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Lightline Teleconference  2023-01-05

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2023-01-05
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I am grateful for the new year, the turning of the page and the opportunity that provides. Let’s direct our energies towards this circuit, towards this energy field that we create when we come together. Let us form the antenna of receptivity with our very presence. Let us once again be grateful for this side of ourselves, this aspect of our being, this gift of grace of spirit, this connection, this bond. Let us drink this cup of spirit connection, of belonging, of fellowshipping on this frequency, indeed acting in this capacity of spirit beings. 
Machiventa: I appreciate the effort spent to condition the environment and to guide through the very process of creation, through thought made into word so that it may be expressed and then dedicated into reality by the act, the deed of following through with intention. This same pattern is universal, is standard, and is becoming familiar to you as you learn to create each time the construct for connecting and the mode by which you can condition your environment, even your inner environment to allow for spirit contact and spirit presence. Such an attitude of acceptance constitutes an awareness of the need to embrace this magnificent gift of grace. 
Following this connection and following where spirit leads in this direction brings you to this place of greater awareness and of deeper understanding. This is a result of the change in perspective that is created by your increased capacity and this is accomplished solely by your individual personal effort. This effort that brings you here now is what we keep referring to as being grateful, for as this commodity, this aspect of yourself is limited as is the fact that you choose to focus it in the direction of seeking and finding spirit content, value, and purpose. This effort insures it’s own success at achieving these goals and finding that which you seek in the process and embracing that which you earn in the process, thereby changing your perspective and expanding your view of any circumstance or condition.
As you spend time exploring this dimension of your being, your spirit self, you are finding that the more you dig, the more you find. The more effort you apply, the greater the rewards. This circumstance is a matter of routine for you and you are rewarded for your efforts in pursuing that component, that enduring aspect of your being. It is helpful that you are learning early on in your spirit career to spend your energies in this direction with this focus on your spirit growth, on the growth of that part of you which endures past time and space. These are exciting times we find ourselves in where realizations and aha moments are becoming common, even frequent for those who are open to the possibilities and the potentials.
You all that have been involved in this forum, throughout this process, can witness that there has been many fruits for the effort at your connection and that there has been much growth as a result of your extending yourself and that indeed you have become more than you were because of your efforts to do so. Your intentions to explore the dimensions of your being have rewarded you with finding your spirit component and your continued pursuit of this element of self will continue to open the door for you to expand your experience and your awareness. This condition of expansion is a result of enhanced circuitry and the ability to connect. It is now easier to receive the inspiration, the confirmation, the assurance of direction, and purpose that only the connection to spirit can furnish.
As part of the opening circuitry, you will recall that the opportunity of making the connection with your Indwelling Guide is now a greater potential than ever before. All manner of assistance is being rendered to establish pathways and create the means for connection. This mandate continues apace and the effects are even now becoming discernible. But these options must be chosen and adopted and exercised and used. They need to be nurtured and fostered and these are the exercises we have attempted to introduce of creating the pathway within yourselves to allow and to accept and to embrace this, your eternal connection, to embrace the presence of your Inner Guide and create the space for this reality, this truth. That inner part is what is up to you and your action is required. Your attention to these matters requires the affirmation of your faith, your individual statement of purpose and your confirmation of your choice having been made.
So you can plainly see that this process, the entire mechanism runs to you and through you, and you are seeking to become familiar with your role as an element of this energetic field. The simple internal choices you make are profound in their impact on your personal growth. That is what is so significant about the awareness and the introduction of conditioning the environment and of literally creating the pathway, the space, the energetic field necessary to accomplish the circumstance at hand. 
It is now time for us to move into association with this aspect of being we are referring to. Thank you for the opportunity to be instructor in so far as I am able in the classroom you provide. Good day to you all. 
Inner Voice: Greetings, I recognize and I am in deep gratitude for the supreme act of faith that is demonstrated in this process that bridges the gap, that extends beyond the certainty of current awareness and reaches into the remote regions of the unknown. Faith is the key to open any of these doors that are currently a mystery to you and that you are currently seeking to find, even how to reestablish connection you have once felt. Reestablishing connection is what I am here to promote and foster for your consideration once again. To make reference and rekindle this relationship is worthy of the energy it takes to bring life back into the circuitry.
This objective of rekindling a fond association is the very mechanism that you may use to rekindle the connection between your Inner Guide and the you, the current occupant of your vehicle. In fact, you already have a positive association with your Divine Fragment. There is already a sense of connection or rather familiarity with a companion who has been with you throughout your mortal journey. There is such a deep familiarity it is oftentimes difficult to distinguish the difference between you and so it is easy to consider that this feeling of connection and embrace is just your inner dialog when in fact you are receiving messages, inspiration, and leadings rather continually and this has been a part of your process, to become familiar with my presence even though you have been provided with no contrast, with no absence on my part to contrast my presence. Therefore my presence will not feel different or will not feel other or separate or distinctly individual and unique as you are as a mortal of the realm.
So consider, with your internal work that is required, that you manifest and project your success at establishing firm and sure connection that will be strengthened through your process of revisiting it and trying again and creating the very reality that is in fact an answer to your prayers. You are encouraged routinely from within and it is the desire of your Inner Guide, your Thought Adjuster, that you be kinder to yourselves in that your most important function and mission and task at hand is for you to grow your own spirit garden and maintain your spirit growth and direction as we move towards divinity in the growth process before us. You have within a great supporting associate who is ever willing to assist you should you ask for direction or confirmation of direction. It is well within your capacities, each one, to create the reality and condition the environment wherein your prayers to connect with your Divine Guide are answered. 
Simply institute the process and your sincerity and genuine intentions become manifest through this process of thought, word, and deed. Consider that this gesture, this recommendation is your invitation from your Inner Guide, is your personal invitation to become more closely associated and eventually to even become one in the process of assimilating our part, our fragment with the whole. What a joyous adventure lies before us and I assure you of devoted companionship throughout, already present and becoming more and more real in this process of growth. The time spent rekindling this experience is an example of the work that you may do within to join and reconnect and recharge the circuitry and re-experience the signature of the frequency.
I stand in gratitude for this format, for this voice and the gift of grace that this represents. I drink this cup of goodness with you and share between and among us this bounty of goodness. Go now in peace, go within and be about this business of growing your soul and tending to your spirit garden and growing your individual version of truth, beauty, and goodness manifest. Let it be so because you can, you are aware and you may so choose. I pray that each and every one have the faith and the courage that the faith brings to reach for that which has been beyond grasp as now more is within grasp than ever before. Farewell for now, we will meet again should you so choose, farewell.
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