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NET-PMG #45, A long-term perspective, Now the Good News, Knowing what to do

2022-11-28, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #45, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #45 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at:  Group = NET-PMG)

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


A long-term perspective

Now the Good News

Knowing what to do

Our planet’s mission

Spiritual hunger

The Good News


There is a plan

The Swiss system of democracy

Conditions and advice for after the collapse

Hope springs eternal

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


A long-term perspective

Machiventa: Good morning.

MM: Good day. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I thank you for being here today and welcome you to another session of the Planetary Managers Group. You are all mortals. We have others who are celestials who are listening in of course as they are learning from these sessions as well. This is an experiential process for them, for myself, for you, and for everyone concerned. We are learning as we go along. We realize, as we have observed the last seven years of your nation’s tumultuous times since 2015, that your world has changed greatly. It has become more disintegrated. It has become more chaotic with more egoistic personalities who occupy positions of great power who are disrupting the normal lives of ordinary loving individuals. You know, and we know, that this is not going to end well for the world—for the population of Earth regardless of what nation they live in.

Today we want to give you a larger-than-life perspective of your situation in the world. Your species began, according to your scientists, approximately 200,000 years ago, and the organizational matrix of your civilization 20,000 years ago was just beginning. That has grown, and grown, and grown to now dominate the world. And this includes large mega-corporations, governments, and millions of other organizations around the world. It is this organizational matrix that holds your civilization together. It combines the interests of individuals with the interests of organizations to make a profit and by cooperation, coordination, and mutual concerns that integration continues to become stronger. You see now that your world is fully occupied by 8 billion people and approximately 200 nations. Nations do not exist too well in close proximity to each other.

Now, when the organizational matrix of your civilization began 20,000 years ago, there was not a global Council. There was not a group of people who said, “Gosh, I can see what’s going to happen. We’re going to occupy the world, and how are we going to do that?” You see, no one asked those questions. I think I’ve alluded to or mentioned before that if you’re going to start a corporation, a company—whether it’s a sole proprietorship or whether you’re going to do your own IPO for $20 billion or $50 billion with a bank and a group of banking people—you would want to present your credentials, what you’re going to do, and how you’re going to hold your organization together. They would want to know what your intention is for this IPO, for the use of the money, and what is the philosophy you have about profits, making income from customers, and so on? And then, of course, the bank would want to know what missions you are going to use these for.

Let’s set that aside for a moment and just briefly mention the cryptocurrency debacle that has become a conflagration of currencies around the world, and banks and so on that got into cryptocurrencies—FTX and the leader of that. Now, you should be scratching your head, people, asking whether they had a vision for crypto FTX particularly. This One does not remember the founder’s name, the young man with fuzzy hair. I chuckle because that also would include in past times very intelligent scientists. Nonetheless, you would want to know what he was thinking, what was the vision for his crypto enterprise, what the intentions were for it, and if he had an operating philosophy. How was he going to apply this equitably for everyone concerned? And particularly the banks would want to know what he was going to do to protect those interests, those assets to ensure that they would be available in one form or another for repayment just in case crypto went belly up.

Okay, enough of that, you know what happened with that. So, we are in the same consideration now, with the global population and civilization of your Urantia as an equal vision of FTX and the cryptocurrency. You see, your planet never did have a plan for its civilization. It was missing because it is a decimal planet. Christ Michael knew that this planet would need to become a Learning and Teaching instrument for the rest of Nebadon—things to do and things not to do. You also know from The Urantia Book that nine tenths of all planets do have a planetary plan for the civilization and for the development of civilization from the very beginning to the Days of Light and Life and the settlement of the whole planet.

Now you say, “Well, that’s awfully wonderful for them, but for us, we’re in deep trouble.” And that is where the Planetary Management Group comes in. That’s where the Planetary Manager (myself) comes in. That’s where Christ Michael has provided for our presence here, for the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission, and the Correcting Time. The purpose and intention of the Correcting Time is to give your planet a distinct vision for its existence, a distinct intention for its existence, and an operating philosophy that will carry the planet and the civilization through until the closing times of the Days of Light and Light of the whole planet.

Now you see, we are one of the missions, and the objective in our mission here is to get the participants strapped in, buckled up, and ready to go down the road of progress rather rapidly. The problem that we will be overcoming with you is how to overcome the crash that is obviously going to occur on your planet before too many more years pass, that results in the collapse of your civilization. Given the history of the management of your planet and the disruption of that management plan by the miscreants Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia, your world is inevitably headed for a collapse—a significant worldwide collapse of major proportions.

Now the Good News

Now, the good news is that, yes, the contingency plan—Christ Michael’s Correcting Time—has a plan which we are bringing into existence called the Correcting Time. How do we recover your civilization and the organizational matrix? I know that I have shared this with you before but there’s no going back. There is no reinstituting what you had before, there is no recreating what you had before, after the collapse. What we need to do and what we will do with you is create that management plan and create a new beginning for your civilization. We know that you are overawed by such a prospect, such a project, and my friends, that’s just the way it is. We have no one else to rely upon except yourselves. This is a co-creative effort so we will provide half of the effort—meaning the planning and the connections, and we will facilitate the success of this plan co-creatively with you.

So, that is the overall plan of what we’re involved in, what we’re developing, and how we will proceed. Now, over the last 15 or 16 years we have provided you with documents, papers, books, and so on from This One and many others about how to construct or recover from a collapse or how to create a new civilization on a new world. Our work here is to use those basic materials, and to use them to create the civilization that you want for your children, great-grandchildren, and all the following generations afterwards. What we and you want to give those children is a plan for developing their world, their civilization. And as you know, if you held your world at arm’s length, so to speak, in space as the third member of your solar system, you would see that it is complete by itself and that there is no funnel from some big source giving you more molybdenum, more titanium, more iron, oxygen and things of those sorts. No, you’re going to be given the whole process, the whole being of your planet to work with. Now, some of it has been mined, used, and placed in the disposal sites called landfills, and some remain in the earth. Nonetheless, it’s all still here, ready to be mined in one form or another.

What we now have to do and what we are doing is develop the innate potential of each individual, because this really is the greatest unmined potential on your planet—that which is contained in each individual. We know that there is sufficient brilliance and intelligence and understanding in the world among the human population to create a new civilization, and with our guidance it will become self-sustaining so that the processes become cyclical. They become integral, they become ongoing, circular processes where one system feeds another and so on. And this becomes integrated and becomes a synergistic holism within your society—within organizations—so that each organization can point backwards to its source. And of course, the source for human social institutions and social processes are the innate values, those activation triggers that lie within each of you and your genes. And that these motivate you, urge you to wake up, make a decision, and take action. That’s the simple part of it. There will be times in the near future when people will be like Chicken Little [saying] “The sky is falling.” They will be running around and running around like that. And so many people will be emulating his example. And you are not Chicken Little. You are the ones with the knowledge, and you will say: “We have a plan. There is a plan.” And you will describe that. And so, people may disagree with you, but they will all realize and recognize and acknowledge that your plan is better than no plan at all.

Thank you.

Doug: Good Morning, this is Doug.

Daniel:  Good morning, Doug. It’s good to hear your voice.

Doug: I’m on vacation again. One of these days I’ll retire, and then I can just do this full time.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. In the meantime, we need to teach you how to T/R.

Doug: Well, I know. I’ve got to start going full-time on that too, definitely.

So, here’s my question: I feel like I’m playing musical chairs and waiting for the song to end, and I’m having anxiety about being on the two thirds that don’t have a chair versus the third that does have the chair and just looking for the spiritual courage or backbone to say, it doesn’t really matter which side of the game you’re on. It’s just having the fortitude to face those realities as they are.

Daniel: And your question?

Knowing what to do

Doug: Oh. So, you know, obviously, trying to fine tune into my own TA and those sorts of resources is the one thing that I need to do to try to help, but it also just seems, like you said, a bit daunting to face that.

MM: Yes. This is Machiventa. What we suggest you do is what many people are doing, and that is to continue doing what you’re doing. Don’t take any rash actions from your own thought processes but wait for evidence to come forward to you. One big source, of course, is the outside environment [which] is always giving you feedback, and the other source is within yourself. And that’s why it is necessary to meditate at least once a day and hopefully twice a day for 10 or 15 minutes to be open to be given instructions. Whether you hear or not hear them, there is time for Spirit to give you instructions. And in due time, these will show up as something that becomes evident from the outside. You may receive an unexpected invitation. You may have an opportunity to take a trip with someone, or you might be invited to a social engagement of some sort and there you might meet someone. You never know, Doug, how this will go. You just simply need to be open and receptive to receive all the good that God has in store for you and in mind for you, knowing it is on its way to you. You must be alert, observant, and reflective of what you see and what you hear, and then take action or not as is indicated. Thank you.

Doug: Thank you.

Stéphane: Stéphane here. Good morning, and how are you today?

MM: Excellent, thank you. And yourself? I would imagine you are in the throes of deep winter up there by now.

Stéphane: Oh, yes. Well, we’re in minus 20 territory, but it’s good to go through those cycles every year to remind us of the ups and downs and the different cycles facing us that force us into different areas of living.

MM: Yes. It has that effect.

Our planet’s mission

Stéphane: Yes. So, on that front, I’ve been, you know, thinking more about the Supreme Being and the Supreme era we’re in right now where every planet, every being is contributing to this greater whole. You mentioned Urantia has a distinct mission. It’s hard for us to imagine this as we only see ourselves and yes, maybe we’re one out of 10 being a decimal, experimental planet. We don’t really know what that means because that’s all we know as opposed to non-decimal. But I do believe we have a special future participating in Nebadon’s history moving forward. I just cannot see what that is. And my question to you is, can you elaborate on what our planet’s mission is—its contribution to the whole. That might give us a better incentive to contribute to the whole.

MM: This is Machiventa. I’d be most glad to answer your question. It’s a very good question that has many interesting facets to it. A planet, particularly decimal planets, are very similar in many ways to the psyche of a human on Urantia. The individual (if you follow this parallel this will make this brief) comes into life as did your humanity, and it grows, progresses, and matures. And your philosophers, mathematicians, physicians, psychological people, and spiritual people have made tremendous contributions to the consciousness of the planet. Now one of the missing links that you are alluding to, is the individual, as a conscious being, does not have an appreciation for their contribution to the uplifting consciousness of the planet. Now in this parallel, where I am using the consciousness of the planet as the total conscious mind capability of humanity—some people contribute to it, some people withdraw importance to it, meaning that their contributions are negative. So, what the individual does as the individual grows through the thousands of years (not an individual growing through 1000 years, but this developing, maturing, evolving individual grows through the years of their civilization) to become appreciative of their position to their place in the world. Your question, in fact, reveals to us that you are one of the most enlightened minds in consciousness and the potential of contribution to the whole planet and to God the Supreme.

Now, as for the planet, it is very immature. It has not gone through these phases and stages of developing maturity and social, psychological, and spiritual evolution. You know at a future date that your world will enter into the initiating stages of the Days of Life and Life, will eventually conclude that, and will be settled in the Days of Light and Life. That is when the world and everyone on it is in full consciousness that they are a contributing member, active in a daily way, throughout their lifetime to the good and wholeness of God the Supreme, to their planet, and to the consciousness of their planet. The contribution that you can make (and I say “you” in multiple forms of individuals with a consciousness as you have) is to make the world aware of this. And yes, this is a highly philosophical question and a question to be answered, to be given very thoughtful consideration and reflection; to help awaken people to the realization that they are morally, ethically, and supremely, to use that as a pun, supremely co-responsible for enlightening the world so it matures.

Now going back to the unfortunate reality that your world lives in: the first civilization of your planet is soon to collapse. That’s a given. That is inevitable. It cannot be avoided, and it will surely progress as long as the population increases and the egoism of many people, whether they are leaders and executives or not, dominates the material consciousness of your world. Nonetheless, it is essential that your world’s civilization will collapse, and this is the time of awakening. This is a time when there will be much speculation among the people who remain about “What happened? What was that about? How did that come into existence?” And of course, the “Now what?” question. “What do we do now?” And some people will say, “Well, it worked before, so let’s just do what we did before.” Then you will say, “Well, yeah, of course we could do that, and it will collapse too for our great-great-grandchildren. And do we want to do that to them? It won’t be for them; it will be to them. Let’s do something for them. Let’s create a new civilization. Let’s create a consciousness of wholeness, of camaraderie, of brotherhood and sisterhood recognizing the fatherhood of all people.” And this can be done without people being religious or spiritual. There are many people who are enlightened who are not spiritual but who will be most willing to contribute to the good of the whole planet. I’ve sketched this out for you, Stéphane. Do you see the whole picture now?

Stéphane: I do and thank you for this. But there are so many rabbit holes one wants to dive into. As I was listening to your answer, I had six or seven questions pop into my mind about every aspect of your answer.

MM: Well then, begin.

Spiritual hunger

Stéphane: Well, one is: yes, the raising of the consciousness of the world, of the people around us in families, individuals, society is a huge motivator to me. And to me, it provides them the avenue to increase my communication, as you might say, or communion with my Thought Adjuster and ask for more guidance as a world such as ours provides ample opportunity every day to make an impact on improving or increasing the consciousness towards the greater goal. But the question I want to ask is: at the time of Jesus, there was a real hunger. Jesus appeared in a generation where there was a real hunger for spiritual striving might you say for lack of a better word? Today, I feel like there is almost none of that. There’s no hunger for spiritual maturity, for spiritual consciousness. And I feel we’re at an all-time low. And that’s why The Urantia Book was given to us because there was a decline in this hunger. And my question to you is: from your perspective, from the celestial’s perspective, what is that hunger? Is it increasing? Are you seeing a time (and I know that the decimation and civilization’s collapse will provide an opportunity for this increase in hunger), but how do you see it?

MM: Thank you, I see it many, many ways. Your question is very prime, it is very focused and timely. I see, we see the situation very similarly as Jesus saw it then. Now consider that Jesus was a member of the Jewish sect within the Roman Empire, and that he was one small voice in the wilderness speaking to people who were current believers, who were very much a minority in the larger world of the Roman Empire and the world at large. And he called people forward. (You should ask a question about that when I finish.) He put out a call to friends, family, and everyone to come listen to him when he would be down by the shore. You know that he had to take a boat because the crowd had come right up to the water to listen to him. So, he spoke to people who were open enough to come and listen to what he had to say. Those people who did not believe in him just stayed home, or went fishing on their own, or they ground their grain into flour, and so on. So, we are doing much the same. Our proportions are unfortunately far smaller than Jesus’ percentages in the Roman Empire. We are a small group of people. If we have 5000 people in the Urantia movement, the Teaching Mission, and the Magisterial Mission with those individuals who don’t identify as being of any of those three, then we have a fairly reasonable population to work with.

The Good News

What is missing, and this the question that I would anticipate you would ask about if I stopped talking, is: “How do we make this known to the world? How do we make this announcement, this invitation to the world?” And as you realize, and you have alluded to or said, that when the collapse comes and there is much turmoil and trauma in every community, that people will suddenly become spiritual and wonder how they can alleviate their problems. And they will seek ultra-source solutions—spiritual sources from that unknown being that some people call God—to assist them to get out from under the yoke that they are carrying, this burden. You see there are several things that are missing at this time to fulfill the same program of annunciation (or announcing) that the apostle Paul did. Remember, he had what he called the “good news.” And so, what is the good news today? And in many ways, it is not apparent, it is not stated as such. It comes in many forms. The Urantia Book is a huge, incomplete cosmology of the universe, but it is nonetheless sufficient to inform people of your planet about its significance, its place in it, and how it can come into its full being. The good news is that we are here! That’s the good news. This planet is not forgotten, and that spirit does have a plan, and that there is a process that is conjoint, working together with the circumstances of your world as they develop, to create an opportunity for the creation of a new civilization that is based on goodness, wholeness, and the peace that is a natural state of existence within humans. That’s not recognized either. But that will be, and necessarily so.

So, you see, there is a plan, there is a voice, there is a message, there is an intention, there is just simply not the means to make this known and to become recognized just as the consciousness of your world can make a contribution to God the Supreme, so too there must be a cause célèbre to make this announcement that we are here. And yes, we are going to arrange that. Thank you very much. And thank you for your question.

Stéphane: Yes, thank you. And I will pass it back to JT for others to ask. Thank you. I have many more questions but will share the floor here. Thank you.

MM: Thank you.


John: What I’d like to ask Machiventa is, what is the role of imagination in the spiritual development of an individual? [What] I think of this in my own practice is that, you know, it seems like there’s a lot in The Urantia Book, that only lives in the realm of my imagination, but there is enough in there that I could take out of the realm of imagination through actual experience to use to grow my faith. And I just wonder, you know, how imagination figures in because the flip side of it is; the imagination also can alert the ego and imagining separation and then I just wonder how one disciplines the mind and the ego to contribute to the positive use of a gift like imagination to grow spiritually?

MM: Thank you for your fascinating question. Now John, you have experienced imagination many, many times in your life from your childhood to your current era of existence. There are two sets of imagination. One is that your conscious mind brings about bedevilment of your emotional conditions and you have inclinations that are not worthy of a God-fearing, loving individual. And I’m not saying anything new that anybody else has not experienced, for everyone has. And when you imagine, truly imagine like you’d imagine now being at a carnival or circus the first time you were there, and you as a child imagined what it would be like to sit on the neck of an elephant behind that beautiful woman who was waving her baton at the crowd. That was your imagination. Now, in that imagination, this, in your reality today, is the playground of your Thought Adjuster. This is where your Thought Adjuster can work with you openly and very concretely, in the imaginative realm, about your life and your growth. And you can imagine many things. Now when you volunteer to give your Thought Adjuster control of your mind so it can become fully empowered as your Thought Controller rather than your Thought Adjuster, then you have given your Thought Adjuster full rein to work with your imagination when you want to “play” in the realm of imagination with your Thought Adjuster. I think you will find it to be a fascinating and exciting engagement. And if your ego shows up, tell it to go away. Tell it to hide behind the door. It doesn’t have any business there; it doesn’t have anything to contribute until it grows more. And as far as negative thoughts are concerned of your conscious mind, it too can go hide and you can command it to go away. In this imaginary world at this time with your Thought Adjuster, you really are existing on sacred ground. And more than ground, this a is four-dimensional space that you have created with your Thought Adjuster to, not entertain you, but in which you can think, contemplate, and imagine with your Thought Adjuster. And I’ll let it go at that because you can imagine many, many wonderful things. And whether they’re improbable or not, it absolutely does not matter. Thank you.

John: Wonderful. Thank you Machiventa. I appreciate it.

MM: You are most welcome.

There is a plan

Jeff: Good morning. Machiventa. It seems to me as I look out over history (I was thinking about Paul that you mentioned before) that people have been very attracted to slogans in mass movements. Is it appropriate for us to look for a slogan—something like, let’s just hypothetically say, “there is a plan” that would motivate others to seek the conversation that we’re having with you or seek the results of the conversation? I guess my question is: Is there an attractor that can be useful?

MM: Yes, of course. And let’s do as John suggested, let’s imagine a bumper sticker that says: “There is a plan.” Four words: “There is a plan.” And then under those words, there would be a link. And that’s where you would share the message. And that would mean that you’d need some really, what is the word, imaginative, genuine, creative marketing people, to then “up the draw,” meaning how to draw the visitor tighter into your web of benevolence. And little by little, they would be drawn into discovering the plan and what that is about. Now, you realize you have been a fool on your Internet when you click on a picture or phrase and it’s that famous “click and switch” where you see something that interests you, you click on it, and it takes you down the road a little ways deeper, and you click on it again and more is revealed, and click on it again and more is revealed, and so on. So, you could develop something like that. That is just one marketing tactic that you can use. We would anticipate that intelligent people would be interested in your plan and some intelligent people would not. Some people who might be rather dull would think this was fascinating, as they would not be able to develop a plan on their own. And to know that there is a plan would be a wonderful thing for them.

So, you can anticipate having people from many walks of life, many levels of intelligence, how deeply encultured they are, and so on visit your site. This whole process, that you were speaking, talking about, is marketing at its most coy and ingenious levels. And, of course, you could bring in many sides of that; people would want to know a plan. So, what about these cataclysms? What about all this stuff that’s happening militarily? What is this all about? And how does that affect me? Where are the answers to that? How do I help them help the whole world? And of course, that’s where you want to take these people; uplifting the consciousness of the world, and that they are a very important part of that. Thank you.

Jeff: Well, thank you. That’s much to think about.

MM: Good.

The Swiss system of democracy

JT: We have Christina with us here this morning. She is in the meeting and I’m going to unmute her now, but she has asked me to read her questions which includes a lengthy description of her political system in Switzerland. And she says:

Christina: (Written questions read by JT) Here are my questions: Thank you Machiventa for allowing me to participate with a contribution. I am Swiss and for me our direct democracy (the only one the world except perhaps for some indigenous tribes) is a good example to bring peace, tranquility, solid middle class, and therefore satisfaction to the population as well as the possibility of quality education for all—taking into account the personal potentials and the solid social healthcare system for all.

The executive is a body of seven where each Federal Council has its own department. These are maintained even when there is a change of government. This results in a certain stability. Every year a new president of the Confederation is elected on a rotational basis to represent the country externally and internally and as well is the president delivering the runoff at par. This prevents dictatorship and encroachment of power by leaders.

The legislature is represented by a legislative large chamber and a small chamber representative of each canton. A new law must be verified by the small chamber and then goes to a popular vote.

The jurisprudence is independent.

The people are, due to the federal constitution since 1845, directly determining. On the one hand, all important and sometimes less important new laws of the government must be voted on by the people via a ballot box or letter. The people also have the possibility of a referendum. If enough signatures of citizens are gathered, it is forwarded to the grand chamber or the federal government and it creates a legislation based on the petition or one that is more in line with the ideas of the legislative chamber of the federal government. Then the second variant goes to the small chamber for verification and both variants are presented to the people for a vote at the ballot box and depending on the popular vote, one or the other variant is considered.

I personally find this form of government for the population people friendly, stable, and peace loving towards neighboring countries. My question to the planetary government is: is this a form of democracy for the new era as it corresponds to the planetary government ideas?

JT: I’ll let you make a comment, then I’ll read her next question.

MM: Okay, read that last part of the sentence please.

JT: Is this a form of a democracy for the new era as it corresponds to the planetary government ideas?

MM: This is Machiventa. Yes. It is one of several options that are available, and this design is very useful, usable, and will support the larger, permanent policies of the celestial guidance that you will be receiving. Thank you.

Christina (JT): What needs to be improved for this form of direct democracy?

MM: Given the current circumstances of the world around Switzerland, the example of the Swiss government and its democracy is one that sets an example that is workable, useful, and exemplifies some of the best tenants of democracy that exist around the world. What it can do to improve is to share its model more widely with the world.

You see, what you asked dovetails very well with what I’ve spoken about in the previous few minutes. It is time to inform the world of something better. The public—individuals and groups of individuals—does not have to be satisfied with the status quo. Change is possible, and change is a workable process to bring about increased good and functionality in your government and the governance of your nation. Thank you.

Christina (JT): Is this a form of government that can function in larger populations? And I will take your previous answer and say yes to that. And she asked, Is this a third-tier form of government?

JT: I’m not sure what she means by that. Christina, can you hear me?

Christina: Yes, I can hear. Somewhere in one of the papers I was reading said that democracies are built in three levels. For example, America has been noted as a second-tier level. As for me, I think Switzerland has a higher level than America as they are looking better for Social Security and the better middle class. [That is] what makes a country stable to me.

MM: Thank you. You are correct. Switzerland does have a stage three democracy which Avahlah and This One wrote about in the paper entitled Third Stage Democracies that describes this. This could be applied to much larger populations with the use of the Internet.

Conditions and advice for after the collapse

Christina: May I ask you, after the big collapse will we still have access to the Internet?

MM: Yes, that will be one of the primary functions of the Internet after the collapse is its existence and the necessity of everyone around the world wanting to be of assistance to each other, and particularly to themselves. The Internet is a primary means of communication. As This One learned when he was in the military, you need to, as a soldier and as Commander, be able to shoot, move, and communicate. And so, communication is 1/3 of the solution and overcoming the problems ahead. So that will be vital to your world’s recovery, and we will be intimately involved in that process. Thank you.

Christina: Doesn’t that mean that we still have electricity to get access?

MM: Yes, that is correct. The fundamental utilities will need to be made available. It will not be like Ukraine. Ukraine is being devastated in its utilities, its water, its electricity, its sewage, its transportation, its power generation and so on. It is the meanest form of war that is possible. After the collapse, this will not be like Germany after World War II. It will not be like Japan after World War II. The world will still have almost all of its infrastructure, and the only disruptions will be in the organizational functions around the world and the processes of distribution. These will be managed and put back into place as needed. I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

Christina: Yeah. So, would it be a good investment then to do solar panels on your roof if you have an own house?

MM: That would be a good investment provided that you had access to use it yourself. Some utilities sell photovoltaic cell processes that are on houses in America [where the electricity] goes directly into a converter and then onto the line without access for the home user to use it. And what you were asking is that you can have the solar panels on your house to store it in your house and to be able to use it in your house as well as to be able to download it to the larger distribution process.

Christina: So, in combination with what is called this machine for producing energy for heating and cooling the house is a connection with these two systems.

MM: Yes, of course.

Christina: Then you can be completely independent.

MM: To some degree. You will still need groceries.

Christina: OK.

JT: All right. Well, I think that’s all we have time for today.

Christina: Thank you very much Machiventa.

MM: Thank you.

Christina: I think this will help a lot of people to prepare for their life when the crash comes, because then we know now what will stay and how we can prepare. For me personally, it was a big question.

MM: Wonderful. Thank you for asking it.

JT: Machiventa, do you have a closing for us?

Hope springs eternal


MM: Yes. This is Machiventa. Hope springs eternal, it truly does. And if you look for hope, you will always find it even in the direst of circumstances; even gallows humor can give you some reprieve from the realities around you. Hope is one of those wonderful aspects of humans, that when they lose hope, then they have lost everything. And when they have lost hope in their ability to manage their environment and manage themselves and the conditions of their lives, they return back oftentimes to the animal state of their existence. This is detrimental to everyone, and particularly to the individual.

It is the major work of the Correcting Time, Teaching Mission, and Magisterial Mission to give hope to people—that there is a plan, and the plan has a purpose. It has an intention, it has a vision for it all, and that there is an operating philosophy. And of course, you know what that is, don’t you? It is love, to be friendly, and to be kind and caring—all those wonderful attributes of positive ethics; of treating other people well as you would want to be treated. And so, you know what the missions are and that you are on a mission as we are on a mission, and that is to bring your world into the Days of Light and Life gradually, sometimes suddenly, but progressively and evolutionarily. This is the aspect that frightens everyone now, the evolutionary change, because your world has not had an evolutionary change [such] as this for a long, long time. And there’s much to make up. When you see the comparison between stage two democracies of the world and stage three democracies, you will realize there’s much work to do on a practical level. If you only read about these progressive, evolutionary steps, then you will have the knowledge to share with others when the time is necessary. We have hope. We have hope in you that you will do the right thing. Good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.

Daniel: You’re most welcome. I feel better.

JT: Oh, good! You sound rested. You made it through okay.

Daniel: Yes, and there were some really, really good questions asked. It is much appreciated.




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