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KNA8- Keep Your Feet On The Ground

1996-08-08-Keep Your Feet On The Ground
Kona #8



• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Keep Your Feet On The Ground – o 1.2 Group: Kona TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Norson, Rayson – o 2.2 TR: Sonny, Pati
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening – o 3.2 Lesson – o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Keep Your Feet On The Ground
Group: Kona TeaM
Teacher: Norson, Rayson
TR: Sonny, Pati

NORSON: (TR Sonny) Greetings, this is Norson. I come to you in the spirit of Light and Life. It is with a joyous heart that I once again visit you. It has been awhile. During this time, I have watched your progress, I have been filled with the love that you have shared with many of your siblings. It is good when our lessons have a positive effect on your lives. This fills us all with joyful overflowing, and we once again wish to thank you for your continued efforts in the direction of following your Father’s will.

There is always one more mountain to climb, one more brother or sister to help, one more piece to the puzzle to figure out. Through faith, trust and hope, perseverance of doing the right thing, and the willingness to follow truth wherever it leads you, this is the badge of courage that each of you is wearing in our eyes, this is the shield of honor which protects each of you. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the way, although a challenge, is made clear and bright and understandable. We are here as a gift from your Creator Son to help brighten and lighten your path. Eternity will unfold before you and yet at each level you will need new teachers, new guides, new friends to show you the way. It is helpful on each level to accept this guidance with the appreciation that it is give in love.

RAYSON: Your presence, your light is shining ever so brightly and I am so happy to see that you have continued with your lessons and are actively growing in your own personal ways. We, as your teachers of teachers, watch you from a distance on your path, sending you encouragement and hoping that you will follow the teachings that you’ve been given. We have much hope and faith in you and trust in your evolving consciousness, and know that the light of God is being shown to you in many small ways. Continue to keep your eyes and your hearts open and watch for these glimpses of light that are shown to you throughout your day. Much information is given to you though sources beyond books and reading, just through a passing thought or conversation.

Someone may speak to you that you have never met before and have words of wisdom hidden in a passing comment. Keep your ears and your hearts open for these signs and signals that are bringing your attention and awareness to parts of yourselves that need to awaken, parts that may be closed down and unavailable to the light, that wishes to be opened and exposed so that they may grow.

You are in a forever learning process and will continue to grow far beyond this body and mind. Be as detached as you can to your personal process, yet at the same time, fully participating in every experience that you have. Allow the flow of life to penetrate every cell of your being and strive to open yourself on every level to receive the blessing of the Father. The mother earth is here to keep you grounded, to keep your human feet planted upon the earth, to remind you that you are here in the school of earth, here on an important mission, and each of your importance is very valuable to the entire process of the evolving planet.

Every human soul has its purpose. Every human soul has its own special awareness that is part of the Father’s gift. And whether it be in denial which leads to death or in awakening which leads to life, the gifts are always given. But they can not flower and bloom unless they are received. It is only until you have the complete willingness to receive that you will flower in your own self-righteousness, in the serving of the Divine Light. Only then will you feel the full vitality of life flowing through you and live the spiritual and emotional well-beingness that is your potential.

You can not know the incredible beauty of your soul in this state until you experience it. Release the judgment of what this will look like, feel like, so that you can experience what actually is and what will be. Your vision of the future is often limited by your conditioning of the present, soon to be past, as you continue to let go of old patterns that keep you stuck in the third dimension. As you rise into the forth dimension and beyond, you will have visions of your future and of what can be on this planet. The visions of world peace that have been just whispers and ideas and struggles for so long.

This is your future, a large community working together in harmony. And each of you on your path, growing individually, some times feeling very lonely and often in your pain, is an important part of this growth process. And we the Teachers in the spirit form are here to remind you of your personal value on this path, and that we can see the greater picture and give you sparks of memory that you hold in your soul, that remember this light and life.

That you hold this memory of what it is to walk in the light, that you an live in the light. And that you are always connected with God. And that spirit can flow through you so that you love yourself completely and you know and understand how to love other people. This is the mission, to open and free your love so that you can be a loving being. This is what will create harmony.

This is what will create joy. Releasing the attachment to the ego that so often rules on this planet and is the battle, the struggle that keeps us stuck. You can continue to grow into the light with joy in your hearts. I am going to work with you energetically for a few moments, relax.

I leave you now with much blessings and the divine love that flows through us all. Be at peace with yourselves and give each other the gifts of peace and acceptance. My love to you always.

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