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Lightline Teleconference 2022-06-09

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-06-09
Teacher: Charles, Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Thank you Divine Parents, all of the Divine Parents. Thank you for this opportunity that we have, that we experience, that we create even now. Feel our joy as we return to this arena of spirit where we find you, where we feel you, where we are able to share energy with you. Thank you for this gift of grace. It is the desire of our hearts to pursue you in our efforts, to reach always out for our spirit family, for our spirit component to embrace the family. It is so even now as a result of our desire to make it so. Thank you Divine Parents for this creative force we share with you. I open the floor of this arena, this stage that is set here, this sanctuary with each exchange of spirit. I offer this platform to any of our associates who so lovingly minister to us as we are able to commune with them.
Charles: Thank you for opening the door and implying such a welcome. I am Charles and it is my pleasure to be invited to return again to this forum, to this classroom. I was summoned by the reference to boarding a vessel and shoving off into the current to make your way as that is one the images I referred to frequently to round us up in the meeting, around the raft. You’re just like we envision, rounding us up around the fire, a way to visualize the circling up of the individuals, the coming together of the group. In the raft scenario you have the added dimension of not only gathering for a common purpose but also you are required to actively participate, to paddle when necessary and when needed to help guide the overall adventure.
As a team in the raft, there is a certain amount of working together that is absolutely required in order for the journey to be fruitful. And so it is we are about this leg of the journey, this stretch of the river now together and as you make allowance, many more may be invited to join our journey. In the time that we have known each other and spent together, your perceptions about spirit and your grasp of spirit has greatly expanded. You are becoming familiar if not fluent with entering and functioning from your spirit component. This is a result of your repeated efforts to come back to this sanctuary of spirit and to desire to work there, desire to be in service from your spirit component where you have greater latitude, more leverage, more connections and energy to bring to bear. This journey that continues on is continually refreshed as we go around the next bend and observe the next stretch before us. It is incumbent we shift our approach based upon our current awareness and our current ability to navigate and work in spirit to be effective in spirit. That is what has been so enjoyable for me as a Divine Parent’s assistant, to join with you when invited and circle up with you as a group and tackle a stretch before us that requires that we share the experience by all of our efforts that are necessary and combined to navigate the journey.
As I have come to you in the past and we have enjoyed each other’s company, so I come to you now and it is as if no time has passed and yet there has been the passage of time and the gaining of experience and the selecting to yourself of life’s experiences so that you may attempt to interpret life through your lens of experiences. It is absolutely required in the mortal dimension that time transpires in order for you to have time to create these experiences of the mortal flesh. You are keenly aware that your time has been limited from the start by virtue of the mortal vehicle you inhabit at this stage and therefore your mortal life tends to be completely governed and regulated by this passage of time, this accumulation of experience that is so vital to growth and wisdom. By venturing into your spirit component you are crossing the line, the strict barrier of time, because you are functioning in the realm of your eternal component, your enduring aspect, and being your enduring aspect there is plenty of time as it takes time to build the soul. What may seem to change as you proceed forward and shift your relationship to time is that it is a matter of your creation as well. It is part of the method you must use to create just as it is used in your own creation, in your own growth.
It is always a joy to be asked to speak up and to offer a contribution for the good of this order and I feel as though we are still connected. Even though time may pass between our meetings it certainly means something quite different in the spirit dimension than it does when referred to in the mortal dimension. I now would offer to turn over this platform to others as it is a cherished portal and one we will gladly utilize. Good day to you all.
Machiventa: I’m pleased to interject some more thoughts, I am Machiventa Melchizedek. This discussion of time makes me say thank you all for your time in being here and connecting up with us at this time because in fact, as mortals of the realm, your time is limited and you are the only one that can allocate it or give it away. So thank you all for allocating your time to be here and demonstrating that your relationship with time is in keeping with your mortal nature.
It may be a stretch for your mortal perspective to consider a more loose relationship with time, in that as a mortal each breath may be a mark of your time, may be calculated as to the amount of time of yours that it has, that it takes, that you give. This pressure that time is moving on and claiming every living mortal thing is the paradigm you exist in and you are in somewhat of a race as to how much time you have left, what you will do with your time you have left and how you may even regret some of the time spent fruitlessly when there is so little of it to begin with. But your free will choice is of course your key to navigate not only your material life in the flesh, but your eternal spirit life thereafter.
It may very well be that this is the general course of action for all mortals of the realm but your free will choice means your experience, your collection of experience will be entirely unique and unto you. Your choices along the way open different doors and you choose different realities by choosing another door. What is important throughout this entire process of choosing and re-choosing and re-choosing over and over again is that your choosing represents your awareness, represents your maturity as a spirit being. It represents the growth that you have had in coming to your current awareness and each choice therefore may be better, may be bigger, may be broader and may be more focused with the interjection, the overlaying of divine principles, divine traits and divine energies, so that choice by choice you build your selection of self, your version of your set of choices, your reality.
Your efforts such as we are enjoying right now have been one of the ways you have sought to expand your awareness, to assist in your choosing and we have done our best to provide you with guidance and direction as you have requested it. Now we have a new dimension that is providing a new calling, a new circuitry to dial into, to adjust the receivers to, to simply connect to, and the good news is the distance you are spanning to make this connection is indeed very small. Your individual self, your soul and spirit, your individual being, is housed in an organization of mortal flesh, and coincidentally your Internal Spirit Guide, your Divine Fragment within is also resident there with you. You are discovering that your enduring component is not your material being, and also your spiritual partner, your onboard associate from on high, is also onboard and already enjoying the journey with you.
So if you consider that this actual distance, the actual space between these components of your being is minimal, therefore through the exercise of your free will choice you can build a pathway just as you create passages in the brain or in the nerves that connect and tie together the circuitry. Truly the resources available to you within are vastly superior to any such connection we may enjoy as we do now. Surely it is worth your effort to find and secure your avenue of approach to this portal, this fellow on the journey, this associate to work with and even become one with. Such a destiny is at hand for the choosing. Now perhaps you may bring some focus, some intention to your petitions, to your choices, and every effort you make will be met with the success of having bridged the gap, of having ventured into spirit domain and having done so, experiencing the relationship to time be disrupted.
All is well my friends, you are going where spirit is leading, you are finding as you seek. I’m always happy to fellowship with you and remind you that all is well. So be it. Be in peace as you unpack and unfold all that’s before you and be in motion so that you may be guided as you so desire, as you are being guided even now. Thank you for the opportunity, I look forward to joining you at another time when once again you will choose to allocate your time, your precious resource to such an experience as we enjoy. Go with God, farewell.
Inner Voice: I am happy to keep my appointment with you as well having been given the voice to participate with you at this time. I am this one’s Inner Guide, resident at this point within the same vehicle, the same transport mechanism, sensory mechanism and mind en-circuited mechanism. Currently we are aboard such a ship. It is by design for us to inhabit for the duration of its natural life or until we have no longer need of it in the event we were to choose to unite and fuse together. We would no longer have need of any vehicle and transform our mechanism to a more spirit based dimension where, as has been referenced, the advent of time is much different in such a dimension.
This observation that was made, that one could transmute time and in the spirit dimension be able to travel and journey across vast circuitries. Such abilities and skills at mobility are acquired as your awareness grows to encompass your relationship to these circuitries and your connection to them and therefore your ability to traverse them, to be as one with them and direct your intention as you would have it, as you are so aware to have it. Such an exciting time to be a spiritual seeker, to look for ways to make contact and to find yourself in the age of opening circuitry, reestablishing networks, reconnecting isolated components, tying everything back together, even finding your divine counterpart and joining up, joining forces together to make for such a rich journey with so many experiences.
To be able to come to a forum such as we have here and to be able to discuss such matters in this format is indeed a perfect storm of light and spirit and love and grace that all are coming together and creating the turbulent environment necessary to work together and to choose and to act. This gift of grace we sense before us is the answer to mankind’s prayer to know of a certainty and to feel their connection of the part to the whole. Such a connection is such a well of spirit. A well of love is before us and it is simply for us to build the vision between us and to extend the connection and the network and in so doing we build a strong and certain path. We construct this method, this way to go and as pioneers of this new age of en-light-enment you are some of the first to bridge such a gap and forge such a path that many after you will be able to follow in your footsteps and it will be good, beautiful and true and others will be able to see that. The results of such efforts, the fruits, will be great, will be divine, will be manifestations of grace and of love applied.
I make formal invitation once again to welcome you back into the sanctuary more frequently with more intention. This is where we will meet and connect and our efforts made to establish connection surely will mean we will have it. There is this issue of patience, of time that must pass in order for you to gain what only time can bring you. Certainly a crowd such as this is eager to be about this business of finding their Internal Guide and partnering and moving forward in the direction of divinity. But I assure you all that developing some sense of patience will indeed make your journey more fruitful. There is no hurry to get there because as it turns out, the journey is the destination. The gathering to yourself all of the experience, the experience of the journey is what the entire episode of your lives is all about. Incorporating in your vision of your life the willingness to be patient and allow the time necessary for you to unfold the reality in its own time need not have a sense of urgency or necessity about it. Rather the enjoyment of time, the passage of time, the observation of this passage, these are factors unique to the mortal experience and soon enough such considerations will be eclipsed by other considerations in this spirit dimension. For now, we must learn to be friends with time and not be worried or concerned about it.
As we have heard once again tonight from some of our faithful comrades, all is well and I would assert all is getting better. It’s a joy to commune with you, to get together in this place. Thank you for providing this opportunity and all the components necessary for it to transpire. Be now in peace knowing that all is right. Even in time all is well, and with our impending connection all is miraculous, all is filled with grace. Thank you once again for your participation and your time. I take my leave having fulfilled my commitment to help in any way I can as we forge new territory and blaze new trails. Until next time, farewell.
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