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Lightline Teleconference 2022-07-21

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-07-21
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Machiventa: I am happy to accept your invitation to join you once again. I am Machiventa and pleased to return to the classroom forum, the learning environment that you support and uphold and preserve. It is indeed a classroom where all the participants have a remote classroom within they must maintain and build and create. I appreciate your consideration of previous transmissions and the various topics discussed and your consideration of a basic learning plan, and as a Melchizedek we indeed have basic learning routines, curriculum and programs for all the various growth cycles. But our plans, our best guess, our highest hopes and dreams, are solely and completely dependent on you. We as Melchizedeks are midway between spirit and the mortal flesh. We only have limited command over mortal creation.
It turns out, you are the hands and the feet and the voice to manifest change in the material world and the best we can do is act as coaches and support crews ever willing to offer suggestions, to provide inspiration if requested, but not able to lay hands on the table that is set for the feast. You are the ones who make it real by choosing it and doing it with your hands, your efforts, your intention and the gift of your time. These are all of the creative acts combined and this is manifestation in process beginning with your concept, beginning with your first thought. That first ‘what if’ becomes expressed as your prayerful desire and this creates the formation of the potentials necessary to manifest the creation, a simple process and one which you go through on a regular basis that is so routine and normal you fail to even consider the process.
You have all sensed spirit pressure applied, and since we have spent some time together I will recall for you your concern or consideration as to what this external spirit pressure would result in, how would you interpret the wave of spirit pressure. I now remind you that experiences such as this one are how you are responding to the spiritual pressure. There is a greater sense of seeking and a greater drive defined through meaning and values and truth. Meaning and values are always divine, and so in search of meaning and value you find the creative, you find the origin of love. This process has been so designed and created for you that it occurs so normally and naturally as to be seamless in its operation.
I call you all to witness, these are some of the effects of spirit pressure applied, of a new infusion in the binding quality of spirit connection. Spirit pressure has brought you new horizons to investigate, new potentials laid before you in your path and back to reminding you that in the end, this is your growth cycle, these will be your choices. And while any of us from the spirit dimension may be willing to associate and discourse with you about possible potentials involved, in the end it is you who will gain the spiritual growth by having identified your values in relationship to the core values of love and spirit. In the end you are writing this chapter of how this spiritual pressure will manifest, what it will look like, how it will shape human life and how it will impact those who explore its dimensions.
I will never cease to encourage you and foster your understanding of best practices in your attempts to be of service, and in fact your greatest service is to yourselves. Your service in individual growth moves the entire organism forward; the entire family and the plan is implemented and manifests and results in the spiritual growth of all the individuals present. This is how the spiritual pressure is manifesting. Perhaps the more you are aware of its function, the more you may condition its use but you are discovering that as you go. There is no grand plan for new horizons. They must be built by the pioneers and forerunners. There are of course divine patterns but the expression of pattern is an individual component of existence.
In a sense, when we move here to discuss what is going on and what is happening, at the end of the conversation I might be able to simply ask you: What are you going to do? What are your choices? How will you create the next step and the one after that, with what values? In the end these are the choices that will count and matter, these are the choices that will make real the entire process of creation. So I invite you to don the cloak of one who has respect for the potential and the power of spirit cocreation when in service with your Divine Parents. I think you would all agree with me that it has not been overwhelming, it has not been too much because of your perspective, your far-reaching perspective that includes growth and development. Your perspective on eternal growth and perfection attained allow you to span these transition periods in your journey where there may be uncertainty or there may be doubt. But for one who believes, there is faith, there is trust to help navigate doubt and fear.
I applaud you all for choosing the side of faith and trust and for being willing to lean on that component of your being. It will take you a long way. You have in fact, built up a great store of faith to be here now and this will count for time spent in worship, in prayer, in communion with    The Father. These are the things which are of such great significance and magnitude that when you have acquired them and earned them, they are a secure aspect to be drawn from at any time, every time. They are a well you may go back to and draw from and receive the strength and nourishment from returning to such a well.
Thank you for allowing this opportunity and this opening. I understand that there has been a focus in this group to contact and make association with your Indwelling Guides and I support such an effort at such a time. From my side, all I can do is support and encourage and promote your enthusiasm and your awareness. Now, it is up to you to take the actual steps, to make the actual commitment and to spend the time and energy necessary to have a good store of faith and hope and peace to draw from and an easy well to draw it from by returning to the grace of your Divine Parents. So be it as it is, even now. I allow for others the use of this platform. Good day to you all.
Inner Voice: Thank you for the space provided, I am this one’s Thought Adjuster given voice in this rare opportunity that is given physical mortal voice. Such an opportunity is rare but I wish to remind you all that reference to the Voice has many interpretations. Word symbols are how you communicate and therefore in order to pass ideas on you must formulate the proper pattern of word symbols to convey the message to another’s mind, words that they can reassemble to find meaning. A mortal of the realm could make the mistake of considering that the only meaningful thoughts they could have must be in this same descriptive form of words but in fact you can hear other frequencies than just the mortal voice, the sound of words and the interpretation of such. You have an antenna, a component of yourself that can tune into a higher frequency where communication does not require the formation of word symbols in the appropriate order, rather, communication may be a flash of insight, an aha moment of understanding that you have been working on.
It may be the inspiration of a friend reaching out, it may be the springing up of the desire to connect with a friend. It may arrive in whatever form you may be prepared to receive it and that is why I come back to the caution, the warning to those who would receive spirit influence. It need not be restricted to only words and their associated meanings. There is great sharing of energies with musical expression, with art forms with no words and such it is with spirit communion as well. It has a frequency, a tone of its own that you are welcome to tune into and join as a member of the family and when you seek to find such a tone, such a vibration and to match it with your being, you are finding your source, your Creator. You are joining the family of spirit.
But such things are difficult to measure. They are purely a matter of personal experience. They are difficult to even describe or define. All of these kingdoms are within, all of this experience and the creation of experience occurs internally. You are the first source and center of all that comes through you. What an opportunity it is we have before us to join forces sooner, even earlier in the program than typical and this is because you have all chosen to be here now. You have all donated your energy to come to this place and as a result of your efforts to make these connections and to follow where spirit leads, we are rewarded by our efforts. There is always the finding that follows the seeking and completes the cycle and manifests in the attendant growth of the individual and influences your very energy signature.
So having been reminded by Machiventa of the significance of the part you play as mortals of the realm, it brings a greater sense of excitement to consider the potentials laid out before us. Even now we are exercising one and choosing to make it real. Even now our choices are being honored and we are being rewarded with the fruits of these efforts. And now there is this opportunity to come together, to join forces in this eternal journey that is our destiny. So, in the spirit of creation, I offer the thoughts, the petition to have greater illumination, more connection. This is the eternal goal, to have this connection, but as creators, to offer the petition to manifest such a joining together as it is a matter of your choice, your will, what issues may be and that may very well be your choosing to activate your connection, not only your approach to your Inner Guide but your connection, your grasp, your bonding with that circuit to which you belong.
Like the assistance from midwayers and the Melchizedeks, the point is well taken that their influence only goes so far into the material plane and that is where you find yourselves as the liaison between material manifestation, the stage of energy slowed to the form of matter, even that of your own vehicle. You are growing to a phase of spirit existence where you are not bound to the strict conditions of material matter. This is where you find yourselves with one foot in each plane, each plane an entirely different reality yet existing side by side, co-existing as do all the other realities represented by all the other individual’s experiences, every one real and chosen and therefore created, every one valid and true, every one unique; together they represent the entirety, the entire tapestry of all perspectives and experiences.
So, my prayerful petition would be to activate these potentials we discussed, we referred to, we felt and we have faith in. Therefore, they may be made real if we so choose and of course this is where you come in. You are the one with a real audible voice. You are the one whose destiny is at hand and your choices represent your awareness, your spirit growth, where you are on the evolutionary time line of your spirit. I’m sure you all might join me in the thought pattern to ask, to create the intention projected, to strike out and make the path so that it may be traveled and used and followed. That’s where we’re at. We must be about making some paths, creating some ways forward, some explored avenues of approach that can be shared and added to the thought steam of mankind.
We are on the right trajectory to encounter amazing expansion which has the potential to change the trajectory to accommodate their new awareness and perception of higher values and greater truths. This is what it looks like as we undergo the growth cycles in response to the pressure of spirit, the calling of spirit. This is the time to call together all the family of spirit and assure all the individuals that they are worthy members of the family and that they are all connected and we, as the attendant Onboard Partners, also enjoy a circuit of connectivity and this we may bring to bear -if requested- to bring messages of love, hope, peace and grace. This has been suggested recently as an appropriate method and I am here to foster these thoughts and to support this avenue of approach.
In the mortal realm, nothing happens until you try; then you must decide whether your trying was fruitful or misapplied and through this process you are able to learn the best approach to deal with whatever the circumstance is. In spirit it is the same manner of approach. One must try, one must begin the process, one must attempt to be moving and then a response is elicited from the universe, from your assistants, and they are ever there to respond to your petition for assistance because you have signaled your willingness to be in motion and to invest your energy in this creation. So much potential  must be taken in moderation. While it’s true that the potentials exist for great change, that to you is where the rubber meets the road. You are the instrument of change, you must bring the method, you must bring the mode of change that you envision.
And you are becoming these multi-dimensional beings able to function in the mortal capacity, in the actual manifestation of energetic form and as well, you are harboring an eternal component, an aspect of your being which is not bound by the requirements of time or space. This is the aspect which endures and which we are growing even now and I am merely your Onboard Partner, your ever faithful assistant, ever willing to be called in to elevate the thought pattern and introduce higher values if-you-only-ask. We are forming the ultimate partnership where our distinctions are so intertwined and overlapped as to be indistinguishable as we fuse together and become one. This is our destiny and we simply march forward towards such a realization, such an awareness, such an acceptance and we take steps in doing so even now as we come together to rally around these word symbols strung together one after the other having hopefully been recombined in your process of understanding to form adequate portrayals of what are thoughts and ideas and inspirations put into word form.
And this is but one means of communication. There are other circuitries available, you may hear from your Thought Adjuster, you may contact Michael who has pledged to answer your call. All manner of assistance is afforded to those who know enough to ask. That is my prayerful petition, that you know enough to ‘ask’ for such a connection, for such a method, such a receptivity. Let it be so as you so choose. Thank you all for affording this platform. Thank you for being this vital link in the chain of spirit manifestation in the flesh. It is you whose final choice creates the reality you have around you and I ever appreciate being considered or consulted as that is my mission, to be of help. So this is an answer to my petition, my prayer to be of service and I am grateful for that as well. We will meet again if you so choose and I will always honor the intention of this group by showing up. Thank you all for your participation. A good day to you all.
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