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LLN102- Teachers’ Mission, Return to Way of the Master

2006-12-28.  Teachers’ Mission, Return to Way of the Master

Lightline #102

Topic: Teachers’ Mission, Return to Way of the Master

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Good evening, my dear friends. This is Tomas, your teacher. It gives me great pleasure to be with you this evening in this classroom in the Melchizedek University to which I am assigned and which you graciously attend in your evident desire to learn more about your place in the universe.


I am a member of the Teacher Corps. A Corps of Teachers has been trained to communicate with the mortals of Urantia, utilizing the method of interpretation that utilizes the midwayers and that you recognize as transmitting/receiving. In time, you will all have mastered the ability to make these connections with higher mind by yourselves and will no longer require the services of the T/R’s who serve as an interim platform for those of us who yearn to get to know you better in order to assist you in understanding yourselves better, in order that you might up-step your perspective of yourself and your plight here on this world which has been for so long in isolation.

At one time I used an analogy of a farm whose owner had moved away and left caretakers in charge who abused the property and the workers on the property. And many years later when the owner returned and removed the wicked overseer from the property, found that his workers had developed some unfortunate habits because of the machinations of the interim overseer.

It is the purpose of us who reach for you to help you return to the ways of the Master. In some ways you could call this a great experiment in behavior modification. There are some that would call it child rearing. As a teacher, I call it a classroom experience. Some of my students have “aced the course” and some will need to repeat it — again and again — until the lessons are learned. The joy of learning is upon us as we realize the rewards for our efforts.

This is a time of year to ponder what you have learned in the past and what you might learn in the future. Like children returning to school after summer holidays, you look at the semester ahead in anticipation of the joy of learning, along with the challenges of a new teacher and new classmates with whom you will spend time and with whom you will make memories which are also a part of your education. Indeed, in these classrooms of the Melchizedek University, oftentimes it is how you interact with and work with your fellow students that reveals to us teachers how effective we have been.

There is not going to be an end to this Teaching Mission for many, many years. Even though students may come and go, we are here for a purpose. We in the Teacher Corps will be here paving the way for the Teacher Sons that will come later, the Trinity Teacher Sons, which have a higher purpose, but to which you cannot attain until such time as we have rectified some of the ill effects of the unfortunate history of this world. In due course, it will have rectified its course and so we anticipate the future of this world with gladness, and the possibility of yet other teachers coming, perhaps even former citizens returning, to resume the work they began, as is indicated in your text.

But this is our mission. A Teacher Mission, if you will. Those of you who grow up to become teachers are to be commended, for teaching is a noble profession. Those of you who work, who choose to work in merciful ministry, in the healing fields, will be guided and overseen by the angels who supervise those needs. Many of you will go into politics where you will be able to effect changes, affecting nations and civilizations. Many, many fields are open to you as you learn from your spirit mentors those things which your higher consciousness needs and which you, thus supported, empower yourself to do and to be.

And so I speak to you this evening a bit about how to empower yourself. Not just to be about the Father’s business, but to be about the business of doing your will in and through God’s will – how you can be yourself to your best advantage, based on your yearning and your personality pattern that is right for you. All personality has pattern, and it is when you follow the pattern of your own personality that the pieces fall into place, that the lights come on, that the pathway opens. Trying to follow the pattern of someone else’s personality will only leave you in frustration. It is essential that you find yourself within yourself and become that which you are destined to become.

As you know, over these many years we have all taught you who you are in terms of your relationship to and with the Divine. You are indwelt by God; you are guided by the Son; you are comprised of the Mother. The “I AM” within you is a creator. And that creator that is you is capable of creating your life path better and more true than any other counsel can offer or provide. But within that entity that you are, are also the keys that connect you to all the assistance that you could hope for, in order to accomplish your goals.

Those of you who are so eager to be engaged, to be involved, to step out, to rise to the occasion, to accept the challenge, who say “put me in coach, I’m ready to play” just need to know what the game is, what the program is, what the pattern is for your personality, for you, in order to make it most effective and to derive the most satisfaction from it. As you master yourself on each successive level, you master the seven psychic circles such that in the end (which is just yet another beginning) you have constant contact with your indwelling Adjuster, with the God fragment within, that affords you the security and confidence that allows you your Voice, that provides “the wind beneath your wings” in order to soar and sail in the blue horizon of His being, living your destiny, following your path.

In this process there will be much trial and error. There will be times when you feel assured that this is the way to go only to find it was a way of proving to yourself that this was not the way. And therefore, by process of elimination you find your path. You know not to do that again. You know what to repeat. You begin to find — like a cat who can sense its way through the dark — as if with feelers, how to traverse the path without running into things, without knocking things over, without getting stepped on, without getting lost.

This is such a thrilling experience! It is not just for you here, you mortals. It is one I experience as well. Even though I am advanced in experiential status, I am still consigned to the same universe laws, I still get excited when a new cycle begins in anticipation of that which is to come, and I still reflect with some satisfaction and some regret on the experiences I have just gone through, learning through this process what works for me and what I would do better if I were to do it again. And so we perfect ourselves throughout eternity.

There are teachers at every level. We introduce you to them here through these auspices. The personal teachers, the group teachers, the Melchizedek teachers, the celestial artisans, the morontia companions, all of the myriad personages which you are coming to know are assisting you in your learning, as you study them, as you ponder their effects, as you learn from their causes.

It is an honor to be a part of this Teacher Corps, if for no other reason than to see the light come on in your eyes when self-revelation occurs, for this, I know, has brought new reality to the Evolving Supreme and thus we have actualized the potential that was inherent in us and there is nothing more thrilling than actualizing ones potential — in particular when it is done in the interest of service to that which we hold most sublime.

I do appreciate that these very personal lessons that mold your culture are very sensitive and often painful, but remember the truth that the pain fades but [that] the life lives on, rejoicing in the truth, beauty and goodness that is our experience. Are there questions?


Student: Tomas, can you say more about the personalities that may join us in the future that have been here in the past?

TOMAS: Well, I could, but it is speculative. However, I will, on that, say that we speculate. We amuse ourselves much as you do with what might be. We have, like you, wishes and hopes. We will no doubt see, as I mentioned, Trinity Teacher sons and a Magisterial Son. We will no doubt see Michael. We will likely see Melchizedek. And we may see Adam and Eve.

But they cannot come until the way is clear, except through these means which have been devised, such as this telephone conferencing, such as the transmitting/receiving process, and through Stillness. It is a facet of divine mind that as you seek to meld your mind with that of Deity, your perspective is enhanced and augmented, and in that process you are able to revisit the entities which you long to know and from whom you wish to learn.

This is a phenomenon of the mind and the mind is the gateway to spirit reality, and so we enjoy speculation and we encourage a certain amount of projection for it does stimulate you to act.

Such as, children who would rather be self-indulgent pleasure-seekers know that if they do their chores and maintain a certain grade point average, they will get a reward — perhaps a bicycle for Christmas or a computer game — and so the energy you invest in working toward that goal will reap rewards, for you are heading in the right direction. You are learning the necessary lessons, the disciplines. You are striving, and striving matters. You are not sitting around waiting for something to happen. You are doing something, even if it is only in your creative imagination. You are at least exercising your will to bring about positive effects. A case in point is the WAVE, which is the creation of mortal beings, which, while remaining a non-entity to many, even so, exemplifies the creative process. The Zooids that Gerdean wrote about in her book, with the assistance of celestial artisan Athena, introduces futuristic ideas which are indeed coming to pass.

Any science fiction writer will attempt to reveal the future, and so they are essentially speculating. That is why they call it speculative fiction. But they represent something. They bring a concept into your consciousness. It is the concept that will bring about the reality. And so the concept of Adam and Eve returning may (or may not) motivate you (individually or collectively) to do something along the lines that would “roll out the red carpet” for them to arrive, similar to how the Garden was prepared in advance of their arrival in faith that they would come.

Just as even how we work toward Michael’s return, for that would certainly be a day of rejoicing, when all the tears would be dried and the children of faith would surely know their Redeemer, as religions have taught and as faith has fostered for lo these many years. Agondonters as you are, it would give credence to your faith and it would empower you greatly. But until such time as these beings walk upon Urantia in the flesh — if they ever do — they still can be with you in your consciousness, and their experience can still teach you those concepts, values and realities, which they would have you know.

The personality pattern that I mentioned earlier applies to these beings as well. The Material Son and Daughter, for example, are personalities suited for the role of Material Son and Daughter, and so that is their nature. That is their calling. That is their hearts’ desire and their work. They would work with you today if and as you are able to work with them. What would they want to do? They would want to do with you today the same things they did with you in the garden, the first Garden and the second Garden.

Knowing the effects of their causes, they would very likely want to pick up where they left off and repair the error of their ways as to how their choices impacted on you, and I am assured that one of their first gestures would be to apologize to you for the inconvenience of their mistake.

Having then secured your affections and infused with their energies, you would perhaps them ore readily speculate on how you could serve, such as in making an extra effort to communicate with your spouse, to share your intimate concerns, even those concerns which lay outside the marriage but if the marriage is affected, then each other needs to be apprised. They may discuss child-rearing, methods of training and cultivating children, and dealing with sibling rivalries, teaching young ones how to play and share, how to live together and work together — things that your culture even today would do well to learn.

They are none of them going to suddenly arrive. Even though none of us know the day or hour, there will be indications, and those of you who reach and who strive, and who pray, and who believe, are a part of this advance into the fifth epoch, into this dispensation before us. Does this mean you are to set aside your daily concerns and focus on your speculations? No. There is no reason why you cannot have an active creative life in the flesh as well as in the mind and in the spirit.

The possibilities are infinite. Just because you have certain limitations inherent in you because of your finite condition, does not limit the imaginative possibilities, the speculative possibilities. This is how your dreams are actualized. Don’t give up. Take this in stride. We are advancing. The light of truth is growing brighter. The universe is unfolding as it should. Did you have something in particular you were curious about?

Marty: Teach Tomas, this is Marty. I have a question. I’m interested in knowing about the — now that we’re in not such isolation as we’ve been, and the … normally worlds — worlds within the system have intercommunication — within different aspects of the universe have intercommunication, and I wonder if we will be developing relationships with other worlds in our system.

TOMAS: Yes, of course. In due course. The fact that you are observed is on record. That you have been visited is on record. But there are strict limitations still in place. And these must be honored. The neighboring planets are not warlike as your world is still. You have not risen to the point where your first instinct is not to destroy them.

After you evolve somewhat, become less barbaric, your options will change. It is quite a process, but of course you will have contact with other worlds and other peoples. You are a part of a neighborhood.

You are only now beginning to contemplate the fact of your no longer being the only planet in the universe. Certainly it will take time for the minds of Urantia to grasp that which might befall them. If a ship were to fly over a village that was uneducated and unprepared for such a thing, pandemonium would ensue, and in their fright they would revert to their ghost cults and the like. However, as you know, over time, airplanes have lifted off the ground and they have become commonplace. Even people in remote villages can see an airplane without feeling fear.

In time, ships will also be visible and eventually they will make contact, but like the celestials, they may need to do this through communication devices, through radio transmitting/receiving devices for many eons before actual contact is made because not only of the matter of peaceful relations, but because of disease and other cultural clashes.

But yes, of course, in due course you will have commerce with your neighbors. All the more reason for you to throw yourselves into the mind of peace. Once peace is attained on your world, progress can begin in earnest. But as long as you are still warlike, you retard your own development and the development of everything — of your world, your galactic neighborhood, even your System — although I will not put that burden on you. There is a natural anticipation of slow growth, and your neighbors know full well that you have been in quarantine for a very long time. They would not expect you to be fully capable of comporting yourselves as if you were a normal world.

You will be gratified to discover, in fact, how gracious beings from other worlds are and can be and will treat you when you arrive at that point. None of you will be alive when that occurs on Urantia, but you will live to see that graciousness in your fellows in Mansonia. They will be very compassionate, knowing you are from planet Urantia, and that you have a great deal to overcome.

And so we have been sent, we in the Teacher Corps and other early arrivers, to help prepare you in this time of correcting. Are you comforted?

Marty: Thank you very much for that response, Teacher Tomas.

Jerry: Tomas?


Jerry: This is Jerry.

TOMAS: My son.

Jerry: I’m kind of new to this so I just wanted thank you and Gerdean for all the years that you have kind of held forth and been kind of pioneers in this kind of contact and I just wanted to know I appreciate it. …

TOMAS: You are very gracious. You have a superb Teacher yourself. Yes, indeed, I am fortunate to have Gerdean as a close co-worker. She has been cultivated for a long time to serve in this capacity. One of the “old guard,” indeed, from the Advance Corps to work with mortals.

Jerry: Well, thank you very much. I’m not always certain what I’m doing or if I’m doing the right thing, but I’ve been told just to kind of feel my way along and I think both Michael and Mother Nebadonia are very careful to kind of not to “over amp” me, if you understand

Yes, I do understand completely. It is essential that you lift up as they reach down. It is your lifting up and their reaching down to allows the two energy systems to merge without there being a collision, without there being an upset of energies.

I had occasion recently that I wasn’t certain how to handle the situation. It seemed mother spirit wanted to convey such sadness, that I was just completely — almost unable to maintain any kind of self-control. I wasn’t certain how to pull back and regain more self control or if this is what she wanted to express, so I guess Ill just have to do the best I can in those circumstances.

TOMAS: Understood. Let me add to your remark that your not knowing how to comport yourself in her state of being is perhaps a reflection on the human conditioning which would disallow a display of such emotion. Even as our creators themselves are privy to each one of the emotions that they have created for us to know and to use. It is not beneath your dignity as a faith son or daughter to manifest the lower emotions or to emote the higher emotions that could be perceived as uncomfortable or antisocial.

I have not been able to freely express all of my emotions and give free reign to my feelings because of the constraints put upon me by the receiver here; however, I have no problem sharing with my students the fact of my feelings, including deep sadness, to the point of tears, over certain things that cause my spirit distress.

When Jesus visited the Coeur d’Alene group just prior to the onset of this war, he wept, and the T/R did not understand why she was weeping, but being in tune with the process, this co-creative process of transmitting/receiving, of working intimately together, it was like osmosis, and as you who are our mouthpieces, either in a t/ring capacity or as your own entity, if and as you feel the feelings of spirit well up within you, give voice to those expressions, for they are what conveys the power and presence behind the words.

Jerry: Thank you, Tomas. My fellow T/R’s and folks there with me on that occasion did try to assure me that it was most moving to them also.

TOMAS: Indeed, this is the beginning of group worship, if you can understand my meaning. If you can together share such profound feelings and turn together toward the Universal Father/the Infinite Spirit, for solace, comfort, for strength, for perseverance, for victory, resolution and praise, we are all lifted up. We are gratified to help you lead the way.

Jerry: Thank you very much.

TOMAS: Thank you. And I know I thank you all on behalf of all the teachers and mentors who find such great satisfaction in knowing you and working with you. Our hearts are wrenched when we see you struggle and suffer. Yet we stand stalwartly beside you as you learn to fight the good fight of faith and master your faith in the face of all adversarial and oppressive circumstances.

Your character is being forged on the anvil of experience and while it may appear sometimes as though you are each other’s own worst enemy, it is nonetheless closer to the truth that you are each other’s own best friends, for where else would you be able to carry on these faith exercises and know that you are loved and know that your “enemies” are equally loved, thus making you all friends indeed, family in this precious Family of God.


And my precious children, that will conclude our evening. I will leave it on that note of gratitude and thanksgiving for your presence and your aspirations, your integrity and sincerity in reaching for that which will lift you up and cause your light to shine upon the world for all to see in praise of Him who sends us. Amen and farewell.

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