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KNA5- Urantia’s Unusual Evolution

1993-07-16-Urantia’s Unusual Evolution
Kona #5


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Urantia’s Unusual Evolution
o 1.2 Group: Kona TeaM
• 2 Facilitators – o 2.1 Teacher: Norson – o 2.2 TR: David Saunders
3 Session – o 3.1 Opening – o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Urantia, Agondonters –  3.2.2 Rebellion, Lucifer
 3.2.3 Adam and Eve –  3.2.4 Jesus –  3.2.5 Teaching Mission – o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Urantia’s Unusual Evolution
Group: Kona TeaM
Teacher: Norson
TR: David Saunders

NORSON: Good morning to you one and all, you are much loved, you are truly very blessed.

Urantia, Agondonters
NORSON:  Life on planet Urantia is VERY different than that existing on any sphere yet to harbor human life in our universe. Extremely difficult and drastically unusual. It has not always been so. Life on every planet is differently composed from the evolutionary experiences of its inhabitants and the universe events which timely arrive to fulfill the patterns projected by our Creator, our Divine Paradise Son, Michael, Nebadon’s unique Planner.

No world is ever the same as another, each begins with “built-in” differences, yet as I refer to Urantia being an extreme example, I do so in an attempt to reveal the deepest reaches of this dissimilarity. It is of significant importance that you begin to picture more clearly, have a fuller understanding of the conditions of the reality into which you have been born and are now consciously, distinctively beginning to live and grow morontially and spiritually.

I shall first address the physical history through which your ancestors evolved, bringing all mankind to this moment in time where you now grow and develop. This road of day by day experience on which the children of Earth traveled to arrive at the present, is not like that of any other planets’ path. Observing from here, we see that the evolutionary development through which Urantia has passed, and now grows, makes it forever impossible for anything even REMOTELY similar to your experiences to ever again occur.

Your world, a decimal planet, one on which our Life Carriers had a certain degree of freedom with which to introduce slight variations in the physical evolutionary process, initiating things untried but nothing extreme. There was no substantial divergence from their preplanned life planting procedures. Your early beginnings were quite routine and normal, different yes but not unusual. The first rare development, a rather infrequent happening, took place when all the races of color originated in one family. And all in one generation. This was a somewhat rare event, yet one which occurs with sufficient frequency that we are familiar with a number of such histories.

Rebellion, Lucifer
The arrival, organization and basic functional activities begun by your Planetary Government some half a million ago was not unlike the early developmental experiences through which each of the planets in Nebadon must pass. Minor differences are normal. Drastic directional changes did not begin until the Satania System separated itself from the fold.

Lucifer declared to Michael, that Satania was no longer to be considered part of the family of systems under his guidance and supervision. Lucifer chose to remove his slightly more than half evolved system out from under the loving care of our Creator Son, departing also from the far reaching plans of perfection being willed by our Heavenly Father, the true source of all life. But for this Primary Lanonandek Son, the actual existence of God the Father was not quite clear. This once brilliant being, this high ranking Third Order Local Universe Son was unsure of the Most Real of All Realities. God and God’s plans, if such things really existed, were not ones which Lucifer and those closest to this self centered and self deceived son wished to follow.

This faulty, long harbored free-willed decision to withdraw, was the first big bump pushing you off the course planned for your planetary development. The secondary Lanonandek Sons, Caligastia and Daligastia, in command of affairs here on this yet young sphere, immediately devoted and dedicated themselves to following in the shadow of their errant leader Lucifer and his top aide Satan. They gave their allegiance, vowing to support and uphold the proposed plans for independence. [1]

Other systems have rebelled before, this represents but a very small number who have deviated from our Creator Father’s plans for evolution. Default is not common, yet instantly, as this occurred, your forefathers were squeezed onto a rapidly narrowing road; it would now forever be your destiny to meet many unusual experiences and be tested by trials which so few have had to face.

Escalation of separation began, deviation from normal accelerated; confusion, fear, and discord become examples which your early ancestors continually experienced, evolving them into a distinctly rare category of humans, destined to grow in a disturbed darkness for which there virtually was no alternative available. One exception to this being the brave few who began believing by virtue of Van’s example of steadfast courage, his absolute certainty of faith.

It is my sincere intention that I may in an uncomplicated way, using certain words a little loosely, lead you to a simpler understanding of how evolution very slowly proceeds to effect the growth structure of each living organism, plant, animal or human. I attempt to add light to your understanding, to clarify how environments affect the way in which growth takes place. The little lizard and the large alligator evolved from a common ancestor, all their very observable differences are due to variations of environmental conditions to which they were exposed.

As man develops his thinking, extends his consciousness of himself and his surroundings, his thoughts are evolving him; gently, slowly changing him all the time. This growth is reflective of his mental environment. “As a man thinks, so he becomes”,[2] this is real, this is the entry spot where man may begin to consciously control or at least give some guidance and direction to the life he is recognizing as his own.

The mental environment which came into existence as a results of the Rebellion, was to provide your kinfolk, living then and immediately thereafter, the most severe blow yet inflicted upon your planet’s population. Fear was instilled into mans conscious thinking; continual exposure to fear deepened the ruts in his mindal environment, distorting the pictures he holds of reality. Fear reigned and ran rampant in mans unconsciousness.

Fear became the focus and foundation for your future evolution when faith should have been. Faith was nearly nonexistent, never exercised and exhibited for your adaptation. These were certainly “sad days” for our universe. Many of us watched virtually helpless to change the terribly events we could not “understand”, the near disastrous activities tearing at the heart and soul of Michael’s youngest children.

Here began the most substantial deviation from normal evolutionary activities yet witnessed in Nebadon. In this isolation, by this separation you have been destined/compelled to live within these extreme limits. You have taken on the unique characteristics and abilities which are “reserved” for very, very few.

Though your struggles must seem most dramatic, radically different, extremely difficult, and often destructive, yet even these drastic detours, in time will be considered among your greatest blessings. Those of you blessed with a good sense of humor are able to enjoy even now, the absurdities of some of your situations. You are, to a certain degree removed from suffering such sadnesses because you recognize that “other realities” for which you thought you needed to wait are already here. Your faith has led you to begin living now what seemed most unlikely for you to live until later.

Adam and Eve
The next event of planetary significance which sharply and further narrowed the already limited opportunities for normal growth on Urantia was the failure of your Adamic pair to complete the biological upliftent of the evolutionary races, this ended practically before it began. It was a near complete abortion of their original plans. This Adamic couple had taken on other responsibilities most important to mans growth at this critical juncture in his evolution: to help deliver to the tribes being up-stepped, the vital information which would bring balance to their lives and bring joy to the hearts of those hearing and accepting this revelation.

Just to see Adam and Eve standing beside the average human of that day would make it near impossible to conceive of them as being anything other than “higher beings. In most instances, difficulties arose from the fact that they were viewed as gods. If all had gone well for them, had they not defaulted their mission so early, they would have become ambassadors, delivering not only themselves physically, but in their living of this life, they would have been the proof positive of the good news they were to usher in: The truth and reality of the Family of God and the overwhelming joy that all of us are united and vital members of this eternal relationship. T

hat failed to become the reality for you Urantians; the Highway to Heaven diminished to what now appears as no more than an overgrown trail through a shadow drenched maze. You each have become more individualized, each more radically unique. Yet, if from that point of development, your experiences had then followed a more normal course there would still be quite a number of other humans in our universe with similar beginnings and similar growth peculiarities.

The single most profound and unique happening in all of Nebadon was Michael’s living his day by day life as a mortal, as a man. He really and truly was Mary’s son, Joshua Ben Joseph of Nazareth. And though subject to the same negative misconceptions and a quarter million years of misguidance and backward development, he was still able to become all it is possible for man to become. In addition to this he lived a life radiating a light unequaled in its brilliance, unequaled in its perfection of Father portrayal. He was and still is your blessed brother, savior, teacher, and friend Jesus.

His doing of all these things on Urantia has made it forever impossible elsewhere, to live anything quite the same as you are here and now living. It is no wonder you are ever watched, you are on the forefront of uniqueness, you live, walking and balancing on the tight rope, high above the center ring of life’s circus, where Michael is “Ring Master” and most of the eyes in his universe are focused on you 606’ers, the most outrageously unique death defying, life distorting activities ever to be witnessed. Hurry, hurry, get your tickets, get your programs and take your seats, the show is about to begin. The circuits are open and his majesty `sir stillness is soon to silently speak.

Setting your humor aside for the moment, Urantians must actually consider their lives to be normal; you have known nothing else, there is nothing with which to compare your evolution. Life for you IS normal. We who usually come to tell you of all the wonderful blessings and gifts which you share in common, share with nearly all of your kind, come now instead, to help you become aware of the meaningful differences which must be recognized if we are to compensate and communicate more clearly despite the monumental deficiencies which still exist.

Teaching Mission
This Teaching Mission, this Correction Time has been initiated as an emergency measure, designed to restructure your mental environment. As this is being accomplished. As this evolves, you will more efficiently perform the many services needed to bring your lost brothers and sisters back to the fold. Here they will be able to share in the abundance’s of all things good.

The Father’s love which you have been experiencing and growing within yourself shall be the most powerful means to awaken those unfamiliar with this blessing. Share this love, share your knowledge of this love. Love eradicates fear, love lifts up your heart, love lightens your load, love brightens your day. Your living faith in the Father’s continual love can and shall overcome all obstacles, overcome all deficiencies and will finally and gloriously lead you home.

We love you very, very much, all of you. This information shall aid you in releasing deep grooved fear habits, helping you dispel illusions and misconceptions that have distracted you or tied you down, not permitting you the freedom which our Father has created for you to share. This is Melchizedek Norson serving you that you may serve each other.

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