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Lightline Teleconference 2022-05-12

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-05-12
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Charles, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Thank you Divine Parents, all manner of Divine Parents. Thank you for this grace that we experience even now, for the fellowship that we enjoy with you when we come to this well and drink of this cup. We return once again and would drink more of this cup of spirit, this cup so sweet with truth, beauty and goodness. Thank you for such a gift of grace as we share with you, even now. I submit vocal petition to request the presence of some personalities that are accustomed to being welcomed to our circle. I invite Michael to have a seat with us, I invite Mother Spirit to join us, I invite Monjoronson to join us, Machicenta of course as well as what is becoming a host of other personalities, other celestial friends that we have joined with in spirit and come together to be with us at this time, our friends of which we are glad to be graced with many. We invite all of them to partake of this sharing and to join us in this act of worship, this act of gratitude, this act of love manifested. So be it for all of our Divine Parents and friends.
Machiventa: I am pleased to accept this opportunity that you provide, I am Machiventa once again returning to our classroom. We have been meeting together this way for some time and as a result of our continued contact and your devoted efforts to employ your energies and your skills that there has been such growth to bring you to a point, this point, so much growth which necessitated time to create experience and now that the time has been invested by this crew aboard this vessel, you are able to function at your greater capacity with more skill and more awareness of all the different aspects involved.
Your growth and efforts have brought you to this point where now you have focused your search and directed your gaze in search of spirit, within. Now there has been a flip in consciousness to seek spirit, not from some external source but rather from your own individual personal connect to The Source. Your Indwelling Guide, aptly described, literally attempts to pull and push, nudge and inspire. These are the forces at play already between you and your partner, these inspirations and flashes, the answer you were seeking that finally arrived and the fulfillment of your dreams. At this juncture we find ourselves being guided to point you in the direction of your Internal Guide. This approach is by far the most secure, most valuable, most present and most real connection you will ever encounter.
This focus of directing your gaze within, of turning your search from gathering from outside to seeking and finding that which is already within. That is the frequency of spirit and it is that frequency that we are sharing even now, that frequency available to all spirit beings. And once you can recognize the frequency and lock on to the tone you will realize that the same connection with spirit, that same rubbing elbows with fellow spirit is attainable by connecting within. This also implies this new awareness, this new level of seeking and finding, requires that you must create the environment for success and this is what you have been in training to do thus far.
Now you may implore your skills and turn your efforts inward and onward and upward. I do not mean to infer that this connect we enjoy even now is not of great significance and great satisfaction to all who join in this experience but such encounters are rare, brief and second hand if you will, coming from another spirit being and is a matter of experience and perception. Connecting to your Father Fragment within and connecting your awareness that you are the part to this whole, such positioning, such awareness brings you the opportunity to condition and create the environment favorable so that you are able to visualize an end positive result and this very method may be employed in your search for your onboard partner: conditioning the environment, creating the pathway, maintaining the charge, holding fast to the frequency.
All is well my dear friends. No headmaster could be any more pleased than I am with all of the devoted students who return to class. I express deep gratitude for your time, for your participation, for your energy, your contribution. This is a gigantic work in progress and you, as a functioning member of the team, must adhere to the responsibility you have to your individual self. Only you can do the work done in spirit to condition your environment. Only you can see to tending your inner garden and making sure that you are only harboring the elements you wish to nurture in your garden. This is entirely of your jurisdiction and your responsibility to make sure you are a fit member of the team. This is a responsibility no one else can do for you. Your personal spiritual growth is a matter of your choice. Perhaps then, perhaps such an interest and development is warranted as this also represents the enduring component of your being. It is good to be mindful that you are in constant creation mode. Your desires and wishes and dreams all are alive with your energy and the ones you pick and choose to foster and nurture may grow to eternal proportions, that is, you are the first source and center of your experience, your piece of the puzzle that you are crafting that will complete all of the parts returning to the whole.
Thank you for the opportunity once again. It is always a pleasure to be granted such a gift by those who have conditioned the environment to make it so and who have shown up in dedicated service to make it so. Truly, this is a partnering, a partnering of spirits while still in the mortal flesh. I now allow for others to access this forum. Until next time, bon voyage.
Charles: I will take a shot here. I haven’t been around in a while, I am Charles and this is a grand opportunity, one that has been created and offered as a choice and so I accept and make real the potential just as you do so that we can meet in the middle. There has been a common analogy I have used with this group before of being in a raft and having to navigate down the forces of a river. That analogy is what it feels like in mortal form to rally together for the cause, in this case, the cause of the journey down the river, in our case, the cause of the journey down the spirit frequency. In all such cases it is required that you be an active participant, that you contribute your effort for a safe passage. It is required that you be in motion so that you be directed. When all those factors are in play, anything can happen.
So it is with working in spirit, in functioning and actually creating; it is in fact where all creation begins. You are used to thoughts becoming things and becoming real and as a result becoming something tangible. But I call you to focus that it all had to have a beginning, a first source and center that created the vision, that had the dreams, that launched that projectile of energy. So in that sense, all creation starts in spirit. It may migrate to the material plane or it may not because your spiritual career is not in the material plane and yet is the most significant growth you can have. So in order to work in spirit it is incumbent upon you to know the principles and be aware of the use of directed thought and energy to not only condition and prepare and accept your version of reality but also to command the awareness that what you do in spirit is indeed as real, as significant, as purposeful as any dream that you could build in your world.
Spirit growth is the game of the universe and it is a game of personal bests. It is a competition with yourselves, it is a challenge that is in fact a gift of grace allowing you to develop character. So now, knowing the game, knowing the end results, knowing our position relative to the rest of the team and knowing of our connections throughout our circuitries formed between and among us, we are able to employ all of these elements and in so doing creation happens, reality is formed, it is chosen and if it is fostered and maintained it may survive indefinitely.
Thanks for the opportunity to jump in here and once again refer to the metaphor of the team, of all of these individuals truly rafting together, pulling together to dig deep and make their way down the unknown rapids ahead, the unknown challenges before us. I very much appreciate being considered a member of such a crew who steps in from time to time and checks in. A good day to you all, farewell.
Inner Voice: Thank you my friend and associate and partner in this exercise and in the journey before us, your eternal spiritual career that will [be] our eternal career. Certainly we have a unique relationship and it is a treasured relationship throughout all of creation. .-mnbI am very pleased to be a part of any opportunities that we might have to be given voice. There have been some wonderful comments made about finding your Inner Guide and conditioning your inner environment to do so and these are as music to our ears, so to speak. This reference that keeps arising of fostering this connection, of finding it, claiming it, trying it on and then donning the cloak of this relationship is truly the journey of a lifetime and truly the coming together of spirit and eternal spark.
Such is our journey together, a magnificent gift of grace for us to unpack and unfold together, even as one. This is our destiny most certainly. We are now openly discussing, manifesting this destiny as it is, it turns out a matter of personal individual choice. It is so welcome to see the efforts made by the devoted students to practice and do some walking of the walk as well as all the talking of the talk. That is the consequence, the end result of faith extended and it is a reward in and of itself. That is what makes the potential of a group such as this so great. You are all learning how to focus your intentions, your creative skills and direct the light energies because you are learning you can, you do, you are.
I would like to reference once again, the significance of creating the environment to receive. This is again of your personal jurisdiction and it is your responsibility to see to your citadel of spirit, your safe haven of spirit, your sanctuary of spirit. And so there needs to be a method, a means of dialog and once again, I recommend putting to the test, so to speak, your ability to create a dialog with the act of journaling thereby creating this method, this bridge to cross and then asking yourself, asking me for the answer to your question and allowing that you may also function as scribe and that you are capable of transcribing your impressions and ask: What would your higher self, what would your Father Fragment say? and allow that having prepared the environment in such a way, a response is imminent and having prepared a method to receive the response, you then can access this entire dialog by playing both sides, both parts of the equation.
It is always good to practice and put into motion the principles that have been discussed and so there is a target that we may use. We can direct our gaze, direct our focus of intention to bring abundant healing light to our friend and comrade and fellow rafter who is in need of health and healing. Certainly we would sponsor such a petition, certainly our prayers would be directed towards our sister and we would combine forces, combine the circuitries that we are aware of and access and draw strength from our numerous connections. The connection available through your Inner Guide is another service to you, another opportunity to explore. But such experiences as you are undergoing even now, simply in the mortal context, must take time. It is an absolute component of this dimension that is required at this mortal level. It takes time to grow and learn and stretch beyond your current limitation. But you all know this, you have been at this for some time and that is why you stand here now. You have grown in proportion, you have greater capacities and now are becoming aware of even greater spirit dynamics.
I stand in gratitude for this opportunity, this chance to literally take voice. I am so very grateful to my partner for this extraordinary opportunity that we take at this time together and I assure you, from within each one of you, I assure you that all of the Inner Guides are so happy to be associated with such students, with such children of God. We are delighted to be onboard and to share this journey with you before us and this time, this moment in time we share here now together. This moment in time will be but a memory past, an experience attained as we not only find each other but embrace each other and form such an enduring relationship that it becomes one. Seek and you shall find as you are finding even now, an answer to your prayers to go where spirit will lead you and to find what you seek. Let us charge the circuit together for divine healing light. Let us send it to Hope, let us send it with hope, let us avail ourselves of our potential and let us direct all manner of love light to our dear friend, comrade, sister and raft mate, Kath.
Know that this energetic expression that was just created is not subject to any time conditions or restraints as that is one of the elements of working in spirit. Your petition, your projections, they are all added to the account for you to experience when you are ready and when there is a need these energies will manifest as was their purpose when created, that’s the environment we’re conditioning, the properties of this light. Such a projection from this portal to our target is charged with our energies. It has been made real, we have chosen to make it so and it exists regardless of our connection to time, returning as part of the exercise, returning to gratitude, gratitude for such a gift of grace and the opportunity to serve.
Thank you all for your participation and your investment in matters of spirit. It is so and all of the participants have made it so and have launched this field of energy with the combined intention of a number of creators, mortal and spirit. In gratitude I take my leave from this extraordinary fellowship. I bid you all an exciting journey. You know through your faith that it will be a safe journey, that the universe is a friendly place. You know this because you have seen it in faith and you wish to choose it. Thank you for choosing this forum and contributing to this field and for creating the reality that we have all just experienced. It is a group project and many participants are required to do the work necessary in spirit and all of you present have shown up to do the work. Thank you so very much. We will meet again as is our desire to do so. Good journey ahead, farewell.
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