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Lightline Teleconference  2022-03-03

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-03-03
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, I would offer a prayer to help us in this process of spiritual connection. Help us to relax into the vibration, allow us to be comfortable, relaxed and at peace with our state of being. So much of spiritual receptivity, it appears, is related to focus, distraction and concentration. Lead us in the way of conditioning our environment to receive your spirit influence, your connection, the joining of our position to be together. We seek your guidance, we receive your encouragement and we are grateful for such acts of grace, such gifts from you. Let it be so for us, even now.

Machiventa: I accept the invitation offered here in your creating the space for us to join together in this mutual pursuit of connection that we both share. I am Machiventa Melchizedek once again returning to the classroom. Once again I am drawn by the intensity of spirit, the brightness of the light as it were. This field of energy that you all build, create and maintain is the channel, the platform on which we can build greater awareness and deeper understanding. These efforts you make to come together and practice your spirit contact are signals to the universe that you are desiring a response, a connection, a confirmation and I assure you it is universally true that all who seek shall find. Nothing is ever held back, rather you will receive answers to your prayers, responses to your petitions, contact with your spirit family. These are all a matter of timing, a matter of your level of awareness and your degree of faith and these factors are always in flux. Even now you are here exercising some of your spiritual components and you bring your faith to be here and to follow where spirit may lead from here.

It has been my pleasure to be a part of the team, a part of this effort to expand communication and awareness between these two different dimensions. What we are seeing is not the vast distinction between mortal and divine spirit because in your case, you are mortal, you are animal but you are also endowed with a divine fragment and you have been made a piece of the whole. This awareness has come to you because you have earned it, you have brought up this potential, you have made such a leap possible because you are consistent in coming to spirit class and then applying yourselves in considering the lessons and deeply considering the implications for your own personal spiritual growth.

This is the mark of a good student and you have all been devoted on the path of following spirit where you think it is the most pure, the most divine even the highest version of spirit you can imagine. And because you are prone to take this direction you are great with discovering higher and greater truths. As your search continues, your capacity changes and your dimensions increase to accommodate the new you which incorporates up to the minute. Every day there is a new you to choose again, knowing what you know now, to restate your commitment again to your principles, to your values, to your Divine Parents. You are way more than the sum total of all your parts and pieces. You are a living, growing entity that is constantly changing in response to each new growth opportunity.

Here we find ourselves along the journey and we discover we are faced with a new grand opportunity and that the circuits are being reconnected and strengthened and that the ability to make and connect to circuitry has never been easier. Here is a classroom full of students who desire greatly to wield their creative energies and to forge a connection with the most important aspect, their Internal Guide, the Divine Presence within, realizing that all spirit contact is through this portal of connection and is authorized and granted by this guardian. So, your current interest in finding and returning to and becoming familiar with this aspect of your being, this onboard partner. This effort that you spend to make a bridge over this gap is well spent. This is the lane to stay in, it is the path to come and go, it is the portal to receive insights, visitors, guests, other personalities

Through these many years and throughout these many classrooms you have persevered in reaching out and being willing to forsake your boundaries in order to experience something new. That is the part you are exercising even now for as you may work to build this great connection, you must do this in great faith and with a great open mind as to how it may transpire for you. Be ever willing to receive the answers to your prayers, your desires for something greater, something higher to be granted into your awareness and then act on this new vision. Do not become dismayed by old methods and previous efforts which have not met with much fruit. We are reconfiguring reality in the moments that pass during the day. We’re deciding what it will look like and how it will manifest and all the while we are applying values to the reality regardless of our awareness of intention.
It’s been an honor to be with you though these lessons and to this point, this plateau of awareness and understanding on which you all stand. I take my leave and express my gratitude for the opportunity. Good day to you all.

Mark: I invite my Inner Guide to take the podium as per our long term arrangement, so be it.

Inner Voice: So be it indeed my friend, my comrade, my assistant in this effort we make even now. We do in fact have an arrangement, a soul agreement. Having found each other we have both pledged to unite in the process of witnessing to the grace of spirit contact, of spirit belonging. And so it is that we are here even now and our mutual desire to be of service and to do the will of our Divine Parents has brought us this very form as answer to our petition. This opportunity has been created and is a direct result of our creative desire and the will of our Divine Parents.

This discussion prior from Machiventa about your place at this crossroads in time and space where opportunities are arising that simply did not exist for your ancestors and the attainment of the awareness that this is so brings a powerful component to your understanding. As the guardian of your internal soul garden, it is my duty to watch over the growth of you as a spirit individual. I am tasked with knowing you as infinitely as I do by being your companion, your partner and even in rare circumstances, your friend. Such rare circumstances exist even now with you and I. The opportunities abound for us to find ways to connect, to share energies, energies as thought, energies as visions, energies as inspirations and energies of gratitude. These may be well communicated without any words, without any outward symbols. These energies have their own characteristics and are easily felt by others.

We are learning in this process of becoming closer that there is a casual tone that seems to work best. Recall that if the point is to commune in spirit, communication is an aspect of that. That is a two way street; you as a creative individual have vast creative expressive potential and there exists so much out there for you to receive, for you to bring into your awareness. As they say, practice makes perfect and that each time attempting gets you closer so I will send out another word of encouragement to devote some time to your own personal spiritual growth and development for your own behalf and for mine, for ours, your partners. After all, it will take nothing less for us to move forward than for you to be involved. You are truly the captain of our vessel and I honor your choices and decisions about how to navigate. I stand ever ready to offer suggestions should they be requested, but they must be requested. There must be room for me to approach, there must be a pathway between us and there is and we are building a causeway between us, access that we may use to meet in the middle, each extending the effort to make the meeting.

Remember in your process of building what is in effect your construct of operation, your method of approach, remember you are building this as your own first point. You are the first source and center of your creation and as such, you launch it with whatever energy, intention and purpose you desire and you bring to the equation. Once it has been born and manifested as a result of your creative energies it may be chosen, it may be adopted, it may be joined, it may grow to accommodate all who desire to be a part. Remember to call into service your component of mind. Remember to put it to good use in directing your vehicle, your body to calm and release stress so that the nervous tension resident in the mortal flesh may be lessened to a degree that would allow for a calm state of being, enough to allow for spirit to flourish.

In your exploration of all things spiritual, you will find that all things have a spirit component to them, a spirit purpose. You have a spirit component, a soul which may be an eternal journey on its way back home. Wherever there is life there is spirit but there also is spirit before and after the mortal experience. You are learning that the spirit realm is in fact the genuine and enduring component of who you are and learning that this spirit is undergoing a mortal experience while housed at your current address, your vehicle. After this mortal experience you will continue your experience of spiritual fulfillment, of growth, of that enduring component of your being and all spirit, all individuals in spirit are contactable, may be contacted via the same circuitry of spirit, that circuitry you are exploring and building as we speak.

You have yet to grasp the concept of your freedom to travel in spirit. The ability to project your being is something you are unfamiliar with but you will greatly enjoy the circuitry of your spiritual family, of all those like you who are individual spirits, points in the constellations, all part of the whole, pieces of the grand picture. Stay the course my dear friends. You are on the right path, your destination is foretold by your desires and your prayers and petitions to make it so. So avail yourself of these options and condition the environment to facilitate your vision and then as you may all witness, things happen and as they happen there are more opportunities to guide and steer the process as you apply your intention. Continue to make it so, adding conviction to your efforts as you are acknowledged for having made great strides in this overall process. The only way to make this happen is to do it, to actually go through the efforts and motions and to practice again.

Thank you for the request of my presence once again. I stand as evidence that spirit is contactable and such is the case with all spirit. I bid you all good night and look forward to our next meeting where we will fellowship and witness in the glories of the pursuit of spirit, together. Let it be so, farewell.
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