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Lightline Teleconference 2022-10-06

Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2022-10-06
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice 
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: We are in gratitude for the grace of this meeting, this fellowship, this experience, this connection we have, that we forged, made. Thanks to everybody for joining in this process here, of building this circuitry, building this circuit of spirit connection, extending each one of our thoughts and inspirarations into the formation of this circuit. By return back to this well, ready to receive guidance from on high, I recreate this environment conducive to returning to this well, to this sacred place, this place of fellowship, place of belonging, place of connection with family. I approach this arena in faith and extend myself to accommodate the process of exchange and I stand in gratitude for this connection, for this awakening. Let it be so, even now.
Machiventa: And as per your faithful contract, you are back in the classroom ringing the bell and by faithful contract, I return to join you once again as we explore the dimensions of your spiritual growth and the processes that are going on all around you. I am Machiventa returning to the classroom of my origin in this experiment upon us. This entire process is another in a never ending series of experiments, of trials and corrections, of opportunities chosen and expanded. It’s been such a pleasure to be with you in this process for as long as we have been associated because I have witnessed so much growth on your part, from the participants who have joined the circuit, who drink from this well.
I would like to pick up on your suggested line of thought and run with it. In my time, when I walked on your world, our world, those many years ago, we had no benefit of any form of the advanced communications that you enjoy in your life. We had to be close enough to be heard to have any communication by word of mouth, the power of the word. With this single raw power you can transform your world around you, you are powerful co-creators as you are learning and therefore you have the potential of eternal creation before you. In my day a song orator could change a kingdom, could break an alliance, could incite a war and this was all accomplished by the purposes of a single loud voice that offered a different way, a different perspective, a different approach that could then be chosen and change could happen.
This happened on a small scale and took generations to see much overall change because communication was so limited. In your world, as you walk this earth, your opportunities abound for communication. Your opportunity to use your voice has never been greater. Your voice may be directed in the manner of your choosing and no matter which direction you go with it, if you charge it, if you energize your creative prerogative, you will see results. The results may be entirely unpredicted or unpredictable but there will be results, there will be changes observable. That is the power of word which springs from the power of thought. This is where you may afford your direction, your purpose into your process. Thought is how you express your understanding of truth, your awareness of goodness, your grasp of beauty. It is your processing element necessary to put in order what it is you are seeing.
So thought is foundational, it is first. It is thought, word and deed as you well know. It is then important to be master of your thoughts and only expend your energy on that which you approve, that which you believe to be holy and righteous. Without a thought to do it your projection may be commandeered and steered in another direction. If it doesn’t have enough of its own purpose it may not stand in contrast to the rest. Thought is where creation begins, therefore, when one is considering this activity of creating, to condition the mechanism with divine meaning and values, to bring those to bear in the equation will ensure that your compass will point you in the right direction so you will easily be able to find your way. If you are seeking, all manner of help, as you will witness and testify, will be ushered to those who try. That is in essence why I am here now in response to your desire; your petition for assistance, your prayer for this connection makes it so. If this is so, then consider the power you might wield when you fire up your own grid of connection, your own grid of circuitry of spirit connection. When you create such an intention as that, all manner of divine assistance will flow as the purpose is pure, the prayer is worthy of an answer.
So I wholeheartedly support the notion of your considering going all the way back in your creative process and when you desire to wield your creative force, first still yourselves and know that within there is God. Seek to reach, seek to embrace this aspect of your being. Go there for your security, your answer and to lead you back home to your Divine Parents. This is a matter of your internal arrangement of thought, your internal assembling of your construct of working in this paradigm. Since it’s all created by virtue of your thoughts, make every attempt to not waste your thought energy, your potential capacity on unworthy thoughts, on lines of thinking which do not contain elements of truth, of beauty, of goodness as your measure of the holiness contained in the circumstance.
I bring you the contrast of having to work in an age where a man had to shout across a coliseum to be able to express the word, to express the thought behind the word. It had to be shouted from the rooftops and still look how powerful those words were, with what effects those words had. Now when your thoughts transposed into words are put forth you are able to distribute them widely and this brings a great deal of capacity to impact many, to be able to broadcast original thought far and wide, to be able to put your creative thought alongside others is now possible. Now your witnessing of your experience, your testimony, is available to others if you choose to share and it is contributed directly into the pool which is the wisdom of mankind.
This is a collective process and even so you have an individual role to play, and while most of the concern is for the impending change and its effect on your lives, the greater significant thing to concern yourself with is your personal spiritual standing, your personal spiritual growth. That is your only responsibility, that represents your task at hand and no one else can do that for you. So time best spent might be to go within, to get to the point where you can utilize your spirit component to access the other spirit components of your being such as your Inner Guide, your Spirit of Truth. These are available in spirit form only, therefore it is necessary for you to approach them with that aspect of your being.
But I preach to the choir. You all are well aware of these dynamics and that’s why you are here to practice, to once again return to the well and drink a cup of spirit because you can, because you are, because you do. So ponder as your week goes by the effects of your thoughts. Are they supporting your spiritual growth, your quest to find God, your seeking of your spirit and your soul to connect with your universe family? Guard that your thoughts do not become as weeds overgrown in your spirit garden, neglected to be trimmed and pruned and now are in need of being cleared out because they no longer are deemed worthy of being in such a sacred space as your internal spirit garden. Thought must be approved and allowed, both your thoughts that you project and the thoughts you allow and entertain in this precious processor of a mind. What are you putting in to the process? Is it wholesome, is it righteous, is it true, good, or beautiful? This must be the code by which you allow things in. You are building this citadel of spirit that is unassailable by virtue of your faith. Do not let any weeds inside the walls, any impure direction, unholy activities, and seek only to do the will of your Father in Heaven. Seek only to find God and be like Him, to return and embrace with your Divine Parents.
I stand in gratitude for this opportunity, this platform that is made available for this purpose. I realize that this represents an extension of faith that is stretching it at times but as you will witness there has always been the payoff, the reward, the success of extending the faith, of trying to reach for divinity and discover what that is. As your Master said: “Fear not, most of the things that you are deeply concerned and worried about shall never come to pass, shall certainly never impact your individual life, unless you let it in.” Unless you bring that stuff inside, then it will impact you. Then it will grow as weeds in your garden. It must be tended to, must be addressed or they get out of control. Start there with thought, what line of thought, how divine a thought pattern are you entertaining and if it does not stand the test of exhibiting truth, beauty, goodness or a combination thereof then it isn’t and it doesn’t and it’s not. And blessed are those who are familiar with these concepts and can make these assessments. Blessed are you to be here now in the activity of so doing and blessed am I to be here with you. I am sure you would all agree with me.
I understand that this platform is used by others and so I will honor that condition and bid you all a good evening and I thank you for bringing the inspiration of focusing on thought, always a good topic to entertain. Good day to you all.
Inner Voice: I will take up the podium. Once again, I am this one’s Inner Guide, his Inner Voice as he refers to me. I am his Onboard Partner. I have volunteered to be with him through this experience of his evolution as a spirit being and it is my contribution of the Divine Fragment that will combine with his purpose and lead us back to the First Source and Center and return us as one having had a unique experience derived from our unique time and space experience, an experience where a mortal of the realm, an animal creature having derived the benefit of mind also lives a life with an eternal aspect, eternal component of his being, a spirit aspect which endures long after the material components of mind and body are eliminated. Spirit is the only aspect that endures, that in fact is eternal if you so choose it. This partnership that is afforded to the evolving spirit being and the mortal and the Divine Fragment within, this partnership is an aspect of joining together the material component with the immortal enduring component so that the two combine and become one. This is ordained, as it were, by virtue of the fact that your Inner Guide has chosen, has volunteered, has signed up to partner with you to lead you back to God through this mortal existence being isolated from all things divine and having to find your Inner Divine Component in this state of darkness that you will endure.
The challenge in trying to associate between the two aspects of your being is that you as an evolving spirit within the mortal, are developing and building what is referred to as your eternal energy signature. This energetic signature defines who you are based upon what comprises you and all the things which have gone into making you. You are recognized as this energy signature. This is what is so special, unique, and purposeful about every one of God’s children as it were. Every single one contains an absolute and complete individual experience, even those having close experiences will never have an identical experience by virtue of their perspective. Therefore the value in all the different and combined perspectives brings all the parts together back to the whole, every possible experience and avenue of expression is returned to the First Source and Center and combined into the mosaic of this universal family of spirit that you belong to, that you are a part of.
If a mortal of the realm is fortunate enough to have a leap of awareness, that such is the case meaning that yes, this is how it happens, then one can avail yourselves of the ability to move forward in your spiritual growth knowing that you have a destiny of combining with a divine source, your Fragment of The Father bestowed to you so that you may return. This is the glory of the mission before you and if you can manage to function in awareness that this is so, you may activate different choices based upon this more long term perspective. This isn’t a process that is finished, this is an eternal spiritual career of development and each one, every one is a part, is connected and has a connection to the whole through this inner portal through which you may access.
But I am preaching to the choir about such realities, laying out the groundwork once again for the circuitry, the communications, the networking, the opportunities available when we can function in this capacity. Time will not impose on our process, we have all the time, as if time is a part of your future journey, you have all the time in this life to approach spirit, to find your connection, to embrace your Divine Parents and We are here to help. We are here to assist, this is our purpose, our function. So let it be so, it is your destiny, it is where you will be eventually and if it takes a number of incarnations to higher levels of spirit awareness, so be it. Nothing is lost and as it must be said, there is no hurry. This is a journey that is the destination, your trip down this approach towards your Divine Parents is your eternal journey to find them and it is full of experience and rewards and tests of faith and opportunities for choice. You will not be bored. As long as you keep choosing to seek, you will keep finding. As long as you are in motion you will be led. As long as you are extending your faith we will meet you there.
So I have expressed the support offered by all of the Indwelling Guides who are all in attendance around our circle, our circuit and as well is their circuitry involved and overlapping ours, their Thought Adjuster circuit is also a part of our configuration. You are in fact layered with spirit contributions that you perceive not but I am here to affirm for you that there is all the help you will ever need available now like never before. Your world is being reintroduced to the planetary circuitries after quarantine and now your system is being brought into the good graces of the universe and this means the reestablishment, the reopening or the construction of the circuitry to enable this connection.
This divine circuitry is being established even now. It has been at play for a long time but has not been accessed or emphasized as available to every mortal of the realm. Now the circuitry is being pumped up, is being augmented, the frequency is being raised, the intensity of the signal is now more discernible. Just as your neural network builds the connections for your brain to retrieve the information that you store, so does the universe build its spirit connections to establish communication and eventually this circuitry becomes tuned and is able to be received and contributed to and becomes a form of communication that is greater than any social network connection. Such spirit connection is not bound by time or space, is not conditioned by capacity except by the receiver, the capacity to receive the signal, to tune into the correct frequency, to turn the dial to the right position to receive spirit contact. In order to do this one must know that there is a position you can turn your dial to to receive spirit contact and any good receiver is of no worth if they do not maintain the mechanism, if they do not spend time in the stillness seeking for the answers, petitioning within where you find the answers. If this is not part of the program then the receiver is not at full capacity.
Now I have gone all the way back to stillness, back before even thought, before even creation, before even purpose. The preparation of the environment, the condition of the citadel of spirt, this falls to you, this is your task, to keep in order the sacred space, to revisit and recharge this space so that it’s there for you because you are there for it. So in that context, I offer the sincere appreciation from all the participants on our side of the veil to be welcomed into this arena of your making, this place of acceptance and welcoming of spirit influence. It was thought turned into word, made deed, and offered in faith and therefore it became a reality. This is the creative process and as was mentioned before, the challenge may become to stay focused with it, to not be distracted into its misuse or misdirection by constantly returning to the well, returning to the place of spirit connection where you receive your affirmation, you receive your confirmation that your direction, your pursuit is in fact the will of your Father, the will of your Divine Parents. This is what your Master was constantly consulting as He would go off by himself and seek solitude. He was going within to get His confirmation, to return to His Father Fragment within and consult.
You may do the same. This is the glory of your Master’s example, this is the significance of the life lived as Jesus. The example that was given to mankind was approachable and mortal and human, attainable and desirable. Along that realm you might consider adopting His desire to have individual personal ‘check-ins’ and make sure that you are still on the right track, receive the confirmation, the bidding of your Divine Parents. And all of my peers, my Inner Guides, are ever ready to assist you in any way you will allow. They will never usurp any aspect of your free will choice but they will support every decision you make, they will help you in any way you will allow them to contribute to your journey and now that you are aware of their presence and that they are sharing this journey with you in this mortal vehicle, you can seek to find them out. In the stillness is where you find them, with the intention, with the prayerful petition that it be so, is where you find us.
It’s where you find us as we have already found you and are awaiting your gesture in our direction. We have communicated, we have shared, you simply have not recognized my influence. I do not have, as you, an energy signature. We do not appear to you as a separate individual. We are going to benefit by your unique characteristics when we join and fuse as one and you will gain our divine characteristics and together we will create a magnificent experience to share with our Divine Parents as we return home on this journey of experience. It is our prayerful petitions as your Onboard Partners that you allow us some latitude and allow us the creative prerogative of your thought. Donate some of this precious activity towards us and create the means, execute your desire to make the method of connect in any way you may choose since you may just have a thought and that is all that is necessary, that and faith and carrying through. So, potentially consider the reality of the equation and let it sink into you. You have a divine connection, one issued to you directly so that you might return your part to the whole. Let that truly sink in and then exercise your creative option, formulate your idea of what you would do, like, choose, because it all starts with thought.
So be it. Thank you very much for this platform. Once again this experiment proves to be exciting and it may in fact overshadow the sensation of impending doom that feels pervasive among mankind right now. This new time must be heralded as a time of hope, a time of connection, a time of reestablishing the connection to who you are. This is good news and we are here at this time where so much is in flux that it may be directed, may be guided to settle into a new pattern of your choosing. Make it a good one, make it the highest version of goodness, of truth, and of beauty that you are aware of. Make that your contribution and nothing less. I take my leave now and offer my appreciation and my commitment to return at your request. Hold high the mission and the mission being your individual, personal spiritual growth, your eternal career laid out before you. Do not concern yourself with saving the world, it is not your task, is not your responsibility. Just make sure everything within your parameters meet up to the standards of truth, beauty, and goodness and have your own spirit garden be in order and that is what will save your world. Good day to you all, take care.
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