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LLN113- Creating A Space To Experience Spirit

2007-03-15.  Creating A Space To Experience Spirit

Lightline #113

Topic: Creating a Space to Experience Spirit

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teachers: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Monjoronson: I cherish this opportunity to join you around your campfire. Once again I am Monjoronson and as the rest of you are, I as well enjoy the various and different expressions meant to glorify The Father. Certainly we have so very, very much to be grateful for as we have found each other in all of the universe, throughout Nebadon we have come together and we have formed this relationship, we have even formed this partnership. We create in this very moment the reality between us that exists beyond this meeting. This space that we create together is a living entity and we donate our energies to it, to keep it alive, to foster it.


I am so pleased to work with ones who have even the most basic realization of such energy principles. Truly once we have been given the basic tools we can use them to their fullest advantage once we have gained complete wisdom about their application and we are engaged in gaining that wisdom daily in this process. So even now in this hour we once again tap into the energy that we left before. This place that we visited last time we now recreate through, I will point out, your sheer force of will, your desire manifest.

After all, this space that we are in this moment is not tangible in any regards and yet we all identify that we are in this place together. We do this because we choose to be here together and in choosing we have validated that reality and thus it manifests. I very much enjoy coming to be with you all and bask in the glow of this energy field, this light anchor that is created as a result of the constellation of individual lights that we all represent.

I am confident that you as well enjoy returning to this place, this place that exists in your mind. We are not meeting at coordinates in time and space where we gather, rather do each one of you create the space within. When you create this arena you make allowance for it to be filled with our presence. We are all spiritual beings. You are of course yourselves as well and as spiritual beings you are not restrained by material restrictions nor are you restrained by time or the distance of space.

There is a part of you that is quite free and mobile to be projected anywhere and it is that part of you that meets us now in this place. Using the same technique of creating an open place where you are free to experience spirit, attempt to create the open and safe environment within where you will entertain your indwelling fragment. Your inner voice awaits your invitation just as I await your invitation to access these channels of communication. If you were to remain busy talking amongst yourselves and make no allowance to be receptive, I could not interject into your arena.

No, you have to have made a space for me to be, a place where you will accept me. Likewise do you make a place where you will accept us, this group into your sacred space and having accepted us in we are absolutely real. Use the same method and technique in your attempts to meet with your Father fragment. Create an opening, even take a deep breath expanding your own personal self, intentionally and purposely create a safe place for you to receive your partner who dwells with you in your own vehicle.

Utilizing this process you can create for yourselves with your own minds eyes, very safe and secure arenas where you can feel good about your activating spirit and your various relationships with other spiritual beings, even your relationship with your own onboard spiritual guide. Allow that you can do this because you are as well spirit and utilizing the powers that you have of focusing the creative potential of the mind you can literally create any safe haven you can conceive of.

Many might consider the question if you are safe in this process. Do you stand to err in your judgment and proceed in a direction that is ungodly and unworthy of your attention? To this I will comment that as long as you are in league with Michael who created this plan, then certainly you can’t be too far astray of the best approach and absolutely you cannot be assaulted from without for you are in the shadow of The Creator and certainly He has concern over you, and no true harm could befall you when you are attempting to do His will.

Perhaps as an exercise to suggest I would offer that you, after this experience is over at some later point, allow yourself to revisit this arena that you feel in this moment. Take note right now what this feels to you. Perceive what you are feeling in this moment and then at your willful desire, recreate those exact feelings. Your mind has more than enough capacity to do this for you and having done so you are choosing to support your precious creation and it is easy to return to that place where you left off. This feeling of coming back to this place is what you are attempting to develop whether it be you are coming back to this place of meeting a celestial personality such as myself, or whether it is returning to a place like this to meet with your purest, highest aspect of self.

You may use the same principle of returning to the last time and allowing yourself to be flooded with how it felt the last time you were involved in the energy circuitry that we enjoy in this hour. When I say return to the place where you can once again meet with your highest version of yourself, I mean to portray that when you get to that place, when you are there one with your inner voice, then you are made to realize that it is your voice. It sounds just like you, it has your thought patterns or perhaps you have its and those thoughts that you took so for granted as simply yours were in fact colored by something that’s right there with it and all this time you may have been considering that you may have been listening for another voice, or a distinctively different thought pattern or something that would allude to you that this was in fact what you were looking for when in fact it is only your voice that you hear in your head.

It is only your words that you know how to use and your inner guide has been helping you to formulate your highest ideals, the grandest version of yourself. All this time, all this time it was simply that perhaps you were unaware that that was the case. Create a space, an arena to meet yourself, to greet yourself, to be with yourself and allow that part of you is divine, is from on high and certainly as you well know, you are surrounded by the part of you that is mortal. This is how it is in this life. Your divine part is surrounded by your material part in this world of the cross making it exceedingly challenging for you to find your different aspects of self.

But keep trying every available method you come across and you will certainly succeed sooner or later which is still sooner, you will find your voice that has been your voice all along and you will be empowered and emboldened by this discovery of self. Could I coax anybody listening to participate in this arena in any fashion?


Q: There are many possibilities and vibrations out there and so I guess what you’re saying is I construct my own choices and my own world if I’m going to talk with you or the Master or myself and you are saying my thought patterns are sort of bubbling up from my inner world and desires and I could probably do something more to structure a finer fabric of that with planning and stillness and revelation. How does revelation balance with my own personality and desire to move things forward?

Monjoronson: Any form of revelation can certainly be useful materials to add to your data bank and use to grow your wisdom. I would like to seize to your referral to making choices. I would like to underscore in the strongest possible terms that therein lies the secret if you will, of how to make the most of every choice that you activate. You spoke of procedures and directions and all those are what arise from the choices that you make. It all begins with the choice.

It was the choice to pursue spirit, then it was the choice to call this number tonight and it remains true that there are literally thousands of choices that you make every day and most of them you remain completely unaware of your having made. In other words there are a multitude of options present but the human creature tends to revert to habitual patterns most of the times in their lives and having habituated a pattern when a choice does arise, there is no choice activated whatsoever. Rather there is habit that kicks in and automatically the choice has been pre-made for you.

What I am saying is that if you were truly to realize the significance of your choices, you would not waste a single one. You are so potent with your co-creative abilities that what choose literally is. Is there any more powerful force in the universe? Often times we casually throw away these choices, let others decide, go with entropy, decline the offer of engagement and reality happens around us much as we are used to it happening around us. Given the fact that we rarely make any new choices, what is our tomorrow going to be, just like today.

No, you all are becoming awakened to the potential of life. Life is choosing moment by moment, attitude, posture, presence. These are chosen moment by moment. When a routine situation arises, where you have a routine response or will you perhaps have a creative response or an inspired response, it’s your choice, all your choice. You refer to wanting to work in partnership with a celestial presence such as myself, Monjoronson, and I applaud your decision that that would be a good thing to pursue.

Now having made that choice that this would be a good and positive direction, what other multitude of choices will we activate to serve our purpose in this regard? If we simply say that would be nice and never choose further to activate this choice, then it will perish as unfostered and unsupported. However if any one of you make a strong choice of conviction and devote your energies and your subsequent choices to supporting that choice, you literally will create the manifestation of that choice. It may come in a variety of forms or in a variety of times but your petition will be answered in that regard.

Your sincere desires and expressions followed by your choices which then dictate your actions and you have completed the creative circuit. Your thought of what would be a good thing to do, your expression of what would be a good thing to do, your choosing to do that thing and your persistence and dedication to keep re-choosing and redoing that thing will inevitably as a law of the universe manifest that reality.

Q: That really helps a lot, that’s wonderful. Thank you Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: You are welcome my friend. I appreciate your bringing the topic up. As I said, there are few points that can be stressed with as much significance as this aspect of choosing. Consider how choosing can impact your ability to contact your adjuster. Simply choosing and re-choosing and dedicating yourself to the choice, acting on the choice, manifesting the choice; there is no force of the universe that can stop that from happening. You are co-creative beings and you are exercising your co-creative prerogative. You are choosing and it will be.

Q: I have given my will to The Father and in His service and could you talk a little bit on free will and the universal law of it. I know time is such a human creation and I’m just trying to figure out…there is a time ratio to everything we give to Our Father and it seems like different rules or something else comes into the play. Could you speak further on that?

Monjoronson: Most definitely. Thank you my friend, wonderful topics to arise. First, let us discuss the topic of free will. There is another steadfast universe principle right there. You have complete sovereignty at all times. No exceptions whatsoever, over your free will choice. If that were not so, much would be happening around you that you would not be in control of. You are in control because it is The Father’s will that this is how you develop, through activating your choices, your free will to choose. You are not forced in this choice process but if you exercise no choices you cannot grow, cannot move through this paradigm.

You must choose. Life brings you choices and you must make them and in so doing you, of your own free will, choose the direction you proceed in. It is of course your option to choose not to choose, to opt out of the game, choose not to participate in the plan in which case you opt out of the game and having digressed and turned away from the game and the Creator of the game you will cease to exist for you are not being fostered, you are not fostering yourself in the process.

Your choice is all [you] have to make. It is the most you can do, it is the best you can do. Your choice represents the only thing that you have that you can give to The Father. He has everything else, He needs nothing of you except your choice in hopes that you will choose Him which of course you do. It is as natural as the flower turning to greet the sun. In this process you demonstrate to Him that even though He has given you total freedom and flexibility to choose anything, you will still choose to proceed to Him.

Certainly you may choose your own route, that is desired because your different route, your special own route becomes your gift back to The Father. When you return it to the Supreme, The Father has experienced all routes, all avenues of expression, all means whereby His children can proceed toward Him and find Him. That is your role, that is your gift back to The Father, that is His gift back to you. That is how that works.

You referred to time, well if you consider that right now in your existence is the only time that you will be so immersed in time, that it will be as important to you as it is now, is a result of your experience in the most materialistic and time space oriented of your incarnations. As such time is very valuable to you. You only have so much of it and you certainly only have a fraction of that available to allocate. So, this being the case, your gift to The Father is also your choosing to take your time to be with Him, to be in service to Him, to orient yourself to be closer to The Father as a choice that you make. To take what limited time you have and to allocate some of it for Him. What greater gift can those who have ultimate choice and ultimate freedom give than to choose to use that ultimate choice and ultimate freedom to glorify The Father in heaven who gave it to them.

You see this is all such a beautiful cycle. You are given so much from on high and then you instinctively, as you grow in this process, you want to return to where that spark of you came from and in this process bring back your experiential wealth. It is a beautiful process to unfold and we have touched on some key factors tonight in manipulating your way through this process. I say manipulating because once you become aware of these universe principles, how these circuits flow, how the laws of nature are so predictable, then you can manipulate the process through the injections of choice and creativity and inspiration. You can change the flow, moderate the outcome because you are aware and you choose to be aware and involved in the process.

Q: Thank you Monjoronson, that really helped. I am just getting to really touch what the Eternal Son does for us by linking us up and bringing us back to The Father and my heart is overwhelmed with love and inspired to keep living in the moment, to be joyous. I realize by living in the moment and staying happy, my manifestations will come true and I know that is Our Father’s desire because we desire to do what The Father wants and that’s helping our brethren here. Thank you Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Thank you my friend for your eloquent restatement. It is needed verification to those of us who are trying to use these word symbols to try and convey such principles. It is a pleasure to hear that they have found root with you and you have been able to resonate to the frequencies expressed and take them and make them into your own personal expression. I thank you for that.

Q: Thank you for your time, we really appreciate it. I just might add one more thing, and that is just to the fact of…could you share a little bit more on our thought patterns and how we can keep things just out of reach if we are not living in that moment and as I heard it eloquently put before, doing that thing that we do and staying out of the thought pattern of what our Father wants?

Monjoronson: What you refer to is generally known as the phenomenon of waking up. As mortals of the realm your minds become quite conditioned and patterned, in fact that is the task and job of your most valuable of organs, your brain. It is designed to sort and categorize and partition your understanding of all your surroundings and as well it is required to store the data of a lifetime’s accumulation of learning and building upon previous thought patterns. All this makes the mind a valuable data source and powerful tool for comprehension for that which you come into contact with.

However, as with any good tool it has its limitations and drawbacks. It is such a fine organizer that your mind will attempt at every turn to quickly analyze and define for you what it is that you are experiencing based on the information contained of your previous experiences. It will attempt to match what you are currently experiencing with some previous experience so that you have some sense of identity and some sense of recognition with what you are encountering and therefore know how to react or act as regards your encounter.

This, while it is very helpful for most of your encounters with reality; you know each time that the light turns red you need to stop and that is proper and good. You don’t question that that red light could mean something different this time. Your mind has complete command over what to do and when to do it when responding to the red light before you. This is so serviceable to you that you rather tend to turn over to a sense of autopilot to your mind and allow it to go about its normal activity of categorizing and making decisions based upon previous experiences.

If you are not careful you will live your entire life by reliving your past life. That is to say the mind is so skilled at finding comparison with your past that it recreates your past experiences for you. You recall my referring to your ability to recreate this experience that we are having at a later time; likewise does your mind have that capacity to bring forward your past experiences and they become, once again, your current experience.

It takes a disciplined attitude to begin to objectively monitor reactions and perceptions of your current life situations. It takes strength to ask yourself, are you perceiving what is before you in that moment or has your mind raced off in this direction or that? Has it filled in the blanks for you and told you what you are really looking at or are you really seeing and observing what you are really looking at. Even more potent than physical material observations are the places your mind can take you in the non-material realm.

I’m sure you all can use your minds to place yourselves at any number of past experiences and if you really try you can remember hard enough to put yourself back in those places by eliciting the same body responses as you had when you were there the first time. If you can imagine for example, your desire in your mind’s eye to place you back on a warm sunny beach. If you seriously project this with your mind, you can recreate for yourself the experience of being on the warm sunny beach.

Your body can replay how it felt to have the sun on your face, to have the sand under your feet, to have the smell of the surf. These are all stored in your memory banks and you can replay them and recreate that experience. You do this regularly when you think fondly on a past time or remember a relationship or choose to walk down memory lane as you call it. This once again illustrates the potency that you have of directing these thoughts and intentions.

If they are so powerful as to be able to do this then what will you do with them if you harness this power, if you control this potency? If you have the ability to be back at a different place in a different time just by allowing your mind to take you there, what else could do by allowing your mind to take you somewhere? Perhaps with directed thought and intention as to where you are going, even perhaps returning to that safe place that you will create. That is the whole point of the exercise is to take control of the thought stream.

You are not supposed to stop this stream. Most of you cannot and will never harness ceasing this thought stream but you may very well be able to redirect it where you would like it, channel it, focus it so that if your mind is going to be busy, give it something good to do, something desirable to do that you would want. Don’t tolerate the wandering and often mischievous attempts of the mind to bring you back to its known parameters. For some of the things that you are in contact with are not an issue of the mind. Certainly you must use the mind to do your interpretation but you are encountering other than mind phenomenon.

Spirit is pervasive, it is not focused in the mind, it is not contained in the mind but yet you are composite creatures with these multi facets. But you would do well to make every attempt to harness the full [use] that is your mind’s eye, that is your creativity, that is your ability to project and choose. When you are able to do this sooner in the process you will manifest even greater changes as these laws of the universe we’ve been referring to are ever faithful in this process. The more you are engaged and the more there is to work with, the more potency there is, the greater the results.

Q: That gives me more than enough to chew on . I really appreciate it and I have been training myself to respond instead of react so that really took it to another level. I really appreciate this Monjoronson.


Monjoronson: And I appreciate you my friend, thank you. If there would be no other contributions, I feel we have covered a lot as you have said to chew on tonight. I am very grateful that you all have donated your time, your precious commodity here in this life and as well you have contributed your choice that has activated this entire arena and has created this reality. I would bid you farewell and good evening and I look forward to the next opportunity to sit around the fire with you and commune and bask in the glow of the spiritual warmth that we share in this place. I cherish this opportunity and I will return to meet you here and offer you my choice, my commitment, my allocation of time and we will meet here again, farewell.

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