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Lightline Teleconference 2022-02-17

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-02-17
Teacher: George, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
George: Entering stillness is the process of slowing, calming and even stilling the nervous random energies and by attempting to eliminate as many distractions as possible we can attempt to focus on the more subtle inner signals and create this safe place that we return to as frequently as we can use to receive our consult, to receive our inspiration and the validation of our ideals. We come to this place to drink of the cup of spirit and connection and we celebrate this connection of the part recognizing their connection to the whole. We celebrate this connection even now as we are here to expand our awareness, to increase our capacity to be this connection, to literally make and create before us the easy pathway back to our citadel of spirit. This requires the instruction of the mind to calm the vehicle. It requires the environment be conditioned into a state of receptivity.
When you simply repeat this pattern of finding calm, stilling the waters of your being and minimizing distractions, there opens up a new arena of awareness, a new whole set of senses become available to you because as a spirit being, you have the opportunity to experience on the spirit plane. This enables you great latitude of connectivity for it is easy to join the circuit and to make yourself part of the frequency. This is your construct for returning to the safe place. This is the pathway you repeat until it is so familiar, until it is so normal, so routine for you that you simply need to travel this distance in the span of a breath.
That is good, that is fine. Relax yourself, calm yourself, still your being so that you may feel the impulses, feel the shifts in energy and be sensitive to these variations as you experience them. It is my pleasure to join you tonight again, I am George and whenever the theory of constructs is around I am not far behind. I was a great advocate for the use of these formulas to direct your intention, to focus your creation and to establish the proper environment for you to work and for your work to be fruitful. I discovered during my sojourn that the power of thought and the creative expression of power through thought was such a potent force that was underutilized by all of us who did not consider the power behind our creative intention. Even though we were able to show ourselves the results of our focused intentions manifested, we still failed to accept the magnitude of our creative potential.
It was the fact that we believed that it was possible, that we extended our faith that what felt possible could be made real, could be given life and brought forward. I will witness with you that when we worked together in spirit we were able to see the results, feel the results, feel the flow of energy as we were attempting to wield it in service. We experienced the results of the extension of faith, the acceptance of our divine heritage which allows us to be as the parents, creators. It is now such a treat to enjoy this connection, to enjoy this relationship that has been formed across the divide, as it were, on the other side and yet we are able to still connect as we were in the flesh with that same part of us that connected when we met in the flesh. We now meet in the spirit domain. We both must have chosen and applied ourselves to be at this meeting place. This meeting is the manifestation of our desires, let it be so. That is another testament to the power of our creativity.
It’s thrilling to witness from the sideline the new play in motion. It seems as though our time of darkness and separation may be approaching an end. We are being given the heads up by our spirit counterparts that the circuits are being reestablished and that the method of connecting to these circuits is now being upgraded and enhanced and accommodated through that portal of your being. Your Indwelling Guide provides you this portal, this way to connect, this entry through which all spirit contact flows. In this way, your Inner Guide serves as your conduit, your channel, your pipe directly to the First Source and Center and it also allows guests, visitors, friends, even as was illustrated is happening in this very partnership we enjoy even now. There is coordination between this one’s Adjuster and any outside influence as to whether there will be receptivity.
In fact these gatekeepers are ever faithful in knowing what you can handle, so to speak, what you are able to embrace and accept in the process, your capacity to receive spirit content, and so this guardian watches over your internal spirit garden and makes sure that there is not an incompatibility issue with the level of spirit awareness. Even now this exchange has been approved and welcomed by the Indwelling Guide who is pleased to see that this expression is also a manifestation of His desire as well. It’s a most interesting life there on your world as you make every attempt to make sense with your intelligence, with your wisdom, as you attempt to make sense of and define your spirit component, that aspect of us that will endure and that aspect of us which has the eternal career before us.
All seekers are doing the best they can with the awareness they have to facilitate their individual spiritual growth and in the final analysis, this may be seen as the greatest act of service one could perform. Oftentimes I know in the mortal life there is much focus on service for others in need, service so that others may feel the grace of God that you have felt and all of this focus in attempting to help your brethren is noble and well and good. That’s fine, that’s good, but do not forget that your finest work, your most important task will be represented in your own spiritual growth, in the song that you have to play before the Lord, your experience, your wisdom, the manifestation of who you really are. These are your greatest accomplishments. But all the while that this growth is transpiring and occurring, oftentimes the focus is not on that growth but rather some external act of service because the results may be more visible or may be more tangible.
The repeated commitment to return to stillness, to return to the construct of understanding that you may impose your will in this direction, you may show your commitment to your own individual personal spirit growth by practicing again and again, creating the environment, setting the table, preparing the hall so that an inner action may occur, a meeting may happen, an exchange of thought is made more possible. Therefore it is wonderful to watch you get together and practice some of these techniques. I applaud your efforts to create the new channel and open the new circuit, the circuit in fact we were destined to not only find but travel, to traverse back to The Source. And while we have worked together in various platoons and for various projects, we have discovered that we all work for the same Master, we all are part of Michael’s plan and this is how we go to the Father, through Michael as we were told.
I welcome this opportunity and cherish this chance to talk over this circuit, to make real communication between real individuals, friends in spirit as well as perhaps on the mortal earthly plane, temporarily but eternally in the spirit dimension. This relationship may endure as long as we so choose and we may forge this path and make it a matter of repetition until it is done instantly and effectively where you might consider being conversational with your Father Fragment. Imagine assuming the connection is there and real and opening it and extending your faith to make it so. Let us all make it so in our own way following some basic patterns but creating our own approach, our own method of making our connection and of holding fast to our contact.
Well done mates, well done. You have come very far in your mortal seeking, the seeking from the earthly plane for what is beyond, what is after and what was before. This seeking brings you to the awareness of what may be next. As you expand your awareness your horizons expand, your choices expand, your capacity at creation expands. And so it is we have enjoyed this opportunity tonight to work together in spirit, to meet in spirit, to act in spirit, to work in spirit at this process, to make the connection real because we so choose and exercise our divine creative prerogative. I bid you all a grand voyage and am excited at the prospect of being able to share it with you. As we have now made it so it is now possible for us to traverse this circuit, to act in accordance with the laws of spirit and be able to maintain a relationship. Relationships are sacred and the fact that we have chosen to form one and are expending our energy to maintain it means it is a living entity that survives, a combination of both of us.
Mark: Thank you George for reaching out. I’ll reach back bro and we’ll make it happen. I invite my Inner Guide to fellowship with us at this time.
Inner Voice: I am most pleased to be requested. I enjoy our meetings and look forward to the next chance to get together with you and to simply enjoy each others presence, of spirit fellowship, of simply mingling our presence, our energies together. It is so fascinating to behold creation in the making. We are at a juncture where new patterns are being made, new lines are being laid so to speak, new connections being forged. It’s as though we are seeing an age of connection, an age of commonality where there are threads running through all of humanity that are looking to be woven into the fabric and tapestry of mankind. Many of the old patterns of the old approaches and ways to do things are no longer relevant. They are old answers to old problems and now we are in new circumstances, new scenarios with new potentials and all these potentials and all that pattern-making that is happening is going on right before your eyes. It’s going on every day as the culture changes to accommodate pandemics, financial stress and the elements imposing threats on your very lives.
So many of these patterns are in flux and the lines are being blurred and as the sand is settling back out and the solution is clearing, you are there to redefine the pattern as it settles into the new reality that you are creating. With each movement the culture makes there is an opportunity to move in the direction of divine grace, the direction of greater truths, more beauty and greater goodness. So as things are settling out and you are determining what the new parameters will be, ever look to guide the process with the highest ideals you have achieved in your spirit awareness, the grandest ideals that you can imagine, the values that you’ve come to know. These standards of truth, beauty and goodness are how you orient your compass and how you determine which things to foster and support, which direction to go and your new version of reality that you project and you create may make all of the old patterns obsolete, no longer necessary because the new pattern is more compatible, is more divine, is more perfect in its execution, is more beautiful. It’s truer and it’s better. This will transpire as a result of your taking the opportunity, taking the chance and utilizing the flexibility of the fact the circumstance was in motion and stepping in to direct with your intention, your purpose to make it better.
These adjustments in direction that you are able to make are constantly before you. Every day, all the time there are these opportunities for you to choose a higher way, to nudge the equation more in a divine pattern. When it is one’s sincere prayerful petition to do the will of The Father in heaven, then you are bound to bring enlightenment into any equation. As an instrument of the Father’s peace you become a tool to redirect, to focus the energy and intention to comply with your purpose, your purpose of promoting the will of your Divine Parents. Tonight’s reference to the example of my influence being that of gatekeeper for your spiritual growth is an accurate perception and I would expand your perception to include in your awareness that I am forever bound to be your guardian, your guide, even your friend as well as your companion as we make our way and journey together, even as one as we return our experience as our offering to our Creator.
So in this sense it is very true that no-one gets to God except through Michael and no-one gets anywhere except through their Adjuster, their gatekeeper who facilitates all communications that are appropriate for the level of spirit awareness. I also assure you that we, as your Inner Guides, have nothing more than your well being as our mission with you. We are dedicated and devoted to this relationship which we are just now unpacking and becoming familiar with. Carry on with your exercises, with your attempts, setting places in your parlor and conditioning your environment so that it may occur by creating the space that we may use to meet in spirit.
It is always a pleasure to join you and simply fellowship with you who come to this place. This is a truly special meeting, a special moment and I assure you it is well attended on our side. Thank you for the opportunity you provide. I will take my leave and send you my blessings for a fruitful voyage, a bountiful voyage full of experience, opportunities and horizons to conquer. Until next time, be at peace, be still and know that I am God within. Let it be so.
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