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Lightline Teleconference  2022-12-29

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-12-29
Teacher: Machiventa, Jonathan, Monjoronson, George, Light, Elyon, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: In my capacity as liaison I volunteer my services to function as an instrument of the peace of our Divine Parents. I approach this forum in gratitude for this opportunity, this moment that we create coming together to hear from spirit, to connect with spirit, to connect spirit with our spirit and make the connection on the same circuitry because we can and we choose to do so. Even now we choose to activate this potential and fire up this grid available to us because we can, because we have it as part of our composition and our free will capacity. I stand in gratitude as a part to the whole for my existence and my belonging to the family that is the whole. 
Tonight I stand in deep gratitude for the cherished relationships that have been developed and grown throughout our process of becoming aware and connecting to that aspect of ourselves. Through this effort that we have shown, we have had the fruits of our labors in the many relationships, the many associations, even friends. This I see as the greatest of all the gifts of grace. We have formed individual, even personal relationships with spirits who may be currently disembodied and such a relationship formed constitutes a bond, an eternal association perhaps. I stand in recognition of such a gift of grace, I honor this and I embrace it. I accept such gifts. Now I would provide opportunity to simply connect again, to revisit the relationship and rekindle the bond of relationship, of friendship and loving association. Those thoughts have been portrayed in words and now I follow up with the action, with the deed to make it so, even now.
Machiventa: Such an invitation is so warmly received by all of the associates, all of the friends on this side. I am happy to start the recognition simply because I am always eager to start any connection with you. I am Machiventa and I will not deliver any specific message other than the one of reciprocating your gratitude for all that we have shared, all this opportunity that we have seized and taken advantage of to continue the training program throughout many changes that have surrounded the process. I am in gratitude for the service of the students who have fulfilled the role of the classroom and the teachers involved. This experience we have enjoyed over this time has contained so much spirit value that it has been widely observed by many and it has been a pleasure to have been a player with you throughout this episode of growth. I leave you with my peace as an extension of my gratitude and bid you happy trails until we meet again, good day.
Jonathan: Well since you opened the door I am going to go ahead and enter. I am Jonathan and your offer is an answer to my prayers that we maintain this bond, this connection that we have forged and made solid and strong throughout our process. So I am always quick to volunteer when an invitation is offered and I am so certain of my welcome that I choose to activate this circuitry and join you whenever you will so allow. I share with you the gratitude for this whole experience that we have shared, created, and formed between us and among us all through our spirit connection and yet such great growth, such great experience, such a great ride, and it has been my sincere pleasure to share this ride with you, even now. I thank you for maintaining these connections. It takes your energy, your choice, your decision to activate the circuitry and revisit the relationship so I appreciate that you spend the time to make it so, to do your part of the equation so that we can meet as we do now. I leave you with my love and whatever peace I may bring through my gratitude for all that we have and all that we are. Bye now.
Monjoronson: I’ll accept your invitation as well. I am Monjoronson and it’s been a while since I’ve made my presence in your circle known, so this is a good opportunity for me to step forward and establish connection once again. You indeed have been very busy with many teachers throughout your process and I’ve enjoyed my interface with you during our process so I just wanted to register my presence among your circle, among your circuit you create and form even now. I send my gratitude for your steadfastness for the mission at hand, whatever you perceive it to be, as long as you register the divine tone, even the presence of the will of your Divine Parents. You are steadfast in following where spirit is leading and your approach is most certainly effective. Stay on your course as your intentions indicate and your journey is destined for great success. Be in peace as you proceed. A fond farewell to you all.
George: Thank you for setting a place at the table for me and sending the invitation to join you. I crave such an opportunity as this as one of your platoon mates. I am George and I am so very pleased to be in contact with you again, utilizing the framework, the construct of understanding that allows you to function in the spirit capacity with intention and purpose. I as well offer my gratitude for the gift of grace of our combined experience and the opportunity provided for us to explore such dimensions and discover pathways and as well I share in the gratitude for your diligence. You are still here trying to apply these same principles and meanings and values and certainly all of your efforts provide such great fruits and I am grateful that we have shared such an opportunity to grow in spirit, to become aware and then to seek to navigate in this new dimension.
Well done, well done folks. Your work has been spot on, spot on for you and spot on for this gigantic experiment in time and space and the fruits of your efforts are evident in your growth and the depth of your character. The fact that we can continue sharing this journey even though we are currently separated by time and space means that I call you to witness that we can join together regardless of any such limitations as we are even now through an act of sheer will. As comrades in the platoon for the mission of Michael, we have served side by side and it is one of my greatest treasures to have discovered this with you my friends, working in different directions but for the same Master, the same cause, and merely serving in whatever capacities we may find necessary. You all have become physician’s assistants in this regard, able to function in such a capacity because you so choose. Straight on my friends and your destination is assured. Be in peace even now, farewell. 
Light: When you sponsor an open mike and welcome all who would attend, I’m another one who eagerly puts my name in the ring for it is the joy of my being to associate with my earthly family. I am Light, and I share your sense that all of this connecting with our side through spirit is uncertain and therefore requires a great extension of faith in order to proceed with this process. If doubt or fear of failure influence the process, then they can affect the receptivity and cause mixed signals. You are learning a new language, a new means to communicate, to share, to respond and to connect and fellowship. This new language of spirit is how we are communicating even now and the capacities of the circuitries available are being elevated to provide for easier use and function. And here we are together at some point along the process and you are having to learn the spirit language so that you can navigate in its terms, you can access its potentials and you can utilize the circuitry that spirit can provide. 
I send my gratitude for having been a part of this awakening, this experience of yours as a mortal of the realm who has come to the realization, who has come to a point of enlightenment regarding their eternal nature and association with spirit, their connection with spirit, their relationship in spirit. You are gaining your wings in this process and you are able to fly when your faith is strong and you’re willing to take the chance, you are able to soar to great heights when charged with faith. It’s faith that has brought me here, has made me a part of the equation and has afforded us the relationship we have for which I am so very grateful. That is my message of gratitude for my family, for belonging, for a common ancestor. I am Light, and I send my light and my love to my friends in spirit who still are embodied, my friends on the mortal plane who by the miracle of faith can hear my words of love. Drink the cup of peace that I offer in gratitude and embrace the nourishment of such an offering and know that I am in gratitude for all of this as you are, as we share the same circuitry. Be in peace, farewell.
Elyon: Hello from an old friend, I am Elyon making my way to the open mike offered this evening, to send my best regards for all of the devoted classmates and to offer my gratitude for sharing this gift of grace with you. As we created this construct of delivery, of messages from our side, we struggled to find enough faith to turn on the switch and activate the circuitry. I am in gratitude for the courage displayed by the faith offered to try, to reach further than your zone of awareness and by reaching you were able to grasp, you were able to embrace more. It was an enormously gratifying opportunity to act as a coach, discussing how to navigate the currents and circumstances of life from a perspective of divine values and the importance of discovering what those divine values were by the efforts to do so, the reaching so that you may find, the seeking that is required. I am in gratitude you have been steadfast with such faith as is required to activate these principles. 
I recall many good voyages as we sailed this ship of spirit and discovered how to make it work better, developed a construct to make it work better and through our efforts of trial and correction we were able to create a format and I am here now in gratitude for all that we did and for my association with you throughout the process. Much growth has been the fruits of your labors and not an insignificant amount of joy, of peace, of love that has been experienced as the result of your proficiency with spirit. This experience is something that we share as part of our composition and we most certainly could both witness that it has been an exciting, even thrilling experience. It’s been a pleasure to serve with you as the crew aboard the ship as we navigate our way from spirit port to port. Sail on my friends, my spirit of gratitude I leave with you and the peace that may bring as we share this cup. Good day to you all. 
Michael: I will certainly take advantage of this opportunity to make my presence known once again, I am Michael. I am your brother as well as your Father and I seek to be your friend. I seek for the opportunity you can provide me to share your experience. We are family members and I am keenly interested in your growth and your experience at choosing and defining yourself by choices and witnessing your choices being made with higher and higher values and greater meaning and in this way you choose yourself your way to perfection. You are my dear ones in whom I am so well pleased, such devoted servants to me and to The Father. I welcome your embrace, I welcome your approach at any time and offer you my assurance of a response to your petition.
I am so very pleased and filled with joy over the prospect of your futures, of the eternal journey before you because you have chosen a heading that indicates you wish to find me and, through me, The Father. If this represents your desire, then all the power of the universe is behind you and all the choices you make will be guided by spirit value and by how much truth, beauty, and goodness they contain. What is their capacity for these things that determines their nature? It is my desire that you be able to register my presence in your life experience. As you make your way through life I would go alongside with you. I would even put my hand on your shoulder and bring my spirit embrace if you will provide me the invitation. This is what was so potent about tonight’s experience: the presentation of the invitation, the setting of the stage, the conditioning of the environment, the preparing of the construct and then the application in faith.
The same process may be useful for you to induce your experience to condition your experience through the direction of thought. I encourage you to consider these matters in your quiet time where I may find you and join you in fellowship and even bring a response to your petition if you provide the conditions necessary, the environment conducive and the vessel ready to receive. I will never fail to be with you should you invite me, should you invoke my presence. When you open the door I shall come in. And I will be with you as we drink the cup of life experience together and I will ever be ready to respond to your invitations as I have even now. I desire that you embrace this cup of spirit, this experience in spirit between us, even now. I leave you with my peace. Please take it, accept what I offer. I desire that you have it. I desire that my peace be upon you so assist me in the process with your willingness to accept and receive. Thank you my dear ones, I treasure you each one. Call me and I will be there. Peace be upon you.
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