen…..everyone had an uplifting and unifying quickening. It is times like these which provide all of us an opportunity to clear away hidden darkness which disappears in the presence of so much light and love as was last night displayed to everyone’s full satisfaction.

The lesson is on timing.
NORSON:   When we who have your permission to act as guides, teachers, helpers and friends are given the opportunity to work with you, to share our knowledge and share our experiences, our wisdom of your exact needs, we never rush or force our thoughts upon you, we can only exercise our patience, easily waiting and watching for the propitious moment that you individually choose to be ready, available and attuned to receive the guidance that you pray for. The timing is not in our control at all, but in each of you, individually and collectively, in groups of your own choosing.

We are ever ready to act upon your signals, to act upon your actions. This is what dictates that the hour has come for any specific activity to begin. We can watch your individual growth, your opening, your unfolding, and thereby have some indication of when each of you may be coming into a complete acceptance of being on the right pathway. But the exact timing is unknown to us, only in the complete and perfect plan of our Paradise Parent is the exactness of all things known.

Timing will play a role in all of our lives, for all of us are living and growing in a time space universe. As we grow onward and upward into the higher realms of our journey God ward, we learn more and simpler ways of perfecting our timing. This perfecting, this exactingness comes to full and final fruition upon our complete embrace by our Heavenly Father. He personally enfolds you and takes you into Himself and you fully experience the Oneness that has been the long sought prayer come true, and you will know the timing was absolutely perfect.

Session 49

SIG-EL: Greetings. The love of God surrounds and upholds you. I am here to re-assure you that what has been happening is genuine, and that you are all a part of Michael’s plan to save the planet. Whenever you seek the stillness remember that within Michael’s plan there is room for all, no matter what shortcomings you may have or think you may have. It is very important that you not let your own feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness keep you from experiencing God’s presence. Those things about yourself which you need to change will change with time, as you focus on God. The positive aspects of your spiritual experience will gradually overshadow and displace your lower desires and material concerns.

You need not be concerned with changing your employment right now. You know that this job will be over relatively soon anyway. Use this as an opportunity to meet the challenge of continuing to keep your focus on God amidst the incessant demands of your job and other worldly duties, and at the same time as an opportunity to learn leadership skills and to reach out to your co-workers and share with them God’s love. Use this as a testing time as a challenge to keep your faith and focus on God amidst confusion and burdensome demands on your time.

You will be called upon in the future to serve under even more demanding and challenging circumstances. Reach out a little more each day to spread the love of God, and the message that His love is there for all, to all those you encounter. May the Peace of God be with you and the presence of the Father enfold you.

Session 50
January 10, 1993

HAM: Greetings to you my young friend, I am Ham. You have asked to be my student. I will teach you. First, you must know I love, I believe in you, you are good. Believe in yourself. It is well known here of the difficulties you face due to your nature. Remember the nature of God is merciful. He is not impatient of you. He understands all. His desire is that you grow daily. It is not for you to be perfect today. You have eternity. I have been working on my perfection for what would seem eons to your mortal mind. I had one of these minds also, I know the difficulties you face, these are necessary to grow your character. God’s ministry is always there for you.

HAM:  Your angels work diligently towards helping you progress toward your spiritual goals. The Father’s presence illuminates your mind, giving you clearer vision of the path. The Spirit of Michael is always there to help at the crossroads. His Truth has emblazoned the whole universe with goodness. This goodness is what I would share with you tonight. Goodness is service in action, it is being of good cheer as you perform your tasks, it is giving to others that which you have. Goodness develops as a person chooses to be kind, considerate and courteous.

It grows as one practices sharing the values of one’s life. One may always be aware of goodness if one wishes to see it in others. To reach out and touch someone, this is good, to listen to their story, to care for their concerns and to help where ever one is needed is a blessing. A gentle fragrance arises from a person as they take Truth and Love and combine it into an act of friendship. Friends can be your greatest source of comfort, next to our Father and Michael.

You can find much goodness in the love of your wife and children. Family life is full of opportunities to see God The Supreme in action. All the interaction and activity that is there for you, so many different circumstances to draw you and the others to taste the fruits of the spirit. Understand the oneness of your family so you can lead it toward more happiness. So many opportunities for kind words, chances to guide, times to listen, and ways to serve.

This undertaking of yours is a great blessing, not only for you but for many others also. Keep the doors of your home open, let others see your fruit. Be proud of the goodness of your family. Use what you have gained from this experience to improve your character. Allow the growth that you have obtained to create a more confident person, one with many blessings to be shared.

Your group is full of loving personalities, seek them out and entrust your heart with them. They will be grateful. You have received much good from all of them, return that good. Give them what you can, use your talents, express your openness, share your love. Always remember the presence of our Father in their minds and the presence of Michael at your sides. These are spiritual realities of which you can be assured. Let this Light bring forth Love and happiness for you all. This is a special time for you. Much is to be done in the near future. You will be asked to do specific things, services to the angels to help bring about a more spiritually receptive atmosphere for the events to come.

Be at peace with this, we will be with you and you will work as a team. Continue to gather in strength from the stillness. There is so much support in your group, so much affection, that if you choose to work together, phenomenal things can happen. Your friends are free, their spirits rise, their hearts are open, they all have, in their own way, been craving this chance for service for a long time (by your standards). Go to them and allow us to guide them. You have help, you needn’t worry, just open up, follow the leading, let us work through you. We love you. We mean you no harm, we are exhilarated by the chance to help you grow your souls. Be Patient. (undated, in sequence)

Good day. I am glad to be here with you. You have passed through a trial. You have judged yourself correctly and you look forward. The wisdom gained will be of great benefit to you and of service to us. Today I will teach you the art of ministry. Begin each day by finding the Father within. This need not take long but is essential to live His will in your life. As you go through the day, always be on the look out for openings to minister.

Key words or phrases spoken by another are your signs for action. Just as in soccer, you cannot score without shooting, or in surfing, you cannot ride without dropping, one is unable to serve without acting. Make the choice quickly, the longer you wait, the greater the chance for your animal defenses to block you. If you will do this, you will immediately notice increased faith and your day will be filled with joy.

Never doubt that the angels are preparing these opportunities for you. If you truly love them, show them by action. You know you cannot be responsible for the outcome, but you can have an effect on your own soul. This is the Father’s will, that you reach out and share His good news. When you go to bed at night, find the Father again and be thankful.
This is all for now, you have done well, we will talk again soon.

Session 51

SIG-EL: Welcome, we are glad that you have come to be with us today.

Pati: I feel your presence and know that you are here.

SIG-EL: We are glad that you have chosen to allow us to be with you, to make these communications through you. We embrace you with love. Know that in each moment, each day, the more you allow us to be with you, the more you allow us to love you, the greater our service to you will be. This benefits all. Know the trust is building, know the trust grows within you, that in the days to come, we will grow to love each other and continue to share in these transmissions in a way that serves all. Know that we are here, always available for your assistance and service. Yes, the angels are here, you have two angels protecting you, watching out for you, know they love you. Be kind and trust us.

SIG-EL: Greetings, I am Sig-El. I am pleased that you have opened yourself to receive me. I know that you have some concern. Do not worry, all is fine. I feel you, and know you, and will be of assistance to you and the others. Trust in me, know me, we are preparing you to speak with others. Trust in me, open your hearts and know that all is fine, that we are here to be of service to you, this is why we have come, to serve you in bringing light and life to the planet. We know that this takes trust in evolution, of the times to come, we know that this will take moving forward, require you to move beyond what is usual for you. (pause)

SIG-EL:  speak to you of knowing ones self. The way this may be done, is to listen to the inner voice, to know the feelings that come with these voices and to trust each one as its own entity. Listen to these voices, know what parts of yourselves they come from, know when it is your inner wisdom, when it is your body-self, and when it is one of us, your teachers, counseling and assuring one another. You have many voices you may hear, discrimination is important. Discriminate, for the voice is heard through knowing the quality of each vibrational frequency. We speak of this quality, not as feeling but as a sensation that moves outside of yourself. (pause of a minute or so)

UNKNOWN: A different personality speaks here) Yes, we will speak to you of guilt. This is actually quite a simple matter, it requires trusting ones own sense of righteousness. It requires trusting oneself to know that all is being taken care of and that you do not have to control your outer circumstances. Yes, doing and action are important, but the first requirement is following your inner knowledge.

To know this, be still, trust your heart. This does not have to be a complicated thing. To free yourself from guilt, tune into your heart and forgive all those involved, including yourself. Forgiveness is a key factor and is what will free you from these feeling. Forgive yourself for all things past and let go of the future. Know that the moment is now. Trust in us Pati, we are working through you. Alignment is happening, know greater teachings will come through you and others.

All the teachings are important, they are to be shared among you. Each individual will receive teachings that are in line with his own needs as well as the needs of others. To share them will be of great benefit. Lessons learned through each other are all part of the teachings, and to embody these teachings is the goal at this time.

Practice, practice, practice. It is important to practice. Practice these in you daily life, each morning as you wake up, tune into the Father, yes, this is good, yes this is true. Sigel wishes to allow you to better know his energy. He brings a brotherly and sisterly love, one that may be shared and easily accessed through knowing your heart, this is the entry way of the soul and is the access point for transmission much of the time. Allow him to come into you, allow his love to penetrate your being. Let go of the fear, know that we are here. (pause). Yes, the teacher is here and he speaks to you through his own words.

[[Pati, speaking to herself, says: “I have allowed this teacher to embody me, he resides within me now”- Then a rather loud “Hey, who is that, that speaks now? Is it I, is it he, is it the one who knows?”)]]

NORSON: It is I Norson, I have come. Yes, the greater teachings are here, greater teachers are arriving on the planet at this time. The power is increasing, the power is great. (pause)
We wish to make room for more teachers, the time is here, the time is now, the teachers have come, they are here to disseminate, to bring the teachings. Know that we are here, accept us, open yourselves, know, trust we are here, we love you. Be open, be kind to each other and sensitive in this time. Allow yourselves to share even the most mundane things, things that you think will be trivial, may be important to this process. Indeed, a great bonding is happening. This is true.

NORSON: We wish to speak to you of love. Love is the answer to all. Love is accepting the guidance of the Father. Love, of course is to love oneself and to share with each other the feelings of the moment, not to hide behind the facade of character traits, but to fully expose yourself as the person you know you are, not who you think you should be. To love is to accept each other, no matter what thoughts, feelings and words are said in exchange between you, accept one another just as you are, as is.

To love, is to know oneself in daily meditation. This is an expression of love, an acceptance of your inner self. This does not have to be done sitting down in a quiet place, this can be done anytime, anywhere. It is helpful for the daily meditation practice to have a quiet place and to be still, but to love oneself does not require always to be in the stillness. It is a reminder of what is available each moment. To love one another is to accept each others faults, it is to accept each others strengths, support them truly with all of your heart.

Support, Trust
NORSON: Support each other in the things that you do well. Strengthen those things you feel to be weaknesses through accepting and loving those parts. Choose things which allow you to grow in these areas. Stretch yourselves, recognize your weak areas, nurture them. These become your strengths. This is a known thing, good to be practiced.

For example, if you have a brother who wanders off in his mind, suggest meditation practice, show him how, teach him the way, show him the way. If you have a sister who falls in love and gets hurt, suggest to her, to trust in the Father, develop this relationship to nurture herself and be able to more fully love her brothers. Trust in this.

Trust in yourselves. Trust is of great importance. For example, if you know someone having trouble in their marriage, suggest to them that they council each other through the words of the Bible, through the teachings of Jesus through the Urantia Book. All have things to share. What a person is open to may be different, adjust your thoughts according to their belief structure. Know that we are one. The truth withstands all words beyond mind. The truth is what will be seen, this is the important factor. Trust in this Pati, trust in us.

NORSON:  Greetings, this is Norson. We are glad that you are doing so well and are willing to continue the process. As we continue to speak through you, the ease and joy will become greater, the worry will cease and you will know and trust that we are here. Many teachers are available at this time, visitations will be often; trust in this, feel the support, know we are here. Sigel has come for a visit, he will not be your teacher but would like to share some of his love with you and the others, his brotherly love. Know him, love him, trust him.

SIG-EL:  We are a spiritual family and this is what we wish to manifest here on Urantia, the coming together of the spirit family. To know that, is to be one with the Father. You will all know each other and who you are, and be able to appreciate each other as such. We come to share the love that we have, that you may have an abundance to share with others, and that we may upstep the quality of love shared with each other. We love you so very much and wish to see evolvement continue and grow in this direction.

Support each other with all of your hearts in this endeavor and know that this is truly the way. This is the way to freedom, this is the way to know God within yourselves, to come to know the Father through following this path. We would not lie. Through following this path you will grow spiritually. This is the truth you seek, the truth of spirit, the truth of oneness, the truth of God.

The teachers are here and will be speaking to many of you. Continue to trust in this process, know the mission is on course, the plan continues. Some of you have come to know parts of this mission to be true. We know that you continue to have some thought processes, put these aside for now and listen to the voice that speaks to you strongly, the one that moves beyond your own words, moves beyond your own thoughts and penetrates into your being, for we speak to you through your being, not just your mind.

Resonate with us, resonate with the presence of God. Resonate with the presence of His bringers of light and life. These are the teachers, they are the bringers of love and joy. It is simple to know their presence, you will feel them, you will know them, you may even see them, open your eyes, open your eyes and see.

Trust in us, this is the message. Continue to know, continue to know oneself, and ones own energy in the Divine. Continue to dissolve the ego. This is not a reduction of self esteem but a letting go of the blockages that keep you from knowing spirit. The intensity of our communications continues and will increase.

You will know, even more clearly than you have to this point, our presence is true, affirmation will continue to grow. When we speak to you, allow yourself to let go of your judgments, this we have spoken of before and would like you to hear it once again.

Remember, embodiment of the teachings is the key. We are glad you are enjoying this process. We know that you will begin to see how often we interplay/interact in your life. We leave you now and will be with you again soon. Remember trust, trust in us, love the Father, fear not. We bid you farewell and thank you once again for being here with us, helping us achieve our mission. Our love continues.

Session 52
Jan. 10, 1993

SIG-EL:   Hello, Welcome. The light of the Father shines brightly upon you. You are of great service to the Father. He loves you. Be about His business in all your dealings with you brothers and sisters, and smile when things get tough, for you know of the love of the Father in your life. Help others, share with others. This will feel the best to you.

The love of the Father is the secret of eternal joy. This is the lesson of today. Love one another with this Fatherly affection. Try hardest to accomplish this one task. It will benefit you the most.

The group is growing quickly. This was foreseen, yet we are still very joyous at its progress. This will continue to happen. Receive all new members with open arms. There is always room for one more brother or sister. You will all be directed, if you will, to be about the corps business, which of course is our Father’s business of Michael’s plan. Be not anxious. You will know in time. All of us are doing our best to set the stage of action to ready for these future events. Just be available, we will do the rest.

Worry not. Share as best you can that all will be made clear soon. Until then, continue to study and learn from our teachings. This is best for now. Continue to shine the Father’s loving light out from your heart. All will then know the truth of these lesson. For they will be living in your bright lives.

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