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Lightline Teleconference, 2022-12-01

Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2022-12-01
Teacher: Machiventa, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I am pleased to offer this instrument in service to be used by Divine Parents as best suits the purpose.
Machiventa: I hear the call and I respond to the cry for love that the questions discussed beforehand bring for consideration. It has been forever true that there are aggressive and animalistic characteristics involved in this special being that you refer to as human which is as well the temporary residence of a spirit component. This enduring spiritual component is currently resident in what is effectively an avatar. Your vehicle, your body, is merely a temporary residence for you and so this form is your current vehicle for navigating your current material reality. This dual nature of creature that you are means that part of your nature, the material component, is truly primitive in its sense of materialistic awareness. The vehicle is in fact an animal that has grown in intelligence and wisdom and developed to have structure and routines in their lives which enable them to grow as a species, grow into a culture and grow eventually into a state of enlightenment.
The material demands on the mortal flesh are great and they must be met and the nature of how you meet these demands is an indication of the degree of spiritual awareness you bring into the equation. This living a life as a mortal and developing from a materialistic being and surviving the experience, encountering your own version of reality as it transpires around you and through you, all of these mortal experiences are a gift of grace from your Divine Parents. It is an opportunity to experience the relationship to time; it is an opportunity to experience the transition from one life form to another. It provides you with innumerable growth opportunities and challenges that provide for a great degree of differences among the fellow mortals of the realm as each one views circumstance from their own perspective and each one makes their choices and decisions based upon their level of awareness, their perception and their degree of spirit saturation.
This is something that is exceedingly individual and occurs within each at their own rate. When you look out at the actions of your fellows in the flesh, you are discerning that there are wild swings in the manifestation of energy.  Some actions are perceived as being a cry of love with the characteristics of love and thereby you can observe the spirit saturation of such an action or such a choice. When you observe aberrant and deviant behavior from your fellows you are observing a lack of spirit saturation, a lack of awareness of connection and a lack of perception issuing from a limited perspective. Mankind has a long and deep history of violence as a means to make change, as a means to rule and control and dominate others so that they might benefit. This warring mentality is one of the deepest cords that run through the chain of events that have precipitated in you. Your ancestors have had to fight to survive and have had to do battle to simply exist.
And so such a pattern repeated throughout history becomes recorded in your very DNA and is influential in your default decision making. This is what is so significant and important about growing that spiritual component of yourself as well as maintaining and providing for your material experience in your earthly avatar: to be interested in maintaining a connection, developing a connection and fostering this connection because that is the direction you are going in. After the struggle and the strife and the attempting to understand what is going on amongst the members of the tribe, remember always that matters of spirit contain gratitude. Faith in greater things and belief that you are a part of a grand whole are your constants and these are beckoning you in their direction.
This is what you might do during these troubled times that have now come close. Always foster and fall back on and recommit to your faith in this gigantic process and its eventual success. But all processes experience growing pains wherein new levels are reached and new appreciation is had for the new dimension of awareness that has come as a result of your petition to have it. That is the significance of what you may offer. Those things that are significant to you, those treasures by which you moor yourself, the conviction that your faith brings you that no matter what happens, even to the destruction of the avatar, the passenger, the Observer Within, the spiritual being is unscathed by the termination of the mortal experience. Recall as you consider your distress over those that seem to have had their life experience prematurely shortened, that they have in fact moved on to an upgrade. They have been moved forward in the program and all manner of mansion world experiences await them to make up for any missed mortal experience. So in a very real sense, what seems to have been unfortunate is made into good fortune with goodness, truth, and beauty as all the special care is taken to transition such cases.
The biggest example and most help that you might conceive of being is simply that steady guiding light of a lighthouse which stands firm with the constancy and the permanence that your faith may provide for you. Such a light emanating illuminates all manner of darkness and draws to it those interested in seeing the light and being around the light and eventually themselves becoming the light. This is how it works and this is the process you are currently involved in. This process is done by example, not necessarily by instruction or with message, rather with the countenance of your being with the loving portrayal of your experience as these things are significant. These things have meaning and value and they are gifts to be shared as they are awareness gained and earned in the circumstance throughout this episode of mankind. 
It may be sad to witness the treatment of some of the family of man by others of the family of man. It may call up your sense of how far away from love and God those acts are and how far off from your awareness or how far away from your vision of reality or of truth. This degree of difference in perception and awareness is the challenge of mortal life. No two see the world from the same vantage, therefore experiences differ greatly. When you bring spirit into every exchange that you can you then bring your awareness of spirit and your awareness of belonging. You may bring your awareness that you are a child of God and as such you belong to the family of God as does all of the family of man. When there is more spirit awareness, content and focus, then there is less deviant and destructive behavior. To know that you belong and that you have Divine Parents and a divine family is the message to bring to your brothers and sisters in the family. You have the opportunity to express your own version of the popular phrase: “I once was lost, but now I’m found, I was blind but now I see.” You are saved now that you know. Spread these glad tidings to all your brothers. You are all equally entitled as any family member of this gigantic enterprise before us. 
I hope and pray that you gain strength from such a connection as we share even now, such a wavelength of peace and that you may take this wavelength and take a cup of such peace as you then share this gift of grace and give it away to all who will drink a cup. You know deep within, you here tonight, that you are well loved and cared for, that you have always been provided for and such a reality is yours to embrace. Such a reality exists and endures beyond this initial mortal experience. Your needs will always be met, the conditions for your growth and survival will always be provided and if at any point, as an accident of time and space there is a forced transition, then I think you all would feel comfortable in your awareness that such a transition is no significant interruption at all in what lies before you in your eternal career. 
If the packaging is damaged, the treasure inside is saved. You may have once felt lost, but now, you feel found. You may not have known and been blind but now you are beginning to see. This is a message which will be well received by all of your brethren and this is your truth, this is your experience to witness and share and that may be your most powerful and potent instrument. Be not afraid as you now know you never die, you never cease, and therefore there is no need for fear or apprehension. What happens to you is not unknown. Return to the stillness, to the calm center of your being and find the stability, the permanence of love and all the manifestations of love. All of your brothers and sisters, each one are a manifestation of your Divine Parent’s love. Take these inner truths with you and allow others to bask in the glow of your conviction and of your faith in action. 
I very much appreciate the opportunity to fellowship with you. I completely understand your perspective. I share your same feelings of disappointment to see the contrast of unenlightened actions. Now that your eyes have seen a better, a higher way, the contrast is greater and your sense of disapproval for the actions of your fellows is a characteristic of your having a higher standard and of your conceiving of a better way conditioned by love and this frequency we use in spirit. If you are fortunate enough to have a vision of a way filled with more love, then it is your gift of grace to be able to share it, to give it as needed to others. So be it as you wind your way down these paths. Who knows what is around the next corner ahead to challenge you and to shake your perceptions and elicit your indignation at how ungodly such actions of man may be. I hope you feel the support that we bring in this process. All of us are well aware how to channel and focus energies and direct prayers and so when we are invited to a gathering such as this, there is all manner of assistance available. Drink this cup even now. 
I bid you all have a peaceful journey this week and “Forgive them Father for they know not what they have done”. They are unaware, unenlightened and ignorant of spirit. Thank you for bringing your interests and concerns. It is my hope that you feel the embrace of spirit when coming for connection, coming to reaffirm your connection. I pray you receive it, you embrace it, you drink this cup. Good day to you all, farewell. 
Jonathan: Hello friends, Jonathan here because I can and because you have set me a place at the table to join you. I am drawn to the emotion, to the memory of being saddened by the actions of my fellows and feeling as though they must not understand, they must not be aware of their whole connection, their whole relationship to everything else; if they were they would not desire to cause such harm. Certainly those who have been touched by spirit and who choose to engage with spirit enjoy an expanded sense of connection, of belonging to something and being a part of something and this bond that is felt throughout the family of man binds us together in this reality.
So it is always disturbing to see how inhuman some fellow humans can be towards others and all of this is so notable and impressionable as portraying the contrast, the how bad can it be aspect, how ugly and unholy and unrighteous, how far away from divinity can people act and people do. That is what is so significant about the freewill choice component of mortal life. Every individual must make their own choices and each choice guides them in the direction of their choosing. If their life experience does not contain an exploration of their spirit component, then their choices and decisions will be made void of spirit influence. That is the contrast that you see, the choices that are made void of spirit influence are animalistic, are crude and base. Choices made with enhanced awareness reflect aspects of truth, beauty, and goodness as their trademark. Spirit influence is love, the very life force itself but it is not mandated in this mortal life that you always choose and act on highest spiritual principles. In making mortal choices void of spiritual influence you are allowed to witness contrast and see where that brings you, where that leads you.
The trouble is that in order for you to have contrast, many times you have to be exposed to the alternate and when you witness the deviant behavior, immoral behavior, unholy behavior, it begins to stand out in great contrast to the state of reality or the state of realness you are aware of. This is the beauty of spiritual pursuits, they are conditioned by this life force of love, they are drawing you ever closer to the reality of love, the goodness of love, the truth of love and the beauty of love. This excursion down the path towards love brings you further and further away from the contrast to that, from pain, suffering, sadness, sorrow and hatred. These are the attributes of choosing ungodly direction, the directions leading you further away from divinity. Once you have locked onto this frequency of God, of The Father and His love manifest, and once you have perceived your connection then certainly you will unerringly follow this path home. 
You do not need to be exposed to great contrasts of holy and unholy activities to know your way but apparently some of your brothers from the family of man are exercising their free will choice to choose matters of darkness instead of matters of light. It is their right to choose and their choices reflect that they are lost, they have not been found, they are still blinded and do not see. Such is each individual’s experience. Certainly your career of making choices and creating this grand experience are guided by your desire to return home to your divine family as a matter of your birthright. Continue to put yourself in motion and continue to be led as you so request and this heading will surely take you to your destination. 
Fear not my friends, all of these episodes shall pass and all the while you are still being cared for by your Divine Parents. You are still growing your eternal soul, you are still on your journey back to the First Source and Center and your trajectory is sound, your heading is accurate and your rewards are imminent for your efforts. I stand in gratitude for the opportunity to be with you here now and share these words of encouragement and reinforcement of that which you already know. It is my pleasure to provide such a service and I thank you for the opportunity. Remember the words offered to be in peace, peace that reconciles the conflict, peace that allows for contrast and peace that brings enlightenment to elevate the entire experience. I send my love to you my friends from what is not so very far away. Enjoy the peace. Drink a tall cup of peace as it passes through you. Let it be so, farewell.
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