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NET-PMG #47, A time for reflection, Equality—a core value, Thought Adjuster and Thought Controller

2022-12-26, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #47, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #47 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at:  Group = NET-PMG)

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


A time for reflection

Equality—a core value

Thought Adjuster and Thought Controller

Broadcasting your love (topic combines questions from Jeff and Liz)

We are Real

We teach to the lowest level through you

You are the salt of the earth [UB:140:4.2 (1572.2)]

Protect your savor

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


Machiventa: Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, and once again we are together. It is nice to be in reunion with you. This is the end of your calendar year—a man-made construct of time and the change of developments. For us it is not much different than it was yesterday, last month, or will be a few months from now. We live in the perennial sunshine of God’s presence, and we are joyful in that privilege we have to be in God’s light.

This too, is the Christmas season for many people on your planet, and for some it is a time of repose, and for some it’s intense work—intense activities. For believers it is a time of reflection to think about the events and developments of the last 12 months. For many of you it has been a very traumatic 12 months made difficult by circumstances and change of developments and the advent of war again, again, and again.

I do not have much to say this morning to you other than to invite you to ask questions of a nature that you seek answers to. They may be grand and grandiose, or they may be average and mundane. But I open the forum to you to ask questions now. Thank you.

Equality—a core value

JT: Alright, I’ll start a question-and-answer session. G has a written question. He says: Thank you Machiventa for your answers. One of my past questions was a “how” question which I apologize for as I had simply forgotten about the status of this type of question. I have reconsidered it and it will sound different. This is a topic related to the issue of equality.

The human value of equality is very similar to a mathematical equation with many variables that need to be brought into balance or zero. In this equation, there are such variables as:

– a very wide range of differences in the personal abilities of individuals;

– a very different useful contribution to the overall outcome;

– there is a different value of the work performed for the benefit of the whole community and its survival;

– the attitude to one’s responsibilities is different for each individual;

– there are so called rights to something by which an individual wants to gain some advantage and so on.

In human society, this equation is usually solved by such a tool as money, which has become practically the curse of our world. All this is due to the fact that this equation of equality has not yet been solved. Therefore, an interesting question arises; What is the philosophy of equality? Maybe there are some rules here like those that exist in mathematics.

MM: This Machiventa, thank you for your question. I would first of all refer you to the ethical and moral papers that Avahlah and This One have written in the past. A brief one is called “Making Sense of Ethics.” There is another one entitled “Answering Moral Questions for the Third Millennium” and related. There is also a current and recent paper involving morality and ethics. We will refer you to that. What is equal is what is equal for everyone. In this we are determining the value of each individual. Each individual, whether they have an IQ of 65 or 165, are equally valuable to your world, to your culture, and to your civilization providing that they have a willingness to accept God into their life. Even those who are incapable, because of limited intellectual functioning, can be of assistance to the growth of others in their service. For those who are grandly intelligent, it is an ever-present chore for them to remain at peace knowing that their value to society and to civilization are the same. What must be appreciated by both is that their service to others is of equal value, and not to be skewed by any form of egotism whether of superiority or inferiority.

The equation of equality is one that is answered by the fact that it is one of the most important values in the human genome. After life itself, equality is the most important value for people to deal with during their lifetime. Today, life-and-death is not usually an issue on a day-to-day basis, however equality seems to arise in the minds of people daily if not several times a day whether it deals with social status, political power, financial equity, social position, and so on. The great difficulty in these times for individuals is to feel and know that they are not superior to anyone else, but simply a necessary, contributing member of the larger society. This equation particularly becomes leveled out when one values themselves as a child of God, and that through the brotherhood of God they are equal to all others—males and females—and that their worthiness of being loved is the same as it is for anyone else.

The equality factor does not come to enter into existence until the individual feels some influence of inequality. If you have an individual who is unaware that they are unequal to others, they will not feel an issue of equality is at hand. However, once informed about the status of other people and that circumstances that arise or have arisen for the basis of inequality, then that individual may certainly feel that they have been stilted in life by not having equal advantages as others have had. And that is the issue of inequality.

This is probably far more than you asked for, however equality can be easily resolved as far as an equation in the schematic and the moral compass for social sustainability, designs, and validation. This is an instrument that can be used in groups or by individuals who are fair minded who come to some interesting conclusions about inequality and equality. I hope this helps. I wanted to leave you empowered to figure out a lot of these inequities on your own. Thank you.

Thought Adjuster and Thought Controller

John: Thanks, James. Good morning, Machiventa. I always welcome the opportunity to ask questions of a more personal nature to advance my understanding of my practice and my relationship to my God fragment within. In the last transcript that came out or the one before it you mentioned something about the Thought Adjuster becomes your Thought Controller. And in trying to practice with that, I get the sense that it’s not a passive thing where I just turn over control of my mind to my Thought Adjuster, but that it’s more of an awareness of feeling the presence of that Adjuster with me more consciously kind of throughout my day and not perhaps just in the more formal time of sitting in meditation. Now I’m just wondering if you could kind of expand on that idea—how to understand that concept of the Thought Adjuster as a Thought Controller, and perhaps what we can do as individuals to facilitate that kind of transition. Thank you.

MM: I’d be most happy to answer your question. It is an issue that needs to be on the minds of many people. You begin life even before the awareness of having a Thought Adjuster. There is that Mystery Monitor in the individual. And as the individual becomes acquainted with the God Presence within them (and this is a very practical and important chore of religious and spiritual education) the child then becomes aware that they are invested with the presence of God, and they see within themselves that their thoughts are being adjusted—meaning that they are given moral options to moral and ethical problems and situations; they are able to see the differences between what is right and what is wrong—not as a social conscience, but what is spiritually right and what is wrong. This has to do with the essence of equality; of knowing that they are equally loved by the Father.

Now many of you who are adults, older adults, continue to be bedeviled by traumatic, post-traumatic thoughts and incidents even in your childhood. There are individuals that This One has been acquainted with and knows personally who in their 70s and 80s continued to be bedeviled by thoughts of ill treatment when they were a child. This is where the Thought Adjuster comes in. This should tell you when these occur that the individual has been unable to control their thoughts and that their Thought Adjuster has not, even with much nudging, been able to assist the individual to forego thinking about those topics or those past injuries. It then rests upon the individual to willingly invite their Thought Adjuster to assist them in controlling their thinking.

This is where the Thought Controller comes in. It is not a matter of taking over their mind, which is a is pernicious idea, but one where the individual asks to have these thoughts removed from them, and that the Thought Adjuster would control the thinking so that these detrimental thoughts no longer hold the individual back from their spiritual, emotional, and relationship growth and evolution. Those are the detrimental things that are harmful to spiritual growth—the continual recalling of past injuries. You know and we know that there are many individuals who are basically healed from their past traumas except when they recall them and that they recall them with much dread and resentment about those situations and that the person becomes angry again, may become vengeful in their thinking, and may want retribution for the past injuries. Well, this, for a person who is growing in the spiritual realm, is what you might call total nonsense. It is highly detrimental to the growing soul. It is highly detrimental to the enveloping and infilling of their soul. It is highly detrimental to their social adjustment and to their personal relationship with themselves. This must be controlled. It must be done away with. And so, the individual gives their Thought Controller (the Thought Adjuster, the God Presence within them) total permission to control their thinking as far as the removal of detrimental thoughts. Do you see that difference now, John,

John: I do. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. No, that helps a lot. It helps me know how to proceed along these lines in ways that are more in line with this teaching. I appreciate it.

MM: Wonderful. Thank you.

Broadcasting your love (topic combines questions from Jeff and Liz)

Jeff: Good morning, Machiventa. I hope you had a good Christmas time, and I hope that all of the members of this group did as well. As a follow up to your comment about people revisiting past wrongs, I see that the issue between the Serbs and the Kosovo and the Muslim population in that part of the Balkans is being whipped up again, and it’s very sad. Is there any way that those of us who are afar can add some spiritual energy to calm down these past flames that are sometimes 1000s of years old which get people whipped up where they want to act out and do strange things? It seems like there’s something in the air around the world at the moment. People are in great unrest and feeling that they need to do something about past wrongs. They are not forgiving. They are not letting go. They are not moving forward. Do you have any comments about what people like us could do—what sort of a prayer we could project to the planet?

MM: Let us begin with you and I. If you were here in physical form, I’d slap the back of your hands. You have been told repeatedly—dozens of times—how to involve yourself in this equation of emotional and national hostility, ethnic hostility, and so on. Your sermon is preaching to the choir. You’re asking for the same answers that I’ve given you many, many times. You are frequently looking backwards to spy on sources you can ask questions about, but I challenge you to go back and find the answers to this question that you present with me now. Thank you.

Jeff: Thank you.

Liz: Good morning Machiventa. I don’t really have a question this morning, I just want to relay an experience that I had. My husband and I were recently on an extended vacation, and when we’re very close together for a long period of time one or the other of us tends to get grumpy. Our vacationing required traveling in a variety of different vehicles, and at one point I said: “Let’s expand our love to fill this entire vehicle.” I just whispered it to him and then we sat in silence for a few minutes. Pretty soon we were doing that every day no matter what type of vehicle we were in, and whenever I found myself being a little bit grumpy, he would say “Let’s raise our vibrations.” And so, I wanted to tell you that that was an amazing experience for us on this trip. And it made for perhaps the best vacation we’ve ever had. In fact, the other day he said that one of the most fun parts of our trip was just sharing our love with everybody in the auditorium, everybody on the bus, or everybody in the whole building. And so that’s a technique that I received from you. And to put it into practical experience, we had a fabulous time. And I believe that it added to the joy and comfort of all those who were traveling with us. So, I just wanted to tell you about that as a thank you for that.

MM: Thank you so much for sharing. Now, Jeff, you can take that to heart. You can really see the world as a bus. We’re all on a bus together—you are. Now if you want to, you can shout out from one end of the bus to the other end of the bus: “Feel the love, feel the vibration, feel the oneness.” And so, when you step outside your house, you can face east or west, however it is, towards those regions of great tension in the world and project your love, your harmony, the sense of oneness. Your affecting this will be felt, truly. Thank you.

Liz: Thank you Machiventa.

We are Real


MM: Thank you. This is Machiventa. In our closing statement to you, we wish you to know that we are here. We are truly here. This is not a machination of your imagination. It is not a fantasy. This is a reality that we are here, and we are not leaving you.

We teach to the lowest level through you

This is the Correcting Time. It is the time of great correcting. Of course, if you were a teacher in a classroom and you had several superior students you would want to tell them or assign them some extra studies that are advanced in preparation for the next class—whether that is a class in a high school, a college, or in a postgraduate situation. For those who are less capable, you would want to test them. And in so doing, you would test the class. And you would want to begin the change of your classroom curriculum for this subject to teach to the lowest level. And my friends, that’s what we’re doing. We’re teaching to the lowest level—through youYou are not the lowest level; you are our megaphones. You are our PA system. You are those individuals who are dedicated and committed to the Correcting Time—Christ Michael’s plan to bring about the Days of Light and Life to this world.

You are the salt of the earth [UB:140:4.2 (1572.2)]

And so it is that we bring you these lessons. Some of them are old, some are new, some are unknown to you yet. And we teach to these psychic, subliminal levels of your mind so that you’re well prepared in situations that you would not expect in the future. And so it is that I greet you to this coming year. This is a year of immense change for millions, perhaps billions, of people. It will be an era of immense change. So, too, when we think about your world, we must address the lowest level of your civilization which includes those individuals who intentionally bring about violence and the manipulation of the masses through the well-known psychological means to lead ignorant people into duress. And so it is that we want to lead you thoughtfully, carefully, and open mindedly to be inspirited with spiritual guidance from the God Presence within you to be the greatest being you possibly can be in all situations.

Protect your savor

You have been exposed to many manipulations already; fake news is one—news that is so subtle that it appears to be legitimate is some of the most devious sources of information. In those cases and situations, we ask you to simply call a halt to the day—to sit back, relax, and eliminate those thoughts from your mind and your concerns for the hostilities, the manipulations, and the machinations of evil people. And so it is we ask you to sit and relax, to go within, and reflect upon the presence of God within you because you are the reflection of It to others. Thank you and good day.

JT: Thank you, Machiventa and thank you Daniel.

Daniel: You’re most welcome.


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