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Lightline Teleconference 2022-07-14

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-07-14
Teacher: Inner Voice, Jonathan, Mrs. Rogers
T/R: Mark Rogers
Inner Voice: I accept this opportunity provided and the internal request from my companion to step forward with you and discuss a little about the current suggestion that is on the table for consideration. First and foremost, the magnitude of the significance in understanding the nature and relationship to your Inner Guide is how you are attempting to grow closer and become more familiar. When you reach a point of awareness not only of your Inner Guide but the attached circuitry involved in making this connection you truly have bridged the gap in awareness of your potentials and what you are able to have jurisdiction and some command over.
This all comes back to your learning about the various layers of circuits that are established and to whom you are connected. You have learned that you have this spirit circuitry, this spirit frequency available to you and as an individual with an Adjuster you also have the circuitry available to them to connect to through your active choice to do so. Once you become aware of the parameters of this reality you gain the ability to tap into these circuits of which now you are aware and to combine them and access them as needed. In service, one may choose to activate a number of circuits in service to their patient. There may be a variety of approaches needed but in this case I applaud your effort to point in the direction of your Internal Fragment and its association with all the other Internal Fragments.
This circuitry may be used to transmit some of this energy of love, this healing energy you would offer in service. This is one course that you may use to deliver your message of love, message of hope and message of peace. These may be forwarded through various circuits and we are now considering this to be viable between us and among us, if-we-so-choose. All of you are so choosing to be aware that this is an act of grace and goodness and truth and beauty, therefore it is also the will of The Father. Therefore it shall be. All of these connections are at your liberty to make and to take advantage of. The circuitry of mind is utilized even now as you are made to interpret word symbols into values and meaning. Now let us invest some creative energy into strengthening this connection and bond so that the prayers we might have for others may be dispensed through this common circuitry so that love and support can be given to all developing souls and that peace and harmony will reign in the end. Such a pure desire is easily forwarded upon a number of circuits. It goes out as a pulse of goodness, an act of love and a contribution to goodness.
As you know in your studies, this Inner Guide with it’s attendant circuitry is virtually unknown and therefore it is difficult for the giver to translate but that is where the circuitry comes in. Do not be concerned as to the correctness or the rightness of your prayerful petition. It will be made right in its delivery. Simply manage the conditions, the environment for such to happen, that is the environment on your end in approaching your Adjuster to work in partnership for such a project as you have in mind. Playing a part like that signals a desire for growth and an expression of purpose and the universe responds to such requests with positive assistance. It is good to be aware and know what it is you are working with and asking for. So you who have found this element of self that we are referring to and for who this reality exists, you are the creators of this new paradigm, the pioneers of this new opening and this new dimension becoming open at this time. It is well and good for you to grow your own personal association to the degree that we may work together more closely and to the degree that we may more fully share this journey.
All of this goes on apace, apace in time, here and now, and is rather regulated by this aspect of your being as you are growing old, so to speak, as we speak. So in this time that you have, it is honored you have chosen to find spirit, to find your Inner Guide and make your way back to the First Source and Center. In this process there are numerous opportunities to be of service as an act of devotion and worship. And this is good and rightAs you move through these different phases of awareness it brings great joy to all of us who have been with you through this awakening that you all will witness has transpired. First is your own approach. First order of business is to make such a connection real, individually and personally. Then forever you will be free of seeking guidance without and in this process you are given the opportunity to execute grace bestowed in your efforts to be of service to others.
Truly, you have invested your time and energy to get here now and your trajectory looks amazing. The cords grow thicker each time, the path clearer each time, easier to find and quicker to travel. It is a great privilege to be here with you now at this juncture where you all are creating the path forward in real time, right now as you go and you will all witness with me that you are here by your own free will choice to invest your energies, your time in your case, to such a grand and glorious pursuitTo find love, peace, and harmony within and to make a common connection easy to reestablish in a breath back to this place of sharing, this place where we are together in spirit.
And now I take my leave impressed with your willingness to test some circuitry and to try out an ideal. That’s how they are born and I assure you, you have the support of many others in pursuit of such an ideal. Let us work together to make it so. I bid you all have a good week and perhaps even an opportunity to do a little spirit exercising of your own so that the muscle to return to spirit is strong. Farewell.
Jonathan: Greetings my friends in the business of finding spirit, I am Jonathan, a business partner with you in this example. I too share your desire to follow where spirit may lead. I am certain I would have followed Michael’s footsteps literally if I had had the chance. Instead, I have pursued following him in His life, in His ideals and in His purpose to bring the awareness of the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God. Following Michael and His approach is now back on the radar in that Michael’s connection to His Father was His willingness to connect with His Adjuster. This faithful determination to maintain contact and ever act in worship was paramount in His teachings; certainly that rings true as we are once again reminded of the significance and importance of embracing that connection of actively seeking, finding, and choosing to engage with and function with.
Now we are considering again how important the stillness is and what we should be doing in stillness, not simply the preparing of the environment within but also the use of that forum for fellowship and connection. We truly are standing at a shift in the reckoning of time in that there will proceed from this time forward a vast connection, a vast finding to all the seeking, an opening up, an energizing of the circuitry, a clearing of the breakdown and the activation of circuitries that have been dormant. The waves are striking and the tsunami will float all individuals and we are here now and I am privy to the experience through your extended circuitry with me and I feel great ownership in the life experience on Urantia.
So I am thrilled I am able to share this change in pattern with you as it is occurring; the volume, if you will, of the frequencies is increasing. The signal strength is increasing and your ability to adjust as receivers also has expanded capacity. Between all of these enhancements and the Will of The Father, circuitries shall be reestablished, shall be opened and freed up and encouraged. The days of isolation are truly over. You no longer will feel isolated because you are not, you are connected to your Inner Guides and they are connected to all.
It is typical that the first pioneers are wholly unaware of the significance of their efforts as you are simply going about your business learning and enjoying the flush of spirit as you find it and connect to it. But the pioneers who are aware of the nature of the lay of the land are needed to go out and explore it, this new dimension. You have heard that this is coming, you have heard great opportunities will present themselves and you have earned the ‘heads up’ that this is so. If you were entirely unaware of your Inner Guide or its significance we could not be having such a discussion, but your journey and your experience and your wisdom have brought you to this point of awareness and of understanding.
And I recall that all the talk in the early days of the Teaching Mission was so exciting, so positive and full of potential but the walking the walk and making it happen required some amount of effort, some amount of energy invested to bring it into existence. And currently we see that there will be some work  necessary to find successful methods to expand the parameters of thought to include this asset, this Onboard Partner. In a way, what a gift of grace it is to be a messenger of such great news and of such fantastic potentials. Simply because we have enjoyed some success in our efforts at coming together in spirit there is always the effort required to recommit, to re-devote to your purpose and to reconfirm your commitment to your vision.
All of these steps we have enjoyed learning together and I will be eternally grateful for having shared this stretch of the river with all of you. Thank you for entertaining my thoughts about your situation and concerns, it gives me great pleasure to be welcome. Enjoy the ride guys, enjoy the ride. Take care.
Mark: To the dead air space, this is Mark. I am internally grappling with a request I’m formulating so I’m requesting a favor. I’m requesting the opportunity to use this circuitry, even now, for a specific purpose. As many of you in this group are aware, my mom passed fairly recently and my dad has made a request of me that I check in with her and be sure she’s all right. And so, greatly reluctant to stand so personally naked in front of all of you, I make bold to state in word my request to utilize any and all pertinent circuits to dial up my mom. All personality is contactable. I acknowledge my connection with her. I acknowledge the mortal cords and the greater spirit circuitry. Help me in my effort to be sure.
Mark:  So, while I know you are there, I can feel you and I assure you this is all right. This is good, this is beautiful, this is true, so it may be. What say you?
Bonnie: Oh sweetheart, I’ve been waiting to be asked after by you. I rejoice that this has happened and that we can share this connection that we have had in spirit forever. I have fully expected you to come looking for me knowing your capacities and so I have been waiting to tell you that you were ever so right about there being an upgrade upon transition. It has been a glorious display of grace to wake up into spirit, wake up as spirit and I hope you will assure your father my life continues, that all is well, indeed all is better than you could imagine and to fear not, that this is the case. I know he does not share the conviction we had in a higher power and the fact that we were a part belonging to the whole. He lacks such conviction and therefore he is concerned for my welfare even now. Assure him from me, my darling, I am well and you are well and we will be well together again soon enough.
Fear not the transition or the outcome. Believe, if not in God, then in me, what I tell you is so. I have so very much gratitude for you and the service that you provided for me as I became so needful in this the mortal dimension. I pray you know of my gratitude and you feel my love forever. My love for you will be eternal as I now know is possible. Relax as best you can. Enjoy the ride and the company and fear not that your arrival here will be painful in any way. I await your arrival with eagerness but with no desire to hurry your journey. Please pass my love, our love to all of our children. Now you are the hands to express, you are the voice to call, you are our heart. Be of good cheer and soon enough we shall embrace again in new form and continue our journey as long as we so desire. Thank you for making this special request to hear from me. It worked and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I love you. Be in peace.
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