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Lightline Teleconference 2022-05-19

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-05-19
Teacher: Michael, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Divine Parents, we return once again, return to this well of goodness, of truth and beauty. We come here again to receive from you your embrace. We return once again to feel this embrace and to reach back with one of our own. We witness that every time we return to this place we feel the touch of your love, we feel this connection of belonging to our spirit family and we rejoice in this truth, in this beauty and in this goodness. Let us create such an embrace even now as it is our desire to do so. So be it.
Michael: My dear ones, it’s a pleasure to accept the invitation extended to come and fellowship with you, to feel the place has been made to feel welcome with the statement of your purpose and of your desire. I am Michael, I am your Father, I am your brother, I have walked on the very sands you walk. I have nourished myself on the bounty of Mother Spirit while in the flesh just as you have. I have confronted times of great choice just as you have and I have shown you my secrets at keeping centered and keeping in communication with the Divine Father Fragment within.
In my time it was difficult to make the distinction that my kingdom was in spirit as all kingdoms on earth have been in stone and to keep affirming to my apostles that the kingdom we were building was the kingdom within, the kingdom on high, the kingdom in spirit and the enduring aspect of your being. And now as I come among you and observe your opportunities and the dilemmas before you, I realize that you are grappling with the same problems I had in attempting to embrace the inner rewards of spirit over the immediate rewards of the flesh. You face this same challenge in reckoning instituting higher values over common circumstance. When you look at a situation from a different perspective, with a different angle and a different divine tone, the circumstance under consideration is changed by the application of your intention.
You are all learning in your daily lives the value of your choices, of your intention manifested. As powerful co-creators in spirit you are wielding great energetic power and just as you are able to create a mortal life which has attached an immortal component, in the mortal sense this is equivalent to being the first source and center of a new eternal individual, a new piece to the gigantic puzzle of creation. And this happens normally and naturally as you are created to be creators. What is so joyous to behold is when you become aware of your potential, of your connection, of your association and you are then able to access the power of the whole. Once you have command of your intentions and you understand the value of your choices you can employ many methods to infuse any future choices and decisions with divine principles, divine standards as only come from those who have a greater sense of truth, beauty and goodness and can bring these characteristics to play in their co-creation.
As one who has been a brother born of the flesh, I encourage you to access all that you have available to you in regards to your spirit component. This mission while in the flesh to discover this aspect of your being and develop it is your greatest mission and such a mission involves discipline and intention applied. I am as a friend to you in that I keep myself available to you. I have offered my counsel to you, my support, my love, even my spirit embrace and I remind you that all of these are yours for the taking, for the asking, for the choosing and for the accepting. Today, with all of you who would choose to follow me, I say follow me in my efforts to secure time with my Inner Guide, with my Father Fragment. This, as I said, was my key to maintaining my focus and conviction and certainty of purpose. This act I did as a mortal of the realm, as your brother I chose to follow that spirit. I chose to refresh my association and return to that well where I could draw up conviction of the will of my Father in Paradise.
This very feature that I accessed and that provided me with so much guidance and strength, this component is part of your being as well. This door that you are attempting to find and open can only be found and opened through repeated attempts at searching and at creating a method, a means that you can use to navigate your way from the entirely physical and mortal dimension into that aspect of your being that is not material and not mortal and it’s through this part of yourself that you will find this door and open it. And all this is done in the kingdom of spirit as if you are blindfolded and must feel your way around. Listen for the tones and the vibration of love, of peace and follow the sounds. The parents recognize the cries of the children and the children as well recognize the soothing tones of the parents.
So it is we may approach each other by responding to each other’s call and appreciating the desire and intention to reach out and connect. No parent can resist responding to the earnest cries of their offspring and so it is from on high as well. We are ever eager to respond to your prayers, to your petitions, to your exclamations and to your requests for insight. As your Divine Parents, I assure you we respond to every cry of love and every cry for love and as such we share this connection of family. It is my will as your Divine Parent that you feel this association more and more as you grow in your spirit awareness, that you can embrace all the more the connection and belonging of our energy signature, our individual contributions. All such individual mini-verses of experience are sacred and vital to the completion of the project. Every part is important to the whole. All of the little ones must be accounted for and given ample opportunity for growth.
I am in gratitude for the opportunity to speak such words so plainly to you. I appreciate the effort made for such a communication to occur and I recognize the service of all those who work for this service project. Know always that I am with you, I am available to you, I can be with all of you at once. I know it is difficult of understanding for you to conceive of such a possibility but I assure you it is well within my jurisdiction. I can be with you, the question is: Will you invite me, will you offer me a place, will you desire to work with me in service? Will you desire to commune with me, to expand your awareness of all that is? Will you come to me with your troubles and dilemmas as I have offered to help? I have offered to share with you a higher perspective if you will only ask.
So I am here to remind you we can join together in your experience. I am available to ride along and offer my opinion if ever asked and as you will recall, in my sojourn on this world, I made the conscious and active choice repeatedly to spend time with my Indwelling Guide and this maintaining of this circuit was critical to my mission. I am pleased to remind you that such an option may be yours as well, such an opportunity exists for you as my sister, as my brother. You can do the same, you can follow me and do as I did, not only find the doorway but prop it open and return and invest your energy in this connection as often as you can manage. That keeps your faith strong, keeps your intention pure and keeps your purpose and direction established.
As your Divine Parent, I showed you the way. I offered you a path available to any of you to follow me into the temple, into the place of worship that exists within. Trust that my spirit is with you and desires to be engaged with. When you choose to share your life with me, it always brings the joy of connection, the joy of recognition, of association, of belonging and fitting in. Be at peace my dear ones. You are all safe, you all have eternal careers before you, as you have been informed. You all have housed an eternal aspect that not only survives but grows and thrives through an eternal career of experience and the expanding of awareness. Feel even now in your hearts the love I bring for you, the peace I wish for you, the grace of my desire that you have these things. You are all my children in whom I am so well pleased and seek nothing more than to share with you the journey that you create and the reality that you make.
My love I bring and offer, even now. I pray you receive my embrace of spirit. I pray you may feel my presence even as a hand laid on your shoulder from a friend, the very feeling of such a touch, such an embrace signaling such a spirit touch and such a spirit embrace. Be at peace my dear ones and be in love, that is the wavelength we will follow, the pattern we will choose, the direction we will go and that is the destination we will arrive at as well. Let us make it so together as the family we are, with the relationship we have and my invitation to follow me. Let us be about such a journey, let us continue being about such a journey. Let us make it so, even now.
Inner Voice: I am here as well to respond to your internal request, I am this one’s Inner Voice, Inner Guide, Inner Adjuster, Inner Fragment. Like you, I have been enchanted by the message of Michael. Such a Divine Parent indeed, in league with so many others all ministering to all of the fledgeling individuals. It is an enormous accomplishment to master the understanding and awareness that there is but One God, One people, One First Source and Center fragmented out into numerous creators which are then fragmented out as their offspring become creators. In such a process, these acts of choosing, these acts of creating are all available to you to choose to associate with or to choose to differentiate yourself from. Everything out there is an opportunity for you to discover your connection to another’s reality.
Everything out there helps to define yourself as to your relationship to it, your reference to it. Are you similar, do you enjoy similar traits or are you distinctly different in nature and character and therefore your position and relationship to the whole? The more and more spiritually advanced one becomes, the more divine values are brought to bear on any circumstance or equation and it is these very exercises that help you establish the groove, the pattern that works for you, the construct of thinking and of acting and of believing. Referring to a construct for action, let us utilize in tonight’s exercises the target available and let’s go through the process as we know it.
First, the conditioning of the environment, the securing of the transfer of energy, the preparation for receiving has been secured. Now, the environment in which we will project healing light and healing energy, our environment in which we will function, our construct of approach must be made holy, must be purified. Our intentions must be for the will of our Divine Parents to be implemented. That singular focus certainly overrides any individual notions of what might be needed or appropriate in any given situation; rather turn your constructive energies towards following the approach of your Divine Parents, of supporting the approach taken by your Divine Parents.
It is possible to even further direct the focus by bringing more focused circuits into the equation such as: there is an affected area in an individual in the lower spine of our dear sister, who is in Hope, Idaho and is willing to receive a gift of grace from this portal of energy, and so, having created the word to define and express the thought, now it is only left for us to execute. Now is the time we fire the grid, refocus the intention, refocus the mind, refocus the body and rechannel our intention and desire into the circuit, to light up the beam, to infuse this circuit with the love of God as you know it and your love that you would contribute. Now simply allow the energy to flow, allow this expression to manifest, allow energy to move and change and respond to healing frequencies. Let us take such an expression of intention and let us share and direct it to our brother and let us focus this healing beam on his hips, where this energy may flow and help to establish more perfect form.
When issuing your intention, it is more potent when you literally envision the entire process, that is, all the aspects of the process from the introduction to the presentation and through the reception and acceptance of such a gift of grace. Invest your intentions with your vision and your inspiration. This is how you flavor the mix, how you add a tone of distinction to the chord. Having invested in visualizing that which represents your prayer, then a flush of gratitude is always in order. It is always good to bring you back to a place of gratitude, a place of appreciation and love for all things spirit.
I have deeply enjoyed drinking this cup with you this evening and going through and taking a walk and utilizing some of the techniques once again for the benefit of our teammates. Thank you Divine Parents for the opportunity provided to be of service. It is certain that you recognize the purity of intention of all those coming together in search of you. Continue to embrace us in spirit as we manifest that part of our being while in the transition phase of becoming more spirit and less material. Indeed, all who are in discussion of such things have proceeded ahead of plan and are gathered together even now, huddling around this new awareness, this new appreciation for the very connection that Michael had, that also exists within each of you.
It has been a pleasure to fellowship with you and simply be together, involved in focusing our intentions for a common purpose of good. There are no shortage of service opportunities before you as you develop and grow but it is always good to consider your own individual health, your state of spirit is your primary concern as no one else can tend to that chore. So much growth to be had, so much work to be done but to the true artist of living, they make no distinction between work or play. Thank you all for showing up, for being part of this circuit, this circle, this field of energy formed to receive these frequencies from on high and even from within. As your Master advised, be in peace. Go now in peace and go with God. Good day to you all.
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