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Lightline Teleconference  2022-09-01

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-09-01
Teacher: Michael, Inner Voice, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers
Michael: The parent hears the cry of the children and is bound to respond. The desire to respond to the call is almost overwhelming for any parent and so it is I am eager to respond with you here and now. I am Michael and I delight in responding to the question on the floor. In its broadest terms the question is: What is love? It involves how to define it, how to recognize it, how to pursue it and follow it and as was shared earlier in the conversation, some supporting factors mentioned were the difficulty in general in putting into word symbols such a vast and pervasive energy. Not only is it difficult of description, it is difficult to discern in another individual. It is a frequency, it is a tone, it is what you are attempting to describe with your descriptive phrases of what it feels like when you desire to do good to others, what it feels like when you desire to be of service, what it feels like to be charged with divine energy known as love.
You certainly are correct that no words could possibly encompass the vastness of love but it is necessary to settle on a description and a term of meaning and it is helpful to be able to describe the feeling associated for that is the current of love, that is the current that will run throughout whatever you choose to focus it on. It will change form based upon need, based upon perception and awareness but it will be the same underlying tone associated with experiencing goodness, with appreciating the grace of beauty from on high. These are the wavelengths that are present in all these circumstances, the wavelength present when you enter a chapel of devotion, the feeling you recognize in the appreciation and enjoyment of art. These are your higher senses, your greater awareness as they develop. You are all realizing this process of growth and challenge and change and yet there are great fruits and rewards to your efforts if they are appropriately directed and illustrate your true awareness.
I invite you to entertain the perspectives that all of the things that are going on, that are noticed, that are observable, that may in fact be happening and be real are all, every one, outside of you. They are not brought in to your inner citadel unless you invite them. There will always be turbulence, there will always be some catastrophe, some great challenge out there but it is ‘out there.’ You are coming to understand that your growth, your protection, your eternal career before you is not subject to the external affairs of this world or any other. Your focus in this journey during this time is to simply build your own soul, create your own being choice by choice by choice and it is not required that everything happening outside of you be allowed to impact your life as if its effect were made real for you. Even though it was outside, it wasn’t your individual personal spiritual growth, it was perhaps trauma borrowed.
So I invite you all to be perhaps more particular who you entertain in your parlor: Who is allowed to come into your personal private domain? What plants in the garden may not be appropriate and need left out? What influences do you spend your time with? Are they good, true and beautiful? These are the conditions under which all the choices should be made. How much of each of these qualities are present in the choice offered? It brings me immense pleasure to be able to reflect on this most basic, most central, most primal force of all; this energetic force of love which is what is circulated throughout as individuals are able to recognize the frequency and to join in the flow of love, to sponsor and be responsible for bringing the light, bringing the higher way. This may be your privilege. Time has brought you unique opportunities, presented you with unique choices. It will be incumbent upon you to press forward and continue implementing your creative will and desire as you are forced to choose. Choose well. Choose with that frequency of love, with that tone of divine energy you call love. Just as the word God is entirely incapable of expressing the vastness of its meaning, so is love. It must be settled on and accepted as a term that can be embraced to include all these various descriptions and encounters and experiences and all that is well and good.
You are growing to understand that words and similar symbols are only one form of communication and as such they are limited by virtue of their capacity. Some of the conditions we are discussing are requiring new terminology, new words of description that may help define. You are engaged in that very dilemma at this time. You have been charged with spreading the good news that contact with your Inner Guide is now more available but your mission is made more difficult by having to use words. They are not adequately equipped to address the descriptive means of this Inner Guide, this Father Fragment, this cherished guide. Nevertheless you must use words of your own choosing, words that meet the descriptive value for you, words you choose to use to describe what is your experience. How does it feel to you? Does it have that feeling of the desire to do good to others? Then it contains love. But it is not necessary to use that word because everyone recognizes that tone, everyone feels when love is present, everyone feels it, they don’t intellectually decipher it, they feel it. It is a frequency that resounds through the family of God.
So therefore words to describe this will necessarily fall short, but your experience will sound true and right and good and beautiful. Your experience may be offered to the collective consciousness of man and it will carry some weight in that you are witnessing an experience of spirit encounter and there is a great curiosity to hear the many descriptions of such an activity. Be at peace with the apparent turmoil. Spiritual pressure has been applied and the results are before us. The issues arising are a result of a shift in spirit, a shift closer to divine frequency. So perhaps all these words I have just used to illustrate my point were not near as valuable as what you felt when these words were being delivered. The tone behind the delivery indicates its spirit value, how much love is in the equation. All matters of service, of devotion, of worship, all bring in the higher energies and you’re learning that your choices may be influenced by such higher influences making your choices better and better, more appropriate for one who is seeking God, seeking to be part of the spirit family.
My dear ones, I bring you my love, I bring you my peace. I bring this to you again to reaffirm my commitment to you, to be with you through your process, whatever it may be. All of the conditions outside of you will continue to accelerate and exacerbate so I invite you to be protective of your inner environment in which you are conditioning it to choose love always. Therefore things inconsistent with this energy simply do not belong in the sacred temple within. In this way you will continually reaffirm your direction, your path, each choice reaffirming your commitment and your desire to pursue your own spiritual growth and I could not be more pleased than to come amongst a group of devoted seekers, children who are seeking to approach their parents, seeking to find their parents and where all of this love comes from. I gladly embrace you as you make your way. You have found me, you have found us. I am here to affirm that for you and I offer my commitment again to be with you as you so desire, to share with you whatever of your journey you will allow. You have very much support, not only my commitment but many others have a vested interest in your growth, in your eternal survival. We are all pleased when we see such progress made with such intention and such purpose on your part.
I wish my peace to reign in your lives, the peace that comes from knowing that I am aware of you. I love you and I will continue always to support you and be with you as you so desire. Those are the word symbols I choose to bring you that message and to offer you and pray you would accept the truth, the goodness and the beauty present in my commitment to you. That is love. You are loved, treasured as individuals and part of the family of man, part of my family, of our family and I stand in gratitude that this is so, grateful to The Father for this reality we share, this connection that we may feel and this association of family that we may feel. Be in peace and I will access another opportunity to simply be with you, to bring the tone, the energy to associate to, the feeling of my presence. Trust that your senses are there to receive alternative input and that perhaps focusing on looking for words may not be the mode of operation most suitable. Be at peace and be in love as we are, even now. Farewell to you all.
Inner Voice: Hello to all my friends, I am the Inner Voice here by pre-made arrangements and I would like to utilize some of the same thought patterns that were just circulated in that there is a different frequency, a different tone, a different energy field that is between you and your Inner Guide.
There is a circuit being established between you, and this circuitry is an energy field that is being built and created. Just as a nerve network reaches out and makes connection, so does this spirit network reach out and make connection as a result of the sheer will and force of the co-creator, very similar to what happens amongst the network in the brain when one studies and learns and creates connections in the brain so that they may retrieve answers that they have stored. The same process is connecting you with your Inner Guide, the same network building is happening. It has its own unique frequency and therefore its own unique feeling, own unique sense of connection and words will have very little to do with this equation, this experience of the individual because what you are developing is a new sense, a new energy field that is expanding your capacity to receive input.
When your Master speaks of the feeling of love, the feeling you have when His presence is here, the feeling you have when you are concerned over another or simply the desire to help them, these are the examples used to cite the feeling, the experience behind the act, and in this same way your new adventure and exploration to find your Inner Voice brings you many choices along the way and allows for you to have a custom experience, unique in all creation. That is what is so significant about developing spirit contact and developing the sense required to take it in is such a valuable part of your spiritual growth. The original lessons in the Teaching Mission regarding stillness and the preparation and training to receive are once again proving relevant and a trusted method in reaching your goals in spirit. This option simply represents another choice. Every hour of every day there is a choice required of you and every opportunity, every choice before you is an opportunity to move in a direction of your choosing with greater purpose, with expanded awareness and with enhanced perspective.
And as you would imagine, that changes the game. Instead of being in defensive mode against life and its circumstances, a master may become interested in the art of living during challenge and be able to find within the experience great growth potential. As masters in training, you are beginning to see life from the same perspective rather than, oh how bad, how unfortunate, how sad. What is the lesson to be learned that the universe is bringing me? Why are these things happening and what is to be taken away of meaning and value in the equation? That changes the whole opportunity into one where growth and change may readily take place. So this segue into the feeling of spirit, the feeling of love, leads me to say there is a feeling of your Inner Guide, there is a sense that you have that is not part of your vocabulary and your building this network means that you are building a frequency and tuning into it, an energy field and receiving that frequency. In this way you build all manner of connection, even with the connections of your connections.
So I invite you to spend some stillness exercise in presenting yourself with the equivalent of a blank blackboard before you. Rather than entering stillness with a concept or a construct, rather than determine your reality, allow yourself to see what appears before you on your blackboard and it may be word symbols but it may be a myriad of other things, other symbols. In this way you set the stage and prepare the environment for your reception by coming there with a clean slate or an empty cup to come to the well. I appreciate the energy spent in conducting these meetings and distributing their contents and spreading the word and getting the message out that we have good news, we have new connections, new circuits, new pathways open to us, a new energy flowing through the system, a new influence of love, a new directive from on high of love.
Thank you for this opportunity and I will report back as you will because we have much to do in getting this word out and spreading the joy. I take my leave, good day to you all.
Jonathan: Hey guys, Jonathan here quickly before they close down the stage. I thoroughly enjoyed the message from Michael, trying to describe the indescribable but when you put it in terms of a feeling it becomes easier to grasp. That feeling of love is a cord between us here and now and I feel it strong and I trust you do as well. That energy field that we are referencing has a certain feeling to it that we will register always. That circuit of love between us will endure and survive because it has value, because it contains love. Love is part of that equation. Our circuitry rides on the frequency of love, but as was mentioned, words are sometimes difficult of navigation and sometimes feel as though they fall short, unable to express the real feeling behind the statement. Fear not that words will fall short, they always do. They only have so much capacity to elicit feelings. Love triggers all manner of emotion. Love is the pulse running throughout the grief for a loved one and the proud parents of the graduate. The frequency of love is in both, is in all.
The isolation that Urantia has suffered has meant that we have lost the affirmation that love is the greatest force. There has been so much distraction with the material complications of life that this force of love has not been tried, has not been relied upon because history has shown that hate and fear and doubt drives people to war and the force of love has yet to prove strong on the battlefield, yet the force of love is responsible for all life created. The beginning of eternal careers are founded in the love of the parent. The intense inclination of parents to care for their children is love in action, responding to the need, the ministry of helping others. It is love that motivates all of that, is the feeling of connection, that connection between any two individuals that share that frequency of love, that cord between them that connects them, even eternally.
There was an expression about: “I’m not sure what it is but I know it when I see it” and that is what could easily express what happens when encountering love. You don’t know what it may look like, what it may be like, what it may act like or how it will manifest but you know it when you see it if it contains love, if it is using the frequency of love. So don’t ever worry that your messages fall short of your intentions because there is a lot more communication going on behind any word symbols. Whether they are spoken or read there is an underlying tone that you become able to recognize and identify. When it’s present you know it, you feel it as if you’re returning back to something sacred. Certainly things are moving along as the discussions are becoming more and more in depth about the finer workings of living in spirit and working in spirit to accomplish your goals of spiritual growth and greater and greater enlightenment through your very efforts to make it so.
I enjoy the fact that we have built this connection of love that I have utilized to be here now. It is an example of one of the aspects we are trying to define and I was able to utilize it to be here now. I take my leave but I extend my gratitude to all the participants to keep this ball rolling, to keep this method intact and I am so grateful that I see that all is well with the current undertaking of this experiment. Take care guys, we’ll talk later, bye now.
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