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LLN101- Intertwining With the Adjuster, Energy Fields

2006-12-21.  Intertwining With the Adjuster, Energy Fields

Lightline #101

Topic: Intertwining With The Adjuster, Energy Fields

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: The VoiceMonjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


[Session preceded by a centering exercise.]

The Voice: I perceive well done, I am this ones voice.


You have in fact through such a simple exercise created a space for yourself where you have agreed to be safe. You have conceded that you will be OK in this arena, that it is fine for you to stretch yourself and exercise your trust in this place. It is as easy as that, to simply allow yourself the freedom, the safety, the comfort zone that will include your openness to the process of contact. You also are growing in awareness that you are co-creators in this process of union, that your decisions and choices greatly impact your skill at any time to be in observance of this interface that you experience.

I tell you that you are all interfacing with your partner on a regular basis. You have a cherished friend who is always at your side, always willing to come out and interface but is ever respectful and recessive when in the context of your many material options. You all are in awareness that you are children of the one God who has designed you to be in His image and as such you can expect to exhibit the characteristics and traits of the parent. To insure this connection you each have a guide, a partner, an ally who will unfailingly lead you back to your divine parents.

Your experience at this point of spiritual development is the discovery of this innate connection and the development of the physical vehicle to accommodate the interface between the material flesh and the divine fragment. It is in your design of course that you not only discover but activate and then utilize this connection and you find yourselves in the very beginning phases of discovering first the reality that this is so and secondly the characteristics of your interface to this point.

Your discussions about making the distinction between you and your inner voice are aimed at focusing your attention on that component part of yourself when in fact it is becoming evident to you that that component aspect of yourself has become so greatly intertwined with you that it is increasingly difficult to draw lines of distinction, the one from the other. This of course is the design, that you shall grow together in this way, that you shall partnership willingly and in this fashion you are able to contribute your aspects of humanness and your inner fragment is able to contribute their aspects of divinity.

Try not to overlook the presence that you may very well take for granted as so completely natural and normal that you fail to take notice. You are in fact lovingly surrounded by energy that you overlook completely. It is natural to become accustomed to presences and energy fields and grow so accustomed to them that we lose sight of the distinction between these present energy fields and ourselves. You all have enjoyed the company of a companion within your own vehicle, a passenger, a fellow riding with you in your vehicle and they have been there since some of your earliest memories.

Therefore it may be as perhaps the siamese twins who would not know life un-joined. Pause to consider if you will, the many times in your lives where you have had such a rush of inspiration, a feeling of conviction, a sense of spiritual wellness. The confirmation of an ideal held, the acknowledgment of a noble aspiration, the inspiration to pursue what it was that just came into your mind. These are all times when you are more or less actively engaged with your indwelling presence, you are hearing from it and responding, the urge to spontaneously call someone who had a similar urge to speak with you at that moment.

These are times in which you spontaneously accept the nudge from inside and you act. You have conviction that it is the right thing to do and you move forward and do it. I point this out to you because this happens so regularly that now we are about looking for when this happens, we’re in the process of identifying that we are in partnership, in union with our individual fragments. We simply are desiring to strengthen this bond between us. So we now have the awareness, we now possess the knowledge and now understand that we are encircuited in this fashion. Then we may begin to create more access, we may begin to create the environment much as was demonstrated here earlier with the active mental process of creating a place where awareness can exist.

I encourage you to each one determine what steps may be useful for you to take to orient yourselves to create a favorable environment for you to receive and to give. Create a regular arena that you will allow yourselves to feel safe in and petition your hearts desire that you grow closer to your inner guide. You have each one heard these words through the mechanism of your brains but the tones that have been shared have resonated to your very core through the circuitry of your inner fragments.

I encourage you to openly express your willingness and desire that your inner voice be given latitude to make these connections for you, with you.

It is not enough for you to assume that your inclination to orient yourself is taken for granted by any outside force. Your free will choice reigns supreme and when you offer your services and request that your inner guide be granted latitude to access you, then you are by sheer willful intent opening the door before you wherein spirit may flow. I will allow that this has been quite enough for now and would withdraw to allow for others to access this arena. Peace to each and everyone, farewell.

Monjoronson: I would access this arena, I am Monjoronson and it has been my pleasure to participate with many of you throughout this process of developing this format for discussion of this most critical connection between the mortal and the divine. It is my mission, it is my mandate that I oversee the instruction to this world of the connections that we enjoy, the personal connections on so many levels.

We are exploring in these discussions the many levels of circuitry that we are identifying and attempting to access, in fact we are building them in this very moment. Each one out there is a contributor, is a generator of energy, is a light. And while each bulb on a strand of Christmas lights by itself is not very large and does not have much impact, when you join together as in this moment, you become the strings of light together which wrap the tree, which define the perimeters, which illuminate the object and together your combined light is enough to shine out brightly.

We will be working as time goes by with the many approaches to energy manipulation. We have spoken previously of manipulating energy in the form of a light anchor, we have spoken about creating energy fields such as the merkaba, we have even talked of living energy systems. Each one of these is but a focus of using the same energy from on high, a different way of tapping in on that energy and focusing it.

Each one of you likewise has an energy field and an energy focus. It is likewise possible for you to discover ways in which you might refocus your energy frequencies and as a result your realities may shift. You are in fact powerful creative beings just now awakening to that fact. Once you have discovered your inherent capacities you will truly embrace the role you have in all that you experience as your reality.

The time is approaching when many will be awakened to who they are in this regard, to what their inherent capacities might be and many like yourselves will elect to take more control over just what your reality will be. I tell you the days before us will be the days of miracles and wonders as you learn how to manifest the true creator attributes that you possess. In fact that is why you were created, to be a creator and to choose, elect, participate, create all that goes on around you and yet still so many in this life see themselves as victims or helpless.

Stay focused, stay present in the moment. Make your choices consciously with awareness and you will observe the truth of what I portray to you here. Many of you sense a great change in the air and you are right. This is a time of great change, of great choice, of great opportunity before us. We must choose wisely, we must select our highest ideals, our greatest visions. We must choose those and manifest those and in a very short time you will begin to see that your choices, individually and collectively will have such impact as to create the very realities you choose.

What a joy it is to work with devoted individuals such as yourselves who are committed to this process of understanding and exploring who you are, what your connection to all this is. You are the ones who are seeking and you will be the ones who shall find so it is a great joy to be a part of that process and facilitate this unfolding of the plan. I would stop at this point and allow for any questions or observations as I feel the hour grows long.

Mark: Father, thank you so much. We are your children who come to You with open arms. We reach up to you like the babes that we are to You and we look to You to be comforted and loved and in hours like this we feel Your embrace, we feel Your love. We even sense Your peace. Thank You so much for all You do for us to make this possible. We know this is pleasing in Your sight. We love You, thank You so much.

[There was a phone problem and hearing was compromised. The questions were responded to by Mark personally.]


Q: When creating your own reality do you need to put things in the present?

Mark: Yes, we are doing this in the moment, in this time. You can’t do it yesterday, you can’t do it tomorrow. There is only one time and anything that you can do to get you into that moment helps create the environment where it can happen. You’re not projecting something for later or something you’re reliving from before, this is a brand new right now. It is critical for you to make space and allow for that to happen and not be drifting somewhere or focus projecting somewhere else and similarly this is an intensely intimate process for yourself. This is not something you are going to petition for someone else or with anyone else. This is absolutely between you and God.

Q: Since your intentions are so closely aligned to that of your adjuster it is difficult to separate the intentions of the human and the adjuster. I have been experiences energy flushes of late and I wonder if you experience this in times of adjuster contact?

Mark: Yes, there are definite energy fields that are being activated around us, also activated individually in different ways. In coming in contact it is the activation of a circuit, a charge in that circuit and can actually have physical repercussions. You can feel it, as a way of knowing that it is there. Be aware that these fluctuations are occurring, there is a spiritual pressure being applied to the planet which you all are feeling and we need to take these as our cues that something is going on. As to the distinction between the two intentions, that is basically the ball game, what we’re here to try to illuminate.

From my experience I feel I had looked in the wrong places for this component for my entire life. That I had been seeking to hear from it “as if it were an external personality” and I expected that within my life if I had grown, that I would actually be able to hear from it like I would hear from the teachers. In fact it is not that way at all because it is not external and it is not a personality. There is no individual “ism” about this because it is your individualism that is attached to this fragment. Do not make the mistake as I have of looking for another, a distinct other that had it’s own personality and it’s own composition because that is not what it is.

It is not a personality on it’s own, it is seeking my personality and until it has that it has none and so it is there kind of in the shadows because it is not illuminated by our understanding that it is there.

Q: Are you aware of the words while it is talking? How does it work?

Mark: Back to the exercise a few weeks ago where you employ the technique of journaling, however it is comfortable for you. It can be spoken into a recorder, it can be written out by hand, it can be typed on a computer; however you are most comfortable in expressing your thoughts. Make a practice of allowing yourself the free space to sit and open up, create this environment we have discussed, allow for the contact, request the contact then receive the contact; then write, or talk, or type or whatever you need to do to express and you will notice after you do this for some time that there will be a shift at some point that you recognize that what you are doing is more than you. Is greater than yourself, it is you plus.

You will begin to recognize what artists, or writers call inspiration. That is when they are functioning using their capacity but allowing greater capacities access. This is an interesting exercise because it also reminds you that you are part of the process, that without your fingers moving the process stops. Without me speaking into this phone right now the process stops. Therefore I am part of the process, I have to accept that but at some point we all can tell it is not simply me but me with a tone of something else, something higher.

Allow that this happens. Every time you have an inspired statement you tell somebody, or express yourself in a manner in which you later say “wow” that was neat, good, or well done, then you are recognizing that you are acting in partnership with the other aspect of yourself to become you plus.

[The following is the centering exercise which preceded this transmission.]

There was a request to share the process that Mark uses to center before T/Ring and is as follows. It is his personal procedure and is not written in stone, it is just a guide for those interested.

Mark: The first thing I do is to focus on the breath. This brings me into the present moment. I focus on the inhale of the breath to bring in the peace, the wisdom, the strength, the love and with the exhale I focus to release of tensions and distractions. I believe that if you focus on this process, that within a few breaths you bring yourself into where you really are in the moment.

Next I begin to assign my mind a task, the task of worship and prayer. In this process I align myself with the desire of my heart to be of service, to be in service and that becomes my petition to the universe, that I be used as an instrument for the peace that will be brought forth.

Then in this space of worship I create an arena of openness, arena of open space that may be filled. I ask that the Father’s will be done in this process and petition that that fills the empty space. Then I trust, I believe, I have faith and I demonstrate it in this moment, in this breath I would demonstrate my faith.

Then I wait for the first thought that will reoccur in this open space, this empty arena.

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