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LLN118- My Spirit Gains Strength On Urantia

2007-04-05.  My Spirit Gains Strength On Urantia

Lightline #118

Topic: My Spirit Gains Strength on Urantia

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D’Ingillo


Michael: Deep within your being lies a place where you receive Me. This place, located in your heart center is a place of stillness, is your home where you and I can comingle, exchange ideas, our love for one another. Through your desire to be in this place my children, know that your heart is always safe when you are with Me. It is safe to be vulnerable and open in this place. You can recapture that innocence and sweetness that you had when you were a young child for the ways of the world put its own . … upon you. Feel the desire to be in this place of innocence now. Invite Me into your being and allow Me to build more of Myself in you.


My spirit is gaining strength on Urantia. The call for Me is stirring and the hearts of My children of this world is a real war. It tickles from the inside and beckons a person to arise from their slumbered state, being in the darkness. Coming into the fullness of the light of truth which is growing ever brighter in your body and in your mind. This light of truth is my presence in you, it is real, it is living. It imbues you with a sense of identity. It grows within you to foster your own sense of who you are. It is important now that my children come into a deeper appreciation of their self identity, of yourself worth and of the realization of the various components that make you uniquely you, your personality.

My personality as your Creator Father instills within your mind a sense of identity, gives you a greater breadth of understanding the many facets of your unique personality. It is My desire for My children to know themselves for this is the first step on the road to true self mastery. How can you master your mind, your feelings, your thoughts if you are not more fully apprised of who you are and to see yourself as your Mother and I see you and to love yourself as your Mother and I love you for every aspect of your being is lovable. No matter how much you may not wish to see yourself, to visit your frailties and your foibles, but I say to you My children all of this is loved and accepted by Us.

Feel Me in you now, allow Me to grow in you so that you too may begin to elevate yourself identity to the level, to the perspective of how We view you and to receive the love We feel for you, the love We share with you. Receive this now My children. Open your hearts as much as you can and allow My love to pour in. The ways of spirit as they enter into your being have the ability to untangle the knotted threads of your thinking where you harbor thoughts of confusion and doubt. My spirit presence can unfurl the knots, clarify your thoughts, civilize your emotions. Self mastery affords you the opportunity to ingest more of My presence so that you are more balanced in your thinking leaving your actions to be more reflective of The Father’s will as self mastery unfolds naturally and gradually.

It is not something you must beat yourself up about because you do not do something perfectly the first time or you seem to make the same mistakes over and over in your thinking and actions. Call upon Me, ask Me in, ask Me to focus My love on the place where the knot is tangled. Your Mother and I know how to unfurl it for you. And so self mastery becomes this . …blending of My presence into you to help you sort through those conditions within you that are so out of alignment with the Father’s will and once they come into alignment your Father fragment has more capacity to weave thoughts of God through your being helping you to make better choices to grow in self mastery one choice at a time.

Self mastery is a joy to undertake for as you begin to see more of who you are and accept who you are, will you find the delight and joy that your Mother and I have in you because you will see something of great value inside of yourself that you had not experienced before. As your elder brother Jesus, you can come to Me and ask Me how I was able to master many of the human experiences I had here when I sojourned in the flesh. There are so many little circumstances of daily life I learned to do in a state of love, in a state of acceptance. You’d be surprised at the pace I moved during My human life.

It was quite different than the pace that you all move about. It was much slower and it gave Me the ability to be mindfully present in the moment and there the Father’s voice within Me was able to be perceived. There was practice advocated by your teachers in the early years of this mission of upliftment [which]was the starting point for all of you to begin this journey of self mastery to teach you how to listen for the voice of your adjuster, to be able to perceive the inner guidance and the outer guidance of your angels. Self mastery, as you know, is a journey into the full alignment of the Father’s will for your life combined with your own higher decisions and yearnings and bringing that into manifestation into the material realm.

I invite you to come to Me and ask Me, as your older brother Jesus, what My experiences were like in those small moments of everyday living, preparing meals, meeting with friends and family, working at my craft, as you work at your jobs. Ask Me to share with you My experiences, what I felt, what I perceived. The circuits are open, you can receive this and I invite you to do so now. If [there is] an area in your life that you would like to gain mastery over I invite you in as Jesus to share with you what I experienced in a similar circumstance. Even if the experience is not something that you feel I may have had that is the same as yours I can impart something of great interest and value to you by your simple request to learn how to master this. Take a few moments and do this now and I will respond.

Gaining more mastery over these small aspects of your life will reap huge results and rewards for you in so many inexperienced ways. I cannot express to you the joy and delight you will have when you start to see the results of this increased desire to master the small challenges of daily living. Your brothers and sisters are so hungry for this information and this kind of faith inspired living that when you present yourselves to them and having mastered some of these small things you will be highly attractive to them and be able to impart something of great value to help them in their journey of mastering life.

These lessons on self mastery are so few and far between in your culture. You live in an environment of wanting immediate gratification and there is so little effort and attention put towards self mastery. It has become a larger chore than it was designed to be. Self mastery is a journey into self discovery and love. While you must put some ethical attention on it, it does not have to be laborious or hurtful. It is joyous, it is lighthearted, it is playful and it is My desire that you all begin to adopt and adapt to these ideas of the journey into self mastery as the joy of living. Joy of living My children, I know you want this so much, you are eager and desirous for this. Let Me help you by instilling more of My essence into you, to heal you with a sense of joy. Yourself mastery path can be filled with many undiscovered treasures and gifts that will give you something to smile about as you go about your day.

Let Me walk with you more and more on this path more and more each day. Please turn to Me and ask Me, Father, how would you handle this situation? What is your perspective on this? I will gladly share My love, My thoughts, My views on what is before you. You will make better choices, feel that you are gaining better strides, living closer to your indwelling adjusters, opening up to your brothers and sisters more and enjoying your lives with greater relish and satisfaction. My beloved children, receive your Mother and Me once again, we know all things are growing and gaining momentum in you as they should.

I will withdraw from you in this way but be available to respond to your questions and concerns. It’s the time to bring yourself back to the presence of your space and feel free to address Me when you are ready.


Q: Hello Michael, [good evening] I have a question pertaining to the progress of the correcting time on our planet. I’m just wondering if things are progressing as scheduled, if there are any issues now that are holding things up or are we moving along at a good pace?

Michael: My son, your question does amuse Me greatly. I know your heartfelt desire to see the upliftment occur here with such devotion and dedication to Me and I appreciate so much your dedication to be of service to Me and to your brothers and sisters. It is beyond your comprehension what is occurring on Urantia, totally beyond any human ability to understand the complexity, the enormity of what must occur and what is occurring here to bring this world into the early stages of light and life.

In terms of the greater cosmic plan that I have implemented here for your world and other worlds of rebellion status, things are progressing quite rapidly. From your standpoint however, I know and feel your sense of frustration and here I encourage you to be placed upon the timeline of the universe and not this arbitrary timeline of the more immediate gratification that is so a part of your culture. The frustration that you feel is because you are still operating on your own sense of what you would like to see happen and I am here to tell you that it is time to let go of all of your fears, all of your questions, all of your doubts and to trust Me and I know you do, but there are such residual attitudes and memories within your being that wants to see more immediate results.

Let them go, let them go. They only interfere with your ability to be open to Me and to your Mother and to all of your wonderful helpers who are eager to support you as you minister to My children. Would there be impediments along [the way] from a human standpoint? Absolutely. Most of what you see occurring now is only a small smattering of what is coming to uplift this planet. Look now to this, open your hearts and ask to be placed upon the evolutionary progress of what your Mother [and I are doing here.] This will bolster your faith and help you stay the course and give you a sense of hopeful optimism that all things are indeed well. Now I know this answer is not quite the answer that you were looking for My son but I hope you will find the treasure in it and be able to chew on this for a while until it becomes a living part of your being. Does this help My son?

Q: Yes it does and I am also concerned about….I read somewhere where the Father has decreed or mandated that all the planets that were in rebellion should be fast tracked . .. to life and light . ..when Christianity was taking foothold in this world, were there other people who were not in line with spirit….disappear altogether….would want to…destruction. Would this be a situation we are going to have to face in this modern time?

Michael: Much of it will be up to you. How much does your world want to continue to insert your own will to what is occurring here. There are many many options that we are considering to help divert this attraction that you have for the grand drama of….but you are still being ministered to help you to see that there is another option that you may consider. Pray for your brethren, pray for peace, come together more collectively as a body to pray together to ask for more of My peace to be instilled in the hearts of all the residents of this planet, to go deep…into all those places where the language of war or destruction is still holding sway.

You have so much potential within your small teaching mission group and I would encourage you to come together as a larger group to pray, to use the circuits that are available to you and to ask for their hearts to be open to my will. Use what you have and continue to participate in a collaborative fashion with all of us who are endeavoring to assist you. Do you understand My son?

Q: Yes I do, thank you so much for your classification.

Q: The evolutionary process that we are going through as regards global warming on Urantia, there is so much talk and that we are responsible for that ourselves. Sometimes I just get a funny feeling that maybe this is an evolutionary process and maybe we aren’t totally responsible for it yet it gets used as a tool. Maybe you could just clarify that so I can come to rest in my own mind about it, please.

Michael: That which your scientific culture has labeled as global warming is a planetary response to the changes that have been made to the planet because of the unchecked rampant usage of your industrialized nations and their processes of development. Industrialization has an effect on the way this world responds. It is very interesting to see the humans who are participating in studying the ideas of global warming as they begin to become more aware of the fact that you have impact on your environment. It can be detrimental, it can be productive.

You must use the facts that you have at hand and to view what you see as the effects to devise better methods [for] the uses of your technology. The earth is undergoing change and some of the change is being brought about because of the Correcting Time but it is very challenging for you to understand which is the natural outworking of the evolutionary process and which is brought about by the rampant unchecked uses of technology that are not used to sustain life in all of its various forms, human, animal, vegetable…. The earth is a living organism. It has a life force, it breathes, it exhales, it inhales and you are just beginning to become aware of this living force.

Now more and more the awareness of the intricacy and the delicacy of its balance is now being brought to the forefront through this awareness of what you call global warming. It is important that you become aware of your earth as a living organism. It is vital to understanding who you are and your own individual path as well as the path of its…in the role that you play in the evolving Supreme Being. So I encourage you, do your efforts to become aware of the earth as a living organism and to take the steps in your own life, change your habits and to ask your Mother and Me to help you understand when you are… that is healthy and healing for the earth or that which is counterproductive and little by little you will start to understand something of greater significance than what your scientists have delivered to you.

It is important now that the world awakens to the planet’s voice and to listen to what it is saying. There are efforts underway now that are working towards this end. There is much to learn, there is much to gain and there are many bad habits to let go of. Pray for the new insights to go into the hearts and minds of my children. Pray that those who are involved in the rampant uses of technology harmful to the earth be open to the truth of what they are doing. Pray that their minds be seeded with new ideas to change, to restore the earth, to help it heal. You have much power at your hands through prayer and again I encourage you to come together as a group and to focus on this to help your beautiful planet regain its innocence, its purity so that it can sustain you in the way it was designed to. Does this help my daughter.

Q: Very much so, thank you for all that explanation. It bring to my mind even questions about foods that are good for you and those which are not. One week they say don’t eat eggs and the next week it ok you can eat eggs. The next week it’s no butter and it goes back and forth. It leads to what kinds of food can we eat and what kinds shouldn’t we eat? If you took all the sugar and fat out there’s not much left. Maybe this is all something new because our bodies….as a result of thinking the way we do…how far off am I on all of that?

Michael: When you become more attuned to My voice within and your body starts to open to more spiritual energies that flow through it and your body begins to lose the memory or the remembrance of the old ways, you will start to gravitate towards those things that are healthy and health producing in you. So relax, let your mind be [quiet.] Help your body to regain its stillness so that your own inner voice of what is good for you can steer you in the right direction.

The voice of your culture is still very loud within your mind. To truly find and feel and know what is right for you requires you to continue to develop that state of stillness where you can be guided in choices that will be the most productive for you. Ask your body, what is healthy for me, help me make the right choices. Ask your body to help you learn to listen…sometimes it will gravitate towards those choices that might be unhealthy for you because it is still unbalanced. Here again, come to Me, come to your Mother. Ask us to balance you, ask us to…and when you grow this habit of coming to us it will be easier to listen to what your body wants, if good for you. Do you understand?

Q: Yes, I get it, thank you. Our community voice here does speak loudly doesn’t it? Over the airwaves all the time. Most of the time you can tune it out and you do know what’s better for you but sometimes there are little confusing issues and you don’t know what to think so…I agree, stillness is the answer and I think almost always stillness is the answer. Thank you.


Michael: You are most welcome. My children I will conclude by encouraging you to feel your desire for self mastery and to expose new ideas about the joyfulness and the playfulness that gaining self mastery can involve. Again I invite you to come to Me as your elder brother and ask Me to walk with you in those little things of life that you find before you each day and let Me share with you something to lighten your load, to lift your spirit and to make your heart sing and to make your body dance with joy. I take My leave and wish you the love of our Father be in you, grow. I leave My peace upon you My children.

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