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Lightline Teleconference  2023-01-12

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2023-01-12
Teacher: Machiventa, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Thank you all for bringing your contribution of energy into the circuit. Divine Parents, first we come to you in gratitude, we come to you as the children of yours that we are. We approach you in this capacity of spirit being. We would condition the environment to make this so, even now. Thank you for the opportunity to extend in faith, let it be so.
Machiventa: Thank you for the preparation which allows me to so easily join you. The effort extended to condition the inner environment is paramount to conditioning the outer environment for growth or change. I am Machiventa, pleased to accept your offer once again, this notion of the significance of using your creative intention to make the path to create the very thing of your choice. It’s important to realize that this state of lining all the aspects up in a row so that the energy may be transferred is all accomplished with this intentional process of creating a way, a path or a method. This is the way our world will be changed. It is up to those present to condition a new environment and to provide a path, a way, an example, a form, to provide and claim the space for such an intention to exist.
There has been reference before to the term light anchors and you recognize that that designation describes your ability to link up and take this light force and through your force of will, anchor it so that it exists in your dimension. And this is true and this you have been engaged in for some time. You have been going about fostering episodes of light, environments in which the light may exist. This turns out to be perhaps your grandest function and you are in position to take your awareness of this opportunity to be a light anchor and you are aware that you may do the same thing to be an anchor for, a spokesperson for, a representative of, peace.
You see peace, the room for peace to exist on your plane has been very small indeed. Your entire road as a people has been riddled with violence and war as a means of existing and simply doing business so to speak. The opportunity that exists before us as the circuits are reestablished and as the spirit pressure is applied, the opportunity exists for us to shift away from this long engrained reaction to every situation and leave this repeating episode of violence behind if there is a place, a foothold, some room for peace to be, to exist, to be chosen and to be referenced. This is where you come in. You are not only light anchors in your efforts to simply ground divine light all the way to your material plane, but as well you may usher in the era of peace, where peace exists because it was chosen, allowed, created, fostered, grown, and stands as an example, as a way, as the path away from violence being the answer to every circumstance. 
There is no longer any need for the warring mentality of your ancestors. This mentality has been cast upon generation after generation as a result of trauma after trauma. There needs to be a new place, a new circumstance, new surroundings, a new place you might even refer to as Light and Life and it is established one by one by the members who choose peace. This is where you come in, just simply anchoring the possibility of peace, no, the certainty of peace and having the faith to anchor this, the faith that only agondonters are granted, those who can believe without seeing and who will act in accordance with their beliefs. This brings strength of faith and faith propels you to choose to condition environments and choose to sponsor energetic manifestation.
It is all needed to turn this tide, to turn away from the unenlightened ways of your ancestors to a more enlightened reality based upon your own faith, your own conviction, your own understanding and awareness. That is what brings you the conviction to act in faith and to anchor peace in your territory and in your zone. To condition your immediate environment means it exists perhaps even ahead of its time, nevertheless it must begin somewhere. Let peace begin with you. It is not only the divine light we would sponsor and use to condition the environment, but there is a mandate that peace will reign on this planet. This is of special concern to Michael as is evident by His offering to come and assist this planet personally.
As you observe the dynamics around this shift in direction and destination, you may encounter even greater uncertainty and doubt as you reach out into these realms of darkness to bring the light, to bring the peace as it is your mission to bring the peace and to bring the light. You have known this and you have been engaged in it. Now you have even greater support and when you are functioning in league with the universe then all things are possible. Your faith will see you through the doubt and uncertainty as change springs up around you and you are uncertain as to whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. That is the opportunity for one to condition the response or the outcome of any observation. That’s the opportunity to bring in spirit, to introduce peace as a common thing, as a thing that is real, exists, and you are living proof.
So while this world wakes up to the growth of turning the page and going with love, going with peace, there are such great opportunities before us.  With so much spiritual pressure applied, so many individuals seeking meaning, value and connection, this is the time to bring the circuitry together and connect all those who feel disconnected. Let them feel your peace. Be gentle and kind with your brethren regarding the upgrade in your awareness. Every one of your fellows must come to their own realizations and awareness and understanding. Growth is an individual process and yet it is as well a collective movement, a collective series of choices and all such choices are based on values. The new currency will be spiritual values, the value of spiritual growth and the significance of the eternal career.
These are the significant aspects and decisions that are made regarding such values in enlightened societies. As you know, we have a ways to go and I say that as one who has been involved with this much longer than any of you and still, there is a sense of impending change while lingering inertia occupies the docket. Lean into your faith as one who knows that all of this will be made to the right, to the good, more beautiful, more perfect, more real and that this is the destiny and so one can more easily bear the journey on route knowing that the destiny is guaranteed as a matter of accepting the journey itself. So there is a need to anchor a lot of peace so that it can be referenced and so it can be chosen, and it can be already the future in existence. It is faith that allows you to grasp this entire notion, that allows you to move on steadily with the conviction of one who is associated with the program, with the whole, and as one who has the awareness of attaining perfection and the journey required to do that.
Blessed are you who show up to be servants to the Lord in whatever capacity you envision, always desiring to assist others when in fact no greater work may be accomplished in service than the service you render to the self. Your guardian angel is indeed the protector of your spirit but you as well are the protector and navigator and guide and influence. Take this notion of conditioning and apply it in all of these areas where you seek to make a change or to make a difference or to improve the quality somehow. I encourage you to take the time to yourself, for yourself individually. This is your most important task, your job number one. It is not about coming to class so that you can be told what to do and how to do itIt’s about a returning to spirit so that you are graced with the awareness of what to do and how to do it based on your capacity.
But in many cases the search is outside of the self for service opportunities. It’s important to offer the self the same you would offer others, to be as willing to spend time on your inner garden and grow your spirit being. That turns out to be your greatest task. And by way of reminder, when you do go within to spend time with The Father’s presence, you grow your capacity each time, you grow your ability and your skill and there is this great opportunity for you to build a pathway to your Inner Guide. In this process of building your eternal being you may choose to open that door. So many potentials and possibilities abounding to those who know that they exist. Blessed are you who know even a fraction of the opportunities you have before you.
I stand in gratitude for this opportunity provided, this environment so conditioned that we may both enjoy this parlor of experience. It’s been a pleasure to join you once again. I now step aside and allow for others, farewell. 
Jonathan: Hi guys, this is Jonathan. Is this thing still on? That’ s what we used to say in my day and I recall the jokes once again. Surely this thing is still on, this opportunity is so provided, this environment conditioned to accept, to receive, to become in alignment with the process and to function as a reliable component to the mechanism. Another common phrase in my time was “such a life on such a planet” where you are confronted with such darkness, such unawareness, that then causes fragmentation and division and all of this friction ends up playing out as the individuals act out their frustrations in physical terms. This way of hunt or be hunted, kill or be killed is deeply engrained in your DNA as your ancestors confronted this reality so that the notion that might makes right has long since ruled the kingdom of men.
Truly, this notion of evolving to a state of Light and Life, a state closer to perfection, a state of spirit grace we were so blessed to learn through the gift of the Urantia Papers something of our place in the world, in the universe and in the cosmos. This gift of grace allowed us to stand firm in our faith to reach out to what we were told was there. I stand in gratitude for the faith that was demonstrated in order for us to reach into the darkness and find a connection, to go into this place of spirit as spirit and make connection with others seemed so simple, so basic, so primal even and yet so missing in the population at large. Certainly no stages of Light and Life are referenced while there is so much negativity and turmoil in the current energetic field.
As a mortal of the realm, one could either be distressed or disappointed that so much ground needs to be covered between where you find yourselves on this planet and any stage of Light and Life. But for those who are fortunate enough to have first had the reference and then followed where spirit would lead and reached out in faith to grasp this whole spirit principle it can be a rather humbling and inspiring position to be in, to have been there in a place in such need of spirit intervention and to have been there for the opening of the circuitry and the reestablishment of the connections. An exciting time indeed although a bit unsettling as many of the permanent structures in the landscape are transformed. Nevertheless, those of us who are in service to Michael in this mission of reclaiming this planet know of a certainty of the success of the mission to bring this planet back into the good graces and to bring this planet to a stage of Light and Life and to have made it there by virtue of the choices of those who are aware and who have such conviction.
I thank you for the opportunity to join you on this journey that we share. It brings me great comfort and peace to know that connections such as we share are not lost and this brings me the joy of looking forward to you creating the opportunity for us to manifest this reality again. Thank you my friends for allowing me the space, giving me an opportunity to check in with you, to join in on the voyage that we are still on together. My love to all of you, bye for now.
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