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KNA1- Kona Collection Part I Sessions 1-26

1992-11-01-Kona Collection Part I Sessions 1-26
Kona #1


12/06/1992 thru 12/31/1992


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Kona Collection, Part 1
o 1.2 Group: Kona TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: SigEl, Norson, Michael, the Guide, Landor, Ham, Andrew, Thought Adjuster, One Without Name and Number, LorEl, Alfana
o 2.2 TR: Sonny, Judy, Jerry, Greg, David Saunders, Pati
• 3 Session 1 – o 3.1 Lesson –  3.1.1 Moment
• 4 Session 2 – o 4.1 Lesson –  4.1.1 Second Coming
• 5 Session 3 – o 5.1 Lesson –  5.1.1 Stillness
• 6 Session 4 – o 6.1 Lesson
• 7 Session 5 – o 7.1 Lesson
• 8 Session 6 – o 8.1 Lesson
• 9 Session 7 – o 9.1 Lesson –  9.1.1 Parenting
• 10 Session 8 – o 10.1 Lesson –  10.1.1 Patience
• 11 Session 9 – o 11.1 Lesson
• 12 Session 10 – o 12.1 Lesson –  12.1.1 Materialization
• 13 Session 11 – o 13.1 Lesson
• 14 Session 12 – o 14.1 Lesson
• 15 Session 13 – o 15.1 Lesson
• 16 Session 14 – o 16.1 Lesson –  16.1.1 Perseverance
• 17 Session 15 – o 17.1 Lesson
• 18 Session 16 – o 18.1 Lesson
• 19 Session 17 – o 19.1 Lesson
• 20 Session 18 – o 20.1 Lesson
• 21 Session 19 – o 21.1 Lesson
• 22 Session 20 – o 22.1 Lesson
• 23 Session 21 – o 23.1 Lesson
• 24 Session 22 – o 24.1 Lesson
• 25 Session 23 – o 25.1 Lesson – o 25.2 Dialogue
• 26 Session 24 – o 26.1 Lesson
• 27 Session 25 – o 27.1 Lesson
• 28 Session 26 – o 28.1 Lesson

Topic: Kona Collection, Part 1
Group: Kona TeaM
Teacher: SigEl, Norson, Michael, the Guide, Michael, Landor, Ham, Andrew, Thought Adjuster, One Without Name and Number, LorEl, AlfanaUnknown
TR: Sonny, Judy, Jerry, Greg, David Saunders, Pati, Unknown

Session 1

Sunday December 06, 1992

UNKNOWN: The path is made ready for us to follow. Let us be ever open to our guide for if life pressures overtake us we can not pursue the goals which are our destiny. Quiet and more quiet to focus on the way of the Lord and He will be there to guide us. The moment, yes the moment is what should concern us. Let us be ever in the moment. It is our destiny to love one another. What else could be important? All things follow the way of love. Reach out to your fellows. They need you and you need them. The way is clear, crystal clear. Delight in the simple pleasures of knowing one another and service. Bear the fruits of the spirit, patience and tolerance. Love is the flower which grows from fertile soil. Water the garden of your soul. Drink in the beauty.

Session 2
Sunday December 13, 1992

Second Coming
SIG-EL:  My light surrounds you and guides you on your way. Have not fear but courage for what lies ahead. Seeds have been planted, the flowers are appearing and soon the sweet fruits will be ripe.

It is good that you want to write this down. Follow your impulses. You know of the goodness ever present that is with you and will be a friend to you in your need. I have come to tell you of the good news of Michael’s return to our planet. He will appear before you. The days are plenty but few (You like paradox!). Patience for what is needed. Be you ready. Our love will guide you and uplift you. We will ever be by you.

NORSON: I am Norson. I come to you in great power and joy. You are ready for this. Do not doubt. Open your heart and squelch the doubts.

Session 3
Early December, 1992

UNKNOWN: Fear not. Believe. The truth is ever advancing. Your mind is becoming more open. Time will become available. Priorities will become clearer. The stillness beckons. God beckons. Your spirit is ever eager to minister. The angels are always there, again to minister. The light will forever shine deeply in your mind. Consecrate your will. Devote yourself to these higher tasks. You will not fail. You have chosen to go forward. Step by step, as you advance in the truth, a great peace will fill you fuller than you can imagine. Have faith, these things take time. There is eternity. Let the love that you find inside flow through you. Use the stillness to give you strength in your dealings with your friends. Be friendly. Fear not.

Session 4
December 16, 1992

SIG-EL: My light surrounds you and keeps you. I have come to assure you of my ever present love and guidance. Be not afraid but filled with the love and friendship ever present beside you. Love is the key and every guiding light. Your path is made ready for days to come. You will not falter. Be assured of this. Love those near you and fill their hearts with the love within you.

The time will come for all things to fit the puzzle together . Wait and contemplate its meaning in your life. The goodness which comes from your diligent seeking will bring much light to those around you. Be assured of your time and keep the patience that is needed for all things that will come to pass. The Father loves you and all in your group and his glory will well up in all hearts as you seek to know him. Rest, your work is well done.

Session 5
December 1992

UNKNOWN: My peace I bring to you. You are the children of God. He is a loving Father. He gives you love and life. He is always there to guide you. You need only ask and the way will be shown. Your answers are simple. It will always be to love.

Session 6
December 20, 1992

SIG-EL: Peace be with you and with your fellows. The light surrounds you and ever draws you closer. The day is near when the planet will surrender unto the glory of our Father. Our associates are thrilled at the opportunity to serve the Father and Michael in these capacities.

Keep the faith and new avenues of service will be open to you. Never doubt the overwhelming power of His love which spreads through you and reaches out into the unknown realms of human need. This is the way for all to realize the plan, by sharing His messages of joy, good will and friendship. As you receive, reach out to extend the Father’s loving light to shine out in all its glory to those who hunger for its warmth and healing rays. I say to you, nothing is impossible in the service paths of the Almighty, All-knowing Father of all bounteous and never ending joyful service.

NORSON:  I am Norson. Your loving and ever faithful teacher. My light is near at all times and my messages will begin as you have in your hearts longed for. Your group is unique and not seen to be lacking.

The glory of our Father is ever present and abides in all your hearts. Seek to be faithful to your ever present Adjuster, who without fail, dwells in the very center of your being and seeks unfailingly to uplift your thoughts and lead you into new channels of growing and expanding service. The time is nearing and the excitement grows for us all. We are in tune to the desires of Michael, our Brother/Father of inexpressible power and love.

His mercy is the door to ever open paths of eternal service and fulfillment. Lead your fellows to the door and with arms spread open they will be gladly received into the joys of eternal bliss. The path is ready. You have much work and the time is here. Seek to know when opportunity is knocking and let it come in with full knowledge of what the Father….
Michael: Love your fellows as I have loved you. Reach out for those in need and I will be with you now and forever. My peace and love are with you. I love you.

SIG-EL: As your teacher whom you are beginning to trust and love, I say with unfailing authority, you will share my friendship with your fellows. This will be a great blessing to all. It will increase your faith and abilities to have this inter-relationship with your fellows of whom we see have exhibited a desire and have made known the abilities to bring about the necessary commitment and love of service to be part of the greatest exhibition of power yet to be seen on Urantia. The time is near. The trumpets are hailing the glories of our Father’s loving will to become clearer in all men’s hearts.

Session 7
December 1992

UNKNOWN: Be a better parent! Just as your Father loves you, love your children. Listen to them attentively. Enjoy them. They have much to share with you. Be not foolish or sarcastic, control your tongue. Master your guidance to them. Be patient. They love you. Much will be gained by loving them more each day. Remember how Jesus was with the children. Be stern but not base. Again, control your tongue. You have a great opportunity, do not let it slip away. Live as an inspiration and an example to them. Above all, be loyal. This is what they will remember most, your loyalty. Be a good parent.

Session 8
December 23, 1992

UNKNOWN: Patience is a virtue. It is not a gift but a fruit of your labor. You do not have it by chance, but by choice. You must dedicate your will to being patient. There is plenty of time in eternity for all that needs doing. Sometimes you must wait until the season for harvesting is upon you. Things do not happen for no reason. There is a purpose for everything. This is why you must wait upon the guidance, allowing your mind to adjust to the situation at hand.

You must believe in the final outcome. This is how patience is made easier, faith must come first. Then you wait, the answer will be forthcoming. Sometimes the answer is to wait longer and again faith, believing, trust will see you through. God’s plan is unfolding. His children will rejoice at the outcome. Be patient and believe!

Session 9
December 23, 1992

SIG-EL: My light surrounds you. I am your ever present friend. The time has come for the doors to be open and the love of the Father to find its way inside. I have come to aid this group, including yourself, to adjust to the demands of the times to come. Rejoice!

Remember the joys of your commitment. I am here for you and together we will iron out the difficulties inherent in such a path as we are embarking upon. Remember the Father loves you with the love that far surpasses the imagination of earthly love. This in itself should stabilize your faith and erase your doubts. I am your friend and my name is unimportant at this time.

Pray for understanding. The world will receive the long awaited shower of the rain of heavenly blessings. It is so and what is to come is a blessing beyond your hopes.
Talk to your Father, live by the moment, glorify His name in your deeds. Look for the beauty in all you see. Remember what you know. Love your fellows. Ask for guidance. Seek to understand and have fun in all you do. The Father loves you and all his sons who are blessed to embark on this adventure with you and rejoice in our service to the people of Urantia and look forward to the days ahead with fond feelings for further love and growth.

Judy: What can I do to facilitate communications for my group?

SIG-EL: ((Paraphrased answer)): Keep practicing and believing what you know and the feelings of these communications. It will be clearer………Couple, few (??) in your group are ready. Sponsor their belief, help them-assure them of the joys of what is to be had. Tell Jerry to keep on. He is greatly recognized for his sincerity and his long belief and striving. He is to be especially blessed in days to come.

Session 10
December 24, 1992

UNKNOWN: Rejoice in the dawning of a new day. Treasure these times when you believe without seeing.

Soon this will not be the case. Soon you will see and touch your celestial helpers and gone will be the days of sightless struggle. Again, enjoy these times for you will remember them for eternity. Continue to seek the stillness daily, pray, worship, commune. Great peace will fill your life as you pull the weeds of falsehood and turn them into compost to be used to grow your vigorous soul tree.

Soon your work will be to help those who doubt. Let them see what your partnership with God has done. Let your love light shine. Encourage others to seek the Father, to meditate, to listen for His guidance. Remind them that He is always there, ever reaching down to pull them up into the spiritual life. His goodness abounds, His truth ever growing, and His beauty ever flourishing. Remember that each has his own path, that the truth is living and being personalized in a unique way by every believer. Be tolerant. Accept your role with good cheer. All are blessed by the Father’s love.

Session 11
December 26, 1992

SIG-EL: My light surrounds you and guides you. I am ever present with you and beside you. Your longings are well recognized.

What is to come is a process of divine instigation and the realities of that which is far beyond your material grasp are in process of coming into your dominion of conception and are difficult to fit into your timetable of reality. The patience is essential for everyone in your group. The teachings which are available are beyond what one can immediately process.

Love your fellows. Serve the needy. Help those who long for that peace which you are able to feel in your hearts and ever long for more and more of that understanding of that feeling in your heart as the days go by.

The kindness and compassion, the devotion to the supernal realities. Hold fast to your faith. Seek me as your friend. The days go well. The Father never rests in his quest for your perfection. What a task for you to fulfill as you go about your daily duties and seek the ever present joy that is provided for all. The peace that passes all understanding is available to you. Moment by moment, step by step, you may realize this in your life.

Be Joyful! I am ever present with you. You know the feeling. I am ever ready to guide you onward and upward in new paths of perfection. Listen to me when you can. Will this in yourself. You have been doing well. Keep up the good work. The path is there, the joys are plenty. The Lord knows the way. His light shines for you and those around you. Look for his light. I love you. I am your friend. Don’t be shy. Let your light shine and those around you will join in your parade of the glories of heaven. Love the children.

They are truly your blessing. They love you with unquestionable faith. Learn from them and rejoice in their pleasures. Keep the faith. Spread His love. Make it available to all. Do not doubt these words for they will guide you to the heavenly staircase of divine love. Follow its steps and bask in its light. Love is the greatest single tool for the people of Urantia . It’s contagious.

Do not doubt or put limits on your friends. They know the way. It is becoming clearer for all to see. Pray for the way to become clearer. You should tape what I say if you can. Share it with others. Don’t make it another job. Rejoice in the beauties of His work. Enjoy your life. It is full of surprises and joys of service. Take time to rest. This is very important and easily overlooked by all due to your amazing lifestyles. Keep simple and love the glories of giving to all who ask. In Michael’s name-I leave you.

Session 12
December 26, 1992

UNKNOWN: Yea, though we pass from time into eternity, Love encompasses us and we are filled. Listen, the time has come for truth to be the most sought after reality. Let your light shine, fear not. Peace is at hand. Michael comes with great power, you will provide the power. You will be a part. Rejoice, this is a blessed time. The Universe is exuberant at the possibilities for Urantia and the other worlds that had fallen astray. Yes, the correcting time is now. Live in the present. Expect not the future, but keep hope. Remember to always seek the silence. Here you will find the answer, the guidance. Listen quietly, gently and allow the truth to flow. Now listen, there is much work to be done. The Father’s children are looking for you.

You must be open to the opportunities to share His love. You must follow the leadings. This is all for the great plan of Michael, to reach everyone on the planet, to pull all back into the fold. He wishes to lose none. Can you not see the urgency in the task to be done? Rejoice at the chance to meet someone new. Take hold of each other and let the blessings flow.

Believe in Him and each other. Remember your beginnings, your destiny. Always seek the light. There is only warmth, only goodness. It is not a burden to smile, to laugh, to say hello. Show concern for your fellow man. He is God’s child, our Father dwells within. The Father has willed great things, His power is behind this marvelous undertaking. His Love has freed the minds of those who know Him. He reaches out as I reach out, to let you feel the grasp of love.

Q: I am grateful.

UNKNOWN: Our Father, we are grateful.

UNKNOWN: Remember, we are with you. We know your desires, we know you wish to do the Father’s will. Have faith, keep on, it’s easy, love to live – live to love, be poetic, enjoy the beauty. Do not miss the light. Peace abounds. There is great joy. Harmonize your friendships. Congregate, share, remember, pray, exclaim, rejoice, proclaim, decide, unite, enjoy. Yes, live your life ever in the present, in the moment dominated by the urge to do the Father’s will. There is always time to consecrate your will.

Hello Greg, I am glad to be here with you. Please tell Sonny that he should begin receiving messages soon also. We have much work to do. There have been many times we have tried to contact you. Wonderful things lie ahead for us all. Have faith and do not lose heart. We know this type of communication is new to you and it will take time for you to be able to distinguish your thoughts from ours with increasing confidence. We have many things to share with you and your group.

Seek the stillness as often as you can. Do you know what this is? This is telepathic communication. We are transmitting our thoughts to you and you are receiving them. It is the same voice you have “heard” before in your meditations.

Session 13
December 26,1992.

NORSON:  Greetings, I am Norson, I bring you word from the Most Highs, we want to assure you all is going well in Michael’s Kingdom. All is going according to plan. Keep the faith. Hold on to what you know.

God is love, the Heavenly Father is love, love one another. Keep the peace. Try harder tomorrow/today. I am Norson, I am your teacher and friend. Be at peace.
All will be made clear. This is good for a first try. Keep up the good work. You are growing much faster now. All is well. Farewell.

Session 14
December 27, 1992

UNKNOWN:  Today’s lesson is on perseverance. Be not discouraged by your limitations. Proceed with the practice, this will not hurt. Trust in God. He is not there to deceive but to fill you with faith. If the messages were not subtle you would need little faith. The Father has ordained these techniques not only for the benefit of Michael’s plan, but also to allow you to exercise that faith. Be not disillusioned by your immaturity in these undertakings. You are blessed with plenty of time.

Take that step of faith, feel the winds of truth, the gentle breezes of love that fill your heart and make you long for perfection. Lift up your faith sails and let the spirit fill them with power. Just believe and continue forward. Let the teachings flow, relax, you have opened your mind, you have dedicated your will, now receive the blessings and be thankful. Never let the doubts get in your way, seek the silence, commune with your Father, He is always there. From here, go forward, knowing you are His son, knowing He has blessed you with the knowing of His divine goodness, and feeling His glorious beauty.

Once again, persevere, be patient, but aggressive in the truth. Be open, share your thoughts, share your writings, for in sharing will come more assurance. Be not afraid of acceptance. Our Father accepts you as you are. Sing praises to Him.

Session 15
December 27, 1992 (Meeting with Judy, Connie, Debra and Donna. Asked to speak with SigEL.)

SIG-EL: I am your ever present friend and lover of life. I hold the truths of eternal glory at my fingertips. The blessings you ask for are already upon you. You are such beautiful children of the Almighty and Heavenly Father of us all. He basks in your desires and willing urges to be about His business. Do not doubt His love or the light that is there for your uplifting at all times.

You are right in your seeking to understand the events at hand as a group. Together you can feel the power of His Divine Love in the ministry you provide for each other. The love and patience and tolerance that you must seek will be so rewarded that the effects on each soul will be overwhelming. Do you feel this love there for you? Share it. I am happy to share with you. Your company is the service that is needed. We’ll talk again. His blessings are always with you for you to grasp. Ask for guidance. We are at your call. Aloha.

Session 16
December 28, 1992 am

SIG-EL: You have many concerns on your mind. Let them go. All will work for the good. Be not afraid. Go about your work and ever feel my presence. I will not let you down. Have you the courage? You know you do. The details of all this will find their place. You are certainly blessed. You can feel this. This is your present.

You need to care for yourself. Others have their work to do, you have yours. The concerns of the day are minor. Really! Share your joy. You will know. You do know. Take my hand, I will lead you. Listen as you go about your day. Have faith and it will be rewarded. Let others in. Feel that which is there for you. Your angels are busy. Don’t deny them, love them. Bring in to your being the presence offered to aid your well being. The task is abounding in power. Hold my hand. Seek the time to————-
This is for you.
The deepest darkness of the night
Cannot hide His glorious light.
Seek to find within your mind
The secrets of the endless kind.
Love and Peace for you abound
It’s waiting quietly to be found.

Judy: Thank you SigEL.

Session 17
December 28, 1992 pm

SIG-EL: My light surrounds you and draws you nearer. Peace be with you. Rest assured in the plan of the heavenly hosts. You wish a teaching.

The garden of life is vast. Plant your seeds and water them diligently. Allow others in your garden. The weeds will need to be pulled, the soil cultivated and the plants nourished.
Did you like my poem? I can only give you what you desire. Spark your enthusiasm. The time is here. The flowers of friendship will unite you as you care for them together. You have strength but it needs nourishing and ever will the days go by when the food for thought will be provided for you.

Go among your friends with your seeds, spread them freely. Do not wait or the grass will grow. Love is the guiding light. Bring your friends together. Remember the kindness in your heart, it will not fail you. Do your work. You are blessed as we are in your friendship. Thank our Father for His ever present love and guidance. Tap into it freely and often. Enthusiasm and humor are your friends. Be content with yourself and others. His love grows and grows and you will, too.

Session 18
Dec. 28, 1992.

NORSON:  Hello, I am Norson. I am here to help you along the path to the Father. You have provided the necessary equipment to allow us to communicate through you and use you to further the plan of Michael. Relax, enjoy the process and be confident in knowing that you know. All is going well. You will be asked in the future to do many things that only you are able to do, and this will be a great blessing for you and all your fellows. Be patient, we know you are willing and desirous to share with your friends. All in good time. You will see.

Session 19
December 29, 1992

NORSON:  Listen, hear my voice. I am with you, I am Norson. Praise be to God. He is the Almighty. His love fills us to the very core of our being. You are chosen to be His servant. Your time is for the doing of His will. We will work together to spread the light of His Love. We will be patient knowing that there are many paths, some will hear the news with open hearts, others will be guarded. Many have opened themselves already and are receiving renewed blessings made available by the opening of the circuits.

Ours is not to judge but to rejoice in the truth. Believe, make ready for the dawning of a new awakening. Your planet is soon to achieve new heights in spirituality.
You and your group are forerunners of the great time. You have all recognized the presence of the Great Adjusters. You all have devoted yourselves to the doing of our Father’s will. Time will tell what joys will come from such a commitment. Your group is recognized throughout the planet by the celestial hosts as a special congregation of believers. You all have been led and have duly followed to where you are now.

Believe that this is just further guidance that comes in answer to your prayers as part of Michael’s plan and the Father’s will. Rejoice in the great blessings you receive from the associations made available by this unique amalgamation of personalities. We cherish you all and look forward to further contact. Continue to share what you receive. You have been freely given, freely give. This is good. May your day be filled with joy. I love you.

Session 20

MICHAEL?:  I am with you in all that you do. I am with you in the love that surrounds you, in the love which you share with your brothers and sisters as you go about your daily doings. Be assured that even though you do not see me nor hear more than steady sound, it is more than you shall need to pursue that service which I ask you. Be at peace with yourself and know that together we can accomplish all things necessary to the unfolding of the plans which I bring to this venture.

I am ever with you and you need not concern yourself with empty fears that you give life to anything but good. Be assured that you are ready and have all your needs met. Be still and know. You have been being prepared for a long time. Be patient with yourself. All is well.

Session 21
December 30, 1992

SIG-EL: My light surrounds you and ever guides you. Have faith my dear one. Listen with the ears of your heart. I speak to you from authority on high. You have no need to worry yourself with the feelings of those around. Capture yourself and feel the ever present love that will guide your footsteps. Michael is there to hear your restlessness and bring peace to your rising anxiety. Seek that which is precious to you and all things will follow, trust, openness , patience, and peace with yourself. The tides of friendship are high and the ocean of love is near for your pleasure. Stroke the water of kindness and float in the sea of goodness.

I am your friend. You can trust in this and help those around you understand the tasks at hand. Fruit for the picking, sweet and ripe, is ready to be shared by those who would gather by the bushels the glories of His tree of life.

Pick yourself up and dust off the threads of doubt. Listen to your Father. He loves you. He will not hesitate to bring you the assurance of what you need to hear. The moments of the day are filled with His love. Let go and give them over to Him. Take His hand and run into the blessed fields of His pastures. You are His shepherd and many are the lost sheep to be brought into his fold. You know what he would have of you. It is the easier path. The rocks to climb are not there to encumber you but to rise you up to new heights of faith and understanding of his divine will.

What a glorious task to unite yourself with His love and bring together His shepherds to sing together the anthems of His mercy and living inspiration for those who listen but do not hear. Unification of your group is your goal. You seek much but have much to live up to. Hold on to the love. It’s power will magnify in your hearts. With the Lord all things are possible. I will give you a lesson later today. Feel my presence and the Father’s guidance and devotion within you.

Work with your angels. Love them. You do well and are not alone in your quest to reach the mountain tops of new hope and glory. You are blessed among men and only need to let go of the pressures of your doubt and let His light shine for you and thank the Father and be about His business.

I love you and as I speak our group makes ready to shower your group with blessings which you will receive and carry with you as banners of His ever glorious presence. Do not worry about what is to come. The way is clear and you must make ready to pursue the journey which will lead you and your fellows to your destinies as torchbearers for the coming of the Lord. His love I leave with you to surround you, uphold you and fill your heart. Talk to me, you do well. As always, SigEL.

Session 22
December 30, 1992 pm

SIG-EL: Plant your seeds. Watch them tenderly as they sprout. The love is for all. It will be harvested as the days go by.

Session 23
December 30, 1992

Group: Norson, we welcome you to our earthly plane.

NORSON: I Norson, come as a friend to you and wish your attention at this time. Begin to write.

In this time as friends we begin our relationship in your terms. We speak to you with consistency and direct manipulation of your Thought Adjuster. At this time we pursue those who are willing to receive our communications and who will transmit them to the others. Teachers are necessary at this time and you are a chosen one. You have always been a chosen one. Good. We find you transmitting quite nicely. As for our terms, we request you be willing to let go of understanding momentarily and transmit exactly as you hear. You will receive more information later.

As we see the plan now, you and your fellow patrons of Urantia are doomed to create a world full of hate for a short while. Yes the light will shine, yet it will have a shattered window to shine through. Our job is to minimize the injury at this desperate time. We can create a prism of the shattered glass. We understand it’s difficult to receive communications of negativity, yet it is a piece of the picture that must be seen. We will provide support for the highest good, of course.

When in dialogue with your fellow colleagues we will transfer/transmit information for their healing through you. Do you have any questions?

Pati: Yes. I wish to discover my own energy. Any suggestions and will channeling support me in this?

NORSON: Yes, inner knowledge is important. Your inner self is very wise. You have a special gift, Pati. You have the talent to see, of vision. Develop it and you will be of great purpose and service. Your own energy is that of the Divine. Discover this and discover your SELF. “Channeling” opens your channels for the Divine energy to come in. Whether it is us or some higher being of the infinite is all up to you. It is all the same source and in and eternal sense we are all of one nation. A nation of light beings that thrive on LOVE. Love is our uniting source and to focus on this is to know oneself and know one’s own energy.

Pati: Thank you.

NORSON: Any other questions? We want you to dissolve your curiosity so you can remove blocks to your openness and create trust.

Pati: What is my purpose here and how can I be of service?

NORSON: We understand you are a complicated being. Not all may understand you. Sometimes you feel alone. We can be a source of love and light for you, Pati. Reach to us and receive our blessings. Your communications will become more clear and the teachings more direct, when you are ready.

We know that it is love that you want. Open yourself to it Pati, to receive this is very important for you. Learn to truly take in the good in your life and you will begin to receive much, much more.

Session 24
December 31, 1992

NORSON:  Listen, I am Norson. Be not afraid. Allow me to fill the openness of your mind. Relax, this task is for the benefit of Michael. This is a service and you know you enjoy service. Continue to seek the stillness, this is your strengthening time. Trust me and yourself, neither of us are interested in deception. Your doubts are natural, you struggle but you persist. You listen, I instruct.

Your cup is filled with the blessings of the Father until it is overflowing. Share this abundance. Quietly, gently, patiently, take this good news to them. Their souls are hungry for the truth. Great peace is to be found in the sharing of truth. Your mind becomes more confident. Your heart becomes more pure. All souls wish to grow, this is their nature. They crave the water of life and the bread thereof. With this new knowledge they are able to become the selves they truly want to be.

Many stumbling blocks may fill their path, but these will be easily overcome with blessings of increased faith, faith that fills their sails of dedication to the Father’s will. As the gentle but steady breeze of spiritual ministry powers them through their lives, they will be drawn to rejoice.

Their cups will be filled to overflowing, they will enthusiastically proclaim the good news of the gospel. Rejoice in this new time when the ministry of truth is heightened.
Share it, believe it, live it.

Go forth with a light heart to do your work, rest assured that in doing so, you also are doing the Father’s work. My peace I leave with you as I know this is difficult for you. God blesses all His children. I love you.

Session 25
December 31, 1992

SIG-EL: My light surrounds and draws you nearer to the perfect light. Our Father holds the key to eternal perfection. Only through the doors of enlightened service may one enter the portals of his kingdom.

Soften your friends with your kindness. They will find the way and one by one be led into this service of our Father on high. Go with renewed energy and peace. I truly love you and feel the same fondness for our relationship. It is true that the answers come to those who truly seek.

Session 26

UNKNOWN:  I am here for you at any hour, I am ever present for you to turn to and share your reflections. I am in need of every opportunity you provide to aid our growing together to support the plans which are being carried on most strongly and steadily in every part of your planet.

I am in need now of your strong heart to keep the love of the group focused on joint activities and common goals. Be not afraid to ask guidance in difficult times but try to rely upon the knowledge already stored within. I know you have the prerequisites to do right and timely acts.

Be ever ready for the day you have long awaited. Live every day you wait to the full experience it contains. Be at peace in all things and it will be easy to accomplish much with little loss of energy. My peace is with you everlasting.

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