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Lightline Teleconference 2022-10-20

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-10-20
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I am in gratitude for this opportunity of this meeting and the chance to ring the school bell and draw the faithful students back to order. We are students of spirit and we desire now to come to class and function in this class in our spirit capacity. This reflects our active choice, to be here now and to embrace in spirit.
Machiventa: Certainly I don’t want to report late to class. I am Machiventa back in the Melchizedek schoolroom where we will field some inquiries and some prayers which are in need of response and some petitions to expand your capacities to embrace to become aware and to gain the perspective that only spirit with its enduring component can bring to you. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I am pleased to field a response in real time to the prayerful petitions of the devoted students of spirit. Some of the thought strands projected to explore were the sharing of a quote illustrating the nature of Michael to want to reach out and connect with all of his children. This was true when he was embodied as Jesus and has only grown exponentially as he has been spiritualized and now reflects very few of the limitations which surrounded him during his earthly adventure. It is only common sense to consider that great words of wisdom captured long ago would contain the basic elements and principles of his teachings because if they are of divine nature, then they are of a supreme calibre.
You are indeed very very lucky to have such an association with such a Divine Parent as you enjoy with Michael. He is an example of one always desiring to reach out and help, always desiring to guide someone to a higher awareness and understanding. With such a guiding light to follow, trust that this divine trait is also within you as you are a member of this divine family and as such have attributes of the whole. So knowing this as you do, it is easy to appreciate the natural association you might have with your Creator, this natural fluency you might enjoy, the parent and the child. Trust that this  ever increasing flow of love is the signature of your Divine Parents and that it is ever their desire to connect with you, to fellowship with you and to assist you should you so ask.
You have a number of routes to assist you, the greatest of which will be your absolute connection to your Indwelling Guide, your Fragment of The Father. Your part of the whole may assume this connection may allow such association to naturally occur and unfold. This represents the desire of your Divine Parents who are ever willing to join you in your citadel of spirit and fellowship with you and be in presence with you and this very act causes the expansion of your capacity. It brings you the ability to embrace greater truths and broader perspectives. Your capacity is ever increasing and enabling you to embrace all these things by the repeated effort and exercise to increase the capacity of your spirit muscle. I invite you to avail yourselves of the offers on the table you have had to employ such options as you have before you, to traverse these pathways and explore where spirit will lead. It has brought you here in your search and surely it will lead you to greater and greater truths and treasures of awareness.
There is the request for guidance regarding current political situations and of course these are matters that are your opportunities for growth and your chances to choose. What you are really asking is how do you choose what to do? By what meanings and what values are you making your choices in what the next step before you might be? I submit to you that you’re exercising your spirit muscle and you’re returning to this well of spirit where you’re providing an environment conducive to the process and you’re investing the time necessary to do this and the sincerity necessary to do this. The perspective that you are learning to adopt in relationship to any and all issues before you is being tweaked and elevated and your sense of righteousness and what is right and wrong is being challenged by the opportunities before you.
At all such junctures of wondering and attempting to understand, one must learn to employ the filter of divine values. The filter of love. It has been referred to as: What would love do in this circumstance? How would one apply love in this arena? How would one flood love into a channel that would have an impact? You are all sensing a distressing crumbling of your system at large and it shows up at these various junctures of opportunities that arise. The challenge is for you to change the system by submitting a new way conditioned with love that crowds out the old cumbersome, clunky, and inappropriate components of the system. In a very real sense you are at the juncture in society where you are spiritualizing the dynamic of your earthly experience and on your way to enlightenment there are many growing pains associated with encountering outdated systems and becoming frustrated with the way things are.
The challenge is not to feed that dog or to not buy into that energy, to not let it dictate your choices and influence your decision. It’s enough to know that the system is broken and needs corrected, one does not need to dwell on it and grow to hate it.  Even if it is righteous indignation, it is never right.  Therefore you must offer the opposite reaction, the reaction of a promise, a promising love of seeing goodness, of seeing grace manifest and of occupying your creative thought with only positive and uplifting ideas and to not waste any creative energy on fighting the old and struggling with releasing the past. Rather, bring the light, the light that you bring into the equation, the focus of love, the light easily dispels any darkness. Darkness simply cannot be in the presence of light and hatred and negativity simply cannot be in the presence of pure love. There is no room for it to exist.
Therefore your mission is to be the light and through this lens, through this objective that you have as bringer of the light, you will naturally draw to yourselves aspects that want to join your pursuit of the light. Any adversaries of the light will naturally dissipate without struggle and without force and with love, it’s easy. You know what to do and you know how to do it. If you answer every question before you with this lens and the parameters of ‘What would love do here?’ then the options are unlimited or rather limited only by your willingness. The light may manifest in any circumstance and may be directed and focused. In some of this I am preaching to the choir. Certainly you have experience in such matters but each time it is good to reflect on the basics, the basics being return to spirit, return to the council of your Divine Parents, return to the wisdom only gained through enlightenment of spirit which is only accomplished through the efforts of the student of spirit. So love is the answer no matter the question. Find a way to interpret what that looks like, how that would come to be, what would be needed to change the entire dynamic by applying love at this juncture and wield this as your greatest tool because you are invoking your creative prerogatives and what you choose, what you create, shall be.
I understand that there is a regular meeting scheduled. I will now make way for another to have access to this forum. I am very grateful for this opportunity as I sense you are as well and that is what I leave you with is a sense of gratitude and the peace that brings for what we share, even now. Thank you.
Inner Voice: I will show up as well, eager to keep our appointment. I am this one’s Inner Guide and at this juncture in this format I speak for the circuitry of the Inner Guides, all the Thought Adjusters present as well. The Thought Adjuster Circuit is the most magnificent creation. It is connected throughout all those who are endowed with this divine component. This represents a sturdy strand of the web that connects all of mankind. All the mortals ascending through time and space are bound together by this thread and as such, by virtue of this strong thread of connection, it means the circuitry is there, the circuitry exists to share among all Adjusters. This may become valuable and useful as working groups of individuals are led to come together based upon their attributes as discerned by their Inner Guides. If they are open to connection with their Inner Voice, then they may be en-circuited into the greater field of the Thought Adjuster Circuit and this represents a great asset to you in your eternal career.
There has been this new manifestation of spirit pressure applied and the directive to define and encourage the growth of this inner circuitry so that in this time of great circuit building one may ride the wave and build the circuitry to their Inner Voice wherein they may certainly find the answers they seek in spirit. This is the calling that we are responding to in being here now and exploring this direction that spirit is leading. Fortunately, you who are attending these classes and are aware of the structure to support this approach. You are all aware of your spirit component and its enduring nature. You are all aware that you also have an Onboard Partner as well. These levels of awareness provide for you to establish a network of connections as you so desire. Now that you are familiar with working in spirit, these different avenues of approach are available to you and these different circuitries that surround you in the web will become familiar to you as you explore them and as you venture down that strand of the web and see where it leads. The good tidings of this message of hope is what we are privileged to be able to offer at this time. This message of hope is bringing the light and is utilizing the filter for asking what love would do.
Your vehicle is even hard wired with a nervous system capable of sensing what is positive or negative in relationship to your vehicle and it can easily give you a gut feeling about something not being right. It can sense on your behalf the inappropirateness of relationship, where the energies are not compatible on a very physical plane. There is a need and a desire for time focused, light focused and energy brought to bear for the health and healing of some of the children of God. There is an opportunity before us to shine this light, to direct the focus, strengthen the beam and add more intention, more purpose because it is the collective desire to do so. Now is the time to enlist the aid and services of the Thought Adjuster Circuitry. If there is an individual with an individual energy signature, they are connected via Thought Adjuster Circuitry, therefore this call, this prayer for health and healing may be directed and channeled down the right course. That is the value of offering a destination, a name, an energy signature associated with that name. That places the call directly through your active engagement with your internal component and its combined circuitry.
I offer the name Allene and the desire to channel and focus this loving energy, this healing light through the circuitry and through her Inner Guide may this prayer be delivered. The circuitry is activated for you internally and individually and it is not required that the petition be vocal. Your contribution, your prayer may be offered and made anytime utilizing this same approach within, activating your spirit component and working in your trade of bringing the light. Make internal commitment to become a vehicle of the peace of your Divine Parents. Restate your commitment and pledge exercising your faith. So be it, your projections, your prayers, your offerings made through the instrument that is you have been received and embraced. Doubt not the power of working in spirit and engaging your creative abilities, the sensation of simply fellowshipping together and having formed this circuitry to allow and having been granted the grace and glory of connection.
The many opportunities which will arise before you simply represent the next chance for you to use your greater perspective, your overarching view of what the real dynamics involved are. Is it light or is it dark? Is it love or is it hate? Without hot you could not assess a meaning and a value to cold. So now your litmus test for making your choices may now be different and be affected by your guidance to always aim high, always go for the highest ideals, the most loving motivations and the grandest purpose. And that is what we are all engaged in who are in this circle at this time in this great and glorious mission that’s Michael’s mission, to en-circuit and enlighten his bestowal world, to bring it out of darkness in magnificence and to make it transformed from a darkened sphere of quarantine into a shining example of spiritual transformation, a crown jewel in all of his universes.
And this is what it looks like as it manifests in this day and time. The way forward is becoming more and more unsettled and the need for the new paths, the new methods, the new approaches is right where you come in. This is a matter that is on your plate and when in consideration of the issues before you, seek counsel from spirit, from divine source. You are connected, you have the circuitry installed, there is merely the operators choice to engage it and then the potentials may exponentially expand. I mention once again that I speak for all of your Internal Voices, your Divine Fragments as we are all connected and when I encourage you to establish a firm connectivity it represents enormous growth on your part to go where spirit is leading, to take the active steps to participate in the journey. But you are all here back in the citadel of spirit, back in the circuitry of love, back in the influence of divine values, that being in the presence of them increases the capacity to embrace and your capacities have all shown great growth in this process as I think you would agree.
So I’m sure you will join me in returning to gratitude, the expression of this feeling of belonging and association and the awareness that we are part of this enormous family, the family of man that becomes the family of spirit with the advent of this ingredient you are experiencing even now of time, absolutely required for you to assemble your energy signature, your characteristics and properties. But in this one short life of time experience you are cramming in so many opportunities to define yourself in contrast to all that is out there, all the elements represented, the hate, the love, the positive, the negative, the light, the dark. You are defined in relationship to these things, your position in the galaxy of stars is in relationship to those elements out there.
I stand in deep gratitude for this opportunity, this time spent in fellowship communing together. These exercises are an answer to prayers, a means to reflect back and perhaps offer some perspective. Thank you so very much for providing this opportunity for allowing the environment and all the factors necessary for this process to be facilitated. I now will resume my position as partner in this sojourn that we’re on. Having been granted the voice to activate in this process I now relinquish such privilege and offer my gratitude for all that has been accomplished. Until next time, good day to you all.
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