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Lightline Teleconference 2022-06-30

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-06-30
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Let us go through the motions of relaxing, and calming and stilling. Let us relax into the quiet in appreciation, in gratitude for all that we have, for this cup we would come and drink and share from this well of spirit. Let us prepare ourselves to receive in accordance with our capacities and with the desire to expand these capacities through our perseverance, through our continued petition and our continued demonstration of faith once again. Here, now, in this hour we choose to access spirit, to lean on that part of us that is spirit and completely function in the spirit realm. That is how we bridge the gap. We simply choose to move in the direction of that part of our being that is spirit and that can then share and work and move and live in the spirit realm. Let it be so even now, in this hour.
Machiventa: Thank you for creating this accommodation. I am Machiventa Melchizedek here once again because you will allow. This exercise of your faith brings with it the fruits and rewards of our relationship, allowing that it could be and accepting that it is makes it so. This is the power to all creation, the power that all of you wield in all that you create, even what you create that you are unaware of. This method of seeking a higher perspective and petitioning for greater truths, an expanded awareness, brings these things, these prayers and it brings you answers to these prayers.
I understand that there is an issue offered for consideration and a petition for some perspective. In answer to these prayers we will take a look at the dynamics around the issues cited that are current. A society is measured by the amount of rights and privileges afforded to its citizens. The more advanced a culture is, the more rights are afforded and the more common are the actions in accordance with the highest principles available. In past culture on this world we have seen a vast array of the giving and taking of rights throughout cultures and it is always observed that these cultures that do not value human life and regard sacrifice and slavery as normal and natural, these societies bear very little fruits of the spirit. They are governed with force and demand that their citizens act in accordance with their current traditions or perish.
The modern society that we are referring to now, the current culture contains many remnants from the ancestors of your past who were unenlightened about the sacredness of life. The importance of a human life has varied in its significance and now before you we have an example of the devaluing of human life, of human rights and the sanctity and the sovereignty of a human being is now in question. It often happens as a matter of history that every movement forward suffers periodic setbacks and in this case, the last gasp of the Lucifer Rebellion and its grips of hatred and fear still linger throughout the culture. The regard for human life as sacred has not universally been accepted. The truth that all human life is equally sacred has yet to be settled.
But I remind you that as this happens, as any change happens around you, if it is not a change that you can support and approve of, then it may be seen as a call to arms, not to act in hatred against the wrong that is perceived, but rather to act in love for all those affected by this suspension of rights. This is clearly a political issue and in your democracy you rely on the popular vote to determine your way forward. So if any action goes against what you believe to be truer, better, and more beautiful, then there is your opportunity to rise in support of an alternative, a better way that will crowd out the old way will simply shine the light in the areas of darkness. It will simply sidestep the whole cycle of hate, forgo the entire legacy of the Lucifer Rebellion and operate in the realm of love with positive support for what is right, what is good and what is beautiful.
There will always be an opportunity to fight the good fight but armed with love, not with the distaste or even hatred of those who have a different reality, have a different experience, a different perspective. They are all still God’s children, your brothers and sisters and amazingly, all of your adversaries out there are far more similar and far more like you than they are different. They have all that you have in common with the human race. They may not have as enlightened a perspective as you do. When you look at this equation you look at it through the lens of love and positivity and goodness and truth and that’s what makes your position so firm. You’re judging through your perspective of enlightenment. Others that make a decision that does not represent your views are equally legitimate in expressing their views but may be entirely and wholly ignorant about a greater perspective, a higher point of view.
This is where you come in. Your question is: How do you see this? How do you approach this? Well, as it happens, it’s unfolding immediately before you. There is no script. You are going to write it as the people who are now challenged by this moral dilemma and have to find common ground. They seek the solace of spirit and that’s where you come in because you may represent, in the conviction that you have, that all is well and that all of these matters are simply unfolding. The evolution of democracy, the evolution of mankind, even the spiritual enlightenment of the human race, these are what’s at stake. This is the big picture and it is going along quite well. It may feel to you intense or as though the heat has been turned up under the beaker but I assure you, this is normal operating procedure for change, for evolution and growth and expansion.
This is the process at hand and how do you interface with it? In every case bring the highest version you have to the equation and support that. Support the positive, bring the love and infuse it into the equation and that love, that is the love of hope because you, as a more enlightened individual, you know enough through your spirit contact to rely and have faith in your Divine Parents, that you will be cared for no matter what, no matter when. This brings you a peace that you can share and there you are. As this unfolds right in front of you, you may bring that peace. As the uncertainty and the doubt rises about the future and the changes, be ever willing to pry reality in the direction of your vision. When all is in motion, all may be directed, it may be chosen, adopted, guided and it may be upgraded and changed.
You gathered here today most definitely see life through a different portal than others who may not have your view of an eternal career or of what lies beyond this one, but you do. You know that all is well, it is merely a challenge, it is merely an opportunity before you. So how will you react? You will react with love, you will react with the conviction that wrongs will be made right, with the certainty that truth will prevail, that goodness will prevail. You bring this conviction with you and it is contagious, it will spread and you can do this because you have seen the light, you have seen the results of your faith and exercising your faith, therefore you may speak with certain authority. You are becoming a traveled individual and making great progress and strides in gaining spiritual capacity and awareness.
So now I invite you to walk the walk whenever it arises. We have done much discussing of the how to’s and we have been through the process of co-creation many times. So I invite you all – because this is available to you all – that you may infuse the light, infuse the love into the equation, any equation, the individual relationship or the group dynamic. Infuse love, be the conduit for this love that brings with it a certain peace, a certain calm. That would be my recommendation or suggestion for you, to simply play with it and now you have an opportunity that allows you to support your highest vision. In that way others will join and the tide will change when the group has active participation in the process and that again is where you may come in if you so choose.
It’s always a pleasure to respond to the school bell that you ring when you condition the environment, set the stage and pull the chairs up for a meeting.  I’d like to withdraw at this time as I understand there is another. Thank you, farewell.
Inner Voice: I will accept the invitation offered to take the voice at this time and function in this capacity as per our arrangement. I greet you all as well and desire to discuss a little more about the sanctity of life. While it is true that the human soul is required to live a mortal life, that means an actual physical life as you enjoy on your world and this means that it involves the very mechanics of life itself, the body that you enjoyThe vehicle that you have to use for this existence, as you know is entirely mortal, finite, and limited in its capacity. This experience of inhabiting a vehicle as the vehicle deteriorates and grows old and comes to the end of its finite life cycle, this experience you will only have as evolving souls once. This is the most mortal, the most animal existence you will ever have and in this you are subjected to the trials and tribulations of a physical body with its demands, with its resources, with its ability to adapt and grow and learn, thereby achieving you a better and better life as you age.
This journey through extreme materialism provides a unique perspective when considering what you are here to do is to learn to be your spirit component, learn to unify with your Internal Fragment and you are tasked to do all this in the darkness of a mortal life without any communication from on high; you’re left to find your Inner Guide and find your connection to spirit and resolve to follow the path, follow where spirit leads. Many times one mortal life is not near enough to find your ‘other component’ and pursue it. This physical being, this physical body is only the temporary address of you, the observer within, and as an enlightened being you are aware that the soul within is eternal as is the union with the Adjuster. And so this episode of a mortal life brings you the perspective of being as far away from spirit as you could be, as isolated and off to yourselves as you could be. And even so you come  to spirit, you find the light, you seek where spirit will lead you and you make these connections.
As such, you most certainly can appreciate the magnitude of this journey knowing this is perhaps the most difficult aspect of your journey in that it has the most uncertainty, the most unknowing, the most doubt, the most unawareness and this makes for a lot of challenges and for a lot of opportunities as you have been referencing. Life once established is sacred and has an eternal potential. However, if the vehicle is interrupted, if the vehicle is lost at any point it is not a setback, it is not a problem, it is not a mistake or an issue to be resolved, it simply is the turning of the page. So the package inside the body is not harmed, is not in any way damaged when the outer packaging becomes damaged. This perspective brings some peace of mind that no life is ever lost, that if it encounters life as a human, that experience is maintained and registered with them but even if the worst happens and the vehicle is no longer available, this should not present distress to one who knows they are spirit; they are eternal in composition and so anything of value is never lost. That goes for you and everyone, nothing of value is lost.
The challenges provided by threats to the vehicle are opportunities to shine light on a situation, to bring love to the equation, to act as if you have complete conviction in the will of The Father being implemented. Bring your faith, bring your conviction, bring the peace with you and by all means speak your truth and create the wavelength of beauty and truth and goodness that you envision, that you would build, that you would promote and others will join. Such a grand undertaking, attempting to leverage goodness into the equation, to bring love and slide it in. This remains your opportunity while you still have command of your vehicle; use it to represent truth, beauty, and goodness as you know it. These are the contributions you may make which will change the course of history, crowding out the old unenlightened philosophies with the grander idea that includes more love, more grace and more peace. This is at your command and ever willing to assist you is your Onboard Partner, ever willing to counsel you regarding approach or perspective. Simply petition, asking: What is the higher way? What is the greater truth? Where is more beauty? Seek and you shall find and having found, you may bring with you the fruits of your search, the fruits of your efforts spent in spirit and be the change you would like to see in the world. No arguments, no fuss, simply crowding out other less enlightened options.
Many times you may have to perform many of these duties under cover, so to speak, without drawing attention to your actions, merely portraying with your actions, your truth. Know that your Inner Voice, your Inner Guide, your Thought Adjuster stands ready to assist as you may feel any call to arms to support loveCertainly you will receive all manner of assistance should you petition it because the work at hand is the work of the enlightenment of mankind. It has many aspects but always and forever it is the will of your Divine Parents that such progress and growth take place and here you are and have been made aware of all that is transpiring and therefore you can function with greater precision with your awareness of some of the moving parts. Come to me, I am reaching for you and these words are for you, each one. I seek your fellowship and your camaraderie as we share this fantastic journey.
Let it be so and let all of the light workers drink from this cup, from this well of light that we all draw from, this pool of peace and love. Let all the light workers drink their fill of this goodness and to all the participants who have invested so much energy in coming to this place, this place of spirit, I would affirm for you that your efforts have born fruit and could call you to witness the same. Simply sharing this space with you is exceedingly gratifying. We have built this hall, this arena where we gather, this safe place where we can make contact, where we can fellowship. Thank you for this grand opportunity you provide and for your continued participation and devotion to this exercise. We are learning so much, all of us involved in this growth process and it’s getting better. You are getting greater command of working in spirit and it shows my friends.
That seems like plenty for one sitting. Although I cherish this connection and the opportunity it affords, I understand the hour grows late and I will return in gratitude to my recessive position, beside you in the co-pilot seat, always awaiting your signal. So be it, farewell to you all.
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