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LLN404- Balance Amidst Change

2013-07-11-Balance Amidst Change
Lightline #404


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Balance Amidst Change
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Balance Amidst Change
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Michael
TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.


CHARLES:   [Mark] Yes, I accept your invitation, I am Charles and I will arrive at whatever you declare it to be, gym, an auditorium, a track, a field, a mountain top, it matters not to me. Think of it however you will because in spirit it can be anything, it can be anywhere, it can be anytime. That is the magnificence of traveling in spirit, coming together in spirit, meeting as we do in spirit. It is a timeless and spaceless process and yet a profoundly important one.

I will pick up the thread offered today and I appreciate the willingness of my associate to offer thought patterns for use in this way because as a mortal of the realm, he is connected to the web of consciousness, to all other mortals of the realm; and so, what one mortal thinks and breathes and wonders is shared by many other mortals who would identify with and tap into this thought stream. It is so easily shared when it is of a common denominator, of a mortal origin, whereas much of what we have to offer from the spiritual counterpoint are merely augmentations and enhancements of these existing patterns. But, they must have origin within the human psyche and the human understanding in order to be accessed easily and freely shared amongst all who would take them.

This is one reference to this web of connection, this collective consciousness as you have referred to it, this overarching assembly of human awareness and thought. This is one of the webs that connects you all and to which you all have access. This is through the gift of grace of your mind circuit and Mother Spirit is to be thanked for providing this avenue of approach between you and among you. You also have another set of connections between you and among you; you all are endowed by a spark of the Creator, a fragment of the whole and this fragment of the whole is able to communicate not only with its origin and Parent, but with its siblings, its other fragments. And so, between you and among you there is this other layer of grid work in which you all are connected by virtue of this gift of grace which you all have, which you all are growing to encounter more and more in your daily lives.

At times like this, when we come together in spirit, there is yet another framework that is used to assemble like this. When I say like this, what am I referring to? Is this a place, is this a time, is this a way, is it a destination or is it a route? I tell you it is composed of all these things and yet not strictly subject to any of them. It is transcendent, above and beyond all these descriptive terms and it is accessed by virtue of your choice, in your willingness to pursue it, to utilize it, to open that door within yourself and enter therein.

So where is this door? Where does this door go? How do you know when you have entered through this door? Where do you end up having done so? All these questions are only answered individually and personally. There is no group solution, there is no organized thought pattern which defined these answers for you. They must be encountered to be real, they must be experienced by you individually before they even exist and then once you have experienced them personally and individually they take their place among the things that you call real.

Having created the space, this experience takes its place side by side with other aspects of your experience and they become as real to you as driving your car or as making your dinner and yet, when you make your dinner or you drive your car there is an action and a result which you can point to and say, I did this and this occurred, and as a result you can see that this happened. When you venture out in spirit you must also execute the use of your faith because the only changes that will be visible in the material and the mortal realm are the changes in you that happen as a result of your experiences.

But I affirm to each of you that these changes are quite real, are quite significant and are important even beyond where you have driven and what you had for dinner. They shape you in a more fundamental arena than much of what you do in your mortal life from hour to hour and yet, all this goes by unseen and unknown to others, yet so important and real to you as an individual that these experiences may change your life and change the way you look at things and see things and experienced things. They will change your life, they do change your experiences, they have altered your perception of what is real and true and good.

I bring this up to you because many times, as mortals of the realm, discussion falls to material aspects of living and of course this is normal and natural as you are a material being who must endure and encounter the material aspects of your existence. But I submit to you, that the biggest things, the best things, the most real things universally that occur to you are not observable in this mortal life with the eyes of the flesh, that these things of greatest magnitude, these experiences of greatest significance and importance are the experiences within that you foster in the spiritual dimension.

CHARLES:    This is true throughout your universal career. Try to keep this in perspective my friends, this is true throughout your eternal career. Your mortal perspective is a small one, is a short one. Your eternal career spans beyond the confines of time and space and the true elements which are significant in this long term plan are derived within, in the confines of your inner being and yet they expand from that point to eternity. All that surrounds these confines, your vehicle, your mortal existence, will certainly fall by the wayside in one circumstance or another. This is by design and by pattern, it is not a punishment or some unjust thing that befalls you. It is part of the grand design that demonstrates to you what is real and what is important, what is significant and what falls away in the course of time and in the experience of the material existence.

So keep this in mind as you consider the possibilities to come your way as you have your discussions about what may or may not transpire, about how you may or may not react to what transpires and about what the real meaning is behind this experience that you are having and I submit to you that as you evolve as spiritual beings, more and more emphasis will be placed on your inner experience, your transcendent aspect of being and less and less focus will be applied to the circumstances of the moment, of the hour or of the future to befall you. Truly, this is an enlightened perspective and you are not expected to be there now. I only invite you to consider the slow transformation from where you are to this ideal as you move in its direction which you certainly will, which you certainly are as you show up for more training, more exercise.

Certainly, when you apply yourselves you will see the benefits of this application. Even now I invite you to look back as it were, and see all that you have gained by your forays and adventures into this land of spirit and this version of reality that you are coming more and more to rely on and trust as it more and more shapes your being. What a treat it is to walk into the classroom of eager students, all paying attention, none falling asleep or doodling on the side and each one trying to glean from these word symbols meaning and value in their own experience. That is all that can be asked of the student.

Thank you all for being eager students, it is my pleasure to address you at this time. I understand the formula that is used for this forum and I honor it and to that end I will now step aside and remain in attendance while other interactions happen in the forum. Thank you for the opportunity, I bid you all a good day.

MICHAEL:  [Henry] Greetings, I am Michael here this evening amongst my children, in your presence to share a few thoughts on some of the concerns that were aired here this evening. It is true, the spiritual life is both an inner life and a life which is shared through service. Both the inner life part and the service life part are similar in that they demand daily attention. At this point in your awareness, your life becomes a practice. Part of your day is consumed with negotiating your survival, your well being, gathering nourishment, grooming yourselves, being prepared for what may transpire this day and all of you here this evening are aware of what can transpire in one day just by referring to the experiences within your own life, knowing that in one single day, everything you have come to love and know, can shift, can be taken away from you, that in one day, some of the greatest things that will ever happen to you could transpire. So one must be poised for whatever is to come in view on your day.

The spiritual kingdom, which I eagerly laid out to my fellows when I was here, is a kingdom that is both within and without, without – meaning on the outside. It is the service part, It is as one feeds the other. It is because of the preparation within your soul and within your heart to be of service that in a moment, without hesitation you can be comforting someone, you can be helping another, you can be exuding a loving presence. Many times right is not what comes from the mind; right is what comes from the heart because the heart has to be balanced. If the heart were imbalanced it would die, too little heartbeat and you expire, too rapid a heartbeat and you burn yourself out.

The heart must always be in balance but the mind, well my friends as you know, the mind can entertain any tangent. It can entertain any personal thing. You can feel you are so right because you believe something so much but in your heart, it is always important to come back into the heart because it balances everything. It pulls you out of the tangent you are in and brings you back into balance. The ability to be of service and helping others become who they are and who they want to be is greater than thinking that you are always right.

Life is a balance; look at your ocean. The mean temperature of the water changes one or two degrees and you have major catastrophic situations, storms, wind. Weather patterns shift as these systems move on land, not to mention that in the days in which you live now there is so much confusion in the consciousness of mankind that subtly affect the nature of your existence, the nature of your world. Do you know that when man brings himself to the point of Life and Light, that Light and LIfe begins to affect everything around him? It begins to affect the very matter that he stands on. The whole system of life is changed by your ability to be in balance, in spiritual integrity, I mean, we are talking an ideal here but you see, most of you have had your chance to be a human.

Now the opportunity presents itself for you to begin to grow and express yourself greater as a spiritual person, as one who has for quite some time been working with the notion that the spiritual realm is a mighty force. It is a real realm, it is a realm which I identify myself as being a member. Once you enter into this awareness, this is reality, then all of your effort will not be in vain, it will be conscious and it will be correct. Suppose you as a planet and people on it, move into a time in which the planet is greatly challenged to adjust itself because it has been brought out of balance by the humans living on the planet and as all life, it is designed to bring itself into balance.

The planet definitely is designed that life covers it and the ability to maintain life is a delicate balance between the earth and the atmosphere and the people dwelling on it. For the past number of decades your scientists have been showing this to you. You are beginning to, as you grow older, to get an understanding of what this means. You personally cannot turn the tide of life. Only collectively can people who are willing to change their own lives collectively, change the course of life. It is not something that is so conscious, you see at this level it is something that suddenly happens, that all of a sudden things fall into place. You are able to see what needs to be done, you totally understand who you are and what you are doing.

It is the spiritual identity within your mortal lives which anchor you with this fearless knowing in the flux of uncertainty, that you will be as an anchor, as a guiding light. The day may present itself when everything around you begins to lose its balance. What are you going to do? Well, you can’t predict a thing like this, but if you begin your practice daily of coming into resonance with spiritual energy, spiritual love, when you open the very heart of your soul to this on a regular basis, it will be strong and it will fortify you when the time is necessary for you to stand firm, fearless, unmoving in an uncertain arena.

As they say, when there is foaming of the mouth and gnashing of the teeth, when fear suddenly is unleashed to a level that it completely overshadows human consciousness, even then you will know how to breathe and how to stand in relationship. My friends, this fear, this fear is like a great Satan taunting you. Why? Because it can. Everyone is human, everyone knows what being afraid is but it is the spiritual identity in relationship with your life that you have brought in this exercise that strengthens those spiritual muscles, the muscle of courage, the muscle of understanding, the muscle of counsel, the muscle of intuition, the muscle of truth and the muscle which identifies each and every one of you as a child of the Father of us all.


MICHAEL:  You truly bless me with your presence this evening. Go in peace and continue your practice, your understanding of yourself and your ability to serve your family. As the Father of the family of man I bid you a good evening, thank you.
Prayer: [Mark] With the Spirit if Michael here I offer a petition. I invite my fellows in class with me to join in the sentiment. Michael, we know you are with us, help us to be with you. We know you bring us your grace and your peace, help us simply to accept it and take it. Help us to orient ourselves not to beseech you or our Divine Parent to remove us from obstacles and challenges but rather to seek your counsel and wisdom, your love, guidance and support so that we may embrace full on these experiences which are here to aid in our growth.

Help us to see all that is before us as gifts of experience, not to shy away and not to be in fear but rather to rally with you, to face them full on and to seek the meaning and value that are contained within each one of these gifts of grace that we call experience. Help us to stand tall in your assurance. Help us to exhibit our faith in your love and guidance and help us to make you proud Michael, by doing our best to be all that we can be and be examples as the children of our parents. That is what we ask, not to be saved from any fate, but rather, to make you proud, to be the grace that we have come to know through our association with you, our family. Let it be so, now in these days and whatever days may come. Thank you for being with us and giving us this chance. Let it be so, that we be together throughout. This is our desire, our wish, let it be so Michael, thank you.

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