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Lightline Teleconference  2022-08-18

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-08-18
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Gratitude is an extension of faith that, like a magnet, draws us ever closer. This gratitude reflects on our desire to be with you, our Divine Parents, and so we create this portal, we create this avenue here and now because we so choose and we exercise our faith that our petitions will be accepted, our desires will be addressed and certainly, always, all of our needs have been met. This is the grace that brings us such faith that we bring to this arena even now. Help us to expand our sense, our awareness, our capacities so that we can more fully embrace divine meanings and values and follow you, our Divine Parents. We exercise this, our choice, even now and would draw close to you as it is our desire to reach you, to touch you in spirit, to be embraced by your spirit. Thank you Divine Parents for this gift of grace and all the others inherent in this one.
Machiventa: Thank you for arranging this space, for setting the tone and creating and conditioning the environment to be in readiness and receptive so that we might meet and exchange and share and co-mingle in the spirit dimension. I am ever keen to return again. As you may note, I have been busy lately with all of my contacts. We are activating existing circuitries and building new ones. I am Machiventa, pleased to go through these changes with you, go through these expansions and growth spurts that are constantly occurring with you. Your invocation to set the stage was a demonstration of the degree of faith you bring to the equation and this is where you are learning the old statement may be true: “Faith may move mountains.” It may move obstacles from out of your way. It may bring you to the conditioned environment of your choosing that is conducive to your greatest spiritual growth.
You are all learning about the importance of choice and choosing what your thoughts are which determines what your actions are which then determines your very reality. Your faith may be used to bring you higher choices, better options, more divine properties and greater values. You’re learning to lean on this faith muscle, to reach out in faith that your grip of faith is strong, to rely on this faith to allow you to have new experiences, new insights, new circumstances creating ever more choices. You are also learning that it is every little choice that makes up the mosaic of the whole and that each little choice has great impact as they are all interconnected, they all are as part of the great web of creation and when one strand is affected it is felt throughout the web.
So here you are once again in the gym exercising your faith muscle, just your being here is your demonstration to the universe that you are ready, you are able, you are where you should be. And having gained these plateaus of awareness, these degrees of understanding, you now are faced with certain shifts in paradigm. You have been foretold and forewarned of great shifts before you just as there have been great shifts before your time. There is a constant process of upgrading the level of divinity, upgrading the vibration and tone of the divine. This pressure causes many shifts in the surrounding environments and it is fortunate that you are becoming somewhat familiar with the pattern, the routine, the repeating nature of change and shift and the willingness to go with the flow becomes very important, for after all, change is happening to bring about a better state. Therefore it is seen as just what is needed, the cause that may create the effect.
Once you have been made aware of some of the basic principles and conditions of working with your spirit component, it is natural for you to assume more and more of your spiritual perspectives into your daily routine, your everyday little choices. And when these little choices are augmented by spirit potential, by the seeking and the finding, when these processes are augmented this is growth, this is moving toward greater perfection. This whole experience before you is one gigantic experiment in time and space. So now that you are aware of some of the parameters, some of the basics of the game, of the mission to become more perfect just as our Divine Parents, once you establish your connection and your role to this overall whole, your choices will change and reflect these greater values and you will be brought options and choices you’ve never considered. If you are a seeker, there are answers that await your choosing and this is accomplished in the very same manner in which this meeting was called to order. You go through the very similar steps of setting the tone and locking onto the higher vibrations of divine energy.
And in the very same way as we are enjoying the fruits of the efforts that were extended to assemble this meeting, this opportunity, you may internally assemble meetings of your choice, perhaps even with your Inner Guide, your Divine Fragment. That is where may find the answers you seek if you would but ask. This horizon is your challenge and by your, I mean your generation, your stage of evolution, this is your growth spurt at play. This next step has been brought to you by your Creators in order to assist you in establishing connection and even communication and certainly communion with your spirit family. Thankfully, we are there at the point we wish to be with you as the pioneers of this wave of inner contact. Just as a wave, it will crash over all of mankind and it will be unknown and perhaps misinterpreted or misunderstood by many who don’t recognize the tone or who are unfamiliar with this circuitry of spirit and the tone of divinity that is your Divine Parents.
If they do not recognize these tones, if they do not hear the vibrations and sense the calibre of grace, then they will not understand what they are looking for, what they are attempting to do, what it feels like and what it means. This is where you come in. You’ve earned the right to describe what it feels like to you, what it is to you, how it presents itself in your experience and what it took for you to get there. You who stand here now with me at this time are hereby commissioned to spread the word, to join in this mission, this mission of the dissemination of this awareness, the distribution of such thought stream, the interjection of higher ideals that simply edge out older options. And as fate would have it, you have one foot in each realm as a result of your efforts to discover this partnership with your Divine Component. You have, as part of your very being and composition, aspects of mortality and aspects of enduring spirituality and it is your gift of grace that we are here at this juncture, at this turning point, this awakening. This sparking of the circuitry that has been so long dormant, even unknown, now is being charged and now it is easier to sense, to perceive, to approach but only if you have some vague awareness of what is going on and what you are doing in your process. This is where you come in.
There is going to be a greater need among followers to come forward and witness their own personal experiences. There is no greater tool one has than the sharing  with your brethren, particularly because in sharing your experience you are also demonstrating the effect this experience has had on you, the wisdom gained, the knowledge taken, the embrace of the total. So this is the game at hand, to spread the good news and good tidings that you are all connected, you are all the same people, the same children under the same God and that all growth brings us closer to goodness, truth and beauty; albeit the struggle to get there may prove difficult, the rewards of growth are always profound.
I now yield the floor because you have another amazing opportunity before you to venture down the path of direct communication with a Divine Fragment. Let it be so as this represents a great gift of grace, a great offering. Let it be so, farewell.
Inner Voice: Right, once again I hear the call, I accept the invitation, I accept the cooperation that allows me the use of this voice and stand in gratitude for this magnificent gift of grace. It is a gift of grace not to bring us faith, not to build our faith in this circumstance, rather it is because of your faith that such an experience may be had, that such conditions may be met as to allow for such a sharing. That certainly speaks to the inherent value of your faith which you stand on even now as you are here in this circle. It has brought you to this place, it has brought you so far. Surely it is the means by which you will continue your growth. This notion that faith is paramount to the flow of spirit, the movement of spirit is not too far off. It may be seen as the lubricant that allows things to move and slide and change.
Faith brings with it rewards always as each of you can witness in your own lives. When your faith is extended the universe responds to match your frequency, to meet you where you are, where your faith brings you, because this is the place that you will allow, that you will accept and engage with the energies. Your faith brings you your citadel of spirit, your unassailable vault of spirit forever safe and conducive to spirit presence conditioned and created in faith. So this faith and this gratitude have brought you your direction and brought you your purpose; your choices have been a statement to the universe of your intentions.
Your desires and your longings are a matter of record, especially to one as close as I am to you and as close as we are, even closer are we both to the grand circuitry of the Thought Adjuster’s union. Such circuitry touches each one with a Divine Fragment and connects them all through this web of circuitry and this provides a method of sharing, of contact, of service, of health and healing opportunities. Such exercises of spirit may be utilized through this circuitry which connects all the participants, particularly if you are able to become close with your own Internal Fragment. Your alignment and willingness to work together brings great power and depth to the intention, to your choice, to the First Source and Center of your ideals.
Faith brings you answers, brings you direction, it brings you peace and it brings you awareness. It expands your awareness by virtue of your seeking. Certainly all who seek shall find as each one of you may be able to witness. Our discussions represent a different level of focus, a different intention, more purposeful with greater awareness of the matrix. They may be leaned on when things do not go as envisioned or hoped for. One with great faith will know that there will be success in the end, there will be fulfillment in the end and if it did not occur during this attempt, it is simply not the end. Such a perspective enables disappointments to roll away knowing they are merely stepping stones in the road that was built to get to their awareness and very useful for the part that they play.
Faith may be used as help to extend your reach, to lean on your faith that you are in fact destined to grasp that which you reach for and with such faith, such conviction of certainty because you have seen in your own experience, you have felt in your own journey, because you are aware that this is so, this is true, beautiful and good. Harness the powers of your faith and turn them within, most readily accomplished through regular stillness and by forwarding your intention that it be so, structuring your internal environment to accommodate and choosing from your highest self, perhaps your combined self with the highest aspect of your being involved. All this and more will come to pass. We are destined to experience these connections between us as we show our desire, as we demonstrate our faith to our spirit family and as we extend this faith we can bring our conviction with us and we can be grateful for whatever changes happen for the greater good.
Ever ready to go with the flow of spirit energy means that you will be able to utilize many opportunities, circuitries and webs to which you belong that consider you a part of their whole. Such connections are enduring and grow stronger with use and so you are here, attempting to use this very method, attempting to ride this wave of energy and go with this flow of spirit. This practicing being in this vibration and of sensing this environment is necessary for you to experience the contrast. By attempting to hone in on divine frequencies and patterns you are heading your journey in the right direction, you are proceeding apace in the right lane and as you keep furnishing signals to your Inner Guide there will continue to be responses and efforts made to meet you in the middle and to meet you wherever it works for you. This notion of harboring a safe house within where spirit is free to join and participate and is welcome may be a necessary component in your construct that you assemble to make this approach regular and consistent.
Every individual will find their own path. There is connection for all. This has been your destiny all along. It may take a number of mansion worlds for you to finally reach such a place of awareness that you desire to become one. We are all grateful to you, our hosts and we are all desiring to join you completely and fully in what is our journey before us. We have chosen you, to be with you eternally and it brings us great pleasure that you are actively seeking to find us. Recall that in any attempt at communication with the mortal mind there is this stumbling block of word symbols and interpretation and that is why the circuitry that you are growing and firing up is not dependent upon the transfer of thoughts into words and back into understanding. The communication between your Inner Guide and yourself may be expressed in a number of ways: may be inspiration, flashes, visions of different ways, solutions to problems that you were frustrated with, nudges to help the stranger, the little voice, as it were, suggesting service.
Anytime you are seeking truth, beauty and goodness your Inner Guide is at your side, not as one calling out the turns but as one who has a firm grasp of the map and the way forward and can allow for any number of routes to get there. Truly this is a very exciting time to be a mortal of the realm on Urantia as it is being reclaimed from so long a quarantine. And here we are, here you are, the one everyone sees, the one making the choices, the one suffering the consequences, the material being affected by time and space but as well there is a part of you that is not constricted as you are so strictly through the conditions of time and space and can communicate in different terms, in thought patterns and projections because of the spirit circuitry such as it is even now.
Practice makes you more perfect and showing up for exercises builds your strength, even your faith. Well done for all of you who keep showing up and your efforts will surely bring you fruits beyond your expectations. Remember there is always one to connect to right beside you, in the seat beside you in your great vehicle of life, a trustworthy copilot to ensure that no turns are too wrong and a journey made all the better when there is an awareness that this is the matrix, this is the paradigm, this is what’s happening. Then one can exercise their faith, one can build their faith. So be it as you navigate all the choices before you. Perhaps look over your shoulder and see if you can get a response from your Onboard Partner. Certainly this is a small miracle, an internal miracle of grace, an individual miracle that must be activated and be chosen. Your Divine Parents have desired to bring you this gift of grace. In response to your seeking, there is the finding.
Thank you all for attending this scheduled meeting. This is something we do together in faith. We share the faith required to accept, to allow, to create, and as we so seek we invariably find. Let it be so in this process as well. I will volunteer to return to get a report from the players on the field and to see how the character of mankind may be altered with the introduction of divine frequency, not only divine frequency onboard but divine frequency connection, the execution of your faith. Good day to you all.
Mark: I extend my gratitude to my Onboard Partner for this gift of grace. I understand it is a co-creation, I accept the parts we play and I appreciate and accept the part that you play.
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