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Lightline Teleconference, 2022-11-10

Lightline Teleconference  2022-11-10
Teacher: Jonathan, Michael, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Jonathan: Good evening my friends, it’s your friend Jonathan here. I felt the invitation to join you this evening as we can pass around this notion of seeking and finding and choosing and becoming the divine energy which we will call love. Truly this is the key that everyone seeks in their efforts to find their spirit connection. To find your place in the universe as a spirit being you are attempting to lock on to this homing signal and to follow where spirit leads in the direction of your ascension and in the direction of your Divine Parents.
This journey of discovery is what your entire experience is designed to bring you.This seeking and searching brings you the recognition, the finding and the embracing of that which you find. This is how you grow your soul as you move forward and each choice you make brings you in the direction of your choosing. So it becomes important to navigate your choices wisely because you will go in the direction of your choosing regardless of its values or meanings. As a developing spirit being it is your gift of grace to be granted the choices, the many choices along the way wherein choosing you define your grasp of meanings and values and more and more you are choosing to charge your choices and decisions with more and more spirit value which is exactly how you become the very energy you seek. Become a part of this field of energy because you choose to and it is your birthright as you are a member of the family of man as well as the spirit family of God.
The simple realization in one mortal life that this is your destiny, this is your direction, your purpose and your destination and when coming to the realization that this is so, you may very well feel as you have been saved, saved from the darkness of mortal living, saved from the finite capacity of mortal flesh, saved from the imminent death of the organism. You are saved from all these mortal experiences when you choose to become spiritualized beings. When you choose to follow this divine frequency of energy that you are seeking by whatever means are available to you, surely your prayers are answered, surely your petitions to be of service are registered and surely your desire to find The Father and do His will are duly recognized in your life choices and in your actions and in the demonstration of faith that you offer.
You are learning that this process is addictive and is attractive, deeply attractive to your essence within as the part recognizes the whole and feels some connection, some association with the whole and it is charged with the capacity of the whole. So much goodness, so much beauty, so much truth all come together to illustrate the divine nature and characteristics that are love manifest and you are the instrument of such peace and such grace, the one with the voice to use words, the one with the ability to make connection and spread words of encouragement. The choices before you run deep and you will never succeed in fulfilling all of your desires to be of service and to work on your spiritual growth. These are the urges of spirit that illustrate that you are in fact on the right path and headed in the right direction. This desire to pursue a relationship with this divine frequency insures your success and your subsequent capacities to become an instrument as you so desire. The magnificence of this field of love is that when shared, it multiplies. Just as many many candles may be lit from the flame of one, so many contributions may be made through a single light source, a single beacon of light that may attract those who are seeking the guidance of the light. 
From my perspective just on the other side of the wall, I see the massive growth that has transpired just among the members of this group. The results of your efforts of seeking are most certainly paying off as I’m sure you would witness and the road before you is wide open for you to traverse and journey. Your compass heading is true and accurate. You are following the guidance that you are seeking and your arrival, your success in your journey, is only a matter of time. And if that is so then making the most of the time would be the game at hand. Knowing it is limited, one is driven to take advantage of what time you have, to not simply let the opportunity slip by because all things come to pass and opportunities are no different.
It is such an honor to work with you as we do even now, together again because we can, because we choose this avenue and accept this gift of grace. So be it, it has been a joy to many to have established this connection and maintain it throughout the changes of time. I bring my love to you all and my respect for your diligence at keeping the fires burning, keeping the flames of truth, of beauty, of goodness, burning bright because you choose to do so, a gift to your Divine Parents and well received. I bid you all good day and a good journey until we meet again, farewell. 
Michael: I greet you all my dear ones. I am one of your Divine Parents as you refer, your Father in the local universe but as well I share with you a relationship as one of you, as a brother as well as a Divine Personality. This dynamic provides us with great opportunity as you may approach me from different angles. You may come to me as the Father who is so well pleased in you and ever ready to assist you in your growth process. You may also approach me as your brother, even as your friend for I have been in your shoes and I have attempted to be the instrument to show you this current of love, this divine energy that influences all life.
This circuitry of love that I have attempted to share is likewise available to you to partake of, to choose and to become through your choice to do so. And becoming part of this field of energy brings you the connection to the greater circuit, the connection to all that is. Your inner urges are ever prompting you to get closer to, to come in proximity to, to become associated with and to come near this divine energy of love. It is so attractive that it begs your consideration because when you experience this flush of connection, this sense of belonging and combining with the whole then that is your destiny as the part that you represent.
Your seeking this circuit of love has brought you here where you are finding it, you are brushing up against it and sensing it, even choosing it and even becoming it. The desires you feel to be of service are registered as your desire to be of service to me, to The Father, to your Divine Parents and as such a request of sincere believers is made, the opportunities are presented for you to exercise these new choices and see what the ramifications are of each choice. This is how you build your library of experience and the fact that you are attempting to find this energy, to find me, to find your Divine Parents as an expression of this energy, is the grand gift you give to us. Your free will choice to seek us and to find us and to seek The Father is the greatest gift we may ever receive. Having provided this enormous opportunity, it is so rewarding to see it coming to fruition and to see the attractive powers of love rule and dominate as the superior choice. 
The energetic field may be one, however the expressions are infinite, each one expressing their awareness and understanding, their relationship to divine truths, their understanding of their composition and the relationship of the part to the whole. This love energy fragments out into innumerable expressions that are influenced by the many prisms of mortal life, each mortal experience has a different lens onto each individual circumstance. No two observers may have the same experience, therefore all have a valid viewpoint albeit necessarily incomplete and therefore inaccurate but if the search always continues by your heading of seeking this divine energy, this divine love source and tapping into it, becoming it and sharing it then this is your birthright. This enables you to express your awareness and understanding and manifest your version of love, your rendition of peace.
This you do for me, for us, these are your gifts to us. As the results of your efforts have brought such growth, we are very grateful for this display of growth and more importantly, the display of your desire to seek what is God, what is love, what is The Father above and who are the numerous Divine Parents. I am confident that you here today have chosen to follow me as I have attempted to show you the way to The Father. Do not lose the grasp on your efforts to move forward. Hold on to your objectives to be about this business of enlightenment, of spiritual growth that transcends all mortal accomplishments. Such is your destiny and it is such a pleasure to watch as it unfolds before us, even now. 
Go in peace and go with my love, go with our love, go with the love of The Father, go with the love of the cast of Divine Parents who watch over you and care for you deeply. I wish you peace, I pray you take this from me, even now, and I pray you feel the embrace and the connection of family members greeting each other. This is my prayer, that you embrace this expression of my love, even now. So be it, be of good cheer. We are together throughout so be of good cheer and be in faith, even be a force of love, a sponsor of goodness, a promoter of truth and an advocate of beauty. These are the characteristics to illuminate your way. I leave my love with you. 
Inner Voice: I accept the opportunity granted to join you once again and to be granted the voice as an act of service and an act of grace. I accept this and offer my services at the scheduled meetings. As the Voice Within or the Inner Guide, my role is typically quite recessive, that is, while I am your Onboard Partner I am largely in the back seat, along for the ride but not an active part of engaging with life. You are the one who chooses our destination and who decides which route we will go to get there. I am ever in support of your decisions, particularly those that bear the influence of divine energy or of love force. When your choices are flavored with this influence of love, then they are surely leading you in the direction of more love. This energetic field gathers to itself and is available to be tapped into and utilized.
Your efforts to explore these avenues of approach are destined to meet with success as the universe will work with you if you are in motion to be guided and directed. Tonight’s discussion on the search for the most divine energy, the energetic force of love that brings life itself through the very choice of the creator. This grand force throughout all the universe welcomes a response from you, one of the parts of the whole that hears the tone and desires to get closer to the signal, to feel more of the vibration and to sense more of the frequency. Your seeking has brought you here to this arena of safety where you may feel welcome and at ease to experiment and express freely. 
It is not near as important in ones ascension career to constantly make active progress in growth as it is to have the internal desire so strong as to make the success inevitable. Such is the case with such enthusiastic pursuit of spirit and connection. Such pursuits meet with certain rewards as the individuals involved have been guided and have allowed for such guidance. Such is the gift of guidance. In trust if one chooses to repeatedly seek the guidance, then they will most certainly find it. Your Inner Guide is actively pursuing your connection. There is energy being supplied to enhance and further connection, to grow stronger connections and closer connections.
It is the will of The Father in Heaven that the family of man come together with even greater connection involving accepting and embracing layers and layers of connectivity through the many circuits that surround you. As we learn to adjust the receivers to get a better signal, we’re developing and defining this process. Having gathered this experience of this process in motion, we may stand as representatives or guides to others who have yet to have such experiences and importantly, we add the contribution of our unique experience to the tapestry that is the expression of the whole. Our contribution is unique and cherished as are all contributions for they represent an aspect, a part of the whole, a piece of the mosaic.
Thank you for providing this opportunity for referencing such thought patterns and to be able to have voice to express and consider. You have provided all the conditions for the environment for this to occur and it is a great honor to your commitment to go where spirit will lead you, that you have arrived at this place. We will continue our growth and together document this experience so that we may gift it to the Creator as our contribution to the whole. It will be so, it is so, even now. I join your Master in bidding you to be of good cheer. That is another choice that may be exercised, may be chosen and may prove to change the environment of your operation and therefore be more conducive to growth. So be it. I now will step back and relinquish this voice. I stand in gratitude, thank you, farewell.
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