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NET-PMG #49, An inauguration, Removing the training wheels, You have been prepared for leadership

2023-01-23, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #49, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #49 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at:  Group = NET-PMG)

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


An inauguration

Removing the training wheels

You have been prepared for leadership

Find your legs

Heartfelt thanks

Will soliciting funds from the privileged work?

Begin with women at the grassroots level

Our affinity group

Become independent thinkers

An Affinity Group in France

Maintain your celestial guidance

What do we do first?

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Machiventa: Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager. It is once more a pleasure for me to be in your company and your presence. I will begin today’s work with a prayer on your behalf to the Mother Spirit of Nebadon. Dear Mother Spirit, on behalf of these mortal children I ask your special assistance from you and your corps of many angels to assist them during these times and to assist them in understanding their position, their work, and their power. We thank you for your ever-abiding presence, care, and overwatch care of these individuals and this civilization. Thank you for this day.

An inauguration

MM: This is Machiventa. Today is a special day—an inauguration of sorts. You have now behind you over 30 years of clairaudient channeling from spirit—part of the Correcting Time. You have been guided through this and these instructions for your personal, spiritual, emotional, and social growth. We have taken you into the Magisterial Mission for the social upliftment of you and your associations, groups, and civilization. We have brought you now into the time where we have answered 1000s of your questions. In the last two years we have taken you into the realm of planetary management, and you as a group have learned many things. We have striven to answer your many questions though some of which we have cast aside.

Removing the training wheels

So, this time marks a change of a program—a major change. You have been prepared to engage the days, weeks, months, and years of the COVID pandemic and the collapse that has already begun. We have prepared you for these times. And we would be giving you a huge disadvantage if we did not expect you to step out on your own. We are therefore removing the training wheels from these instructions giving you a free hand at developing your own direction, under your own steam with, of course, our ever-present guidance. We are therefore disbanding this group as a Planetary Manager’s group, and we are asking you to reformulate yourselves with a name of your own making under the care of the spiritual entity that you invite to help you grow. We are furthermore completely reassigning This One to a new project that he has already been apprised of in part and which will be fully disclosed in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

You are not left adrift—know that. Christ Michael would never do so. He is preparing you to think as independent individuals. And as an independent or semi-independent group. The purpose of this is to help you become effective for the times ahead when everyone seems to have lost their head (to quote some fantasy material from your past) and you will have a centeredness about you to help others move forward.

You have been prepared for leadership

We have been preparing you for this leadership role that you will occupy if you wish. If you don’t, that is your personal choice. We, however, look to you as being those independent individuals who know what is right and how your civilization and world work in the larger scheme of the universe. You will be entering into the days of the collapse where, as I have just said, everyone is running around as though their heads were cut off without any sense of right or wrong or what it is they can do to assist themselves, their families, and neighbors to move forward into the future to become socially sustainable.

We have given you much material to think about in the last two years. It was March of 2021 when we began as a Planetary Managers Group. Since then, we have immersed you deeply into the affairs and processes of group management, team management, organizational management, and civilizational management both on a pragmatic basis and on a spiritual basis. The intent of all of this has been to assist you to grow into your new role where you become the individual that others look to. They will say “This one makes more sense than anyone else. Let’s see what they have to say.”

We are calling upon you to independently and with minor assistance from us begin a working group or working team where you form a purpose for your existence, a vision, a mission, and so on. We do not have a preset organization for you or process which you will follow. You must design those yourself. If you ask questions such as “What is the best way to proceed?”, we will not have an answer for you. You must come up with your own and, of course, you must test what you propose by asking the questions: “Will this work? Does this work to answer our problems or our situation? What works to assist us to move into the future?” And so, you will have the pragmatism of organizational management to assist you, and you will have the spiritual background to assist you knowing that you are not alone and that there is a purpose to all that you’ve been taught in the past.

I know that this is probably startling to you, as this will be the last time that you will speak to me through This One. You may approach this one individually, on your own, apart from your working group for your own personal questions.

Find your legs

We want you to think on your own. We want you to find your feet—your legs. We want you to ride forward without training wheels. You may want to recall and find the short story about riding with Jesus on a bicycle. That was a powerful message which will serve you well this time. Thank you. If you have questions, please ask them.

Heartfelt thanks

JT: I’ll start it off by saying thank you Machiventa. I’m honored to have been a part of this group for the last three years. I’ve learned a lot about working with Celestials, myself, and generally how things are done in the universe. Thank you for your time, your consideration, and for being my friend.

MM: Thank you very much James. It is a privilege to have advised you in the group. And it is not that we are retiring This One after 21 years of faithful service, but that there are new venues where he is deeply needed and can assist us greatly in our work on a planetary basis. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you very much Machiventa, and you’re absolutely right; we are indeed startled. And I’m deeply honored firstly to have been part of this group, but also deeply honored that you think you can take away our training wheels.

Will soliciting funds from the privileged work?

I do have a question about “Will this work?” As an Afrikaner and as somebody of previous privilege in a country where there’s incredible amounts of human misery based on the policies implemented by people I’m related to by DNA, I’ve had a very strong sense of wanting to gather resources to implement answers and solutions that come from feminist, African thinking that seem to be deeply aligned to what Spirit has been teaching us. And so, I guess I want to ask you: “Will it work to try and gather resources from those with previous privilege to try and implement strategies that it seems very difficult to do through government and all the complexities of governing countries where there’s corruption, etc. I feel there’s a strong possibility that people of privilege could make a contribution by gathering resources. So, I guess the question is “Would it work?” Thanks.

MM: Thank you, Martha. You asked for a yes or no answer, and the stark answer is no. It’s not that I am pessimistic or cynical, it is simply the fact that the support must come from the ranks of your women corps that you have. You may want to rethink politics in South Africa. You may want to think of a privileged—meaning all women—having their own political party. [You might] invite all women who are of age to vote, and you must form your political philosophy, agenda, and so on. This is not a problem that will be solved by money. Privileged money does eventually run out due to lack of interest, a change of circumstances, and so on. There is a deep need for Urantians to take the same course, and that is what we are doing with you—that you now must be at the grassroots level of your engagement with the world around you with spiritual assistance and wisdom. So too will we serve you with your women corps in South Africa. Chasing after the money is a diffusion of your ethic of work and sincere dedication to just causes. You have had at least two wonderful ethnical, cultural, and racial leaders in your nation to assist you with the idealism that you will want to pursue on a practical level with your fellow sisters—with your sister-sisters. Do you understand?

Marthe: I do. Thank you very much. May I just restate you are saying that women themselves can do the work. That the money is not that important. It is women themselves who have to restate a new political philosophy that might be much more effective. Thank you.

Begin with women at the grassroots level

MM: That is so. Beginning at the grassroots level with women who are basic to family, basic to childcare, basic to motherhood, parenting, socialization, and child rearing. You are innately powerful. You simply must come to the realization that you are. Those who are powerful are powerful, first of all, because they say they are. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you so much.

Our affinity group

John: Good morning Machiventa. First, I just want to say what a privilege and honor it’s been to have been a part of this process for many years, and that I have learned and grown a great deal through it. So, I’m grateful to hear that your presence will still be available to us, and we can still consult you, ask questions, and benefit from your guidance and wisdom.

I understand that we’re to take a larger part in this, and I guess I’m wondering, you know, we have a group that has grown out of this process. We call it our Affinity Group. And I’m just wondering if that’s the kind of idea that you have for us to start to foster on our own or is it something more local for each one of us in this affinity group to do in our local communities where we’re gathering other, like individuals together and to begin to expose them to the teaching and the plan that it recommends for social sustainability?

MM: And we too appreciate your participation in the group as you have added much to the process and to the content. Now to your questions.

Yes, you have a good beginning with the affinity group. You can have a larger affinity group—a multinational affinity group such as what we have had here. You have had a good beginning with that, with the one you participate in and with. You will eventually want to have a local affinity group of your own as necessity begs for its presence. The work that you and your affinity group have been doing is admirable and we totally and completely support it. The idea, of course, the intention of taking off the training wheels is to teach you to think on your own—to think of possibilities and we will act more as mentors when you ask for mentoring advice just as Martha has asked, “Is this the best way forward?” and she received a very stark answer that was qualified by the advice I gave her. So too you and your affinity group that you belong to now can do the same thing. You must find your direction—your heading. You must find the wind so to speak as if you were in a sailing vessel. You want to find the best course forward and propose the course that you will take. If we take this metaphor further, you will want to chart out a course and confirm with us whether this will be productive and continue on.

Become independent thinkers

We want you to become independent thinkers because there will be no room or very little availability or reception by people during the height of the collapse for them to attend to such spiritual nonsense as they may consider this to be. So, thinking on your own with mentorship from us, you should have a good way forward. We do anticipate some stumbling on your part as you begin this process. By “you” I mean the affinity group or groups will stumble forward, but you will find your way. And of course, we do advise you to consult between affinity groups. This will be most helpful. You can do this very easily through the Internet, through these conference calls, and so on. Thank you.

John: Wonderful. Thank you Machiventa. I appreciate it. And thank you, Daniel, for all your efforts over the years. It’s much appreciated.

Daniel: Thank you. I appreciate your gratitude.

Jacques: Bonjour Machiventa. Bonjour Daniel. It’s like the others have said, it was a great privilege to be part of this group and to get this guidance from all the celestials who have joined during these 20 years.

An Affinity Group in France

Now it’s clear what you said. So, for me, I discussed this last week with Daniel. My intention is quite clear. I continue to translate the Daniel documents in French, then I want to create a French website to publish these documents, and after, I trust your own words that we will be supported anyway by celestials on the road to guide us and to post signs where we need assistance. So, I trust on this. I’ve started here also in France with my colleague Christina to gather regularly so that we can get our own guidance—superior and clear intentions. So, I have a clear face on the future.

MM: This is Machiventa. As a mentor to you, you are on the right course. Thank you.

Jacques: Thank you. Thank you.

Recca: Thank you. Thank you very much for the opportunity Machiventa to listen through Daniel to your guidance. It’s been a great help to me, and I hope to get through my disjointed questions to anyone else, everyone else. I agree that the affinity group on a local basis—your neighbors, our neighbors, my neighbors on either side of me in my small community, need to gather together in not just practical but in philosophical and spiritual community. And I appreciate the guidance and suggestions that you’ve given us over the years and through the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time transcripts so far from 1989. I give thanks to our celestial brothers and sisters and to the universe Mother Spirit.

Maintain your celestial guidance

My comment and question here is: Can we directly address our ministering spirits in a personal conversation or is that encircuitment or simply spiritual guidance. Can we directly speak with our guardians?

MM: Yes, of course. We do not withhold you from any spiritual contact whatsoever. It is simply that we are changing the format or the program of the contact that we have within a group such as this. This has been hand holding. This has been informative. It has been a great guidance. It is the Father’s hand upon your back as you ride on your small bicycle with training wheels to help keep you steady and from falling over as a group. And so, we do not withhold any other guidance that you may ask or receive from other spiritual entities. It is simply that the Melchizedeks will particularly act in a particular way with the known members of this group. Should another group of individuals who have not had the benefit of our immediate, personal, and group work ask for immediate assistance such as the PMG group has received in the last two years, we will be of assistance to them. This is not a means that will allow you to circumvent the reprogramming of the group. Do you understand?

Recca: I do. Thank you very much for your clarification on it.

MM: You’re most welcome.

Recca: It’s interesting that just last week our local community hall initiated a step-by-step plan for establishing a walkie-talkie citizen band and ham radio communication between homes and persons. And as I was sitting here listening to the description, the proposal, and the plan I flashed on our Planetary Management Group and thought yes, this is maybe what you meant.

What do we do first?

MM: In part, certainly. You have a good idea. I will stay in attendance after this meeting though This One will withdraw, and my first suggestion, which you should already have on the tip of your tongue is what do we do first? Thank you.

Recca: Thank you.

JT: That seems to be all we have today Machiventa. I want to say thank you again. I trust that you can feel the gratitude that I’m experiencing on, I believe, a morontial level—a kind of a spiritual, from the heart gratitude.

MM: Most definitely.

JT: I’m sure other people here are feeling the same thing.

MM: Remember, if you wish you may simply continue this group and retitle it with a new vision, mission, philosophy, and so on and continue as you have met in the past. I will not leave you abandoned, certainly not. I will be there, but I will not provide the same kind of assistance through This One or through your new TR so that you are able to think on your own and ask for what you need of the group among yourselves and consult with us rather than the other way around. Thank you.

JT: Very good. Thank you Machiventa, and thank you, Daniel.

Daniel: You’re most welcome. Good day.

[JT: End of formal session.]

Recca: Well, what do we do first? [laughter.]

JT: Well, you just did it.

Recca: Keep our sense of humor first of all. Humor is the divine antidote for exaltation of ego, I think it says somewhere in the book.

John: I just want to say that I feel like this group has value. There’s a lot of infrastructure here that I think could be very useful to all of us. I’d hate to see it just disappear in the ether. Maybe we rename this group and continue to meet on a bimonthly or just a monthly basis. I’d certainly be willing to be a part of it.

JT: After I publish the transcript, I will send an email with the news to everybody in the NOCO group. There are about 30 people that I send the emails to, and we’ll just keep that group email going for a while and see what people want to do.

John: Alright, thanks.

Recca: Thank you. That’s a great idea. I will look forward to a group email too. Thank you. I feel like I can contribute some small things to it.

Jacques: I think what you said is interesting to keep the group running at least once a month because the general idea is if we could share what we are doing on our own. We could share our progress, where we have difficulties, and then we can consult or see with Daniel or somebody else. I think this could be very nice.

John: I agree.

Recca: Yes, I agree.

JT: Well, I’ll set up an informal meeting for four weeks from today on February 20th.

Geoff: I just wanted to comment on that. Would it be possible to meet in two weeks because we’re all kind of used to that schedule? Just us I mean to go through some of these things. Because I was meaning you remember that Liz, once started an initiative where we could meet just as individuals and discuss things that we perhaps may not bring up in front of Machiventa?

JT: Well, I’ll tell you what, I’ll leave the Free Conference Call channel open to people. Anybody who wants to have a meeting in this Free Conference Call room knows how to get on, and you could just set up your own meeting on my account and record it.

Recca: That sounds good.

John: I would certainly be willing to do every two weeks, Geoff and anyone else that would want to get together, and by that time we’ll probably have the transcript of this meeting and will have had time to read it and reflect on it. I’ll certainly welcome the opportunity to talk about ideas.

Recca: Well, this is exciting. Wobbly training wheels off! [laughter]


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