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Lightline Teleconference 2022-11-03

Lightline Teleconference  2022-11-03
Teacher: Michael, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Divine Parents, we welcome you as the unseen spirit friends we refer to who will join us, who will come and be with us and fellowship with us. We seek this embrace of spirit. We seek this presence of truth, beauty, and goodness that we feel. We come back to this well for another cup of this love. So be it.
Michael: I greet you my dear ones. I am Michael here to fellowship with you, as you say, and in response to the request proposed that we discuss about the influence of love in your life equations. All of you who have come to know me know that my mission was to represent the love of The Father in Heaven, to represent this truth and this reality. This value of love was my mission to show the world and this mission was accomplished by virtue of my willingness to constantly seek the spirit path of greatest value, of highest meaning, and greatest purpose. It is with the use of this force which you are entitled to as well, that you may choose to actively interfere with pre-wired, pre-recorded patterns which are often times triggered and replayed in response to similar circumstance and largely have become inappropriate now that you have changed, now that you have grown in spirit, now that you have felt the love that we are spreading on behalf of The Father. 
Your responses to previous incidents need to be modified in accordance with your current awareness, your current level of growth and evolution. It takes some strength of character to take such an active role in your responding to circumstance as to reevaluate your position based upon your greater awareness; and rather than respond as was done before, as a rather knee jerk reaction, to slow down the process and take control of the influence of direction with the interjecting of this love force and then to see what love would do, which way would love urge you to go. What is your interpretation of the will of your Father in Heaven? What is your version of what that would look like in this circumstance?
If every circumstance was looked at through an enhanced lens of spirit awareness, then every circumstance would be infused with this perspective, infused and colored with this ingredient which conditions and modifies and changes as is the Will of The Father. And as well it may be your will. This is where your choice of direction becomes so integral to this entire process. It is an important aspect and component for you to discern the greatest truth and the highest values contained in any circumstance but then it is your honor and your privilege to make a new choice, make a fresh choice that reflects your current values. Make a choice that is appropriate for the currant circumstance rather than a choice that may have been appropriate for a previous circumstance but lacked the awareness and perspective necessary to bring in greater truths and values that may now be introduced at your command.
Oftentimes circumstances arise due to pressure applied and then you are confronted with choosing how to react. Such pressure provides you with your current opportunity at hand and another opportunity to choose or another opportunity to respond to the universal request for you to choose. To consistently relax into the comfort of the wavelength of spirit and love allows you to constantly maintain connections with this life force and it is your privilege to be the ones here with boots on the ground being confronted with choices to make and, in the process, having an opportunity to determine with how much love your choices will be made, with how much compassion, how much peace, how much grace. These are some reflections on the choices and those choices reflect your level of awareness, your spirit saturation.
It brings me great pleasure to be able to come among you and speak of these truths, to speak of these conditions in your experiences that are prompting you to ask for guidance and questions. It is always my pleasure to be granted the opportunity to respond and to see how much love I can respond with, how much influence I might have with my response conditioned in love. I trust this connection I offer is well received and is furnishing this circuit of love to be shared and used in service. That is my privilege and is my grace to offer as I have attempted to do with my demonstration of The Father’s love in mortal form.
You are all my dear children in whom I am well pleased. I desire that you know that to the core of your being, that you are loved by your Divine Parents and cherished as a unique member of our spirit family. These are the messages I would comfort you with: you are known, you are loved, even cherished by the likes of your Creators. Go in faith that this is so and that as your birthright you have this connection, you have this belonging. I wish to affirm that for you beyond any shadow of doubt you may have. Even now I embrace you. Fear not my dear ones, these are only choices and life experiences. They are not a threat, they are an opportunity. I bid you take these opportunities for what they are, not obstacles to overcome but challenges to strengthen your faith.  Above all, my message would always be – what would love do? That’s what I attempted to do and that’s what you attempt to do. Express it in form, manifest it in intention and become it as you wish. 
I now leave you with my peace. Be as kind as possible as you make allowance for the great differences between you. Your approaches are different necessarily because they are seen from different perspectives. They are each valid. It is simply for you to choose or choose not these different perspectives but take great care not to make enemies simply because there are differences in perspectives and opinions. Such differences are minute compared to the similarities of the brotherhood of man and the goals and desires and needs of man are all shared. The ideas of how to manifest truths and form reality differ greatly but all members of the family are cherished, all members deserve the same respect and love. Even if they are radically different than you, they are equally cherished by me. I ask that you grant them the same love and respect and allow their view of reality to exist side by side. Allow them to live their truth and the results of their choices. There need not be force and struggle involved in the process. 
There is a natural growth that occurs and no need to do battle with the different forces. That is merely bringing more pain as a solution to the pain that has already been caused. Indeed, that cycle needs to be broken and I point out that you are the ones to break it. You are the ones that know it even exists and needs to be broken or have an idea about a different approach. This is your time as you are the ones who are in the flesh and that must demonstrate the Father’s love. You are the ones who can reflect this love through your instrument. You are the ones that are privileged enough to have a firm grasp on this connection. So I encourage you to be bold and to shine your light so as to illuminate the darkness and show the way by example, by becoming the way as I did and as you are. It’s such a grand adventure that is just beginning and even so we’re able to discuss such depth of awareness. It brings me great joy to have this experience with you. It’s exceedingly rewarding for the efforts that have been put forward to make it so. 
And now I would bid you all to go with God, go with peace, go with love and share this gift of grace we have had even now with any who will have it. Become the portal through which another can gain the insight of your experience. Become the bridge between the gap for people because you will demonstrate your faith, demonstrate your truths and your reality in your lives and in your mission to be of service. Do this for me, do this even in my name as I do this for The Father. In this way our connection is even greater. I will be more than ready to assist. I invite you to let it be so. My love I leave with you, my peace I leave so that you may take it with you and share it. Be in peace, farewell. 
Jonathan: Friends, this is Jonathan. I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to quickly reaffirm my connection, my presence within this circle of light. I can’t help but come around when I see all the light beings gather and devote themselves to encountering in spirit. This is indeed a rare opportunity provided and I recognize the magnitude of this circumstance.
In consideration of Michael’s message and the previous dialog and as one who, like Michael, has had experience of human nature such as referred to, I am triggered to respond to this line of inquiry by mirroring the previously offered suggestion that the little vicissitudes in life, the challenges particularly between different individuals, are a constant source of growth. Many times it may feel as such growth is forced upon you by the advent of some circumstance with another and such external circumstances become the focus of such contempt that they present a great obstacle in coming to any resolution or equitable solution to the problem when the circumstance is so charged with emotion, the emotion of discontent, the emotion of dissatisfaction, disapproval, even hate. 
Those factors, if allowed to fester in the equation may turn into the problem itself. If you are forced to navigate with the feelings or hurt feelings of others in addition to the circumstance or problem at hand, the original problem is only one part of the equation. The attitude about the problem may be the problem, and therefore those interested in managing some control over their inner environment may come to discover that their reaction may in fact be a part of the problem and that this is a matter of choice, is a matter of choosing to sponsor whatever reaction you choose. There is the moment, the fulcrum moment where things can go entirely differently, when an approach may be found that is win/win all the way around. When the attitude towards and the feelings about the circumstance are allowed to flourish, then the problem at hand may become lost in the shuffle. 
That is why one would prefer to seek a different vantage point. If the only vantage point you have to offer and use and respond with has been conditioned in the past then one needs to rethink how to respond to new circumstances without dragging old patterns, old responses and old recordings into the equation. So how can you resolve an issue if you bring so much resistance to the equation, so much dissatisfaction, so much disapproval? Rather go for the spirit approach: What would love do? and love would certainly bring in kindness and compassion. Love would certainly introduce forgiveness. Certain realities are expressed with love which are clear and definite and true and good.
Go with the consultation of spirit. What would love do? What would the cry of love be? What would the cry for love sound like? Through the lens of love your answers will be elevated and will have higher meaning and higher values. Make every attempt to separate emotion and hurt feelings from any problems at hand. The stumbling blocks of tone of voice or of delivery may be one of the greatest mortal challenges: how to communicate without offending and also with being understood as well as adequately expressing your intention. This remains your lifelong challenge, to find a way with words to not only describe and define what it is you are attempting to define, but as well using the appropriate mode of delivery so as to be compatible and integral to the equation. Words and statements are difficult to use when trying to talk about spiritual values but nevertheless is the challenge of the mortals of the realm to use words, language, sound and to communicate to attempt to understand and share and grow. 
Seems like a simple enough plan but I assure you I am quite aware of the magnitude of this undertaking and so I applaud your efforts at always wanting to refine your approach and your technique and being willing to check in with spirit. You are on the right track with all of that and it gets easier as you are spiritualized and as you become more spirit. It’s a pleasure to join you guys tonight. You are my local family as we are all part of the family of Michael and Mother Spirit. I stand with you in gratitude for this and appreciation for this magnificent gift of grace, this experience of being. Happy choosing ahead. Remember, each one is the gift of choice, even though they may feel thrust upon you and you may feel that you are made to make these choices. In reality, you are gifted with the chance and an opportunity to grow. Enjoy the ride my friends, take care, bye now.
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