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LLN114- Common Spiritual Ancestry

2007-03-27.  Common Spiritual Ancestry

Lightline #114

Topic: Common Spiritual Ancestry

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Elyon, Michael

TR: Jonathan


Elyon: Greetings this is Elyon and I come to you today to share in our common ancestry.


We have a heritage which is from our Sovereign Son Michael and I turn to Him now to acknowledge His presence and His greatness. We have been given an arena which is Nebadon in which we have nearly an infinite array of possible life experiences and Michael has given, as our assistants, many who are capable of drawing us into ever higher life experiences. It is your free will to choose how to live and it is not much time in your earthly abode that goes by before you begin to notice that certain life experiences are worth pursuing and others lead to trouble.

This begins your spiritual ascent and then many come into your presence to assist, to elevate you. In due course you gain in comprehension; you perceive reality and its ever expansive quality. It comes through generalized comprehension of the structure of life as ordained by Michael and it comes through your own expansion of power by way of will. Much of potential to be experienced by you is only available when you rise to the occasion, by which I mean, acquire the skills, orient your attitude and hone your talents.

Soon in your ascent, and I speak only of your ascension as you are embodied now on Urantia, you acquire a submission to the will of The Father, to the way of universe workings and you open your heart to receive that guidance and subsequently you become further enriched and you awaken to greater vistas of attainment and with a deepening of your faith you pursue those goals. Many years pass. Eventually you come to realize that you are living much of which you sought, that there is a great trail behind you that was once what you thirsted after.

Then dawns the realization that as Michael has so blessed you in your growth, you are able to offer such guidance to others. Here enters a dilemma. Do I step forward under such an assumption or do I recoil under a sense of inadequacy? Many wait and seek the nod and approval of the divine parent and others will charge ahead in full confidence. Some will stumble and will learn more rightly how to be of service to ones fellows and others will find immediate success. Those who wait, some will never leave their seat, will not stand up and go forward. They will bury their talents but there are those who will receive the confirmation and eventually go forth.

The intent of my lesson to you is to learn to view all things in balance. What good and what wrong transpires in life, whether you are aggressive or retiring, each avenue will reveal the will of The Father and will summon the assistance of the angels and those even as myself. These lessons you learn on earth or any of your sister worlds, and they create a foundational structure for while the life beyond the life you know appears in your imagination heavenly, there are great challenges, stupendous undertakings and magnificent adventures. You will thoroughly enjoy them that much the more having lived the life you are living now.

Paying your bills, washing the car mowing the lawn may seem so worldly but in hindsight, upon the worlds of Mansonia you will understand the beauty of such apparently insignificant actions and there will one more beatific gratifying realization. You will look into the eyes of many compatriots, those who have assisted you and those you have assisted and the sparkle of the realization of the miracle of your inter-association and the benefit it has brought will fill you both everyone, with joy and love and as I opened my message by looking to Michael, you will turn to Him with thanksgiving.

I now open this forum for discussion. [The call was inadvertently blocked and no questions were received.]


Michael: I Michael envelop you. Into your eyes I look and perceive such beauty, great aspiration, much hope and a fountain of willingness. Every one of you is a crown, an apex in this creation. I take delight. I have called you to follow and you do and I have sent you forth to lead, to reveal, and you do. There can be no greater satisfaction and I take that satisfaction deep into My being. Many times I have said and evermore I will say, I love you. Be at peace, not only in the understanding of My presence but in the experience. Shalom.

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