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Lightline Teleconference  2022-09-15

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-09-15
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer:  I appreciate the opportunity to be here and reaffirm my commitment to the process, to the creation that we have made of this forum that we enjoy so much. I most eagerly reaffirm my devotion and commitment to this process and look forward to offering my services to Michael and Mother, to Machiventa, to Monjoronson and to many other friends on the other side. We come to you for counsel  and your embrace and I stand in gratitude for this connection.
Machiventa: I join you in saluting this accommodation that we have made and appreciate your invitation to join. I am Machiventa and here once again to pick up in the classroom. I understand that there is of interest a question to gain some perspective to what amounts to the creative process. When is an inspiration born and becomes alive as it is is co-created? At what point is this idea viable outside the self as a projection of the intention of the creator?
As you are seeing, it is necessary to activate and conform to the well established process of creation or co-creation. At some point there is a beginning to every creation and this beginning starts when the creator is inspired and is called to express and manifest the version of themselves that reflects the attributes of the creators.
In this way each and every one goes through this process of expressing themselves: through choosing, through creating, through the choice to manifest their desires and infusing them with life energy. In this process of consideration, the mind is most intimately involved in the process. In the consideration of the situation, the mind will act non-stop in an attempt to interpret and define for you but the mind is a faithful servant who will follow your bidding, who will follow your direction and accept your choosing of direction, your choosing of focus. Your free will, as you know, reigns supreme and when you have chosen and directed your intentions thusly then your path is charted, your course is set, the embryo that is your idea, your manifestation, is then grown and supported by your words which define your relationship and by your following through with deed to make it so. And with the application of gratitude for all of the steps having been executed, it shall be so. It all has a first source and center of origin: all of creation, all of reality, and you are generators of creation and reality, manifestors of the reality you would choose.
The process is the same, the application may vary in proportions but certainly all parts of the cycle are necessary to complete it. It’s a required growth spell and if it is supported and if your energy contributions are sufficient it may very well grow to be beyond your own creation, it may grow to be an enduring legacy because that’s how it happens. So, what will your legacy be? What is your intention? What is your purpose directed? What do you choose as the choices arise before you which determine your trajectory and by what values are you implementing your choices? Certainly your navigational equipment is in good order. Your values have brought you to higher divine frequencies. This is the frequency of spirit, spirit contact, spirit connection. Touching base with this frequency is returning home to your home channel. From this vantage is where you make your choices, from the highest frequencies, the grandest ideals with the most faith, the most conviction of your relationship to this process and its absolute existence in your reality. Conviction and faith bring you the added push to extend yourself and push yourself into perhaps a less comfortable zone. You are all observing that the growth of morals often is accompanied by an irritant, a rub, some cause that then creates the effect.
If it is true as you witness, it also stands to reason that you might grab attention and create options by the simple contribution of joy, the expression of the peace you feel, the effect spirit has had on your life and the security you feel in your relationship to your Creator. These qualities will certainly trigger reaction as well, will certainly cause pause for consideration because they are more rare. They are the good news section of the nightly news. They’re hard to find amongst the many many stories which grab your attention. They grab your attention because they are not normal, nor average, they are extreme and so they grab your attention. The normal and average may prefer a calmer and a more still position and there needs to be options out there to be chosen, ways to go about pulling away from such sensational bombardment to a more balanced and reasoned level of input to the system.
I am grateful for the opportunity to offer such suggestions to work with the forces at play which will illuminate stories of interest and see how many stories of interest, of positive loving treatment of each other can be exemplified and shared since sharing is now so easy. Creative thought is your gift; creative thought is your little drummer boy’s offering to the Lord. It is your expression of your gratitude and your Divine Parents delight in seeing your expression manifest, your choices come alive, your preferences determining your direction in a more and more divine direction. It is a pleasure to behold as we wade these waters together, as we link these connections and embrace them. I now relinquish the platform and wish you all go in peace and stay in peace knowing that you are a child of God in the family and a part of the great whole. Farewell.
Inner Voice: Yes, hello, thank you. I reaffirm my commitment as well to this creation, this exercise in creating before us. I am reporting for duty and eager to do so. This represents a unique opportunity as it always is in your case. In your individual case everything is unique, everything is unto you and it forms who you are and creates your composition of energies, your energy signature. As energy, you are recognizable to the other energetic life forms on a different plane better than any words may really allow. You are these wonderful loyal creatures with these fascinating brains that allow you to form this wisdom as you go through your process of assembling this information and knowledge and it becomes wisdom when you can retain it and recall it as needed; it becomes imbedded in your energy signature.
It is most important, as this experience of a mortal of the realm, that you realize the significance in directing your thought — not just having a thought, not just entertaining a thought, but following a thought, directing a thought, projecting a thought which is energy, and by projecting this creation you are forming the outline that may become that which you envision. As well there is this process of creation and  manifestation, and there must be this cycle that is completed. That’s what is so fascinating about the thought and word components of the cycle. They require the use of this mind, this brain to make sense of the set of word symbols.
As far as the mind goes, it is happy to pursue any direction of your fancy, any wild goose chase of an idea. The mind is simply a tool to be used to go in the direction of your choosing and if the direction of your choosing always comes back to the direction of your Divine Parents, the direction back to The First Source and Center, if your values are imposed on your choices, then your navigation becomes easy. You are following the higher tones of divinity, the higher truths, the greater beauty, the greater goodness. You are pursuing those and in such pursuit you will be well assisted as I assure you even now. So focus of intention, focus of the mind, direction of the mind, projection of the intention are all matters up to you, the observer, and as I said, the universe delights in your choices which then manifest as your representation of your understanding of divine principles, of your awareness of these principles. Every attempt, every display is magnificent, is unique, is a cherished gift on high. As these flowers bloom we rejoice.
As you so desire, you may also seek the counsel from me. I can bring an added dimension to your consideration as I have my own unique portal to The Father and I assure you, I will show you the way. For now, the mission is to become familiar with each other, to recognize the presence, to reaffirm and reconnect regularly with intention and projecting your purpose in so doing. When you offer your time to be in stillness, in reception, we will work with you, we will meet you there; we do have a viable connection, a real thing to manifest as we so choose. It is also a matter of our creation, our desire to make it so, thus conditioning the environment and projecting our direction.
This process that we have been referring to is invariably a matter of engaging and following through, even to the point of the recognition of profound gratitude for the results already received, perhaps being inspired to direct the gaze in your mind, to issue the direction as is your option opportunity to do. As you are going about creating these new realities around you, be confident in your ability, in your devotion, as you are here again today having recommitted to your process of spirit growth and it has led you here and you are back for more. Step by step, bit by bit we build this reality. We focus the intention, we bring life in the form of our created energy, and we launch what is the beginning of a new reality and if we so choose we can manifest this reality and bring it to life by giving it the life energy of our choosing.
All of this seems so spectacular on the one hand and routine on the other, routine in that you have faith and trust in the process and it doesn’t let you down. The spectacular part is still present, after all this time it is still spectacular when spiritual growth ignites like a flame before you to see, when you literally may look as if you are on fire with spirit. That is magnificence and a joy to witness. As we go through the process together, remember we are always together, you the observer and me, your Onboard Partner, in the same vehicle. Use the elements of thought and the dreaming to create this relationship, to create this condition, this opportunity. Take advantage of this very same process and utilize it to bring you even more conviction and faith. You have been told that you are powerful co-creators and this may be difficult for you to embrace but that does not lessen the significance of this truth. Whether or not you are cognizant of it in your mind or that you are considering it, whether you are feeling it in your heart, whether you are following your spirit leading, all of these are connections, all of these are routes and I am, for you, yet another connection, another means of connection.
I appreciate the opportunity to be here now and to have voice to say those words. It is indeed a miraculous event in that things of this magnitude do not happen without the investment of some energy of serious magnitude. Whenever this happens this is a profound spirit based experience had by all. Such a thing has permanence because it has the elements of truth, beauty and goodness and relationship. All divine aspects are saved and all achievements made here and now by the likes of you are honored and all changes in your spirit growth are cause for rejoicing as that is the game of this universal plan. It may take many forms, it may take any form, it may take no form but that is the program in play. The classroom is arranged for individual spiritual growth with many opportunities and circumstances to choose and to then embrace the ramifications of your choice and the direction of your intentions will continually guide you in developing your relationship with it. And all along the way you are creating all these starts, all these beginnings and many will survive, many will turn into your legacy as is part of the scenario in play.
I stand in gratitude for the opportunity and would take my leave at this time having been refreshed, having indulged in a cup of this refreshment, this well of spirit, it is so refreshing to join you in. Thanks for providing this space. I now retreat to the back seat, perhaps even the passenger seat if I am considered. So be it, good day to you all.
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