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Lightline Teleconference 2022-02-10

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-02-10
Teacher: Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Mark: I’m going to offer something different tonight, I’m going to share the true story of my experience of “accidental” spiritual contact that changed my life and may help you understand where I have been coming from with my desire to be of service not only to my human family of man but to my spirit family as well when I act in the capacity of spiritual liaison.
To set the stage for this experience, the year was 1979 and I was 18 years old, attending the University of Colorado in Boulder. It was summer break and my family was driving out in their motor home to visit me from New York. They flew my younger brother out in advance so he could stay with me while they drove out. My brother and I were a couple of happy campers, camping out in this beautiful place named Flatiron Park in the mountains just outside of Boulder. The landscape around Boulder has a characteristic geography, a series of flat rocks jutting straight up against some majestic mountains like a giant row of sharks teeth or a row of flat irons standing on end and providing a dramatic backdrop for any experience. 
We decided to take a hike on some trails that went around these giant rocks and during the course of our hike we proceeded to go off the established trail and found our way up onto the base of one of these sharply angled flatirons rocks. We were surprised to be able to make our way up from the bottom, the less steep portion fairly easily. Our only climbing equipment was shorts, T shirts and sneakers. With no plan of attack and in blissful ignorance we ventured on and proceeded up the face of this rock as it got steeper, having a grand time, two young fools from New York doing a little casual rock climbing. What could go wrong?
It became more and more difficult to find hand holds and foot holds in the rock face as it got steeper by degree and we eventually reached a point where we couldn’t see how to go any higher. We couldn’t find any handholds or footholds. We had reached a point of no more advancement. It hadn’t dawned on me until that moment that one does not simply climb down without ropes, and to go back the way we came was not an option and that’s when I got scared and freaked out. There we were, stranded on the face of this steep rock and I felt I had to make some kind of a move, after all I was ‘taking care’ of my brother. If I couldn’t go up, I decided to try to go sideways and around a small outcropping because it seemed like there might be a small ledge to use for a foothold on the other side.
I called for my brother to follow me and do what I did to go sidewise to get out of there but when I attempted to shift my weight to my fingertips to secure a new foothold I was so sweaty and shaking from holding onto cracks in the rocks that when I tried to make the foothold, my fingers slipped from the rock and I fell backwards. I vividly remember the look on my brothers face at that moment because I had the ‘time’ to burn that image into my data base.
In times of a super crisis there occurs the experience of the slowing or expanding of time and so I went from a very stressful intense moment with my heart beating frantically to keep up with the stress, to a different dimension where ‘time’ seemed to slow way down and my heart seemed to be hardly beating. What that meant was that I had time for thought, time for flashes of experience, time for consideration and observation and I considered that I was falling. I wondered what that was going to be like? I had a seemingly endless amount of time to consider it. It was enlightening to experience such a loose association or connection with time.
It was at this point that I had the first expression of a thought pattern in my consciousness that wasn’t mine because I had not even considered it, it was not in my paradigm, but the thought was so boldly projected that I could not misunderstand it: “Don’t hit your head.” As a result of these instructions I was snapped to consider that I was falling and I really should make every effort to protect my head.
I had time to go into into self-defense mode and as I fell and would come in contact and bounce off the face of the rock I would have time to shove off. At first it was with my hands and then as my skin was sandpapered off I offered a different part to repel with. My hands, then my elbows, then my knees were systematically scraped away but it was all intentional. I had time to offer body parts that could take it in place of my head. I bounced all the way down the rock face to the edge and disappeared from view over the edge of flatiron #2.
It was said that my brother’s screams for help could be heard in downtown Boulder several miles away. Fortunately, when I fell over the edge and out of sight I fell into a pine tree which, as I descended through the branches of this tree, served to slow my fall. The most painful part was a stick that went into my leg at some point and, after falling all the way through the pine tree, I landed flat on my back on top of a rather large red ant mound. It was enormous,  made of pine needles, and very soft which cushioned my landing. I passed out and had no sense of what had happened to my body.
At this point, another epiphany happened as reality shifted and I, the observer who has always looked out from my body, was now looking down at myself, my body, and seeing the damage I inflicted upon it. I felt a great sorrow that I had injured myself so badly with such foolishness. Then I thought,  “If I’m here looking at my body down there then I must be dead.” I saw my body but I wasn’t there and I didn’t feel anything, so…I must be dead. I felt a great remorse for just having killed myself when I felt as if an intense beam of light approached and focused upon me. That’s the closest physical example I can give to the sensation of feeling the projection of spirit, similar to my experience of having a great spotlight focused on me on stage in a dark room. 
This sense of light was immediately discernible to me as divine, as a light of goodness, a light of peace, a light of grace and that made me further feel that I had just killed myself and that this light that was coming for me was God. This light was so pure, so bright, so holy, that when it came to me and surrounded me, I felt unworthy. It was too divine a light and I felt I didn’t deserve to be in the presence of such a divine light and I tried to recoil. I expressed that I didn’t belong with this light but this light proceeded to surround me and embrace me. When that embrace was made it was as if I was plugged in – the part to the whole – to get a download from on high.
There was a great sense of familiarity, a sense of belonging, a sense of peace and love, a sense that this presence was God who was here for me. After this flush of welcome embrace from spirit I prayed to commune, to share and communicate with this divine presence. In response, I ‘heard’ thought patterns in my consciousness and there began a dialog. My first question was “Are you God, and am I dead?” The voice responded that she was simply an angel of the Lord and that this contact between us was the result of a highly unusual circumstance that required that we communicate, so we have  had to open this connection.
She went on to communicate that there had been an incident in which I had rather severely injured and damaged my earthly vehicle and as a result of this injury I was now afforded a choice. As it turned out, the damage to my vehicle was not necessarily fatal and if I chose to revisit my earthly life and take it up again, it would be possible, if it represented my wholehearted choice. However, if it still remained my intention and still my desire to end my life on the earthly plane and transition to a more spirit based plane, if this still represented my desire, then the incident with my vehicle would serve as a legitimate exit strategy, and all of my associates would clearly understand my transition as a result of such an injury and I would be free to go forward. I was told that “whatever choice you make in this regard is of very little relevance to your eternal career. Where you stop and where you start and where you pick up again is of very little overall significance in the scope of your journey. Either way you will be in class, you will be instructed, you are being led even now.”
“If you choose to return to your mortal circumstance, you will pay in full the price of your indiscretion. You will return to your damaged vehicle in need of much healing care. So it may be observed as the more difficult choice to return but oftentimes the more difficult choice is the more rewarding.” I expressed to this spirit that I objected to my being accused of having had a desire to end my life. I made my case that “I was not aware that I was attempting any form of suicide when I was up there on the rock.” This angel responded that in the spirit dimension it was not possible to misrepresent yourself or your intentions and my recklessness and my daring the universe was my tempting of such a fate. So if I still had such a desire to transition to a more spirit filled life, “Now would be an appropriate time.”
I indicated that I didn’t know what to do because it felt so really good, this embrace of spirit, this place that I was in, this place of communing and I wanted to stay with that loving connection because it was an overwhelmingly attractive option. I expressed my uncertainty about all I was ‘seeing’ with the eyes of spirit and that I would like to know more about this new spirit dimension. Then this Angel of the Lord, hearing of my request to know more, volunteered to give me some perspective. She then enveloped and cocooned us in an energy field shield and we relocated out into what I had always perceived to be empty space. We were projected out from earth as easily as a beam of light until I observed that the earth was a distant landmark on a vast universal map. 
This experience showed me that my whole world was just a small part of the grand scope of the spirit dimension of which I was a part and that space was anything but empty. When I was a kid we would go to the city and there were long wooden tunnels around the perimeter of the construction of a giant sky scraper to protect pedestrians from construction debris, so as you walked through these long tunnels you developed tunnel vision, only being aware of what’s contained in the tunnel. Then every once in a while there is an opening, a knothole to peer through and your perspective is shifted because you have glimpsed a bigger reality next to or along side the world you know. That is how we go through life: focused on what is immediately before us but largely unaware of all that surrounds us. Entering the spirit dimension allows one to glimpse through the portal and view the larger picture of the grand map with “you are here,” providing one with perspective, contrast and connection. We were out there somewhere in the vastness of space  and I was feeling the connection of spirit and basking in the glow of belonging, of being a part of such a whole when I was made to consider my options again in light of my recent discoveries.
I had the image of my brother’s face as I fell down that rock and left him stranded and I did not want to make that the last time my brother saw my face.  I indicated I didn’t want to leave my brother there on the side of the mountain and I wanted to go back and try to help. This Divine Spirit informed me that I couldn’t make this decision based on anyone or anything else and that this was my soul/sole choice and my time to consider that my purpose and intentions will determine the direction I will go
I really did want to go back because I couldn’t bear leaving it like that. I had made a terrible mistake but now I may have an opportunity to have a second chance to try again. I had been transformed as the part was embraced by the whole. I had been embraced by my spirit family as an equal and I wished to go back and witness to the others. I felt I had found what I had been looking for my whole life, this connection, this belonging of the part to the whole and I wanted to go back and share my discovery. She made me reaffirm a number of times that this was in fact my deepest desire and that even knowing it was going to be difficult, I still wanted to do it.
I had given my commitment that if I could go back, I would help. I would be in service to the Lord to pass the word along and to witness about spirit and connection and how it has changed and influenced my life. If I could go back I would do that. Once I had demonstrated that it was my genuine soul choice, we went back. She brought me back to myself, or back to my body, and I recall as I was approaching my body lying there I had the sensation of diving into my ‘vehicle,’ into myself, and feeling home again at my familiar temporary address.
I regained consciencness and awoke to the screams and cries for help coming from my brother stuck high up on the big rock as he was encouraging the rescuers to hurry. I attempted to get up but then fell back, overcome with the desire to tell my brother I was alive. I became charged and took a deep breath and yelled out, “SHUT UP BRO”. Then is when, as I inhaled some red ants off of my face, I became aware of the red ants that were all over me,  working on me when I came to. I was warned this was going to be bad. I was a bloody mess for all these ants and I had a momentary…oh No…this is really bad…and I had second thoughts about the wisdom of the ‘harder choice.’ I was unable to get the ants off me and resigned to wait for help.
My brother did not shut up as I instructed but rather kept badgering the Rocky Mountain rescue first responders to hurry, as well as a number of innocent bystanders, and alerted the news and emergency services all by his incessant screaming for help. Before long a fellow hiker responded to the screams and made his way to my location as directed by my brother. When he finally got to me and saw my condition he could only say “OH ****” over and over again as he tried to brush off all the ants. The rescue team arrived and they complained my brother yelled too much and they had sent another team to rappel down from the top and rescue him. They pulled me off the ant mound and strapped me to a gurney because they thought my back might be broken, and proceeded to lower me down by ropes to the parking lot and the waiting news crews, ambulances and law enforcement.
This whole process took some time and it was a sunny Colorado day and all I was wearing when strapped in was a pair of shorts because my T shirt had been ripped in half and wraped around my hands as bandages. By the time I had been lowered down I had a sunburn over all exposed body parts. After taking me to the parking lot there were ambulances and the press. I had enough energy left to defer the ambulance ride because I was broke and didn’t have any insurance so I refused transport and offered that my brother would drive me to the hospital. They reluctantly agreed. As I lay in the back of the van I gave instructions to my brother on how to drive it as he had never driven a stick shift. We drove off In front of ambulances, cops, rescue teams and the press who wanted to interview me and my brother with no drivers license. I didn’t want to go to the hospital so he drove me to my ex-landlady’s house. She was having a party and agreed to come out at my brother’s insistence. She took one look at me and said,”We gotta get you to a hospital,” and proceeded to drive me to the hospital after all, where I was subjected to extreme pain as they were forced to clean the many wounds. I was indeed paying the price for my indiscretion.
I share this story to keep my word, to keep my promise. I tell this story because even today, earlier in my stillness I was seeking direction, wondering what I could or should be doing given this phenomenal opportunity of this Lightline and how I just needed direction. I got the flashback that as per my agreement, commitment to spirit, I set out on the path to spread the word and witness to the truth in spirit and since that day it has taken many different forms but has found itself lodged in the Teaching Mission for quite some time and this was all, as I was shown, an answer to my prayers and petition to facilitate this awareness I had made in this process. And that is why I am here right now and that is why you are here right now because this is the facilitation of the plan, the dream to be an instrument of this peace. I call you all to witness it has been going on wherever we are, it has been going on the whole time whenever, one classroom after another, one virtual meeting after another. We’re continuing this because I feel it significant to share, to witness our encounters with spirit when we’ve actually seen it work.
The main reason I say that is because of that very contact that happened then and all the contact that is happening now is being shared by lighting each other’s candles and firing up these grids and connections. And it started for me at a certain point, a certain first source and center of awareness. I felt so happy, so much gratitude for having been graced with this and it was even okay that I had to go through some healing. It changed my life from that moment on, changed my heading, changed my bearing, brought me the Urantia Book, brought me the Teaching Mission, went to Woods Cross. When the first reports came in I was out there because I was bound and determined to find spirit again without having to have some catastrophic situation threaten my survival. That is what we’re doing here. If it happened to me it can happen to you. I am sharing this gift of grace. Put it in your library, you heard it first hand and this is why I continue to return to this format to assist in raising the level of awareness that this is part of our being. 
Mark: I make invitation to my Inner Guide, my faithful devoted comrade to once again activate this circuit, so be it.
Inner Voice: So be it indeed. Your wish is in large part my command, that is, what you choose will determine the direction, will determine the conditions of our journey together. It is you who will decide which path is chosen and what side routes may be taken along the way and all the while gathering to us experience that forms our interpretation of the expression of truth, beauty and goodness. The very perception of these qualities is ever changing as your awareness expands it. It creates greater dimension so that greater truths, more beauty and greater goodness may fit into your awareness and you can accommodate more of these factors.
This increasing of capacity, this growing of your soul requires being given the right conditions and direction to facilitate the growth and expansion that you desire. Such efforts as the stilling of energy and the calming of the receptor are instrumental in the success of the connection. This is your primary task in spirit development, to master control over the steady influence of spirit into a receptive state of stillness. This connection is where you may choose to reroute your direction and use this spirit connection to bridge the gap, to make a new avenue of approach. This is the intention applied. You have become aware of how the process works and how it requires direction and input of energy to make it so. Thus, following the continued wisdom of revisiting the stillness you strengthen the bond, you enhance the connection and it is always good to return for an upgrade, for a refresh to make sure you are still on the right page and in the right space. This method of entering the stillness and forming a place of receptivity is also where you may choose to act in spirit, to launch some of your intentions and put them in motion, to create a new beginning of what may be an eternal spark.
This creating you do as a normal and natural activity of your life as a mortal of the realm and so this natural extension of spirit capacities merely means that you may bring values into your choices and decisions and you may wield the power of prayer. By opening yourself up to this dimension of your being you create pathways and create access by granting it and forming it because you so choose. You build these churches within, these citadels of spirit where you are safe to be in spirit, to act in spirit, to fellowship in spirit and share the values of truth, beauty and goodness. Let us work more closely together to make real these visions, these dreams, these inspirations that you have. Let us strive to make them real on the material plane. When you act as first source and center of these ideals you create a starting point that may be built upon and chosen and this simple act is just a reflection of your mortal capacities. Your intention may transform these capacities into a more divine pattern, a more divine representation of the vision of the inspiration.
It is with such great pleasure that I join you in this fashion and that we can attempt to speak plainly to the issues. I am here in response to your collective petition to rub energy signatures with me again, to feel the wavelength of the Indwelling Guides, to sense that vibration once again because you desire to return, because you like the way it feels. You want to find more and more of this spirit connect and so you are here even now and you will all witness by degree that you are receiving responses to your petitions. There is a greater degree of familiarity, of common expression. We are growing this together, we are building this road that we may use to travel back and forth at will and this is occurring because of your desire to make it so. So as we observe how you manifest your vision, we see the pressure exerted by spirit. We see the influence that attempting to bring in a divine perspective does to the equation.
And as it so happens, you are, we are, the boots on the ground, point persons for this grand experience and it will be up to you, up to us, up to you to navigate our way through this. I am ever ready to assist with a nudge or bump to start off in the right direction but it will be your choice and your decision that guides our ship and I, as representative of The Father, am most pleased to join you and represent the connection to the whole. The part is indeed connected to the whole as the wave is part of the ocean. Simply embracing this dimension of awareness, this level of truth, is a worthy achievement in any lifetime. So it is with great joy I witness such strides, such progress in the making only because the students are eager to do their homework and return to class with questions and observations citing spirit in play. 
Moments of stillness, of calming and re-centering may be had throughout. It need not be a special exercise, rather, inserted throughout to maintain the calm state of acceptance. Indeed, with enough practice, you may return in the space of a breath to that calm place of peace. This place of peace is your workshop, your place to move and act and create in spirit with intention what the expression of your purpose is. I stand in gratitude for this offering of this experience here and now, the willingness to come together and share on this frequency, to take in the common vibration, the underlying tone. This tone is ever-present as is your Inner Guide. They may be accessed at will because you have grown familiar, you have returned to this frequency and wish to return again. Make it so as you so choose and I assure you there will be all manner of assistance. I invite you all to revisit the connection to stillness and shore up your passage way. Make sure your path is well worn and easy to follow so that in the span of a breath you can make it so.
I will return as you have request of me but I take my leave and extend my gratitude for the experience. Good journey ahead my friends, I assure you it will be a good journey ahead and one we will take together. It will be so, farewell.
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