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LLN109- Turn To Me For Verification

2007-02-08.  Turn To Me For Verification

Lightline #109

Topic: Turn To Me For Verification

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Michael

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine parents, in reflection of the story that I shared I just want to thank you for the partnership, the love. It’s incredible what happens when we invite you into our lives, when we make you part of our journey. You transform our reality; you bring us to a higher level. With you all things are possible and so we come to you again in this hour, searching seeking and finding. We know you hear our petition and we know it is your desire to respond to your children’s call. So we call to you now and we thank you in advance for those you would send to us to minister on your behalf. Let’s make it so even now.

Michael: Greetings, this is Michael. I accept your offer to join your forum this evening. It is a pleasure to witness the little ones gather around to gather the wisdom from on high. All of you are responding to my call. All of you have pledged to follow Me and that is what has brought you to this hour. It brings Me such great joy to witness your enthusiasm rising as the spiritual pressure is mounting on your world. I look to you, my ones who will follow Me to go where you are led even though the direction may be uncertain to you at times.


If you find yourselves at a crossroads at times my dear ones, simply turn to Me for affirmation. I have endowed you with the Spirit of Truth and I would reinforce any such connection personally with you should you just simply petition Me. There are a number of diverse paths to follow that are all in unison with the divine plan of manifesting our new spiritual age and all these diverse paths are part of the whole. Many of you concern yourselves with the possibility of taking the wrong path, making the wrong spiritual choice, but I assure you, if you are here that is not the case.

And if you return to Me for your verification you will discover that you are being led, you are responding to this leading, you have accepted the offer I have made that you follow Me. On this path you may follow others who represent Me, others who are charged to minister to you and this is well part of the plan established to branch out and reach every available circuit. And so it is that this discussion of circuitry and formation is relevant in your time. You are spiritual children and one day you will leave behind your material component and then that realization will be much easier to grasp.

But in the meantime while we are navigating our way through the divine material interface it is good for you to be alert to the many potential avenues to use in bridging the gap in your spiritual awareness. My dear ones please know that all is well, even as it should be; you are well even as you should be. All is unfolding as per the plan but those of you who are growing in your awareness yearn for some aspect of awareness and control over that which is unfolding around you and as you seek, you so shall find.

You are learning the principles that guide the material manifestations on your world and you are learning how to work with these various circuitries and define for yourselves exactly who you are in relationship to these various levels. I tell you who you are my dear ones; you are my children in whom I am well pleased. That is what I would have you know and I have sent ambassadors to you that are representing these new principles and ideals and are there for you to use at your beck and call as I am.

Make every attempt to maintain a receptive state of your being. Your receptivity is key to the process regardless of any type of circuitry you might discuss. You may enhance your receptivity through the practice of stillness, that is allowing yourself to be in an open state and calming the mind and the body. To focus yourself in the minute you may use your breath. Breathe in inspiration, breathe out your intention, your purpose, express your being. If you harness this state of focus you can bring yourself to a place of receptivity.

And then my dear ones, expect it, it is yours. It is my desire for you; it is part of your very being that you receive from on high, that you transform yourselves, that you become great spiritual beings, even divine children of The Father. This is in store for you and it is only the intervening gap of time that we are in discussion of how to utilize and manifest.

Know that I am aware of you individually, personally. I come to you in this moment and always. I hear your petitions as any parent hears the cry of the child and I would minister to you to the degree that you would be comforted by my ministry. Take me up on my offer, avail yourselves of my peace. I bring it whenever I am invited, so invite me in. I would like to come along with you in your lives. That is how I manifest on your world, on our world, if you invite me and take me with you. When you do this I bring you my peace and our journey is made easier, better, fuller and I appreciate your offer to share your lives with me. It is your choice.

I ask you to follow me and you express willingness to follow me, you even demonstrate such willingness. Now I ask you, can I follow you? Will you allow Me to be part of your life, your daily life, your hourly life? Would you agree to let Me ride along in your vehicle with you? Can I look out your eyes at My children? This would be a supreme gift you could give me, something no other can provide in all the universe. This would be the gift I would ask of you, to simply let Me be with you throughout. Let Me experience what you experience, let us experience this together. I will help. I will ease your struggles if you would take Me with you. The two of us can manage quite well.

Wherever you feel you cannot, certainly I will help but I see you are all growing into beautiful spiritual beings and that is a reward for any parent to witness. I take that as your gift as well and I bring you My peace even in this hour. Remember my dear ones, no matter what may happen out there in the world around you and about you, you and I have this relationship that I demonstrate to you now and you are safe with Me. We are safe in spirit. The real you, the surviving you that I know, is only temporarily tethered to this material realm and most of the journey that we will be undertaking will be in spirit form. Therefore is this experience so very unique and so very treasured throughout a vast universe.

A life of materialism and duality provides such ultimate contrast that it is actually sought after by many throughout the universe. The very experiences you have which are oppressive to you and demanding to you are seen as such gifts and opportunities from the outside because this is a once in a universal career experience, this lifetime. Therefore take it in, enjoy it, savor these opportunities and invite Me in to enjoy it as well. I am standing outside awaiting your invitation. I will wait as long as it takes, but you my dear ones, who I can address in this fashion; I ask you, will you invite Me in?

I know you will, each and every one of you. It is only time and I am not concerned with time. I understand what time is and I demonstrate ultimate patience. I already can foresee our unions, our partnerships in time. I can taste their sweetness already even though they have yet to happen. Let us make this time here, your time here, spectacular. Let us not settle for routine, ordinary. Let us make the very most out of these precious moments in time that we have here in this material realm as spiritual beings. Now that you know this, you will have a different sense of your life.

Once you come into the awareness that you are truly spiritual beings enjoying this material experience, your dedication will shift and you will become more joyful in your journey, more observant of your time, more appreciative of your opportunity, more aware of the potentials. My associate was prompted earlier to share [with] you a personal story designed to raise your awareness level of the potentials inherent in any situation that you may find yourself and I hope you take from such a mortal story that we were there together then, and it was obvious. When man chooses to work with divine energies, man cannot help but be uplifted in the process.

In your lives now, look and seek and you will find opportunities arise before you. Be aware that these are all opportunities to express your cosmic citizenship, your spiritual awareness and though you are surrounded by the material aspects, recall your spiritual component, recall even now what it feels like and transform the material, the average, the mundane, the normal into the magnificent, the divine, the holy. It is as simple as your choice to do so. You need not worry about supplying the necessary energy, we have plenty to share through you should you choose to be the servant in this way.

Only choose to serve, only believe that you are serving. It is as simple as that. Rejoin Me and we will together create the new reality based in spirit, in love, in peace. Never concern yourself that you will not have what it takes to inject spirit into the equation. You are each one a portal to be used by myself and the others when you are in motion. When you are acting and your intention is aligned with ours, we may direct the energy.

Truly it has been my pleasure to join you around this glowing beautiful source of energy that you all are, that you all represent, that you all create in this very moment. I will offer My contribution to your circuitry any time. Likewise I will be available individually whenever you should decide to partner with Me. I hope you will have a greater sense of peace now that we have had this opportunity to commune in this manner and I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you in your own way, in your own time. For now I am grateful that you have come together to form this circuitry and allow this channel of communication between us.

Would there be any questions or comments or interjections from any who can hear these words?


Q: Hello Master, I perceive all of us engaged here tonight have our hands on the picnic basket as John Mark did and I also perceive that the second phase of the teaching mission, and I emphasize, not to replace but to supplement and enhance phase one, is being slowly announced and is being embraced by those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Where individuals will no longer seek answers solely from their celestial guides but instead know for a certainty that all answers lie truly within as they utilize their unseen friends in a different capacity than they formerly did and recognize them as the counselors, partners, coworkers and figuratively speaking, boards of directors that they are and shall become as these mortals come to increasingly understand that we too are potentially great teachers who are unseen comrades. Your comments would be appreciated.

Michael: You mentioned perceiving the shifts from one era or dimension into another and I will confirm with you that we are certainly at the juncture of what will be called a major shift in our paradigm only in the context of history. There are individuals such as yourself who are sensitive enough to pick up on these shifts in tone and emphasis and instruction well before they have been acknowledged and defined and it will only be looking back upon these transitions that you will be able to draw any definition of where one phase begins, another one ends, another one begins and another one ends.

There will be so many of these stepped phases involved that we will lose track of where we were on this staircase of spirituality. We have many steps to take, many levels to attain, many universe principles to become in awareness of and this process will continue well beyond your mortal career. But as mortals you are prone to think in linear fashion and in progressive fashion and therefore I understand your concept frame around the defining of one aspect of this overall program being declared the teaching mission, another aspect being declares the magisterial mission and yes, you have rightly delineated yet even another component of this push to raise the level of awareness regarding the indwelling fragment partnership.

None of these phases are exclusive of the others, rather they are a progressive set of accomplishments and they can quite nicely support each other throughout. We must look at the entire plan as being the entire plan. There is no need for delineation and separation of the different components of the plan when we can all agree there are valuable components within all the aspects of the plan. When on earth you have the vast array of humans. You will have a vast array of approaches and it is not possible to have too many different avenues of approach available for those who will seek such avenues.

We will use any means and every means at our disposal to foster spiritual growth and it may surprise you to know we have other missions geared at individuals who have but a fraction of your understanding of your relationship to the divine. Yet we minister to them as well with their own requirements and circumstances. We will take all the children where we find them and we will nurture every little seed of spiritual awareness and they will grow, not at the same rate, not in the same way, not at the same time but one by one, all of my children will come seeking and when they do, we will be ready with a plan for them.

So enjoy your various programs, aspects of the gigantic plan. Savor the differences in approach all leading to the same growth and awareness objectives and realize that they all are serviceable in their way, in their time to those who resonate with them. Even, I will point out, the most backwards and misinterpreted version that you can imagine of the concept of deity and spiritual relationship, we will still manage to find a way to minister a kernel of truth, a seed to nurture. I hope this relates to you our unending desire to find all of those who are seeking, all of the sheep must be found and the opportunities before us with the variety of approaches that have been expressed so far.

Q: Thank you Master and may we all break bread together in the illusive oasis of supreme oneness.

Michael: I will also embrace your statement of holding on to the basket. Imagine if you would, each one of you, that when you go out on your daily affairs, your daily life, you go out carrying your basket prepared for your day and it is I who desires to cling to your basket. It is I who would go with you if you would but ask Me or let Me or allow Me. It is I who craves your partnership. Will you not ask Me to come with you up your mountain, on your journey? Will you not take Me with you? Consider My requests.

Q: I just want to thank you for being there in our time of need.

Michael: It is my joy and my privilege to be there in your time of need and in your time of success and in your time of joy and in your time of pain and in your time of confusion. All of these times are valuable experiences of the Supreme and I would cherish to share any one of them with you, even all of them.

Q: Hello Michael, [hello], there are four of us here and Machiventa spoke of a dominant gene in each person which will be at some point activated. Could you explain what that is and how it works so we can understand, thank you.

Michael: Actually there are a number of dormant components in your being that are becoming activated in time in this process, not the least of which was mentioned before. This part of yourself that you have yet to clearly partnership with, your divine component, your gift from on high, your inner voice. Some would say this is the dormant aspect of yourself. I say it is more yet undiscovered.

There are a number of other aspects of yourselves that will play a more dominant role in your future awareness. These psychic levels are determined by your spiritual advancement as a result of your spiritual efforts and successes you achieve level upon level of possession of these psychic levels and it will seem to you as though something has been added to you when in fact it has been a part of your being all along, you simply arrived at a place where it can be activated. A number of steps like this await your achievements in a spiritual regard and as well there are outside factors which will be added unto you as you are ready for them.

So between these two aspects of your growth you will be taking step after step after step up this stairway of spiritual ascent and with each accomplished step you gain a new level of awareness and of being that is part of your destiny in this process. This is a long term cycle that happens from here all the way back on your journey back to the First Source and Center. You become . .. you arrive at a new place and from there you project yourself to even a new and higher place. You gather your wisdom, you receive your insight and you advance. Throughout this process you are in fact becoming that which you were created to be. It is a natural unfolding and the process is how we get there. I hope this illuminates some of your query.

Q: Hello Michael, we have the Father fragment in us and we know you as Lord and as our Savior and even when you walked this earth and folks did not know you and they saw you they saw that there was something different. Now that we have all this story and even the life you lived, how is it that when our inner being, that dormant gene that is awakened, that knows you just the way that we do, how is it that we don’t connect or even when we live like you others . ….still do not connect with us. How is it if we are one spirit in you?

Michael: I would answer you by clarifying your terminology. You are in fact one in the spirit with Me, you are however individual spirits in the sense that you were created to be complete individual experiences and expressions of the divine. Therefore you will understand Me and my relationship to you in your own way, through your own set of experiences and interpretations. Each relationship that I have with every one of my children is an individual relationship and though you all may know Me, you all perceive Me in a different fashion to the limit of your different capabilities based upon your preconceptions and so no two of you will “know Me in the same way”.

This is part of the beauty of the plan yet we can gather together as we are now in spirit and share this communion together in spirit. And that can be done in a group such as this one where we are all sharing this experience together but yet this experience is not identical to any two of us. You will each take away from this what you will and it will be different from any other in this group. This speaks to the diversity of expression that the Father has intended throughout this process of experiencing this diversity and it is not necessary nor possible for anyone to consider that there be a common understanding or experience of what in the end is a very intimate and personal and individual experience.

I do not ask that any of you my children have the same experience of Me, rather I delight in the different nature I experience with each one of you and together we do share a unity of spirit but never a uniformity.

Q: Do you have any suggestions to working closer to these ones you mentioned that are here to work with us?

Michael: Certainly. My suggestion would be to petition their assistance in your lives just as you would petition mine. You can certainly as well benefit from the lessons they have delivered to date which were certainly meant for you as well as any and in this process of inviting them to participate with you, welcome them into your stillness, welcome them into your life. The fact that you are mentally aware of their existence enables you to petition something, some personality that you ascribe a name to.

You will have to choose who you are most compatible with in that regard and who you feel an affinity towards and then petition to develop a relationship. This will require your active participation in creating an environment wherein you may receive and you may do the same with Myself, with Mother Spirit, with any of the other personalities that you have some sense of in your lives. You can even do this with each other. You can even recreate this very energy field and circuitry. You are the ones who will set the parameters of what you will allow, what you will accomplish, what you will succeed at. All things are possible and it is in your heartfelt seeking and your petition that you may orient yourself to such as you desire.

You may be assisted in getting a clearer sense of the individual personalities by reading former transcripts where you may get a taste of this individuals personality, a sense of their personality from the projection and through this process you can build as you would, the sense of who a pen pal is or a friend over the phone. This helps you to build this acquaintance, this ability for you to summon that particular personality singled out among all personalities. You are incredibly potent creative beings and in conjunction with Me, all things are possible. Let us work on that one together.


I sense the hour grows long. I would once again thank you all for creating this pathway. You have each one created this event in this hour, you have chosen to allow this to happen and so have I. I have requested to be with you more and you will consider my petition of you this week and I will petition you again in whatever form I can use to reach you. I am always seeking you, I am always wanting to be with you, that is why I cherish moments such as this one and do not really want to sever this connection.

You are my children in whom I am so well pleased. You have my love, please take my peace, let it be with you. Spread my love to the other children. They need Me, they need Me through you. You are who they will see. But you know Me, you are my ambassadors who can express Me and my love to the others. Do this for Me. Invite Me and we will do it together. I savor this moment and now I take my leave, farewell.

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