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LLN106- Never Stop Attempting To Contact Adjuster

2007-02-01.  Never Stop Attempting To Contact Adjuster

Lightline #106

Topic: Never Stop Attempting to Contact Adjuster

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: The VoiceMonjoronson

TR: Gerdean


Prayer:[Mark] Divine Parents, we are grateful for all that you have provided for us to bring us to this place where we come together to petition to be closer to you and to create a means whereby we may do just that. We desire to use our intention, to use our intention and our focus in this process to create an avenue, a way to bridge the gap between us. We intend to use all the tools in our knowledge at our disposal and welcome any insights that you might have, any directions to follow into new procedures that can help in this process, in this bridge that we are building between us. We come to you in complete faith and trust that we have this relationship established with you, we are merely strengthening it throughout this process.

Let us form into an energy constellation, right now as we actively reach out to encircuit each other, to plug into the energy field we are forming. Every time we do this it becomes more familiar to us, it becomes easier because we have practiced and we have a greater sense of what it is, a greater awareness. That is what we approach you in this hour to form, a greater sense, a greater awareness between us, among us. So we will use the tools that we have been given by your ambassadors of faith. We would envision encircuiting ourselves together in a great loop of energy, each one contributing our energies to the circle and each one able to draw from the circle the strength that is combined therein.


Mark/Plus the Voice: As we visualize this hooking up we may see that there are in fact a number of levels on which we will connect. We can encircuit on the heart level, we can encircuit on the mind level. We can ask to be connected to the circuitry of our indwelling voices, our Father fragments within. We petition to be involved in the opening of this circuitry, the activating of this commonality between us. We petition that our individual inner voices be enhanced by virtue of their collective circuitry.

And now that we are together, an energy field, we would petition our unseen celestial friends and comrades to join us, to contribute their energy circuit as well, to help us to create the portal in which the divine energy may flow in to the material realm, to do this with our intention even now, to petition the inclusion of Michael into our circuitry, to add His presence into ours and mix them. As well we would call on our steadfast headmaster, Machiventa Melchizedek. We ask that he come and join our circle together.

We also have been enjoying the close association with Monjoronson. We ask that he come and encrust with us and we allow space for any other celestial personalities, personal teachers and individual personalities that we have come in contact with on the other side of the veil to come and join us as well. And finally we would ground this energy circuit by petitioning Nebadonia to join us and to anchor all this energy that we are creating even now, to the earth.

Please breathe deeply of this place. Make note of how this feels. Remember this enhancement of circuitry. We have in fact been building this circuitry together, now we will bring it into our consciousness that we are all a part of this glorious energy transfer and as such, as components, we are worthy of drawing from this reservoir that we have helped create. When any one of us feels uncertain or inadequate to the task, we may come to this reservoir and draw out the strength that is most certainly there. When anyone may feel in doubt and uncertainty, we may return to this well of peace and wisdom. By repeatedly creating this reality, we reinforce our connection to this web and our ability to return to this place of peace at the direction of our will.

The Voice: To those who show such great dedication as yourselves, much is provided from the mechanism of universal affairs. When you demonstrate this dedication and perseverance you are as the one who will not stop knocking at the door, to be answered and provided with that which you seek. This process is best served by repeated exposure. Practice makes perfect. When you feel a sense of isolation, return to the center of peace that is created among us even now.

When you feel intimidated by life’s demands or even life’s opportunities come and draw strength from the well. You are entitled to draw from this well as you have spent your energy in its creation as we all have. It is as comforting to each as it is to all. Thank you for hearing my words regarding the observation of what you have been engaged in thus far. Take this as your own personal conviction, that you are in fact involved in this project, that you are entitled to enjoy the benefits of such a project and that your contribution to this is necessary and appreciated by all of the rest of us who stand around this fire with you. I withdraw from this podium and thank you for your attention. I have acted in partnership with my faithful associate who demonstrates his capacity even to his own uncertainty. I allow for another to address this forum.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson once again, pleased to accept your invitation to commune with you in this fashion. I applaud the efforts at further recognition of your relationship and the role that you each play in the process that you have been engaged in over these last number of weeks. Even to take the step of realizing what has been going on and to intensify that with the addition of your intention brings you such enhanced awareness of what it is that you are engaged in.

So much of what is discussed in our forums together are various ways to facilitate your discovery of who you are. You have been told that you are children of God but there is a discovery process around this information which is completely personal and a matter of experience. Likewise, you now are becoming aware of your many different types of relationships and as you begin to function in more awareness of these different combinations, you may become more versed in working with the different options before you.

We are unveiling layer by layer the different relationships you have, some of which you have been entirely unaware of. My mission and mandate are to focus on the interpersonal relationships, the relationship to all the various subgroups in which you are engaged in. In this process you will discover that you are already associated with a number of circuits, it was merely your awareness that was lacking in this process. We are about changing that in this environment. We are proceeding ahead with increasing our awareness to provide us with more effectiveness throughout the process.

The more we can learn and understand about our relationships to these circuits, the more we can effectively navigate using this circuitry. You all this evening have been discussing intensifying your created circuitry and that is a wonderful place to devote your energy. From this wellspring of safety, security and conviction can you draw the necessary strength to be about the search for the other connections that you have, importantly the connection that you have with your indwelling voice, your mystery monitor.

This component of yourself is ultimately what you are seeking for throughout all your processes of self discovery because this component of yourself, this partner aboard your vessel has all of the answers you seek, is a much clearer channel than any teacher personality or any other source that is available to you. Once you uncover this circuitry and are able to command access to it, you will quickly discover that all else external pales in comparison. I am here speaking words to you that you must interpret through your ears and your brains and your thoughts. These words are a signpost pointing to what I am trying to describe.

You must take all this in and try to formulate what is the real meaning of all these word symbols and sounds. When you commune directly with your inner voice, there is no misconception of meaning. This is truly what you seek although you are availing yourselves of every other technique, your greatest internal desire is to be encircuited within. For a long time on your world this has been considered an ultimate goal, perhaps unattainable by the mortals of the realm. I am here to declare to you the times have changed, a new age has dawned and the potential for each who will to find their inner fragment is greatly accelerated.

This amounts to an ideal that for many is beyond their grasp. Who among you this day, in this hour will grasp in faith that this ideal may be made real to you in your life? We will foster any and every means to provide you the tools, the insights, the inspiration to pursue your efforts at spiritual discrimination and connecting the circuitry that will provide you the mechanism to go where it is that your hearts desire to go. But you my friends must do the work. You must be willing to exercise these muscles, to participate in routine stillness to calm the choppy waters of the soul, to position yourselves to be in receptivity for that which you seek, to commune with The Father regarding your appreciation for that which you are seeking even before you have found it.

If you will show the same perseverance that you demonstrate in applying yourselves repeatedly to hearing from myself and the others, if you will dedicate that same energy to yourselves, to your individual persons, you will make major breakthroughs in your ability to exercise the use of this circuitry that is all around you, even that you are building in this hour. I sense out there, even in the silence, great enthusiasm for this new age at hand, a great curiosity for what is in store and a great dedication to try and unfold this new age together. I accept your applications to assist in this grand project, the unfolding of an age. I appease you with the offer of your spending time with yourself personally, perhaps even petitioning my assistance.

These are the ways that we will unfold this new age together. In one sense we are a grand team all working for the same goal, but in another sense, where you work, each one individually is what is important. What you take away from these lessons, what you become in this process, that is the goal. Who you reveal yourselves to be throughout is the process. Therefore are we assured of our success. We are engaged in the process, we are unfolding the plan, we are committing to the process and thereby we are all swept up in this great wave together.

I would withdraw from any further remarks and allow for any group interaction that may be on your minds. We have been standing around this fire warmed by the glow of this energy and I have done most of the talking. Would there be any others who [would contribute] around the fire?


Q: Yes Monjoronson, speaking of options available to us that we’re unaware of, in a past transmissions you mentioned that miracles are unfolding daily on our planet and you would encourage us to avoid all temptations to place restrictions or qualifications on anything that may happen in this age. It is known that you don’t abrogate our free will and in past times healing has at best been difficult. With the advent of the merkaba or light anchor which acts as a portal for your intervention into our life, could you speak to this new tool as a possibility for a new form of healing.

Monjoronson: This new tool, which is merely the focus of your individual energies to act as a collective energy may be used in a variety of ways and as I mentioned before, the limitations that we bring to the equation are what stops us from going beyond that point; therefore it is good to exercise freedom from constraint, preconditions, notions, so that the unknown may in fact be made known, the unreal can actually become the real but not if you would not allow.

If you enter these energy fields with preconceptions or notions as to what is or is not possible then quite simply you have created that reality, what is and is not possible. If you would enter these energy systems in faith, stretching your faith to the very brink, then you allow that that which may not be known to you may still be. This energy circuitry can be used for healing as well. It has been used for healing for centuries, those who have been involved in circuitries involving prayer have noticed tangible effects from their efforts. They did not sit around and form the merkaba, adjust the light anchor, install the circuitry and focus their intentions per se yet the results may have been quite similar.

All of those steps [were] done internally for each of the participants. Once you are practiced at forming these light anchors and using them to manipulate energy fields, you may do it quickly and without the necessary time factor that was demonstrated today in assembling the circuitry. I encourage you to experiment with the possibilities of such potent energy circuitry. What could you do, what would you do? I am not here to instruct you as to what you should be channeling your energies into as much as I am here to aid in your understanding of this circuitry and your connection to it.

Once again freewill choice enters the equation. What then will you do with this information, with this power, with this potency that you perceive even in this hour? I encourage you to do that with which your hearts desire. If it is healing, address healing, if it is personal growth, aid with personal growth. If it is more broadly focused it still can be an effective tool to be used in any material circumstance. That is the beauty of this reservoir that we are creating together.

We all are pooling our resources, our energies, our wisdom, our strength, our peace. We’re stirring these together in the coals of the fire, in the reservoir which we can draw up to be refreshed. [Thank you for your counsel.]

Q: Hello Monjoronson, [yes] I am interested in . ..explain to me…..there can be a circuitry between adjusters of individuals and if you could shed some light as to how this circuitry can be established and used between the adjusters of individuals and if possible can messages of good intentions be sent over these circuitries to the individuals attached to the adjusters in a particular circuit?

Monjoronson: This level of circuitry that you mention is most potent. What it requires is consent on both ends to function properly. Your adjuster, as you know, never circumvents your own free will choice, therefore you must provide it, you must give it, you must petition it, you must give your adjuster the latitude to do for you that which you do not know how to do for yourself. If you then petition your adjuster as we did in encircuiting our light anchor earlier, if you provide your adjuster with this latitude to engage with the circuitry involved in the other adjuster, then they can make exchanges through their circuitry.

If each one in the group provides this consent, provides this openness and willingness then in fact can the adjusters navigate between each other and communicate among each other. This potent force is the single most potent force you possess in your petition to commune with another individual. If you are, for instance, in service to another and you meet a fellow sister or brother but you are uncertain as to what they need of you, you may request that your adjuster petition a response from their adjuster and in this way you may actually receive insight as to what this other individual may need or where they may be in relation to your spiritual connection.

When a group is able to do this it is extremely powerful because you are embracing an ideal, you are choosing to activate this circuitry and as a result you are exercising your prerogative as a child of the First Source and Center to actively encircuit yourself. Again as I have said, when you encounter this internal circuitry between you and your voice you will recognize the directness and purity of the connection although you have perhaps grown accustomed to this passenger and may in fact overlook this comrade as you navigate through life’s rapids.

I am certain that we will enjoy together witnessing many involved here tonight in the unfolding of their internal process. It is a certain result to those who seek and so we are guaranteed our success if we but persevere in the process. Would there be any other questions tonight? If there are no other contributions to be made to the circuitry in this hour I would just pause to drink in this cup with you, to take in this energy, to feel the light and the glow that is established at this time. This process will become easier, you are assured of that. In the meantime your patience and your perseverance, placing on foot and then another are all that is required of you. You most certainly will traverse the distance and arrive at the pace that you seek.


It is a privilege to be involved in this journey with you. I would release this T/R at this time and welcome you all back when we meet again, farewell.

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