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Lightline Teleconference 2022-08-04

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-08-04
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: We stand in gratitude for such grace and for such a connection that brings such peace. Thank you for the gift of this grace which manifests in our embrace in spirit.
Machiventa: I am happy to accept this invitation offered once again with such sincerity and faith but I feel as though we should be thanking you, you are making this possible. Your choices in volunteering here and now have created the necessary circuitry, the necessary conditions, the conducive environment to host such an event as we now create together. I am in gratitude to all of you for creating this opportunity, for forming this portal of light and for seeding it with your creative capacity and for making all of this possible in the end. Once again I am Machiventa Melchizedek, returning to this familiar place to resume our unfolding of the next step in this great adventure before us all. Whenever there is an upgrade of the circuitry, the elevation of the frequencies triggers the generation of spontaneous love and whenever these things happen there is potential for abundant growth.
I understand that there has been presented, once again, the concern for the shifting sands between your very support as the conditions around you are in flux and patterns have been disrupted and conditions have been altered.  It is of great necessity that in times of such great flux and change that one be ready to be the “reed that bends in the wind but does not break” and does not succumb to the forces or elements. And you are given the strength, you are finding the strength, the strength of your faith that conditions your journey, that conditions the environment of your entire experience knowing that you are saved, you are an eternal child of God regardless of where you may be residing at any point in time or space. Having found your connection, your relationship to the whole, you are freed up from the fear that your future may be disrupted beyond your control. But I assure you, all these forces of change are opportunities that are presented, that may appear to be obstacles or challenges that necessitate that you grapple with values, morals, intelligence, compassion and love. Each circumstance arising before you has the opportunity to expand your awareness and create greater capacity within you to embrace the values contained in the circumstance.
So in this sense the perspective may be taken that if you are a seeker, one who wishes to follow spirit and learn and grow your spirit dimension, then you would not be served to have smooth sailing for your entire voyage; rather, being born into interesting times may be the greatest of all blessings as the opportunities are prolific that arise before you. And you all here now have been exposed to the approaches and the lenses through which to look at any potential opportunity and with your awareness of the long term nature of your being, you are afforded the comfort of knowing that there will never be a significant disruption to your agenda to return to your Creator, that no other individual has any jurisdiction over this, your purpose. You are quite safe indeed no matter what your surroundings may look like or the challenge of the day, you still look for the values within: What is to be learned? What is to be gained? What truths are contained? What beauty is present? What goodness may be found?
You who will judge with a greater set of values, a more divine set of values, will create a new way, a new operating system, a new approach. You are gaining confidence in your faith, in the strength of your faith and conviction and how they have served you well to this point. And as all these changes proceed to progress around you, you are there to steer the progress of change, the momentum of change, the direction of change. It is energy in motion, it is looking to settle into new pattern, it is the manifestation of the rejection of previous thought patterns so long accepted and embraced. Now under the scope of higher values the pattern must emerge that conforms to the higher vibration, that has greater proportions of truth, beauty and goodness. And there you are, here we are, together joining forces in service to Michael, comrades in arms. So your concern over the disruptions ahead should be tempered by your awareness that you are always saved, you are always an eternal being.
You are in a position to deflect or direct energy that is in motion around you, that needs a vision, a thought pattern of more perfection, of more divine proportion and you have seen such a vision, such a condition, such a place of welcome. You know what it is like and you can emulate such a feeling, such an experience of connection. This is the answer to your prayers, your petition to know what to do and how to do it; you are provided with circumstance allowing you to manifest your choices and grow in your spirit awareness. And yet it seems almost as chaos when so much seems in flux and so little is constant. This should only go to reenforce your conviction of the sturdiness of the love of your Divine Parents, the durability of your spirit relationship to your spirit family. These things do not fade with one life or another, they transcend all time and experience. These are the forces that you always can count on, can return to, to gain the strength of connection, the strength of your faith applied. Every generation of mortals has the same longing yearning to grasp what all the meaning is behind all the change that occurs during a mortal life.
So it is that you may feel overwhelmed even now as the seas seem to be rising and the winds picking up and you have an innate sense that there will be some effort at maintaining your craft and securing your vessel as the environment around you is so uncertain. Nevertheless, you have the conviction of the eternal child of God who knows you are safe and you even desire to assist others who don’t feel safe. And these opportunities that arise before you, they are your opportunities to shine, to simply choose and implement your highest thought patterns. This is the process in motion, this is the game at hand. Saving the world is not the goal. This is a one person, one vote game and we all are included, we all must make our way in the process and the world being on it’s side certainly activates numerous potentials that you may choose to make actuals or you may choose to implement a vision of your own, an ideal you might put forward. Either way, any way, always you are growing, you are learning, you are in motion and trust that we know you are seeking guidance while you maintain motion in faith and I am here now in answer to that prayer.
Once again I extend my gratitude for the essential parts you play in this process, without which none of this would exist. I understand the format of our classroom-esq experience and yield the floor to one who will bring you greater insight into even more effect you might have as these energies are swirling and may be directed through your intentions. Good day to you all, farewell.
Inner Voice: Thank you for this opportunity, this opportunity that we create in this process. I respond to this request to once again mingle among you using this voice but allowing that the expression is actually mine. My partner refers to my expression as his Inner Voice or Inner Guide but I assure you any such denotation is acceptable as any consideration at all is a cherished experience. Machiventa has reminded you of your connection, of your significance in the program and of your capacity to shepherd in the higher way, to bring with you to the table for observation a higher view, an expanded view allowing for greater truths and more goodness.
These new platforms, new constructs, will crowd out the old platforms, the old scaffolding that has served as the basis of understanding. New platforms to support the new heights of awareness must be built and maintained and so it is that you are enjoying the perspective you have even now. You are now operating on a different system of belief, of awareness, of presence and of compassion springing from your association with your common brothers and sisters. The more you grow in spiritual awareness, the more connected you realize you are, the more certain you are of your being a part of a greater whole and of your destiny to return your part to the whole and to complete the mosaic of all that is.
It is most pleasing to hear discussion and consideration given to the topic of working with the Thought Adjuster Circuit as a component of working with your Thought Adjuster, to not only demonstrate your conviction and your faith in your assurance of connecting with your Adjuster for guidance but as well your conviction and faith and assurance that there is indeed another circuit that all are connected to. And this is also an aspect that may be within your jurisdiction. Indeed you have been dipping your toes in this water and experiencing the flush of connection, the charge of the circuit. You are learning that the water is fine, that you should be unafraid to proceed in and that the universe is a friendly place.
You have considered this potential before and now we return to the topic of such a potential, the possibility of enlisting such circuitry in the desire to do good for others. Perhaps in your days to come you can develop some approach that is comfortable for you to condition the environment and activate the circuitry of your attendant Onboard Partner. The Indwelling Guide is able to provide insight into unknown circumstance. They are able to get past all the material components and details of any circumstance to work with meanings and values; to elevate and pose higher values is constantly being implemented.
There is much to overcome when such signals are sent and if the environment is not conducive for them to be received when the receiver is jammed or is overloaded with signal then there will only be limited success. This is the significance of this state of stillness, the state of awareness and acceptance and seeking and finding. This returning to the well of stillness, returning to the calm and the center of your being provides you the opportunity to regain your footing and to establish your secure footing in awareness as you then confront the situation before you. Conditioned by divine values, your choices will bring elements of the divine into the equation thereby creating a better pattern, a more divine pattern that then may be chosen. So much of all that we have discussed rests with you. We may attempt to inform, suggest and expand your awareness but all of these are only efforts to support you as you make the choices and learn the values, the truths and the meanings behind all of your experiences.
I assure you as the voice of your Inner Guide that we are working tirelessly to make contact and are ever pleased when your intentions are put in motion so that they may be directed and guided. We will be ever faithful in responding to your petition and ever reliable in bringing you the connection that you seek. It is required that time be spent in forming such a pathway and that is merely another challenge rising before you, another growth opportunity, another chance to demonstrate your faith and conviction. We, all the Inner Guides, are so very pleased that you are approaching so close. You are walking the walk from all this talk and I imagine you might all agree there have been rewards associated with your efforts. There has been progress, progress on this eternal path, progress that will be made more complete, more thorough as we work together in this process of growing, knowing of each other’s existence and even going so far as to consult and work together as one. Certainly it will be so and is becoming so even now.
In taking my leave I would remind you once again to implore your capacity to enlist the services of the circuitry of your Inner Guide and make active attempt to reflect through this connection your true state of being and to receive a reflection from another’s true state of being through this Adjuster Circuit, through this connection that truly knows, that truly is aware and has observed from the beginning your spiritual development. Such a request to know of the needs of another or to express the needs of the self – this is the sort of sharing that may be done across such circuitry. So I invite you to give it a try. Fear not, only believe. Thank you all for creating this space. I now withdraw in gratitude for the services provided and the circumstance being provided by this group, this configuration of light workers gathered around this portal. It’s a pleasure to come amongst you, it’s a pleasure to work with you, to commune with you and to worship with you. Service is worship and so much of the time you are all concerned with service. I remind you of the significance of service to the self, that is the program in place and that work can only be done by you. And that represents an eternal opportunity before you to create and manifest, to choose to become. Thank you all. Be in peace until our next meeting. I stand in gratitude, good day.
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