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LLN403- TRing is Mindal Science

2013-07-04-TRing is Mindal Science
Lightline #403


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Mindal Science
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: 0802-AB “JACK” (Secondary Midwayer)
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Transmitting, Mind
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Urantia Book
 3.3.2 Dissemination
 3.3.3 Midwayers
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Mindal Science
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: 0802-AB “JACK” (Secondary Midwayer)
TR: Gerdean


Prayer: Father God and Mother Spirit, Thank You for being our Life, not just being part of it but giving us a Life, one worth living. Open up the pathway before us as we are ready for it. Help us know what to do with it when it reveals itself, in such a way that we can best serve — not just short term but long term, not just ourselves but others, and certainly not just our will but Yours.

Thank you for the Teachers and this venue that has been created/ presented to us that we might work within it, practice our teaching skills, discovering the best within us and within each other so as to reflect the goodness, truth and beauty that is Yours and that we aspire to. We welcome Your agenda, Father God, and Your ministry Mother Spirit, and we thank Christ Michael for His important role which we so admire and so appreciate. Amen.

Transmitting, Mind

0802-AB JACK:  Jack here. Good evening, kids. Just a little technical … tidying up here. Mechanics on this end need a little tweaking, as they say. The T/R itself is getting “iffy,” just like an old car that has served well for decades; you never know for sure but what it might shut down alongside the highway. Let’s let it get warmed up and take out from here with purpose and direction, in no big hurry but with intent to go somewhere and arrive safely.

We’ve been giving some time to the idea of mindal science. There is such an attitude, a prevailing attitude that what we engage in here with this T/R process is simply a construct of the mind — the imagination upheld by a degree of wish fulfillment — and given no credence as to what it could possibly be in terms of divine order. Unfortunate immediate history has such activities lumped under “occult” and has gotten a bad rap; also, the Book, The Urantia Book (or part of the book) will become obsolete in the course of time, in particular the science aspect as things are discovered, as you discover things, as you evolve into them.

Also make a note that it is said that the material age is passing and you will be entering into an age of mind expansion and utilization. Presumably you will think more and deeper, with more relevance than mere acquisition and pleasure seeking or even invention, and so it would seem likely that the mind has something to offer the field of science. There was a time when even psychology was regarded as voodoo nonsense, but it is now regarded as Mindal Science and psychiatry and psychotherapy are a normal part of the respected professions of medical practitioners, having to do with the healing of the mind and also having a big influence on the body.

Thus culture is affected, society is affected and souls are affected. The very future of your world is affected by the study of mind as the mind studies itself and its environment, even the minds and lives of others. You will recall, again, the text makes mention of the fact that a study of your own religion is generally regarded as theology but when you set out to study someone else’s religion, it is psychology. What makes them tick? What makes them think that way? Why do they believe that way? What is influencing them that would put them in such a state of mind? And so you can become much more objective when observing other people’s religious convictions.

We must /you must also acknowledge the relevance of objectively observing your own religion, even though it is such a subjective experience; otherwise, how will you be able to be fair in your dealings with the religion of others. If you don’t give a fair reckoning to the religious life of others, as well as your own, you become myopic and self-centered in what you regard as sacred or holy … and this is a limitation on the possibilities, on the prospects of mind expansion … not only of yourself but of society.

It is said that the challenge is developing yourself as well as the world in which you live, the maturation of the individual followed by the maturation of the race. Fact is, as you mature, the race matures naturally, inherently. But if you don’t mature, then the race stays immature and becomes stagnant, even regressive, and so the greatest thing you could do, philosophically speaking, is grow up, become more mature about what you believe in and how those beliefs affect others, what impact those beliefs have on others. Not to say you need to sit around nit-picking yourself as to every jot and tittle, because if your spirit is running the show you will not be mindful of what it is doing; it will function above and beyond your direction. You all know that when the Spirit of Truth is operating, you can be as amazed and enthralled and edified as anyone.

The point of sharing this with you is simply to say that we midwayers discuss this, and we had a discussion today at our briefing about the science of religion, the aspect of God-consciousness that is evolving in such a way as to contribute to humanity such that humanity cannot ignore the effects of your causes. When religion becomes a mindal science, it cannot be tossed aside as mere hysteria or subconscious uprising or wish fulfillment because it actually does something. It heals mental illness, for example. It improves social conditions. It helps addicts and alcoholics become contributing members of society. It makes productive citizens out of otherwise pleasure seekers. It infuses humanity with enthusiasm for adventure and discovery. It stresses the positive.

There are just so many benefits to an appreciation for mindal science and there is no quibbling that what we engage in here, in this transmitting/receiving, is mindal science. Starting out with an Ouija board may be rightfully classified as spiritual play, but all seekers must start somewhere. If you are going to look for a personal religion, something above and beyond the books, outside of the religions structure and traditions of yesteryear, you enter into those areas of mystery and adventure which most folks avoid. So you who have set out to discover more and experience more, in terms of the mind, are just as viable and valid as those who set out to know more about fuel energy, power, agriculture and other venues that contribute to the world in which you live.

This is the realm where you are asked to do the work. Nothing is more important than the work of the realm and this is where you are. This is where we find ourselves. The more responsibility we can take for what we do, the more we can respect our progress. It goes from being a mutual admiration society to a true association of believers, spirit believers. And this is what it will take, this kind of conviction, to forge ahead boldly without allowing yourselves to be stopped by those who ridicule, berate, and undermine your efforts.

Think in terms of mindal science. Just as alchemy became medicine, you will become … you will help bring in the age of mind. The mind is not only a terrible thing to waste, it is undiscovered territory. Like the explorers who came across country finding new territory, you are explorers in the realm of the mind, finding new rivers and forests, vast open spaces which can become occupied with new civilization, new culture. It has already begun. Perhaps what I am telling you here is nothing new, but we were talking about it today and so I thought I would share with you what we were talking about, as if to give encouragement in what you do.

I haven’t got any meaty lessons aligned for you this evening although, of course, there are many who are aware of our gathering here and would avail themselves if sought, so let me open the floor to your involvement, for questions or commentary, so that we can be sociable and inter-mingle. What’s on your minds this evening? Don’t be intimidated by your peers.

Urantia Book

Student 1: I have a question, Jack.

0802-AB JACK: : Yes.

Student: It’s kind of like a question. I hope there’s a question in here. So I will state my observation concerning our text, the Urantia Book. You know, so much of the Urantia Book humans have absolutely no reference of. It feels like real correct consistent information and it’s not that the information is brought into question, it’s just that there is no human reference for very little of the information. That is beyond our little sphere here, except that it does outline the spiritual circuits that are available to us because of the indwelling of the Adjuster, and through these– through this information, we can reference this with a personal experience with spirit and many of us, of course, do this. My question, I guess is — the large part and parcel of the Papers that deal with other worlds and other achieved reality and other conceptual mind spaces of Havona and Paradise, how are we supposed to ground ourselves into this information? I guess that is my question.

0802-AB JACK: : May I suggest it is not so much how you ground yourself in that information as to how you allow yourself to continue to be grounded in the life you live here while you have that as an eternal goal to aspire to, which is a much bigger, broader and better presentation of what will happen to you in your future than heretofore presented.

Student: Well, this is true. The information about the ascension career is tremendous information and we can set that in motion here in how we live this life, that is true. Then again, it forces us to exercise faith and trust in order to accept these realities as, in a sense, factual. You know, we kind of have to use blind faith. We have to believe without seeing, on our world here, as you are well aware. Is there any indication, being a midwayer who is for all practical purposes resident here for long periods of millennia, is there any insight into the off-world activity that you can share?

0802-AB JACK: : Well, I do admit to having a broader perspective because I am privileged to have met many of these visiting entities and student visitors. In fact, I have acted as a liaison between many of them and you humans, as I do in this capacity here, when another Teacher has come to lecture you or talk to you about whatever the curriculum calls for, and so I have that exposure to much more than you do and I can tell you that it is true but even so you must accept that on faith.

But this gets back to what I was saying earlier, that if you pursue this activity of opening your mind to the potential that awaits in the arena of the mind, you too will –and as you know – become familiar with these energies, these personalities, these concepts that are introduced in the text such that they become real to you, even though, yes, it still must be accepted on faith, but these many pages of spiritual hierarchy and job descriptions all the way up do provide you a universe framework upon which to build, and this will become the commonly accepted framework for all humanity, all earthlings, in time. You just are getting in on the ground floor.

Having a framework gives you the advantage of having certain sure-footedness. You have conviction because there is nothing anywhere that has come close to superseding this work. There may be flaws in its presentation and there may be glimmers and flashes, light flashes of truth from other sources, but in the main the Urantia revelation … the text itself … is a milestone (not the right word) … a … it’s a monument, a monumental task in revealing to you who you are and where you’re going and everyone seeks this. You have sought it for ages, inasmuch as we have lost much of what most worlds have and we have floundered.

Having this text provides the framework that is necessary for us to reckon with our position in time and space as well as in evolution and relative perfection. It’s a tremendous favor that has been done to the citizens of this planet. This very enlightening and edifying tome taps into our history and the far distant past and the recent past. It is nothing but advantageous. And this, too, is something that you would do well to tout. It is something you can have confidence in. It is, however, not complete. There are a lot of topics that are not covered and that could not be covered because of their mandates, one of which is to not give you something you haven’t already discovered, and that gets back to that science thing.

As you discover scientifically, you can add that to what you have to offer and what you bring, what you teach others. There is much to give. Not just the metaphysical or superconscious, not just morontial reality. There are many ways to comfort humanity and help set this planet aright. You need not spend overmuch time directing your students into the heavens, for the kingdom of heaven is within. For many it is enough to know that God exists, and that there are angels who help and serve. If and when they have an appetite for the myriad ascending and descending and created sons and servers of the universes of time and space, they will ask.

Peace of mind is the key. Peace of mind. And again we get back to the science of mind. Peace of mind will get people back to work. Peace of Mind will keep them from becoming addicts and alcoholics. Peace of Mind will keep them from battering their wives or nagging their husbands. Peace of Mind is the gift that Christ Michael offers, this Prince of Peace. Peace of Mind is the Holy Grail, the pearl of great price. Peace of Mind is Paradise to the lowly mortal. And Paradise on high is a lofty goal. Serve humanity where they are. The work of the realm is here and now. Does that address your concern?

Student 1: Yes! It expands the picture from a mental construct to more than active participation in the relationship between man and spirit, and in that sense, information becomes illuminating through the diligence of our participation in this, in training others in what we are leaning ourselves through this relationship because what you have pointed out is that it is the relationship that ultimately bridges the gap that is created in just the mental construct.


0802-AB JACK:  Remember, too, when you are dealing with humanity, or students — those you would help — it takes some time to attain the seven psychic circles, and very few are able to attest to their ability to speak to God face to face, although they may be willing to accept that they can talk to God and believe that God hears them; they can talk to angels and sometimes perceive seraphic action in response. Alas, there are also those who are in such despair they have no faith and no hope. Those involve a lot more work. But there is a range of neediness at your feet.

Pick and choose where your best efforts would serve. Chances are if you identify that range of assistance you personally can bring to an individual or a handful of individuals, you will be shown the way. The stumbling block for many young faithers is that they want to turn on the whole world. They want to save everyone. They want to affect everyone. They want to have an impact on everyone. And while this is very commendable, it is also very impractical.

Again, nothing is more important than the work of your realm, and if that means working with one person at a time over period of time in order to cultivate that soul, then that is time well spent, that is work well done. At the end of the day, when you look back at the life you’ve lived here, chances are it will not be the number of transmissions you have done, the number of books you have published, the number of public presentations you have given; it will be the human beings you have touched that you can feel confident you will see in Mansonia, in part because of your participation in their spiritual growth.

That kind of fellowshiping, that kind of camaraderie is abiding and enduring and meaningful. It is something that will comfort you in your last days when you look back and wonder if through it all you have really done anything. They don’t care about Paradise; they don’t care about hierarchy; they care about peace of mind. And yes, relationship — personal, intimate, relationship — with loved ones who reflect back to them their own value, which does not have to be elaborate, sophisticated, even intelligent — just human, merciful, and loving. That’s the important work. Do I hear an objection?

Student 2: On the contrary, Jack. I am very pleased to have met you this way. I want to thank you for your work tonight. Your personality comes through very clear, very meaningful. I thank Gerdean for her clarity in presenting you and I thank you so much. I can only marvel at the life you must have had all these years.


0802-AB JACK: : Thank you for acknowledging my humble role in this effort, this mighty effort. Yes I have stories I could tell and perhaps one day when we have time I will tell a story or two, but it is more interesting for me, really, to do my work — which seems to be cultivating you and nurturing your growth. I am your cousin and not far away so we have a lot in common.

Student 2: Well, you do speak to the heart, and that in itself is quite an ability. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to meet you, as it were, face to face. And who knows when or what it takes for me to change and keep growing, but that would indeed be something to look forward to, meeting your kind of being face to face.

0802-AB JACK: : Well, I understand that has to do with your ocular perception. When you can see me, you will.

Student 2: Is that humanly possible?

0802-AB JACK: : It is, to my understanding. People used to see me.

Student 2: You are saying it is part of your experience?

0802-AB JACK: : Yes.

Student 2: Well, then, that is something to look forward to. I definitely invite you to make yourself present, or visible.

0802-AB JACK: : Visible or invisible, I won’t stop making an attempt to get your attention, I assure you.


Student 3: Thank you for your lesson tonight, Jack. It gave us a lot to think about.

0802-AB JACK: : Thank you for being here. And let me wish you a Happy Independence Day! I understand this is some holiday you enjoy here and I am all in favor of independence for it gives you the opportunity to think for yourself and have your own perception on things. I commend independence, even as I encourage interdependence, which is what a family is, after all, or any working system that provides goods and services to one another. And on that happy note, I will bring our evening to a close with thanks for your company and wishes for a great tomorrow. Later!

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