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LLN402- Healing Trauma

2013-06-27-Healing Trauma
Lightline #402


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Healing Trauma
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Charles, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Trauma, Healing
 3.2.2 Perspective, Presence
 3.2.3 Mind, Renewal
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Healing Trauma
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Charles, Michael
TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers


Prayer: [Henry] Mother/Father God, thank you for this circle of friendship we have created here. We ask for your love and guidance, your support. We thank you for the opportunities which are available to us to serve and learn more about ourselves, to become better children.

Trauma, Healing

GORMAN:   [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Gorman here this evening to step into this circle which has been created for the purpose of experiencing a connection in time between human and spirit. In this connection of time this evening I would like to discuss the moment in time, being in the moment, the place where you are fully conscious, you are fully conscious of who you are, what you are doing, your senses are acute and heightened in the moment. Usually you come into the moment when you are ready to make decisions, exercise choices, where you change the future by the decision you make in the moment, the decisions that you have turned over and analyzed, weighed against each other and have chosen to pursue a certain path, partly to bring in a future which is more compatible with who you are and what you intend to do and to have that synchronized, to have a fullness of the moment, create a fullness in time in the future.

One of the problems confronting people on this planet in their ability to come to terms with the moment and to settle and identify with the moment has a lot to do with trauma, traumatic experiences. You live on a world which has been traumatized in many ways. There has been a covert trauma many centuries ago when the spiritual beings in charge of this planet strayed from the original plan, thus not only confusing the gains that it had made with the races of time here but the races of time in their confusion have generated and regenerated and passed on the traumas in their behavior, in their stance, in the patterning of their lives.

One of the effects of trauma and what trauma is, is a situation arises and the body, the psyche, the whole being of who you are at the time are not able to process and deal with what is happening. It creates a traumatic effect, a trauma and what happens with a trauma is that it is translated into the body. It is because the body cannot deal with it at the moment, the body holds it somewhere in itself. Usually it stores it in a weak part of the body. This can be anywhere, an organ, in tissue, in levels and layers of tissue, joints, lymphs. The body, in stuffing this trauma away somewhere to deal with it later, creates this irregular patterning that overlays, sort of like how if you pinch and pull a nylon blanket, the whole form of the blanket responds to that pull.

This is what happens with trauma. Trauma organizes itself to create this patterning that the trauma can safely exist and it is possible that a human being can live its entire life not even becoming aware of this layer of patterning which controls a behavior, creates an inability to settle and be in the moment, to be grounded in the moment of time, to be completely neutral and at ease because a trauma pattern is not neutral, it is irregular. It is creating an imbalance. It is like two identical images and one is a little off register so it creates a sort of an edge, it creates a confusion of lines, of boundaries of behavior. The most difficult of course of traumas are those that happen early in life because those that happen early in life are buried deep and are protected by other irregular layers of traumatic patterning so that you may grow up experiencing these irregularities and thinking that they are quite normal because you basically do not know the difference.

In the times you live in now there are many therapies and trained therapists that deal with traumatic situations and getting humans back to neutral, balancing their nervous system, putting them in real time so that they are able to move forward and progress and assume a fuller life by releasing traumatic patterns, layers and levels of trauma. Many times trauma does not release all at once, it must be titrated, it must be released piece by piece. It may take years for this, the conscious effort to address such things in your bodies, to encounter them in your behavior, in the way that you think, the way that you feel, the way that you react. Coming to terms with these traumatic patterns is your ability to move forward in a more correct integrated and neutral behavior pattern.

Sometimes these behaviors must be relearned and adjusted to bring about a fuller acknowledgement and recognition of such by your peers, your therapist, your family. These traumas inhibit you from finding neutral and being in the moment is a balanced neutral state. It is a grounded state, it is not something confusing or erratic or anything resulting from the inability to be in that moment, to relax the nervous system, that you can sit in a quiet contemplative state, whether it is in stillness; stillness of course is a practice that brings you completely into the moment. Your ability to actually sit in a still non-responsive, aware, yet quiet space, contemplating nothing but experiencing within your soul the presence of God.

Very few people if any alive on the planet live a life with no trauma. The intelligence of good parenting these days insures that children are raised with less and less trauma, yet there are still places on the planet, especially war zones and zones of friction where children become involved with tremendous amounts of trauma which continues the cycle of irregular behavior for another generation. There has never been a time on the planet where the human race was not murdering itself, was not creating havoc, power tripping others, other races, other political people, other tribes, other families.

Though much effort has been gained in minimizing these effects in civilized countries on your world, nonetheless there is still a long way to go in bringing these patterns. When eventually mankind intends to reach Light and Life a lot of these traumatic patterns will have been resolved on the planet and will be reduced to a bare minimum, eventually to become isolated and extinguished. Imagine a world with no trauma, where everything is safe, where you are safe to explore and express, where you feel safe and supported to become the person you want to be. This is what happens in a trauma free environment. Nothing is being forced or coerced, no agendas for you. You are free to express who you are and who you are becoming in a way which supports a system in which everyone lives.

Yes, this is an ideal, it is something that can be conceived in the mind and in all actuality in this moment and in this time it begins with you. It begins with your ability to become a person of equanimity in the moment, a person with integrity, a poised and balanced neural system, a mind adept at spiritual perception, a personality which is grounded in the soul, soul consciousness, soul mind, the mind of combined spirit, human awareness and endeavor. These traumas do not mar you for eternal life. The traumas that are not taken care of in this time and space will be dealt with in another for at some point it is important to become whole and one with the Fragment of Spirit Within, that you become of a certain quality.

In examining these thoughts that are brought forth to you this evening, I encourage you to attempt this awareness and understanding within your own souls and your own being, to allow what it is that needs adjusting to reveal itself to you that you may become more productive in the moment, in that moment that you exercise your ability to make correct decisions, choose greater choices for yourself. Depending where you are in your life experience and your spiritual journey, life will always attempt to adjust you in some way and is not always very fair. Sometimes the adjustments are severe and the adjustments are steep but when you have a choice to exercise, you circumvent the effects that life has upon you by choosing which way you intend to move forward without having life choose for you.

Remember that there are no wrong choices. Some choices force you to repeat lessons but only until you become aware that this time around you need to change things. You cannot expect a different result by making the same choice. Many times you have to choose from something you are not familiar with just for the express purpose to learn something new about yourself. So in your quiet times consider these notions and these thoughts. Begin to look at your present situation with a more discerning stance, a clearer understanding. Learn to identify those areas that need work. Learn to recognize the adjustments that need to be made to make you a more whole and complete person, that 100% of you is in the moment, not just the mental intention part but all of you, your body, your mind and your spirit are all synchronized on the same page at the same time.
I thank you for allowing me to express these thoughts. My friends, go in peace, continue your great journey and I now step aside that others may use this forum, good evening.

Perspective, Presence

CHARLES:  [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Charles here to offer a little bit more on this theme. While it is good and true and right that one must seek the stillness to position themselves and find where they are in relationship to all that is and even to themselves, there often arises the consideration of how to gain greater perspective about lessons to be learned, about issues particularly pertaining to stress and trauma because there tends to be so much fear and stress around trauma that it is easy to fail to rise above it. It is easy to succumb to the reoccurring fear, doubt and uncertainties and once again see yourself as victimized and playing the same old scenario over again rather than gaining any new insights into what lessons may be learned. So I invite you to consider the following additional approach that you may use.

You have been told that if your mind does not serve you well, it is possible for you to exchange your inappropriate mind and thought patterns for those of the mind of Christ. This you have been made aware is a potential and a possibility that you may access. Now I invite you to consider the experience you may each have had if you watch a movie with other individuals who have different insights and levels of awareness. You find that the movie may be interpreted differently when the different perspectives are added of others and things that you may not have noticed as being important may be pointed out and connections may be made when there are other viewpoints at play during the same movie.

So what if you decided to picture yourself curling up on the couch with Michael to watch the replay of a traumatic event in your life as if you were viewing a movie with the added perspective of your Father/Creator and brother. Immediately you would feel safer, you would feel more secure because it would not hold over you the same control you had given it before, being in the presence of such a protector as Michael. Likewise, what if the mind of Christ were there to help you navigate your way though to see the movie through different eyes, with different values, providing you a whole new perspective on what it was you thought you had seen.

I tell you, there may be no more cogent avenue of approach towards coming to a new awareness, an increased understanding of traumatic events in your life, than to view them side by side with Michael and the mind of Christ. You most certainly will have a different perspective, an enlarged scope of awareness and there is no doubt that you will see these events in a new context, a new place, because when they were originally occurring you were taken by them so much so, that they lodged themselves as resident and part of your being. If you were to look at them with the perspective of Michael, they would seem entirely different, in a much broader context, much less intense, much more meaningful.

You see, there are lessons to be learned in even the most traumatic of events and if you could manage to position yourselves to seek the lessons, find the lessons contained within, take the lessons, embrace the lessons, welcome the lessons contained and let the rest of it fall by the wayside. True, these lessons were earned with significant impact, but then the greatest lessons always are, and if you were to see yourself as sitting side by side on the couch safe and secure with your Divine Parent, surrounded by your Mother and Father who care dearly for you, who would help you interpret what has happened, what has been printed on the reel that is playing which is your life, you would greatly benefit from such an exercise. So I invite you to consider that you have access to this opportunity. As you have been told, if your understanding, if your awareness, if your perception does not serve you completely, there is an upgrade available when you ask to exchange yours with the mind of Michael. So why not give it a try?

That is all I have to present this evening and I believe it is enough. Thank you for hearing my words, bless you all, be in peace, understand that your life is a long movie. Many many scenes are being imprinted on your being. All those scenes will find their place in the context of your eternal career and cannot be seen fairly with just such a short few opening scenes in this life but will be judged more fairly when more has been added to the drama, more has been added to the experience and so be it. Add all you can and create all the context possible so that each event and every event will take its rightful place and you will not see yourself so much as victimized as simply playing different roles, different parts at different times for different purposes with different meaning and values. Be in peace, thank you for hearing my words, farewell.

Mind, Renewal

MICHAEL:  [Henry] Greetings to you my children, it is I, Michael, here to bring you safe words of comfort so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are my children and in the ideal of the child, you are held in mercy, love and compassion. Many a times children grow up with the wrong information. It creates turmoil in their lives. They make bad choices, horrendous decisions and choices. Sometimes even monstrous, inhuman behavior results from incorrect information, traumatic experiences. This does not qualify what a person creates and has done or their behavior but in time and in different places it is the choice and will of the survivor, you will be rehabilitated. You will be made whole, anew, you will be readjusted that you may move forward more correctly.

I do not punish my children. Life is set in motion and life will continue indefinitely. Life has a self correcting mechanism. This is how it is able to survive indefinitely, because inherent in all life is the seed of rebirth. The mind is no different. The mind can be made anew. You can see things differently with a different perspective, yes, even my perspective. The mind that I lived on your world is still on the planet in the form of the Personalized Adjuster which was on loan to my mind during my bestowal on your world. This mind, this Spirit of Truth, this Spirit of Peace is alive and well. Seek out this mind. It has an ability to correct, to balance, to draw you to a neutral, clear space. It can pull you out of a downward spiraling mindset, a confused ambition of life, a treacherous behavior and at some point you will be ready if you choose, to move forward in the love, in the correcting and training which the universe has to offer its ascendant mortals such as yourselves.

Though we do not condone treacherous and inhuman or horrible behavior, nonetheless, life compensates and makes its own adjustments, that the collective body of mankind organize itself, create boundaries, create laws of behavior for its society, all behavior suffers the consequence of such behavior. The spiritual universe does not interfere, yet the spiritual universe is ready to embrace the real you, the penitent you, the forgiving you, the needy you. The spiritual universe and its effect on mind is a balm, a remedy for the confusion, the incorrect information which minds contain, the fraudulent behavior which the individual personality indulges in.

Know that we hold all of you in the same embrace. We intend fullness and happiness, complete integration of body, mind and spirit for all of you no matter where you are in your ascension. Know that as our children, we will take care of you. We will help you get the correction that you need. The choice, as it is now, is entirely yours. At some point you will have better information, more caring supervision. The schools on the mansion worlds have become exceptional in dealing with Urantia based tragedy and trauma, the effects of incorrect information. In the meantime we hold all of you in love and peace, to know that we do care.

We care who you are, who you are becoming and how you are becoming. In time you will open up your mind to greater awareness. Unfortunately it may be too late for some of you on this world of nativity but nonetheless, once you pass over you are in able and capable hands, in a loving, trustful and safe environment. We too pray that at some point, the consciousness of man grows into a strong reflection of who we are, a society of peaceful and loving beings honoring and worshipping the Father in their daily attempt to become one in the likeness, in the being-ness, of the greatness of that which Father is.


MICHAEL:  My friends, go in peace, learn to comfort others that are in need of comfort, that are in need of assurance and acknowledgement. I thank you for allowing me these words. Go in peace and good evening.

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