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LLN103- Dedicating Energy To Father, Working With Others

2007-01-04.  Dedicating Energy To Father, Working With Others

Lightline #103

Topic: Dedicating Energy to Father

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine parents once again we come to you to receive that which you would give to us as children of yours that we are. Help us to come to you as children, trusting, open, loving. Help us to accept that which you would give to us through this trust, through this love. Help us to be sincere of heart, pure of intention. Receive our intentions of sincerity and purity in this process that we may approach you and be closer to you in this hour. We have faith and we have trust, let us bridge this space between us.


Monjoronson: I would accept your invitation to act as liaison with you in this process once again. I am Monjoronson and like you I seek to align myself with the highest possible motives and intentions. In this way we volunteer our energies to the First Source and Center. When we act in this fashion we are in fact giving the only real thing of value that we have to offer, that of our will, our intentions and our purpose to be about this process and these tasks we undertake. These tasks of growing in awareness of how to interface more directly with each other so that we can form a better team, to be about this business of growing these circuits and developing these techniques whereby we may at first communicate and then as we develop the process eventually commune with each other.

You all are engaged in the pursuit of discovering that this process is the same one you will use to grow in your abilities to at first communicate and then commune with your individual voices, your representatives of the First Source and Center. This is your ultimate link to the Divine and it is truly a miracle that you are engaged so actively at this level of your development in trying to foster and develop this connection that is yours for the taking. In fact only time stands between you and your development of this partnership and you are in this hour navigating the circuitry necessary for you to develop this partnership and fulfill your destiny.

Your indwelling partner awaits your signals, awaits your choices that you may grow closer in your understanding of relationship to each other but as you are coming to understand there are certain things you can do to foster the development of this relationship. You do one of them in this hour by coming together with other seekers and accessing the lines of communication available to you at this time. You do other measures like reading certain materials, engaging in stillness practice, reducing distractions to your being and ultimately you will discover that this connection that you seek has in fact been a part of your constitution from the very beginning.

As such it may very well be hard for you to define, to make a distinction and in your seeking you may very well overlook the very thing you are making every attempt to find. This partner has been so close to you and you have worked with this partner without the awareness that you were so engaged. But now we have arrived at a new plateau of understanding. Indeed an age has passed and another one has been inaugurated. In this age we are currently engaged in determining just what the limitations of spiritual growth might be and we have not discovered any besides the ones that you would bring to the process. As individuals we have not found any mandated ceiling of potentials.

Therefore are we greatly excited at the prospects before us given such promising potentials and such eager and promising participants such as yourselves. Truly it will be said of this generation that you were exposed to a whole new arena of both awareness and the potentials that this awareness brings with it. So here we are in a classroom of your making. Here we are responding to your petitions to know more, to be more, to do more with your spiritual component than you have considered doing up until this time. Here is one of the secrets to your success, and I will add, your eminent success in this process for as you have been told, he who knocks shall enter, he who seeks shall find, when the student is ready the teacher arrives.

At this juncture we find ourselves and a key I will provide for you today is that you, your eternal soul, your enduring component, comes as you know from the First Source and Center. You are joined by your partner, your inner voice, your “me” presence and as well this comes from the First Source and Center. If then you have originated from a Divine parent then there is an aspect of you that is divine, that knows of divinity, that is aware of this association and relationship; in fact there are both of you who are aware of your ancestry. Your indwelling fragment is in possession of this awareness from the start. Your soul which you have identified as that enduring component of yourself, that you are growing throughout this process, also has as part of it’s composition, the awareness of it’s heritage.

Likewise your human vehicle carries within its very DNA the recognition of your ancestral past and your human material heritage. And so you find yourselves a combination of beings. You have a material human heritage which identifies you with your ancestors of the human race, the human family. You have as well an eternal component which has an ancestry of having come from the very source of divinity and to help you navigate the journey back to divinity you have a spirit guide, one who is in awareness of the distance of the journey, of the heritage. Given these components your individual journeys are the variety that the Father desires but your destination of arrival back to the First Source and Center is of complete certainty unless you choose otherwise along the route.

If one accepts these premises, then all you are doing is executing the details, passing the time, taking the steps, choosing and making decisions. But the Father is not concerned about your individual decisions because of the certainty of the journey. Your individual decisions only add to the color, to the tones, to the spectrum of possibilities. But just as the waterfall that falls over and fragments into the billion drops, who each take a separate journey but collect in the pool once again at the bottom, so is your journey. You may each one take your own specialized trip but you are all falling as per the plan into the pool to recollect and re-associate yourself with the source.

If you could all step back and see this pattern, this progression, you would all relax because just as the drop would find it very difficult to completely dissociate itself from the river, so would you find it exceedingly difficult to break away from such a grand pattern as you are engaged in. The Father is aware that your journey is of a certainty but your steps, your daily choices, actions and reactions are what bring your individual lives uniqueness unto yourselves like no other. That is your value in this process, the steps that you take will be different than all others, the choices that you make will be unique, the opportunities that arise before you are of your creation. Once you begin to see this process as a process, as action, then you will begin to want to have a hand more actively in that which you are associated with, that which you create, that which you choose, that which you do.

I cannot express to you enough the power of potential that you possess. In this process, your thoughts, your choices, your words carry with them creative potency beyond your conception. Many of you might still see yourselves as reactive beings, reacting to external conditions and stimulus but once you understand the nature of this process and your part in it you begin to realize that you are in fact engaged in the creation of that which “happens to you” and it is exactly the awareness of this phenomena which provides you with the key as to how to transcend the necessary component of time in creating your individual realities.

Once you understand the impact that you have, the control you can master over that which you would create, you in fact can have some command over the very process itself. I applaud you all for arriving at this place. You have created this in your lives at this moment. Please accept that which you have created, embrace it as that which you have desired, as that which your inner voice recognized to be true, good and beautiful.

Never hesitate to fall back on your inner guide and it’s sense of identification as to whether something is of love or is of fear. Your inner voice unerringly knows these things. Even your soul has awareness of these things that is as yet dormant but to be reawakened in this process. What we are engaged in is in fact waking you up to remember who you are in relationship to this process. Where you come from, what your relationship is to divinity.

It is not so much to teach you what you are totally unaware of as it is to remind you that which your soul knows and your inner guide would affirm for you. If you could but see yourselves as who you really are in this process and grant that you by virtue of your lineage are in fact associated with the divine, then you might grant yourself greater latitude of knowing, of understanding, of perceiving throughout this process. But just as the child who comes on to the scene is unaware of their relationship to anything outside until they are counseled and assured that they belong to the parents, to the family, to the grandparents, to the extended family. to the ancestry that they have as their heritage, certainly in the beginning they can not be expected to know of all these associations.

It is only through this raising of awareness that they become part of something so much greater than themselves, indeed part of an entire family of humans. But at first they were unaware, they were disassociated. They did not understand their relationship much as we are engaged in the process of establishing who you are, what your relationship is in this process to each other, to the First Source and Center, to your indwelling partner. Who are you to all these who are outside of you even to those that are inside with you. It is a joy to behold the children as they wake up, as they realize their association, their relationship and as they find the comfort, the peace, the joy that this brings to them. So it is a joy for me to behold you in this hour learning your relationship, your association and watching you individually as you awaken to who you are and see the joy of such association wash over each of you as well.

In this process we will encounter many side chutes and many details but the process is enduring and the process is what we trust overall. At any given point along the journey we may not understand, we may not be in awareness, we may not have conviction, we may even possess doubt but we are beginning to have conviction in the process. Realizing that there is fluctuation, there is contrast, but the process endures and the journey as I have said is of a certainty, only the route you each take is to be determined.

I feel as though I have offered another attempt to expand your arena of awareness in the spirit realm., I hope I have provided you some food for thought in this regard and now I would provide the opportunity for any dialog or questions that you might have as a means of portraying to you that you are not simply observers. You each one are participants in this process, nay, you are contributors in this process. Each one of you have voluntarily contributed your energy to what has transpired now. That is your gift to the process, so I invite you, should you so desire, to access this forum so that it does not appear that this is a one way venue. Would there be anyone who desires to contribute?


Q: I will make an analogy. This unawareness of spirit that we have as a child, through willful desire and focused intention leads to awareness of this spirit. We find ourselves downloading from our Father fragment and unseen friends, divine parents. As this communication occurs, we then become able to commune through awareness of being spiritually empowered. Thus the engagement process or uploading. In finding that we are indeed creatively contributing as powerful architects of our destiny and our planets as well as the co-creation of the evolving Supreme Being of the grand universe, much like a respiration process. Is this a healthy analogy?

Monjoronson: As participants and fellow co-creators in the process you are in fact engaged in the process of sharing both ways, as you say the download and the upload, this is your contribution to the Supreme indeed as well as the Supremes contribution to you. You are raising your awareness level and this is directly beneficial to the Supreme as well as personally beneficial to you. This is as well a cyclical process that you engage and then release as your energy to be engaged rises and wanes and throughout this entire growth process it is important to remember you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

You should never attempt to compare yourself with another’s journey and their progress or your culture or your civilization or your family of humans. You are a unique individual and while humans are disposed to register themselves in relation to and in contrast to their peers, each one is in fact a cherished and loved individual who is in fact making their unique contribution to the Supreme exactly as they should in the process. Much like in a family, the youngest is not held accountable for not being on the same level as the oldest and yet each are equally loved by the parents for being exactly where they are.

So it is with you as individuals. Some have made certain achievements and advancements, others are in a different cycle in the process, all are loved by the Supreme Father of all. There is beauty in every stage of growth and development. As any parent will attest, there is a certain beauty to the innocence of the very young child that the parent reminisces about once the child has left that stage. There is another beauty as they unfold who they are and yet there is even another beauty as they become fully matured and can be the person that they were growing the whole time.

But each stage is to be cherished. Each stage is but a short passage. Enjoy every turn in the road, every bend in the river of your journey because it is a short passage and one that you are experiencing as a contribution to the Supreme. Therefore we should not hurry about the process, we should not circumvent any part of this journey because that is our contribution to the Supreme, to be in that moment, to experience that distinction, to cherish that stage of evolution. Rejoice, wherever you find yourselves rejoice. Wherever you find your brothers and sisters rejoice. It is a once in an eternity experience.

Savor each moment and yet that is not to say we do not look forward to what is before us and what the future holds and all the grand potentials. Just as the parent looks forward to the child becoming mature and accessing all the potential of a mature being. Thank you for your contribution my friend. [Thank you and yes my friend shall we rejoice with good cheer.] Indeed, even for this moment, especially for this moment. We are sharing this moment in eternity together. I thank you all for that opportunity, to be here together in this breath, and I thank the Father for all the potential that was accessed by all of you who created this moment together, thank you.


If there are no others who would wish to contribute at this time I would once again extend my gratitude for such an opportunity as you have all provided, as you all have created and I would bid you all a bountiful journey, full and rich with experience and expectation and joy at what is before you for in fact you are well departed on your journey back to the First Source and Center and this represents a miracle that you have chosen to do such at this stage of your development. You are as the small children who are graced by your efforts with understanding beyond your time and I cherish the opportunity to work with such individuals as yourselves. I would release this T/R at this time and once again bid you a fond farewell on your journey. We shall be engaged in this process to the extent that you invite me along, farewell.

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