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Lightline Teleconference  2022-09-08

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-09-08
Teacher: Elyon, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Elyon: I would take advantage of this opportunity you provide, I am Elyon, glad to return to some discussion about navigating the waters of life. A good sailor knows how to orient his course and choose his path by referencing the constant of the North Star. In knowing his relationship to this constant he can account for the many variables and can easily find his course and his bearings when able to once again position off the fixed stars in the sky. The significant point about navigating is having a point of reference, a constant that will remain unchanged as your journey changes, as your course changes your objective, your bearing doesn’t have to. Even before beginning your journey, you have set your sights on spirit, your spirit component and its journey forward and you greatly enjoy the heads up that you have been given that this is indeed the case and this is indeed your relationship to the whole.
Once you establish your relationship to the North Star of The Father in heaven, of your divine family to which you belong and to which you are returning after gathering vast experience and many catalysts that may inspire you to be creative, to be fruitful, to act in accordance with your creative capacity, you see that as spiritual pressure has been applied, as the catalyst has been accelerated and as the implementation of new circuitries is upon us, there is a discernible shift in the amount of expression and creativity and the need for choice, the need to establish your relationship to all else that is and to your divine family.
Knowing your course will meet with success means that the individual sections of the journey bear less significance than they may feel or seem at the time. They are simply the current experience, the one in your way, the one demanding your choice, the one providing you with the opportunity for growth and change and this growth and change is brought to you by you. As was mentioned earlier, a certain credit is due to your active pursuit of where spirit is leading you. This is not a passive program and one does not establish growth rings in the process without putting in the effort and the time required to transpire to allow for your awareness to expand and your purpose to focus.
Such is the occasion you find yourself at this time, the opportunity. Such is the catalyst before you. It is good to hear the recognition given to the appreciation for having been given the heads up and the subsequent training to be able to more easily navigate the uncertain passages before you. There is a grand captain that stands ready to assist as you make your next section of the voyage, always at hand and ready to assist in whatever capacities may be accepted. This captain is a great guide knowing the route and fully aware of the distance across. This guide, your steadfast companion, will ever faithfully lead you towards your goal to reunite with your divine family, to establish firmly your relationship to this family and to be fully recognized as a member of this family. These are the things which provide you with the constants, the unchanging bearings that allow you to stay focused on your path and stay consistent with your values and your intentions.
But even the solace of knowing that you have many watching over you, you have an Internal Guide to assist, you have a universal spiritual family who are concerned for your welfare, even with all this comforting awareness of the enduring fate of your soul, still, when waters are choppy they demand that you react accordingly. It may be necessary for you to snap into action, trim the sails and man the oars. Whatever it takes, it is made easier by the prospect that you understand what this circumstance is or this opportunity is and you will play the game to the best of your ability in accordance with your values. And this is experience, this is the stuff wisdom is made of. This is the stuff only available to you individually and personally as result of your efforts and your choices.
Your faith enables you to move forward making every attempt to fear not and this alone makes your journey easier and lighter. You remember the Master’s words and be encouraged by His sentiment: “Fear not.” Such an admonishment is one for the records, one for the ages and one for the times at hand. Fear not, believe in your relationship and who you are in relationship to all that is, a fragment of the whole, belonging to the whole as each and every part does. Thank you for the opportunity to sail a little while with you. There is always so much to be experienced and learned and shared and so much growth as the result. I leave you with my peace and my appreciation for your time in this project. It’s been refreshing to join you once again and it’s  as if such a relationship has suffered no distance. That is a joy of spirit and functioning in the spirit capacity, not conditioned by time. Good day to you all.
Inner Voice: I am here to accept the baton and attempt to move it down the field. I am this one’s Inner Guide and as always, honored to be given an opportunity as we share. I understand there is some consideration about the phenomenon of prayer and I would certainly like to elaborate on some of the aspects involved. Prayer is the overall term for the condition that you orient yourself into, the condition of the part reaching for the whole. That is the essence of prayer, the part knowing they belong to the whole and signifying this to the universe by actively engaging it, demonstrating your faith by participating and actively creating the circumstance of fellowship, this coming together, the joining of family. So prayer is the hooking up, prayer is establishing the circuitry, creating the environment and conditioning it. All this is accomplished under the umbrella of prayer. It may require being on your knees, it may require a covering on your head. These aspects are all symbols used to demonstrate your faith and conviction in the process of prayer, the reality of prayer, and the conviction of the success of prayer.
Once you have the ‘ear’ of your Creators when in position to hook up with them, then your petition is welcome for what it is you think you need. Your prayer can only be answered if it is expressed and it also may be conditioned, it also may be refined, may be more perfect. If you bring elements to your petition, to your prayer, and flavor it with the elements of your choosing, the components of peace, the components of love may be brought to bear and love may be directed into such methods and modes as forgiveness and mercy and compassion. These bring a new tone of awareness to the petition, a new level of understanding that will be accessed and utilized by its very introduction to the circuit by the user. To attempt to flavor and bring in a petition for peace by using thought, word and deed to refine the petition and to infuse the circumstance with compassion and forgiveness, on purpose with intention, these are the aspects of the overall love that you are attempting to manifest.
So I encourage you to create the flavor of your prayer and to extend your petition into the direction of your choosing. This represents your intention at play, your purpose as it manifests. Your version of prayer is an indication of your position in the growth of your eternal spirit. We have referenced this notion in reference to conditioning other environments, to be selective and intentional about what is brought into the equation, to the environment, to the circumstance. Surely you might all witness having seen the tangible effects of some application of intention turned real, something created with you as the first source and center of its origin and having acted as co-creator, you have joined forces with the universe to create truth, beauty and goodness. Such an opportunity stands immediately before you, the opportunity to rise to the occasion, to accept the challenge, to actively and with purpose manipulate the environments of energy by infusing them with love from on high with you as the instrument of delivery.
This is another petition you might take up to work in league more closely with your spirit guides and spirit family. It is not a miracle to ask for, it is merely a choice for you to make. So let’s make it so. You choose the direction that your prayers will take and choosing these elements shows an awareness of the need for such qualities in the circumstance. So thank you for your petition as a child of God, it is received on high and answered as conditions will allow. These are just some of the finer points to attempt to distinguish in this great puzzle that requires some assembly before you get a clearer picture of what the total image is. Thank you for being faithful in assembling the pieces that you found before you and completing as much of the puzzle as you have to date. Your doing so has been your active petition, your active prayer, to know more, to find more and you have been rewarded for your interests and such continued conduct will earn you a sure and certain route to your point of destination.
Your end results may be seen as inevitable given your headings and your direction so I encourage you to smell all the flowers based on the good things. Enjoy the seasons and day and night and time passing and aging. All these are yours in this lifetime to experience. You won’t get a second chance for much of that as your growth and awareness moves you from dimension to dimension as your awareness allows. I stand in gratitude for this chance, this opportunity before us. I stand in gratitude that we are here in consideration of such an act of grace before us and the roll we might play. I stand in gratitude that this is our situation, our catalyst for growth and I stand in gratitude that we are finding each other. We are reaching towards each other and having great success. It is observable phenomenon. Such an opportunity, such a chance to choose.
Choppy seas may mean all hands on deck, do what needs to be done immediately before you to get through the storm and to weather the choppy seas.
Your internal companion stands ready to be one of the hands on deck, one of the participants in the equation. This represents a gift of grace that you are attempting to embrace and such an embrace brings enormous gratitude and joy from within. Let us make this so, this connection. Let us make it stronger, even more certain and as such, may it provide a sense of stability and certainty in amongst all the doubt, confusion and fear. The connection you have is well earned, is strong and will certainly be there for you as you have need of it. It has been useful even now. Go in peace and go with the love of your divine family, the love of the Father expressed through their Fragment Within. So be it. I bid you all farewell.
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