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Lightline Teleconference, 2022-11-17

Lightline Teleconference  2022-11-17
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I am grateful for this opportunity to be an instrument of the peace for our Divine Parents and for those we have come to know in this process, not just know of in this process, and those we have developed a relationship with and have come together to create such a relationship. Thank you for the glory of these connections. Let it be so, even now.
Machiventa: I am happy to join you once again, I am Machiventa, pleased to be back in the classroom. It is always interesting to observe the thought patterns projected around those getting together to share the spirit experience. This experience of joining and associating in spirit is a great aspect in the stories that you are recording so that you may become the version of your Divine Parent’s love in unique form as you portray your awareness and your embrace of spirit. These chapters that you are writing about your experiences are forcing you to describe aspects which are ethereal and which lack a sense of form that may be described or perceived with the senses.
By changing your focus and being willing to move from the material plane to the ethereal plane, you discover that you’re equally at home there, even more so because the limitations of the flesh are not near so oppressive. When you enjoy meetings like this where you arrive in preparation to conduct yourselves in spirit and to project yourself in spirit, to receive the projection of others in spirit and to allow for this connection and circuitry to function and provide you with its service of establishing you as connected, the choice to activate these different circuits is easily accomplished in spirit. It is more difficult to make such connections in the real world of sounds, signals, vibrations and translations. Spirit awareness, spirit truth, is accomplished on an internal wavelength more like a download as a whole, complete, presented in form to be digested and incorporated.
Energy spent in choosing to connect to your various avenues is energy spent exploring your dimension or exploring the depth of your character. This is determined by the combination of your story and your ability to transcend your awareness into a greater state. As you are seen to be about this business of seeking for where spirit will lead you next, invariably you are brought to new horizons and new things which must be described and be recorded in your stories. They must be enhanced by the grace of divine wisdom because you have made this a part of your process, a part of your awareness. This conditioning of your inner environment allows you the flexibility to change your focus and try exploring another avenue of approach.
One of the most significant and useful tools you have at your disposal, as has been discussed, is this circuitry of the Thought Adjusters, for just as you all are gathered here around this circle, so too are all of the attendant Adjusters present around this circle and they bring with them their circuitry which connects all. To work in coordination with these spirit guides and to use the influence of their circuitry to send energy to individuals is a choice that you have before you or an option that you may choose. This represents the power of your creative thought and your birthright as a child of Creators. This you may wield at your command and if you pursue this in your spirit capacity and your energy is directed and guided to support your vision then all manner of divine assistance may be rendered when you are in the act of service and in the line up to be an instrument of peace. Such is your gift of grace at this time, to now trumpet your sound as the instrument of peace that you would be, that you are and that you accept that you are, and bring focus to your ideas and then bring divine principles and turn your ideas into ideals.
This is the opportunity you find immediately before you and there is no escaping from participating in the evolving change. It is far more effective to attempt to roll with the wave and ride it out than it is to resist the change and attempt to hold fast to old positions only to be knocked over by the force of change. So consider what your story will be, what you will bring home to share with those who have given you life. How will you honor their gift of grace and what will you choose to do along the way as your expression of your awareness of their grace? While your eternal career and journey lay before you, the foundations that you lay now in developing your faith and in turning to spirit, in developing these connections and spending time maintaining them, bring areas of great growth and the fruits of this growth are even now well evident. Always go with God, go with love. Always seek to determine what that means in each and every given circumstance and what that would look like and petition for guidance. Seek the higher way and be willing to find it in the process and then write your story accordingly.
I appreciate this opportunity again to join you and fellowship with you, to share meaning and values through the vibrations and tones and use of word symbols and to share these tones and frequencies together, to join and come to this place and share. This is a great opportunity and I am so honored and graced to be invited to join. I now step aside to allow for others in this process. Good day to you all. 
Inner Voice: I am pleased to be given the instrument of this voice for this purpose. I am this one’s Inner Guide, representative Thought Adjuster and as well I bring my team as we are all connected. This talk about creating your story, writing your story, passing on your experience in story, witnessing your encounters in a form which is approachable for a human to human exchange which is relatable and therefore finds a place in the heart of man, from a place in your heart to a place in theirs, when expressed as a fellow human, as a fellow mortal of the realm, such experience may be shared, may be offered and may be witnessed to another as your testimony of experience or your story of your journey.
This sharing from individual to individual is so foundational to the acceptance and embracing of these unusual encounters that you are attempting to refer to in this process. Trust that the words you choose will get the job done. Ask for guidance from your Indwelling Guide and then, in faith, receive that guidance and choose to act upon this new flash of inspiration. All of this enormous work and movement and change and focus is all done in spirit through the spirit connection. There may be mind involved in making the choices along the way but anything of spirit value is what survives.
I understand that there are targets available for implementing the process of the projection of divine energy through this circuitry just discussed wherein all members are connected and wherein you may direct your intention through the circuitry to your desired target and if you do this work in spirit, if you coordinate with your Thought Adjuster and if this represents your soul choice then you have indeed done great work all within your Inner Being, your enduring component. Such is the important work at hand. I invite you to come to attention as a group and charge this circuitry, to choose it, to charge it, to activate it and to become part of it.
Then having summoned the troops and put forward your petition, in this case, choose to send a pulse of love healing energy out along the circuitry to the destination of your choosing or the individual of your choice. They are as connected as you are and in this circuitry they receive from you your intention, your act of love. Let your friends Kirk, Aarow and Allene visualize the connection of this circuitry. Bring into your awareness the energy signatures of the individuals and submit your petition to send them love, to send them a message from you that they are connected, they are loved by you and by their Divine Parents. Send this pulse out projected from your being. Send this message over the circuitry. Infuse the circuitry with goodness and ask for assistance, ask for the ability to work more closely together. Petition your Divine Parents to usher you further into the arms of spirit and as well, petition for your own ability to embrace your own capacity to be increased and your own willingness and acceptance to be changed. All of these influences represent your contribution, your vision of what change will look like. 
Remember always that your mission while on earth in mortal form is to collect as much experience to yourself as is possible about this mortal career, but the real project at hand is the building of your soul and its eternal career. This is an obligation, a gift of grace that falls to you. There will be all the opportunities, all the circumstances necessary for the choices that you need to make along the way but your growth and development as a spirit being requires your attendance, your maintenance to the process, the return to quietness, the return to stillness as a means to stay tethered, to stay grounded, to stay attached to reality.
Mind your precious resources, that is, your time. Realizing that this is finite, one should be careful to avoid wasting any of it, that is, going in unproductive directions to your soul growth. This is also however how you gain much experience so it could be said there is no waste of time. If it brings you experience and if it helps you to have a better story, then it was good, right, and appropriate. If however it leads you astray from the path of choosing spirit then it may need to be reexamined as appropriate in light of your choosing to follow where spirit may lead. I assure you there has been a transfer and there has been a charge in the circuitry and the points of connection have been realized. This is because you choose to make it so. Now, you created the reality of this truth. You have created a gift for your Divine Parents as you play your song through the instrument of your being. 
What a joy it is to see this exchange with so much love involved and so much divine energy that is recognizable as love. Precious is the time you have in this dimension to make your choices so be of good cheer and indulge in your birthright as a member of your divine family. Choose to connect your part to the whole through the portal provided of your divine companion. This is an option for you to choose. It has been an extreme delight to share this energy with you and to fellowship with you on this plane, to discuss and wield potentials that are only available in spirit form to your spirit component. That is where the eternal growth occurs. That is where the permanent aspect of your being resides. That is where you will find your companion, your Inner Guide. Let it be so. As you seek surely you will find, as you will witness in your own stories. Let us be about this opportunity to spread such good news as you have heard, as you have heard the calling, as you perceive the message, as you feel the direction, as you extend yourself in faith to find it. Take with you the conviction of your belonging and the connection of your piece to the whole and as such the expectation of the characteristics of the whole.
I stand in gratitude for this opportunity and dare look forward to the next time because of your faith and because of your willingness to make this opportunity available. Thank you so much for this gift. I leave you for now and look forward to joining you again on this frequency, to share this tone and experience the sensation of the commingling of spirit and the coordination of energies, the energies of creation. Farewell until next time.
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