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LLN105- Connecting To Energy Constructions

2007-01-18.  Connecting To Energy Constructions

Lightline #105

Topic: Connecting To Energy Constructions

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought AdjusterMonjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, we are so grateful to be here gathered together in this way. We are so very lucky to have each other in this process and be able to come to you and form this connection with you, this circuitry. We come to you with an open heart as the children of yours that we are. Please help us to embrace the lesson you would bring to us in this hour as we present ourselves, the eager students that we are. Thank you in advance for your help, your hearing of our desires, your answering of our petition. Let us make this so together even now.


Mark: Okay, I’m supposed to describe my experience with various energy circuits. We’ve been discussing quite a bit lately about relationship and this is also about circuitry, about connections and relationship plugging in and it appears important to discuss the relationship that each one of us have to this matrix of energy that is out there, which is actually all around us, even within us as we know.

I’ve had some experiences which tell me that the power of creative thought is of great magnitude, more so than I ever realized in my life, and when we do act together to form with intention particular circuitry, bonds, even as we are engaged in in this very moment, when we do this we strengthen our individual capacities. It is much like the spider may be very little but when he has the magnitude of the web becomes a potent force.

Likewise when we plug ourselves in together in this matrix, our creative thought, our intention actually creates a circuit that is quite real and quite alive with the energy that we donate to it and so I’ve been surprised with the potency of something as simple as focusing your intention to create what we have called in our group discussions, light anchors or merkabas or points of light. These are all focal or concentration point of this energy we manifest by virtue of our intentions. It is particularly potent when done in a group but we have yet to really determine the smallest group that’s really effective and you need not be in physical proximity to the others that you would encircuit with in this process.

You do need to establish a pathway in your brain, your brain signals are all sent by virtue of neural networks. When one end of this network is triggered the path is established and it follows through and you are able to retrieve that pathways information. Likewise if we sit around as even we are right now and devote ourselves to the creation of this circuitry, devote our energy and our intention, then we infuse this circuit with life. We are creative beings and when we volunteer to charge a given circuit with our energy then that circuit is actualized, that is a neural net that has been formed.

As we know with the neural nets of the brain, the neural nets in life, in general the more you use them the stronger they get, the more powerful they are the easier it is to trigger that reality again. So I would encourage everyone here to take perhaps a little more seriously than you have considered up until this time, the power of your intention and your focus and to utilize this to increase your capacities by virtue of increasing your expanded neural net that goes out beyond you. It is much like unfolding a larger antenna to receive what the universe would have as a signal for you to receive. If you have a small antenna you are going to get a fraction. If you have a large antenna you are going to get a larger fraction of the message.

When we pool together in this way, this is exactly what we are doing. We are creating an energy field in time and space. This energy field in pursuit of spirit draws to it the signals being sent by the universe. So when we do this with intention and when we practice this and repeat this activity we are strengthening our ability to return to this place of receptivity and in this place of receptivity we are more likely to get that what we are looking for, more likely to find that which we are seeking.

I would encourage everybody to, in your own personal construct, (you can also fall back on the one created in this hour in this group), and you can feel the very vibrational pull of these circuits and you have at your disposal this one in this very hour which has been created in which you all are the mortal volunteers infusing this circuit with our energy in this very moment. It also contains unseen celestial personalities who are drawn like moths to the flame.

This energy field that we project, that we focalize, is our collective intention and this intention to draw spirit close to us is a magnet, is a signal sent out to the universe, is an antenna raised to catch the signal and you can do this in and of yourself, individually, personally drawing into your own light anchor whoever, whatever personalities you choose. That is to say you can call on the spiritual presences you have come in with through this teaching mission, you can call on your Creator Michael, you can call on your Mother Spirit Nebadonia, you can call on your inner voice, you can call on the presence of another mortal individual or several other mortal individuals and you can install them into your energy matrix.

It is like plugging more lights into a string of Christmas lights. The more of these power generators that you install into your system the more potent the system becomes, the more receptivity you have. I’ll share that in my own I have a number of light anchors I refer to for my strength. I have different sets of individuals in each of these light anchors as you would have different groups of friends come over and sit around the campfire with you. Who I put in my circle is not significant to you, to who you will put to be with you but you can create circuitry. You do with things like family, with clubs that you’re in, with groups like this, organizations. You’re constantly forming subgroups of energy fields which you pull together and benefit and combine as one energy field.

This may be helpful information to you in regards to being able to return to that feeling that you all recognize, register and are drawn to about things like these very moments of spiritual awareness…[I sense the presence of other than myself so I’m gonna keep going]…..

Thought Adjuster: By utilizing these techniques of circuitry you can combine your resources with those of the others and multiply the effect of your projection. When combined to the group intention, the force is greatly enhanced throughout the process. This very same process of formulating your intention and projecting it out into the universe is what you will do from now throughout eternity only in more practiced forms.

Right now you do very much of this without even realizing that this is what you are doing. When you come to join with others and pool your resources you can then have this reservoir that you each can draw from as you are out and about and away from your power center, your light anchor. You can recall and revisit this energy source with practice at will. When you are able to command this ability then truly you are able to focus great amounts of energy that you yourself would be unable to harness were it not for your intention at mastering this energy circuitry.

We keep returning to this issue of circuitry and encircuitment to impress upon you how many avenues are available to you. Those who are reaching and seeking and searching are finding more and more avenues of approach and aspects of energy manipulation that may be utilized in this process. Involved in this discovery you have before you the greatest and yet most sublime circuit of all for you to uncover, that is your connection to your inner voice. This circuitry is ingrained in your system of circuits so profoundly that you would have a difficult time were this circuit severed.

Just as your understanding of how your very brain is configured and mapped and plotted, you likewise have some gaps in your understanding of your circuitry to your indwelling fragment. Your science has explored the brain a great deal and has discovered a great deal but there are still large mysteries about this most complex organ and likewise there are still some mysteries about this most intricate relationship between your mortal self, your indwelling spirit, and your eternal personality.

But just as you create stronger neural nets within the brain, likewise do you create stronger networks of spirit with your use and your access of them. It is ever true that if you keep knocking the door is always opened. So those of you who are still uncertain as to your recognition of this aspect of yourselves, be patient and kind to yourselves. Do not be hard upon yourselves for not having had much practice to date. That is why you are here, that is what you are learning, that is what you are pursuing, and that is what you will find.

I, this ones voice, will release this partner and allow for another energy signature to make use of this circuitry. This is not easy even for my devoted assistant but fear not as the age advances so will the networks, so will the capacities, so will the successes. Farewell.

Monjoronson: I greet you, this is Monjoronson. Once again it is my pleasure to address such a group as this, such a constellation, such an energy field as you have formed in this hour. You are indeed emitting incredible light out to all the universe to behold. One day you will have the benefit of enjoying a glimpse of the universe records and seeing that on a planet so far away as Urbanite, in a part of the universe as dark as this is, your lights shine out so bright that they literally do form a constellation to those with spirit eyes.

These lights are signal fires to all the universe for us to come and find you and bring you what you need. That is the glory and the privilege of my mission here with you. I get to bring you what you need. I get to be with you as you receive that which you pray for. I get to watch you develop throughout the process and witness as you unfold into the spectacular beings that you are. Truly it is as watching a field of glorious flowers bloom when the seeds that have been sown are coming to such maturity.

We are here to bring the seeds, perhaps even provide the stimulant, some fertilizer, but in the end it is your own internal will to thrive that is so beautiful to behold. You each one maturing into this magnificent display of spirituality, of spiritual awareness. As many of you are becoming aware there will be a need to have support groups everywhere, a need to have light anchors placed everywhere with intention, with purpose, with your focus and in this way we form a partnership.

You can create the material portal through which we may funnel the spiritual energies. Your creation of these light points, these light anchors provide for us the foothold to make material the spiritual. It takes some aspect of your materialism to create this final link in the chain, this anchor of light. Once having been created we may use it and find it serviceable but it remains outside our mandate to create such material components to our chain. That is why we are forming these partnerships now, in this time. I will be seeking volunteers from the ranks of those like yourselves who have already volunteered to step up to the promise of spiritual advancement and I will accept any and all sincere volunteers to be about this project of the creation of multiple points of light that then may be tied together as a gigantic web.

People have wondered for centuries how spiritual realities would be infused into the material world. They have envisioned a tsunami wave taking over and causing destruction as well as cleansing. I tell you the way that we are going to cover this world in spirituality is one point of light at a time, one of you at a time. When there are enough of these, enough of you, we then can connect and have a gigantic web that will in fact cover the world. It doesn’t take great numbers of these light points, these light anchors in relation to the population. It is much like the yeast, being the smallest ingredient but having the greatest effect.

Likewise will you with your intentions, with your purpose and your direction be as the yeast, the small ingredient with the greatest impact. Many mortals share the idea that they are small in this process. The world is large, the people are many, the job is huge. All those things are in fact true but the mortals lack the perspective of the divine which knows that there is a mandated plan and the few mortals who volunteer in the beginning to uphold the plan provide the fulcrum point wherein divinity may be the leverage. So don’t ever concern yourselves with trying to save the world, merely create your anchor, your portal so that we can save the world in partnership.

In this way your job is not only attainable, it is enjoyable, it is an eminent success. You are certainly big enough to do that task as a member of the team. So grant yourself this authority, this position. I would draw my comments to a close and allow for any questions or comments if there were any addressed to myself.


Q: Hello Monjoronson I have [commenced ?] a project which I would dedicate to the Magisterial Mission. I would very much like to invite you to participate and give me some insight as to how best to unveil this project in the near future. Based on what you were saying this would go a long way to getting light out to all the world.

Monjoronson: My friend, I will offer to you what I have offered before and I will offer again and that is my personal commitment to any of you who will commit to me, I will commit to you. To any of you who will simply take the time to meet with me, I will meet with you. That is, to make this perfectly clear, if you will meditate in your stillness and petition my presence, then I will form with any volunteers, individual circuits, I can do this, I do, do this with all who will work with me. I applaud any efforts to assist in this mission, I will assist in any efforts geared at helping this mission, I will accept any volunteers.

When I tell you this, there are some of you who will say to yourselves, I should not have time, I should not trouble myself, I should not make myself available to anyone so small as any single individual as even yourselves. But I tell you that is my mission, that is my mandate, to influence and come close to individuals as much as possible. Yes these lessons that you hear now are intended for a far wider audience than is observing them in this hour but my mission is about making these individual personal connections of circuitry and if you will donate to me and my mission time, your time, your energy, your intentions then I will meet you and I will provide for you what I call “downloads”. That simple spirit contact brings with it enhanced spiritual capacity.

That is what I bring to our meetings if you will meet me. You set the terms, anytime, anyplace, you choose, I’m there. Michael has repeated this to you for perhaps two thousand years or more and still many of you do not believe that a creator of such magnitude would in fact do that but I’m telling you He does, I do, and I will if you will. It is not part of my mandate to interrupt you and circumvent your free will choice to meet me. But if you exercise your free will choice to meet me it is within my prerogative to be there for you. This will take practice.This will take repeated contacts before you will recognize my presence, my energy signature, the feeling that you have when I am in your presence.

But I guarantee you if you apply yourself, if you practice, if you make your petition known, then this will be your reality. So I offer the same to all who are listening. A promise that I will be looking for your invitations, I will be awaiting your signal. It is my mission to facilitate and accommodate exactly such interfaces; therefore it becomes my privilege and my honor to do so. Take me up on my offer, what do you have to lose except a little of your time which I understand is precious and you must choose how to allocate it. Your choices are your strongest indications of your intentions.

Q: Hello Monjoronson.[hello] I might add for your feedback, that there is no limit to what those pinpoints of light you speak of can achieve. I will speak of just one aspect. You have now taken us into new levels of understanding the empowerment we possess to actually utilize and employ new universe principles known by few mortals on this planet at this time. Such principles that Mark in his Voice tonight referred to earlier are what is referred to as the great creative radiating principle in the book the life and teachings of the masters of the far east.

Monjoronson:  There are other names for it, but there are precise components or steps within this process that we can actively learn to utilize and employ thus becoming effective…call it masters of manifestation. Such an acquired possession when considering the new order of personality represented by Wave and Light, such a principle can be applied to creatively bring into existence, an embryo or this living energy system spoken of in the Urantia book, page 1222, paragraph 3 and 4.

This living energy system co-created by the mortals within this merkaba or light anchor along with the unseens, seeing that such a oneness is achieved by such a group of mortals comprising this merkaba or anchor of light, then it only seems logical, natural and reasonable that our Paradise Father can then bestow personality at His will upon such a living energy system, this embryo I speak of. Monjoronson: Certainly, as you have stated, in conjunction with the Father all things are possible. We are discussing various levels of encircuitment and the overlaying circuitry. As you have noted, we are exploring techniques and learning about how to properly manifest our intentions and yes, as you refer to with the phenomenon of Wave and Light, there is also represented another quantum leap. Simply another. there are innumerable, there are infinite potentials in the various configurations of the installers of the light anchor, the circumstances that are present, the awareness levels of the individuals, the abilities to come to this place of creation as children in the sense of being open to following the leading of the divine parents.

What we encounter most in the mortal scenarios are the self imposed limitations, the lack of awareness of even the most basic circuitry, the manifold material restrictions imposed by the mortal mind. All of these loom large as barriers to us in this process of attempting to create what we are uncertain of creating, attempting to extend into the realm of ideals from the realm of the material and practical. When we have to reach beyond our comfort levels we are innately challenged and so therefore all the more valuable to find open minded individuals such as the ones who are willing to entertain options unseen, even me in this moment.

Without your willingness to take on its own value what I bring to you I would not be able to furnish you with any basis of understanding so you can understand, those of you who are here, that there is a certain stretch, a certain reach of faith required and so not all of your brothers and sisters will join you, not initially anyway. There will be a great many who will give up everything to maintain their comfort zones, who will not seek to be expanded in this process but rather will recoil from this new paradigm of awareness and you will see all of this come about as you witness every manner of reaction to the upcoming spiritual pressure that is being felt by your family of humans.

I will definitely assert that there are miracles unfolding daily on your planet, even in this hour. There are transformations occurring left and right and we would encourage you to avoid all temptations to place restrictions or qualifications on anything that may happen in this age, in this time because it is only those restrictions, requirements, preconditions that can limit the process we are engaged in now.


If there are no other questions I would draw this meeting to a close with great gratitude that we have all had the opportunity to encircuit together, to be a part of this energy field that we have formed. I applaud all of you for listening to your inner voice that has brought you here even if you were unaware at the time that that is what you were doing. I bid you goodnight.

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