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Lightline Teleconference  2022-09-29

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-09-29
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I appreciate everybody joining around the circle, joining around the circuit. I invite you all to settle in and plug in to the energy field and become as one in our desire to commune in spirit. The greatest thanks is certainly for our Creators, our Divine Parents. Our experience springs through them, our lives are a tribute to them. Help us to feel the embrace of spirit as we come together through our desire to do so, our desire to be together. Let us make it so, even now.
Machiventa: I will respond to your call, I will walk through this door that you have just opened. Once again, I am Machiventa returning to the format that you so generously provide. I understand there are some lines of thought, lines of reason, lines of questioning available tonight to consider. One for restatement on the record was the notion that just as there is a scientific method, it makes sense that there would be a spirit based method and that there is the desire to have this more well defined. Of course the questioner provided the answer. There is a pattern to be adhered to in all realms and just as if you follow the processes of thought, you may bring yourself by virtue of your efforts of going through these processes to a place of expansion and greater awareness from which you then can make a wiser decision. Spirit knowledge is only attained by having spent the time pursuing it. That is the formula, that is the method, that is the ‘how to’ of the process of interpreting circumstance through the lens of spirit application, the lens of enhanced values, the lens of great empathy because spirit has the capacity to feel the significance of the issue. Spirit expands your perception of any given event. If brought into the equation, invariably meanings are found and values are displayed. Choices may then be made regarding the distinctions and this is growth, this is the game at hand.
And while, as mortals of the realm, you may have learned the value of adhering to the mind/thought method as the basis of coming to an understanding it is also true that many have sought clarification from on high as well and the process for doing that is internal, is personal and requires your personal energy and time and devotion to accomplish. Having some balance with your components and bringing spirit to bear in the equation and having a strong spiritual perspective brings you the strength to make decisions with the confidence and the clarity that only spirit conviction can bring. It is a tool that you have that may be exercised at will and I encourage you to become familiar with the magnitude of that leg of your stool. It is as significant as the others and it is equally necessary that it be nurtured and supported just as your other dimensions must be tended to, nurtured and supported. Seek some balance so that there is equal attention to the different dimensions of your being.
You know what to do and you know how to do it. You just aren’t sure that that’s all there is to it. And of course that’s not all there is to it but that is how you do it, how you have been doing it by investing in your spiritual growth, increasing your spiritual dimension, your capacities to contain even more awareness, even more truth, beauty and goodness. I suspect that you knew this all along but it is never inappropriate to go over some of the basics, even all the way back to the basic of your responsibility to the self and to taking the time in the stillness to honor yourself, offer yourself, establish yourself, ground yourself and touch the current of spirit, the current of love. Knowing such goodness, such beauty and such truth means all comparisons are easy to define as to their relevance. Keep returning to the highest of your values, the greatest of your truths and more will come to you. The pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness will certainly bring you great opportunities to be fruitful in your expression.
There was another referral for more clarification regarding the properties of light and in relation to Light and Life, the condition, the state, and once again we may make every attempt to describe to you the state of such spirit perfection but any use of language lacks the components necessary to clearly express some of the subtle differences which may only be felt as they are interpreted that way in spirit. Spirit has a frequency, a tone that causes a vibration, a feeling, an energy and this is sensed by the body as a frequency and it is also sensed by the spirit component as having an energy signature and perhaps, as per our thought stream, may even be sensed by virtue of the mechanical means of the scientific method. To describe a state of being there needs to be a reference. To know where you are in the universe you must have your relationship to all the stars to define exactly where you are. So it is with your spirit perspective. You need to know where you are in relationship to all the others in your spirit family, all the others created by our Divine Parents sharing this experience.
This state of evolution that you are currently engaged in, it seems so slow and tedious to you as you observe during one short lifetime the changes around you. If you impose over your perspective the long range view of your relationship of who you are and what your destiny is, then your perspective brings you a greater sense of awareness of your relationship to everything else. You become defined by the process of choosing how you act and react and you are discovering the significance of bringing in combined influences. Thought and spirit may be combined as useful components or parts of the equation. Once achievements are made on a developing world and demonstrated by virtue of being chosen and implemented that are of significant spiritual growth in calibre, when a state of awareness is achieved that all are integral in the process, all are part of the whole, that it is one big family of which you are a part, of which you are associated, of which you have connection to, you have relevance with, you are a piece of the whole and as such you have all the potential of the whole, you have all the inherent capacities of the whole.
And the state of Light and Life would be represented by the state of awareness that this is all so, that there is an overarching oneness, one God, one family. This would be the state wherein there has been an enlightenment, where they have seen the light, where they have felt the light directly and been changed by it. The light dispels the shadows and the darkness and reveals the truth. The light cleanses with such great authority by simply allowing no place for the darkness to exist. Light may be focused, it may be charged, it may be shared, it may be directed by intention. Light is the physical expression of its dimension. Spirit has no such reflection of its presence. The presence is felt between the individuals as the light may be felt by the participants. Light and Life are the two most basic components and perhaps the only two necessary to initiate life and to foster life. Such a state of awareness is at this point merely entertaining a thought, it is something to consider the ramifications of and how that would alter your experience. But for now you are in a state of needing to expand your awareness and of weaving together these different areas, these different components of your creative being and bringing to bear the influence of spirit as you so can and as you are so aware. You are practicing even now, you are showing your commitment to reach out and attempt to grasp things that have been outside your spirit range but are now within your grasp as you have expanded your capacities.
Thank you for the opportunity to field some questions, it always provides an easy route to go down a thought stream. I will take my leave at this time in observation of the schedule to share this forum with another. It has been my pleasure to try to choose the appropriate word symbols to confer to you thoughts on a different plane. The translation is the best I can do given the parameters of our arena. I hope that some of the attempts find their mark and look forward to joining you the next time you assemble and ring the school bell. Thanks again, farewell.
Inner Voice: Thank you, I am grateful indeed for this welcome, for this opportunity provided by my partner and associate and by Machiventa referring to my being next up. I am this one’s Inner Guide, Thought Adjuster, Mystery Monitor, Inner Voice. Any of these word symbols are adequate and appropriate for the task as the relationship cannot be more clearly defined than through the use of these word symbols. None of them can possibly describe the sensation, the feeling, the sense of connecting with spirit, the flush of goodness, the inspiration of connecting to a universal circuit of love which is connecting to God and this connection is the one I am here to assist you and us to make in the process.
I certainly am here to guide you along as we make our way through the different expansions, the different growth cycles to the various plateaus of achievement. As we spend the effort to gain these plateaus the effort is not required to physically follow a formula. The formula followed to achieve all of this growth is the personal individual effort spent. That is where faith is built, that is where your conviction arises, your trust in that which you have felt, that which you have sensed, that spirit family that you belong to and your spirit companions that you sense in spirit. You feel their presence, you register their energy signature in spirit. The mind is not the bigger component of the equation and sometimes the uncertainty of the mind must be challenged and overcome with the conviction of spirit. The uncertain unknowing mind may be an obstacle that has to be overcome by the influence of spirit, by the presence of spirit, the sense, the calmness of spirit, the peace of spirit.
As it turns out, the utilization of the spirit circuitry becomes the dominant sense. You are able to have so much more versatility, so much more room for growth and expansion of spirit. But this is where the majority of your work will be done. This material moving things about, rearranging things and changing things in time and space and causing things to change around you by application of physical force, this is a onetime experience, this being housed in the material vehicle limited by its material capacities. You are all becoming aware that this is not where you will reside for long and this is only your temporary address and as such, you can start building your path forward by strengthening your spirit connection, your spirit muscle, because it’s in this direction that we are headed. It will not be important ever again to so physically have to support yourselves, your vehicle, so much so that it demands your attention and your time and becomes the primary component of your being. It is not the eternal component of your being and that is what you all are now embracing.
This awareness expands your capacities. You now may move freely along your path of spirit progression with some peace and some conviction based on your faith that you’ve always been cared for by your Divine Parents and this never changes even when your form does. This brings the peace needed to relax into the journey and now before us we’re presented with the grand opportunity of the opening and re-opening of valuable circuitry which has been dormant. This has been brought to the table during our current experience and therefore it is our privilege, it is our honor, it is our gift of grace and opportunity to act as messengers of hope, messengers of faith and conviction that we have blessings bestowed which are manifesting and will bring us closer together than ever before. This is a gift from on high, an answer to the prayers of mankind, a means to connect to a higher source so that you may at will go through your spirit method. Seek the answers that you would find in this arena of spirit influence allowing that spirit will lead and it is our desire to follow where it leads.
There is an internal recognition, even now, between your Inner Guide and your distinct personal energy signature. There is an effort being made to bridge any gap and transcend any missing circuitry, to inspire the growth of this connection by active petition on high, by going to God. Your Inner Guide is happy to show you the way, happy to work with you in your journey and is even now accessing this available circuitry to get to you. If this is the circuitry at hand, then let it be the one used to offer you in tones you may register, that we are seeking you as you are seeking us. We know of your desire to approach and to find us. You are sensing our presence from the start, in fact, that is why we are so difficult to distinguish. Our presence has been alongside since you can remember. It is never seen as distinct and other than you but you are the observer, you are the first source and center of all that you create and I am here for you, for us. It brings great pleasure to access this opportunity to tell you this, to affirm for you that we have long since been sharing. We simply are attempting to forge a different circuitry, a stronger one as has been given by the Creators.
  It is only required that investment be made, energy be spent and devoted to the purpose. As you are aware in your physical life existence, things do not happen without effort to literally move them about. In spirit, things do not happen unless you are engaged, unless you are active, unless you are in motion. Then you may be guided and led and inspired. I assure you that we will be as one, we will come together in delightful union but there is journey before such grace. Currently our task is to come closer in our connection so that we may work more as one and unpack or unfold who we are becoming in the process. There is a great expression of gratitude that is being brought forward, a great joy and appreciation and gratitude for this entire experience, this opportunity to come together and share in this way. The gratitude is profound from all the Inner Guides, all the Thought Adjusters considering how lucky they are, how lucky we are to be involved with such dedicated souls. As we embark on such a spirit based journey together it is with profound joy and gratitude that we stand.
Go now with God and with your Fragment Within and establish your relationship to this connection, to The Father through the Divine Spark. Peace be upon you and I will join you again, to commune in this way again, to return to this well of spirit, this frequency we share, this vibration we create. So be it, good day to you all, farewell.
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