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Lightline Teleconference 2022-08-11

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-08-11
Teacher:  Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice, Jonathan  
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I invite you all to join me in the centering prayer, the prayer of gratitude for being together in this circle, in this circuit that we’ve formed at this time. Help us to work not only as the mortals of the realm that we are, but also help us to act with our spirit component, with our Internal Guides in partnership so that we might be more effective, we might be more purposeful in our efforts to bring peace and bring love into the equations before us. These are the desires of our hearts as we watch the unfolding of the spiritual paradigm before us. Continue to guide us and be with us and help us to be with you, consider you, to follow you, to choose your influence in our lives and in our journey that we share. Let it be so, even now.
Machiventa: Greetings, right on schedule my devoted class, this is Machiventa and I will gladly take up the discussion referencing becoming more adept at utilizing the circuitries that are available to you. The circuitry in question, or on the table for consideration, is that of the circuitry of all the Thought Adjusters which necessarily includes you through your Onboard Partner. So in fact, this circuit, as you are learning and discovering, literally connects all individuals that harbor the spark of God within. These Inner Guides are in effect the portal through which spirit communication and sharing transpires. This portal is ever monitored by your Internal Monitor. Your guide is always watching out for your best interests and what you are best suited to learn and embrace and expand your awareness about.
No one, so to speak, knows you better than your Internal Guide. They have observed every act you have done and witnessed every decision you have ever made, all the while choosing to attach themselves to you and become part of your journey. As was mentioned, all of this new opportunity before you has arisen as a result of the desire of your Divine Parents to infuse your experience with spirit, with the contact of spirit, the connection of spirit and the awareness that you are a member of a great spirit family. The expansion of your awareness to include this realization with it’s attendant circuitry of all the guides expands your potentials exponentially.
Because these Thought Adjusters are so close to both you and God, they are able to attend to you as you grow with the insight of one who expects an eternal voyage. These guides have chosen this eternal mission and to share their spiritual insight as a helpful partner onboard and having grown close to you in this process, they even possess the ability to fuse as one with you and to be incorporated into your being as you become incorporated into their presence, until you are indistinguishable and proceed as one. So this being the journey, this being the game at hand, every step you can take, every level you can make of awareness expands your potentials and your capacities and even as we speak, all manner of assistance is being rendered to bring this roll-out of spirit into place.
For many years we have been at these meetings together and there has always been the ever present yearning to know how to be effective and productive in service to The Father. As spiritual pressure has been applied, the conditions have changed and there is more energy being put into connecting and establishing circuitries. This Thought Adjuster Circuit that you are referenced in your search to become more effective is quintessential to your progress and success. It is agreeing to work hand in hand, so to speak, with the two different dimensions, to be willing as a mortal of the realm to go through the circuitry, to access the switchboard of the Thought Adjuster Circuit and be able to send messages, to send prayers, to receive insight as to what is most appropriate because all of these questions are readily answered by the resident Thought Adjusters.
All these signals are easily sent between the Thought Adjusters in this circuit. Therefore, in liaison with this circuitry it is possible to infuse the spirit circuit of the mortals of the realm with the divine circuit overlaid. This circuit of all the guides and the awareness that such a relationship exists, such a potential exists, allows all of those who have gained this awareness to choose a higher way, a more divine approach because it has been made available. It has been discovered, it is real, it may be accessed, it may be utilized, it is triggered as all circuitry is triggered, with thought, with prayer projected, with the fellowship with the divine established in the stillness. Everything I have just stated is repeated. These are all pieces of the puzzle that we have been putting together for some time which is becoming clearer as the pressure applied manifests in form.
Even if these points have been referenced before, even if discussions have brought some of these same principles up for discussion, we are well aware that such a process of expanding your spirit capacities takes effort, takes practice and takes the application of your energy to make it so. This is spirit pressure applied. The desire that you feel within to push forward, to reach out for what you perceive may be just out of grasp and through your repeated efforts you have learned that indeed, such principles, such characteristics of Divine Creators are part of your composition as well and you become grateful for the awareness that this is so. Each layer of awareness that you gain is another platform that you may use to grow further.
After having been at this for some time together, we can reflect on the many growth spurts we have witnessed in our time together and each one of these growth spurts adds new meaning and a new value is expressed. Each one of these brings with it a great gift of grace in its experience, in its opportunity and its potential. All of this process is greatly enhanced when you are aware, when you are certain of the reality of such a truth, of such a connection, of such a resource, of such a family. So that is what we have been about building. We have not created these truths and principles and values, we are simply making you aware of them and such is the nature of spiritual growth, increasing your capacity evermore to hold more truth, beauty and goodness.
Well done my comrades as we are standing at this juncture and looking to make sense of the path forward. I am with you as we walk this path. Every stage such as this one of spiritual expansion is always an era of growth for all those involved in the experience or stage of evolution and one stage is stacked upon another which has been successfully mastered and in this way, your comprehension is built. But you would not have the building blocks to build these platforms of awareness had you not been willing to reach out beyond your current parameters of awareness. This is the great tool you have, the ability to choose to grow and learn and expand and be able to embrace more of your Divine Parents and your divine family.
Thank you for ringing the school bell and allowing me to come on in and share some thoughts with you today. I understand that in the course of the classroom’s of the hour that there is provision to develop relationships with a representative of this corps of Internal Guides and I honor this pursuit as it is in alignment with the guidance and direction we would offer. Good day to you all.
Mark: I once again confirm my commitment to my divine partner, my soulmate in this process. I reaffirm my commitment to be of service and offer my voice to establish connection. Let it be so.
Inner Voice: Let is be so. Indeed such a statement of intention, such a prayer of intention with so much faith and conviction is real and genuine in that it contains all the elements of truth, beauty and goodness. It is of divine frequency and therefore it cannot help but be, it cannot help but manifest as it is a statement of intention from a true believer who will activate enough faith to trigger their internal potential. It is true that my partner has provided commitment to go where I will follow as we make this connection real, as we choose to activate this circuitry and manifest this condition, this forum. Such a commitment, such faith applied is what triggers a divine ‘chain of events’ operating in the frequency of divine tones, of divine truths. It causes the manifestation of the intention of the creators.
So in the very act of formulating a prayer, a petition to your Divine Parents, you are stating your intention, you are seeking clarification of your purpose, you are manifesting your capacities as creators. This horizon that is now before us promises great expansion in spirit potential. This is another manifestation of divine intention to apply spiritual pressure and how that manifests will be portrayed through all the participants, all the players of which you are one. You will make your own expression of truth, beauty and goodness as you are aware of it and such an expression is as a cherished unique flower in the garden of unique flowers, that is, the spirit family of man.
Each generation throughout time has maintained this same question and the same interest in: What is going to happen? How will spiritual pressure manifest? What will change look like and how will we handle it? Meanwhile, you have been given lessons on how to handle it for decades and you have learned that in all cases, your intentions and your awareness bring you a different caliber of experience, one that is more real as you have directly chosen it and created it. And this piece that you have created is a part of the grand puzzle that is being assembled, that reflects the totality of all experience.
This era that we are entering of connection, of the building of circuitry, this era will be a gift of grace for this generation and all future generations. Many have speculated as to the changes that will befall mankind as our spirituality grew but no-one ever considered the wild card that has just been played at this juncture of time and space, the deliberate application of spirit pressure, spirit sensitivity and the connection you have to your Internal Guides and then to each other through their circuitry. This amount of connection is a game changer. This amount of pressure applied will manifest in hither to unknown forms and all of these changes, upgrades and enhancements are as a direct result of the intention of your Divine Parents that it be made so. And here we are, not only is it being made so because it is the will of The Father, it is also being experienced and expressed amongst all the children. And here we are to even discuss such truths, such realities that are being created as we speak. Connections are being forged with every attempt and these will only strengthen and provide you with even more faith, even more conviction than you already possess.
There has been some question about utilizing Thought Adjuster Circuitry to provide some assistance or guidance to others and such a prayerful petition is not outside the realm of your jurisdiction but in navigating this Thought Adjuster Circuitry, it is important to always maintain the attitude of a child because you are conferring through a divine channel. Therefore, make your intentions known, state your purpose, ask your questions, ask for guidance as you may need it and allow that your Thought Adjuster will process these requests, will address these concerns or issues and then allow that the response, the answer to your petition may not look anything like you were expecting; in fact, the very meaning of your prayer and your request is a matter of great significance. It must be elevated to the most divine frequency.
This is how your Inner Guide helps to calibrate your awareness. This is done between Thought Adjusters as well. If there is a concern with another it may be possible to ask for guidance from their Adjuster through your guide and you have a response. This is how this circuitry may work. You may perceive in your petition in formulating your prayer, you may perceive that another individual needs this or that and wish to bring that to them as an act of service. However, the Adjusters involved are well more qualified to identify what may be needed in the circumstance and what messages may be delivered in the circumstance given the capacities of the participants. The Thought Adjuster connection can be the ground zero.
There is no more accurate portrayal and expression that can happen than between two Thought Adjusters which may be expanded manifold and still have the same characteristics. Therefore in formulating your intention, your petition, always allow that the will of your Divine Parents is what you really want expressed and that will represents your will, that your will is to see The Father’s will implemented. In this way you do not presume to know the best and highest service that may be provided to another but in aligning yourselves with the circuitry, you are a liaison in the process allowing that others know the best possible approach and that it is simply your desire that their will be done.
I would leave you with some final thoughts on awareness. As you expand your awareness, certainly you run into new parameters, new extensions of your faith out to include new areas previously unknown and each time you do this you are a bigger individual. You have more love, more truth, more beauty, more goodness and in this way you keep expanding your capacity with each return to this well, this desire to be of service and to be involved in this process. So it is you are here now seeking to find a more effective approach, a more purposeful method and you are getting there through your awareness. Just simply knowing what your potential is or could be expands your capacity, makes you want to reach out beyond your current limits, spiritual pressure applied. Just as the waves that roll in at high tide, such will be the force of the roll-out of this spirit dimension. It will increase all capacities just as the tide will float all vessels. It cannot be otherwise.
It is a pleasure to join you once again in this format. It is always exciting and exhilarating to be in motion, to be engaged in the effort of spirit growth because so much happens, so much capacity is expanded, so many platforms of awareness are built sound enough to perform the next act on. Remember the stillness my friends, it represents the re-commitment of your intention, the re-commitment to your purpose. It demonstrates your desire to be led and provides you with the stepping stones you need to get there. On behalf of all the Internal Guides, all the Father Fragments, I express a collective petition to expand the contact between us. This expression has been made through the use of the voice to express the intention. It is the desire of your Onboard Partner to manifest these potentials, to make this connection viable, strong and reliable. Return to the stillness and find Me there. Let it be so as you so choose it to be, as you so understand your potential and as you would choose to activate it. Let it be so, even now.
I take my leave having thoroughly enjoyed communing with you, simply sharing the space together, connected even though separated in physical terms, defining one of the distinctions of spirit, it is not bound to a location. Good day to you all and I look forward to further communing. Let it be so.
Jonathan: Hi folks, Jonathan here grabbing your attention for a minute before the energy wanes. This whole notion of increasing and expanding your awareness and the potentials that then may be made actuals, arrives on the scene. It is as though every advancement you make in awareness is attended by circumstances necessitating you make choices regarding your new awareness. After a while you learn that this is the game, that things always change, growth is always happening, expansion is ongoing. Once you have become aware of the cycle, you come to look for the next challenges or opportunities before you and attempt to see their meaning and value in relationship to these latest expansions of awareness.
This is how your awareness is made real. These choices that you make demonstrate your assimilation of the meanings and values associated with your circumstance. A true master always immediately seeks to learn the lessons contained, the values contained and the meanings contained in whatever circumstance is before them. A master is always looking for the significance, the lesson, the meaning, the purpose. A master is never at odds with circumstances that arise, rather, always seeking the path forward, the remedy, the solution, the method and means of approach to bring love into the equation. As has been said: “Love is the answer,” now simply expand your awareness as to how it applies to the current circumstance, to the individual involved, to the family of man.
It’s such a pleasure to be able to jump in with a few thoughts and such a thing has been made possible by the expansion of your awareness. It has brought you to this place and it is the method and the means by which you will experience your greatest spiritual growth. Hang in there guys, it keeps getting better although I must say that most certainly interesting times are upon you as you usher in this age of connection. Certainly you are up to the task and you are blazing a trail that many will follow. I consider myself part of the team referenced for this project. I am still involved in this service to Michael just as you are and we serve together. It’s a pleasure serving with you all and I will check back as I find the opportunity. Be in peace, go in peace and go with God. Take care.
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