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Lightline Teleconference  2022-12-15

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-12-15
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I will set the table with the posture of gratitude. Divine Parents, our gratitude extends far beyond what we are able to manifest.  We have so much to be grateful for and we are so comforted when we engage in this attitude. Surely it brings us connection and it brings us the strength of the connection. Let it be so even now.
Machiventa: I am happy to receive your invitation and respond to your request to further explore the dimensions of gratitude and its effects, for as you say, it changes everything. How so, you might ask, are things changed? What are the tangible visible results of this influence of gratitude? The difference is exhibited in the experience of the participants. Upon engaging with challenging circumstance, the individual who has this faith that is conditioned in gratitude is far more likely to pursue again after defeat because they are inspired by their faith. The one who does not avail themselves of this avenue of approach may not be granted the wisdom and insight to realize the relative significance of the circumstance and its overall magnitude without the perspective of an eternal career.
Gratitude is faith building in that you are literally energizing the circuitry of connection to issue your gratitude. You are reaching out and connecting to greater source, to higher powers that you wish to honor. You are making the connection when you choose gratitude as your avenue of approach. It is the surest connection between the part and the whole. It is the re-affirmation of the connection, of belonging, of recognition, of trust and the subsequent faith that is strengthened and built through the process. This is how it may in fact change everything by bringing in this element of connection, this element of recognition, of belonging, and being embraced by spirit as spirit in this process. So in your recent process of trying to establish connections with your various circuits and energetic fields that are available to you, consider that all along and throughout your prayerful efforts to connect and issue your gratitude have established your connection and your gestures have been well received. 
The more you lean on your faith to accomplish your needs, the more this faith rooted in gratitude changes everything. It brings the spirit influence securely into the circumstance. It allows for different values and different perspectives to be shared and encountered where they may be chosen and adopted if worthy of fostering in their creation. You all are individual first sources and centers of the mini-verse that you have created around you and your life has been this creation of association, this accumulation of experience and this following your internal leading to explore inner dimensions of your being. The fact that you have lived your life and had families and created legacies of your own is the miniature example of the great picture of which you are all a part within this great picture where each one of you springs forth your own version of reality, your own vision of how to express yourselves in this life with the awareness that you possess. 
In all attempts to do so, the more your efforts can be influenced by faith, by gratitude even for your faith, the more you will see this effect in play. Any circumstance may be influenced with the injection of love, the addition of positive spirit influence such as gratitude, such as affection and such as the peace of connection, belonging and accepting. Utilizing this avenue of approach it’s easy to open the door, to open the gates, to access your spirit connection because you know it exists, because you have developed it over time, because you are already familiar with it and you know of a certainty of its potency and relevance. You have faith in its effectiveness and you remain grateful for the many gifts of grace that you are aware of.
I now will exit this forum with yet another note of gratitude for this service you all have provided, your energy and effort put towards creating the space wherein such an experience might be had by all. Thank you and good day. 
Voice Within: I too am grateful for the opportunity this provides as I struggle to get to the top, to get to a point of assuming this gift of grace at this time. I am this one’s Inner Guide, the Inner Voice that is always resident with you when you are in prayer. Prayer is gratitude expressed. Prayer is sharing your inner life with your Creator and whenever you are engaged in this form of activity we are indeed working together to get your petition across. You are in fact using the portal of connectivity of your Inner Guide when you issue such petitions, such prayerful recognition of your part and your relationship to the whole.
I make reference to this truth so that you may gain some perspective and some confidence that you already are hooked up and when you choose the channel of prayer and gratitude then you are hooked up via that circuitry. You all are at a point where you’re attempting to identify and throw the switch and connect to a number of circuitries that you have been made aware of, each one another path, another route to the mainframe of the system. You are all realizing that you are a part of this gigantic organism of mankind on planet earth; you are a nodule in the circuitry connected to the whole through a number of connections that are available to you.
Certainly one wave you can ride down the circuitry towards divinity is this wave of gratitude. Certainly it is a sure and absolute manner of approach and you may be learning how simple it is to activate such circuitry and move in spirit, and this is true once you are aware and have fired up the circuitry. Then you may recognize it and choose to fire it up again and revisit this energy field at will, recreating the pattern, the vibration. Certainly it is required that the receiver be in tune and that the instrument to be played be calibrated and tuned and ready to accurately portray the sound. This is where you’re revisiting the daily ‘touch base’ with spirit, the daily check in, the part with the whole, the daily expression of gratitude for the entire experience of your being.
Always when your intentions are noble, when your desires are lofty, when your intentions are pure, then you are most closely connected and we are most closely connected; you are at your most spiritualized and I, as your partner onboard, am charged with the prospect of growth and, at times, of your divine yearning. I am most eagerly available when you are pursuing spirit, when you are coming and reaching in my direction and it is this motion which sends the signal of faith in action. Gratitude in action, a response of being grateful put forward in love, changes everything, diffuses all manner of stress and tension. It’s a common denominator to still the waters of confusion, uncertainty and doubt with the peace of connection, of family, of awareness through connection that is a direct result of the effort to make the connection, establish it and maintain it through regular faithful use. 
So much valuable growth may be had within with your application of faith applied and with your conviction that you are effective in this manipulation of divine energy of love and that you are practicing and becoming tuned up to be a grand instrument of peace. This goes on within and yet everything is changed and what is then manifested is elevated, is closer to enlightenment. Such is the process, such is your part in the process, your role to play, forced to make decision after decision after decision and forced to navigate through what values you will use to answer the demands before you. The more time spent in prayerful gratitude the more opportunity is provided for receiving that which you would petition, that insight, that awareness, that understanding and that knowing that comes from spirit embrace.
So access the wave of gratitude as you have in the past. Ride the wave as freely and easily as you choose and recall that the other avenues of approach, the other circuitries are also available to you with the same ease of throwing the switch that you feel when you relax into the posture of gratitude, thus conditioning your inner environment to receive. This is the formula for success in accessing the many parts of the great web that you are attached to. As your Inner Voice given voice, I encourage you my onboard partner to be bold about your choices and your values, to stake your claim on your vision of goodness, truth, and beauty that reflect your level of awareness. What could happen if you offer a vision to be enjoyed by others, a vision granted you in response to your petition to have a vision of better ways of stages of Light and Life and of growth cycles beyond our current level?
We, as the guardians of your destiny, our destiny, are keenly interested in encouraging you to act in faith, to act on divine inspiration, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, to desire to be an instrument of peace for your Divine Parents. These are all the types of gestures that may be infused with divine characteristics such as an attitude of gratitude which in fact will elevate each circumstance, will bring the component of love to flavor the mix. You have nothing to lose in your efforts to reach out and try. Do not be afraid of your limitations or the possibility of failure. There is no such thing as failure, there is only learning and growth, every experience is made into the good and for the good. 
Again I state my gratitude for this opportunity, this experience, this juncture of such bright souls around this venue for receiving answers and receiving perspective for your petitions of life and your conditions of life. Surely when you are in motion, engaged to find such answers, we are keen at hand to assist if you will set a place for us and request that we join you and you allow us to direct your divine intention, your gratitude back to its Source. It’s a pleasure to have such an association and to be able to develop such a real tangible relationship through word but all the while connecting in spirit. So be it. I now take my leave having basked in the glow from all the light anchors, the light beings around this circle. Certainly such a gathering draws the attention of many who can perceive such light from a great distance and desire to see what all the light is about and what all the goodness is being spread about and it is a pleasure to join you as one among this light circle, this circuit that we have at this time flipped the switch and accepted and connected and joined and embraced as a matter of gratitude for such a divine gift of grace. This we share. I take my leave, farewell. 
Jonathan: Hey folks, Jonathan here, grateful to be here and grateful for the construct of this group, of this meeting, of this format that endures and continues beyond many of its participants but yet by this gift of grace I am still involved. I’m still a part of this creation, this matrix that we developed for just such a purpose as we enjoy now. I stand in gratitude for all the development that we invested to come to develop this platform. The fact that it still exists and that we still gather in spirit means that I can still join you. That is a result of having flipped the switch, as it were, and having followed where spirit led in gratitude, and with the faith that gratitude brings we were able to not only make contact but develop relationships, friends on the other side, friends in spirit form and you joined them in spirit form as well.
This contact occurs on the spirit level as well as on any material plane and therefore may be accessed at any time, may be reinstituted at any moment, may be reflected back into existence as a state of being. Being able to enjoy this lifting of the veil between our two dimensions is a great step forward in dissolving the veil or at least the obstacle the veil represents. Instead of considering having to forcibly take down the veil to have access, you are learning to change your very being and become able to transcend any such material barrier as a veil would represent. As we move forward in our ascension careers, we most certainly will become fluent in our use of spirit and its many connecting circuitries. For now you are mired in the muck of materialism and it is difficult to make your way forward through the many obstacles and challenges placed before you that occupy so much of your valuable time.
So the fact that you would support your spiritual growth by fostering your spirit connection sends the signal that you are indeed petitioning spirit to lead the way and such a request is always answered. I can so certainly sympathize with your mortal journey and the many many demands that must be met in order for you to simply stay comfortable, for you to have the energy to reach out beyond the normal, the mundane, the routine, the material, and desire to explore that component of yourself that is eternal and unencumbered by time and space. To borrow a phrase from the day, “such a life on such a planet” bringing with it such incredible gifts of grace. So much to be grateful for, so much to embrace, accept, and so much gratitude leads us back to our connection.
I will send out a pulse of my own on the gratitude circuit for being welcome and being allowed, being accepted; such gifts are so greatly appreciated. I will forever feel welcome and feel the sense of family and  belonging to my tribe of seekers and I am so grateful to have such a treasure trove of experience to recall with such joy. Peace be with you as you move through your experience, in awareness of your relationship, a part to the whole, the individual to the eternal career. Good day to you all, I leave my love with you as well.
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