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NET-PMG #39, The passing of Liz Brunson, A time of great change—forming the future, Tremendous discovery, necessary closures

2022-09-05, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #39, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #39 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at:  Group = NET-PMG)

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


The passing of Liz Brunson

A time of great change—forming the future

Tremendous discovery, necessary closures

Avahlah’s concepts of organic, human motivation

Everette Guy Travis


Status of Liz Brunson

T/Ring for future generations

Your grief today

Sharing from your hearts

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


The passing of Liz Brunson

[Ed: Rick’s beloved wife passed away after a long battle with cancer this week.]

Rick: Good morning from Mexico

JT: We’re thinking about you and wishing you good thoughts.

Rick: Thank you. Thank you, JT.

Daniel: Definitely, definitely.

JT: You may be able to relate to my story today. I have a story to tell.

Liz: We’re holding you in our hearts Rick.

Rick: Thank you very much. Yes. I appreciate that.

JT: [Invocation]

A time of great change—forming the future

MM: Good morning, this is Machiventa. I and my team are here to be with you during this brief time that we have together. For us, this time, this era that your world has entered into is one of tremendous excitement. We know for you, however, that it is life threatening, and that you have a great deal of angst in your life and your thoughts, your worries, and concern for yourself, your family, your wealth perhaps, your home, and your associations with those far and near. This is very natural. Remember that you cannot affect tomorrow by worrying about it, and you cannot affect yesterday by feeling guilty about it. [JT: Emphasis mine] So, if you are able to live in the present, this is where you can be most effective for yourself, your family, and others. It is a time when you can collect your thoughts, a time when you can gather your own wisdom, to give advice to yourself, to remember the advice and wisdoms that you’ve had in the past. Your work is to be of assistance to us and to your Thought Adjuster in particular—that you have a life that is coming around as you age and get older, and you have much to contribute to the world when you think about it.

We are excited as well because this is a time of great change. It is a time when we and our presence can be of tremendous influence on you, particularly you who are conscious of our co-creative relationship. This is a time when you can begin with us to form the future. This is the intention of our presence here with you so consciously, to assist you in defining your intention—for your life, for your community, for your family, and for your contribution to your profession, perhaps. This is a time when you can be most effective with us by being open and receiving of the good that you know is here and that is forthcoming. Yes, we suggest you do pray about your positioning—where you should be in the near future. Perhaps a move might be in order, perhaps it would not. We are not here to determine that for you. As you have your Thought Adjuster to guide you, to lead you unconsciously and consciously to where you can be of most service to yourself and for your continued longevity.

[One] aspect of the future for the cataclysms is that they are fair. They are affecting everyone equally, and it depends on where you live—some people have already arrived on the mansion worlds from the difficulties your planet has gone through. More will be forthcoming as you know. Your preparations for the afterlife are important to you and to your Thought Adjuster. The traditional Christian phrase of being saved, come to know Jesus is true. Jesus has a message for each of you and everyone. It is the consciousness of contact with your Thought Adjuster and knowing that you are its child. It cares for you, loves you, and wants the very best of you to make the greatest expression of the potential that you brought into life.

Tremendous discovery, necessary closures

It is exciting for us also because we are able to introduce new concepts and new paradigms of social living. It is a time of tremendous discovery. It is a time of tremendous beginnings and, of course, necessary closures. Old, traditional ways of thinking need to come to a close and new ways of thinking and living are open to you. For those who are staid in tradition, this is very threatening to them—to see new concepts that are risky and have not proven themselves to be accurately able to support the stability of your societies or even of your personal life. Yet life goes on. Life does progress. It does mature, and we are here to assist your societies to evolve. It is most important that your societies, your communities, and your families do evolve. Otherwise, the Days of Light and Life will never arrive for your world. You, co-creatively, are a part of that enterprise of evolving your societies, your communities, and your ways of thinking about them.

Avahlah’s concepts of organic, human motivation

Today we are going to bring a new challenge to you, one that is very important. Avahlah has, through This One, brought about the concepts of organic, human motivation. This is a significant upgrade to Abraham Maslow’s theory of human motivation. This is perhaps the most significant upgrade to his theory since his lifetime—since he wrote that so many years ago for you. Take this under consideration as it will necessarily affect all the social sciences and how the social sciences define themselves as contributing to the progress, maturation, and evolution of your societies. It is no longer sufficient for social sciences to study societies and make their own conclusions, but it is now time for them to transform themselves into agents of transformation—agents of social evolution—to develop new theories of their own for their own fields that will assist your whole society and your civilization to mature. You who are reading this (at least the planetary managers team) have received an electronic copy of this, and those of you who are reading this will find a link to the This One’s Google website, which has the latest edition with its revisions on his website.

When you link to that, it will be a PDF manuscript. We share this so distinctly, so graphically, and concretely with you because this is our best co-creative effort so far to present you—on the material level—something to do. We wish that you would bring this to the attention of your old professors, to your teachers, to your local reading group, to your book club, and so on. This is something that has the capacity to change the direction of human cultures and human civilization. This may sound audacious to you. It may seem egotistical if you think that this is coming solely from This One, but it is not. This comes from the planetary manager—myself, Machiventa Melchizedek—and my team of Melchizedeks and Archangels. We need your assistance to now carry this out throughout your whole civilization, all nations, and all academia.

It is something of great significance. It is a project that we have been working on for over 50 years. One that developed long ago with the necessity that we sift through many individuals to be of direct assistance to us who could communicate with us directly enough and openly enough to believe that this was something that Christ Michael wanted to do, and surely it is. This represents a milepost along the way to your world coming into the Days of Light and Life. We thank you for your attention.

Everette Guy Travis


JT: I’ll start a question-and-answer session, but I have a story to tell first. I’m going to start with:

UB 140:3.8 (1570.9) “Happy are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Happy are they who weep, for they shall receive the spirit of rejoicing.”

45 years ago, my only brother was murdered by a man he stopped to help on the side of the road. We never found his body. He bragged to somebody that he killed a man in Arkansas and dumped his body in the Mississippi River so we figured we would never find it. He came to trial and was found guilty even without a body and spent the rest of his days in jail. He died back in 2012.

Now my brother once had an alcohol problem. One day he woke up after a three-story fall and decided that he had better get right with Jesus. He started helping people on the side of the road to witness to them about Jesus. We all told him “That’s not safe. You should not be doing that. Somebody’s going to hurt you some day.” He said “No, no, Jesus will protect me.” and he wouldn’t listen. But events happened as they happened, and as the years went by, we put a marker on a family plot in Central Texas. I had a lot of trouble with it. I did not even know I needed to grieve, much less know how to grieve. For a couple of years that pain, grief, anguish, and suffering simmered in me and finally boiled over onto the people around me and instead of graduating with my senior class in medical school, I spent that next summer in a psychiatric hospital getting electroshock therapy for a psychotic depression.

Daniel: Amen to that.

I think, Machiventa, that’s one reason I’ve been reluctant to do any T/Ring. I listened to those voices in my head back then and suffered a psychotic depression. So, I’ve learned not to trust myself when it comes to listening to voices in my head.

The reason this comes up today is because last Wednesday, somebody had called my phone three times. It gave an erroneous caller ID from Hardee’s in Minnesota, but when they finally left the message, they said: “This is Lt. ______ from the sheriff’s office in Cape Girardeau County Missouri. I’m trying to reach James Travis. Can you give me a call?” When we finally connected, he said: “Are you James Eldrid Travis?” I said: “I am.” He said: “Were you born in 1953?” I said: “I was.” Then he said: “Well, I don’t quite know how to tell you this…” But I had already realized what was afoot and said: “Well, I’ll save you the trouble. You’re calling to let me know that you’ve identified my brother’s remains, aren’t you?” And he said: “Yes. Yes, I am.” They had had his skeleton in their possession for 30 to 35 years but could not make an ID. But based on recent advances in DNA extraction and analysis they matched his DNA to me just this week, and it was a perfect match for being a full brother to me. I had had my DNA done through 23andMe and and put my data in the GEDmatch database and it set off alarms when they checked it. We had a conference call the next day with several people involved in making the ID. One was a spunky young woman who was the forensic anthropologist who finally was able to get a DNA sample and that tested so positively.


Daniel: Closure.

JT: Well, she asked about closure. I said I don’t really know what closure is, but I feel reunited with my brother. And I really do. We’re going to get his remains and put them under that marker we already have set up and have a proper burial. You know, it’s hard to have closure when you don’t have a funeral. There was never a funeral. We never had anything to bury. But we do now.

That’s my story. Maybe this punctuation mark can help me refocus on T/Ring. I have more experience under my belt now as far as spiritual contact goes, and maybe I can make some progress on that T/R front.

MM: Thank you for sharing.

Daniel: Machiventa, this is Daniel. If nobody else asks you, how’s your day going? Well, seeing how Daniel is also the TR, I’ll have to answer. He’ll have to answer through me. Now there’s some irony, isn’t it? Oh, lordy. Let’s see if I can pull this off and let it through.

MM: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek [choking up a little]. And yes, the choking up that you hear in my voice is accurate as I speak through This One who felt the same as I felt when we heard James’s story. The reflection of his brother’s life, death, and now his living resurrection in memory and the closure that the family will have for that occasion. Many people never have closure, as you have. That is why belief is so important—to have faith that it is so, to trust that God loves them, and Christ Michael has prepared a way for them. And so it is for everyone who will end up in the morontial world knowing that they have been cared for with a place for them ahead of time. This is Machiventa, thank you.

Status of Liz Brunson


Rick: Good afternoon Machiventa. It’s good to be here with you.

MM: Thank you. It’s good to have you with us my friend.

Rick: Is there a method that we can ascertain if somebody has reached the third psychic circle?

MM: Yes, of course there is, but it’s not necessary for you to know that.

JT: Are you thinking about your wife?

Rick: Yes, my wife died last Tuesday, and I was wondering if on Friday she awoke in the mansion worlds.

MM: This is Machiventa. I can assure you that she has.

Rick: [Sobbing] Oh, thank you.

MM: You’re most welcome. Sometimes the more direct question gives you a more direct answer.

Rick: Thank you very much.

MM: Thank you, you’re most welcome.

JT: We’re holding you in our arms, Rick.

Rick: Yes, thank you.

T/Ring for future generations

MM: This is Machiventa. Hearing no further questions, let us bring this to a close.

My friends, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I thank you for your presence here. And you should trust that you too will be on the mansion worlds before too long. Some of you soon, some not for many years, and this is appropriate as you carry the message forward to each new generation. These sessions, these transcripts that we have accumulated will be very important for future generations. As they leaf through them, they [will] examine the processes that you went through—you as listeners and participants in this forum—for them to know that they are cared for. There will be a time when there are almost no T/Rs available, and then there will be a time when there will be many. It is important that we provide them with a way forward to trust that they are hearing accurately that they can read these transcripts by This One and many other former and present T/Rs to know, examine, and test their own skills at T/Ring. Being a clairaudient channel is perhaps your most challenging aspect as others listen to it and you may hold yourself in judgment as they listen. And we ask you not to do that. For that is a comparison, it is a judgment that is unfair in the moment of you acting and being an accurate T/R.

Your grief today

The grief that you have shared today among yourselves with two of our beloved brothers is one of tremendous intimacy. It is something that you will hold dear to your hearts as you live your lives. You will use these skills and talents to help others in their own grief. And know that you have heard and have been in the presence of Christ Michael a number of times and, and Nebadonia as well. Those of you who have been in their presence will always be affected by the signature that they have left with you on your aura, your soul, for this emanates from you as you associate with others, particularly in those times of grief and those times of deep love and sharing for they are here with you always.

Sharing from your hearts

This benediction is a time of sharing from our hearts. You’ve shared with your minds many times voluminously. Now it is time to share those particularly sweet moments in your heart that you can share with others—those tender moments of caring and support. This is what we offer you in our presence here. And the angels are more adept at that than we are. Melchizedeks are teachers and administrators and most of our numbers have not ever lived in the presence of mortals. Now is the time for us to transfer those records that have been a part of my life, and those of Christ Michael as Jesus with those who are able to receive such an imprint. We thank you for your presence today. We wish you well and know that God loves you, and that all of God’s universe loves you as well. Good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.


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