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Lightline Teleconference 2022-03-10

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-03-10
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I make vocal petition to open for those receptive to communication which I understand are overseen by my Internal Voice, my Father Fragment. I offer my intention to allow connection, to welcome connection and I extend my faith to accommodate it.
Machiventa: Thank you for the invitation, I am Machiventa Melchizedek once again pleased to return to the classroom. I call on your statement to witness that you have exercised faith in creating this connection and facilitating this contact and I most whole heartedly support this motion. Faith, it is said, has moved mountains. Faith certainly can create realities, can allow growth and expansion, can expand truth, expand beauty and express goodness. Faith is perhaps the single most important component to your fluency while acting in spirit. Your faith allows you to push into areas that are unknown, uncertain and the faith that you will be shown the way, the truth and the light invariably rings true and provides you even greater faith for the next time you need it.
Faith is what enables this individual to be willing to express the next word even though it is uncertain and unknown until it happens, but being willing to take the next step even though you can’t see the whole staircase means that you will receive the rewards of acting in faith, you receive the growth that was only potential. You truly can embrace the experiences you have in spirit when you have extended yourself in faith to have them. In these meetings that we both enjoy, there has been a focus on energy and its transfer, its application, its creation and its implementation to construct an idea. As you realize that even your thoughts are energy and have creative force, you begin to desire to channel and focus these thoughts and intentions because they do contain energy, they are a force that has been created and may be grown and fostered.
There is a profound distinction that must be made over the forms that energy may take and the many forms it takes range from the entirely spiritual aspect and component to the very energy within the cells of your very being, the energy that drives your beating heart, the energies necessary for you to draw a breath, the energy required to be formed into matter and into the many systems required to furnish you with a mortal temporal vehicle for you to use.  These are different representations of energy and this energy has been put into form by the Creator who from thought, created and manifested energy flowing into matter and responding to the material mortal dimension.
Inside or as part of this group of energy that is combined to be you, there is a center core observer, you, who has an onboard partner, an aspect of the whole just as you are an aspect of the whole. And these energetic forces are not material in nature whatsoever but are equally as real and your discovery that energy can have all these different representations enables you to utilize the principles you have observed and channel your efforts to be your own first source and center as you create your own mini-verse of experience. As part of this process, interestingly enough, in time and space you are coordinating these two different natures of energy and you are having to contend with the mortal restraints of animal life.
Herein lies the opportunity for you to having taken grasp of your potential as a creative eternal being of spirit while still in the mortal flesh, you then are furnished with the perspective of the change of energy caused by The Creator and how such changes may even extend to you as the creator of your relationship with your mortal material component. Those who have already accepted that you will venture out beyond this mortal paradigm can realize that if you can make such a transformation, such a change, then you may certainly be able to rearrange energetic pattern and change the very nature of matter through your creative will. This is not a miracle, merely this is the act of a creator son. This is your divine heritage as you were created to manifest, to arrange energy as you so pleased.
Likewise you may choose to rearrange energy as is necessary for health and healing. You may choose to seek divine pattern as you seek to impose any change, align your intention with divine pattern and simply execute your potential. All of this may be done within, may be accomplished with the services of your Indwelling Guide to help you find your way, to help you receive the answers to your prayers, to help you to be at ease and content with where you are and grateful for all that you have and willing to receive healing and health. Petitions such as these, genuine heartfelt prayers, are sacred. They enter a sacred spirit bond, they are the part attempting to communicate with the whole and every parent knows the sound of the child’s voice. So when a petition arises it’s as if the baby cries in the next room. The parents hear the cry and respond to the cry for love, the cry for peace, the cry for connection to the parent.
Your onboard partner will make sure your petitions find their way through the portal and they will insure that you may find your response through the same portal. I encourage you to empower yourselves if it’s helpful; I would empower you but what will be most effective is that you empower yourself. You give yourself the latitude, you extend the faith necessary to go boldly where you may be uncertain, your powers that you have of simply visualizing a better picture, a better result, a better circumstance, literally creating the vision empowers you. You are then the first source and center of this vision, the creator. Make it so, make your vision real, seek for guidance and then act on what you receive, trusting that such a request will bring a response, and it will be so.
As I have made reference a number of times, your Inner Guide, your portal to the Divine, I now make way so that this relationship may be shared once again. A good day to you all.
Inner Voice: Right, I am ever willing to keep up my end of the bargain, that is the bargain between me and my associate who so graciously allows the use of his vocabulary and speaking ability for this purpose. It is indeed a great step that has been taken in the evolution of mankind really, to give such consideration to a component of your being and not only to recognize and register this aspect of self but to pursue connection with it, to understand the relationship with it and to it. The whole concept that divinity actually resides within you and can be accessed and attained internally is the game changer that needs to happen to change or rearrange or perhaps recreate the religious experience. The experience of religions has tended to infer that great connections must be made through great individuals and that you must all follow the leader as to how to contact spirit when in fact, contacting spirit and fellowshipping with your Divine Parents is a birthright of every individual. Making this attribute tangible and real in peoples construct of awareness allows freedom of the individual to find God within without instruction or demonstration and to find this connection themselves, to build faith in the process and to use their faith to find their way.
This entire journey before us of finding each other and making our way back, is our destiny. It is our arrangement we have and so it is everlastingly pleasing to be considered in the journey, to be invited in as a partner, to be welcome even in the daily routine. I have such gratitude that there is such interest in this direction, in this pursuit because it is the calling, it is the beckoning for you to find your Fragment Within, to establish this certain connection routinely and at will because you so choose and as just been illustrated, your choices, your intentions are energetic fields that are responsible for creation. So why not wield this power, this intentional force in the direction of your inner portal, thereby strengthening your bond and fulfilling your destiny to eventually move forward as one. But there is no hurry to this journey. We are ready to take the scenic route if it means we manifest and grow and learn more truth, more beauty and more goodness along the way. Our journey together is not about the destination, for that is assured. It is about the journey, it is about building the combined being that we will become and the journey is simply the method and the means to build such a soul.
In connection with some of these other thought patterns tonight I would draw attention to this same focus of the intention applied to the material manifestation, the physical being. Feel free to impose your will on your vehicle. It is under your jurisdiction, you as the observer are in control, therefore utilize your intention to manifest condition and environment as you would have them and always seek input, direction, inspiration and purpose. That is where I come in, that is where we may be of assistance to you throughout your process. I also encourage you to not underestimate the power of combined intention, of combined prayers. There is an exponential benefit when there is a group synergy that may be generated, again another manifestation of energy, this one developed by multiple participants and therefore it is more significant, more powerful in its force.
You are familiar with these things, I simply remind you of their relevance and significance and perhaps the greatest relevant factor is the faith, the faith that brought you here now, the faith that has you here receiving the answers to your petitions and this faith will carry you through, this faith will make you whole, this faith will enable you to process your way through many changes and transitions because your faith will provide you the conviction that whatever happens, you are cared for by your Divine Parents. You are overseen by a universe and here and now or later in your eternal career, at any point, at every point, you will still be lovingly supported by your Divine Parents and your faith that this is so will mean that your journey is lighter as you pass through the various unknown transitions and territories. Your faith will enable you to see the way, to take the next step even though [you] are uncertain as to exactly where it’s leading. That is faith and that gets you the distance and has brought you here now and will take you the rest of the way.
I applaud your efforts in faith that allow you to be here and be part of such an exchange. I encourage you to be bold, as your teacher encouraged as well, to consider yourselves worthy to act more in accordance with your beliefs, your conviction, your purpose and I assure you that we are ever ready to assist. But the choice must be yours, the free will that is exercised is yours, but having signaled your intentions and having chosen to find me in this process, I assure you your prayers will most certainly be answered, even as they are even now being answered.
I am grateful for this opportunity that is provided for this safe house that we come to where we are free to express in spirit, to receive in spirit, to share in spirit. I now take my leave but have so enjoyed the connection, the sharing of energy, the feeling of the wavelength together, getting on the same page and hearing the same tones. Good day and a safe journey until we meet again. Be in peace.
Mark: Thank you Machiventa and thank you to my Inner Voice.
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