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LLN1119- Exercise To Grant Inner Voice To Speak

2007-04-12.  Exercise To Grant Inner Voice To Speak

Lightline #119

Topic: Exercise To Grant Inner Voice To Speak

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: The Voice, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Dear Lord, make us instruments of your peace. Where there is hatred let us bring love. Where there is injury let us pardon, where there is doubt let us bring your faith. Where there is darkness let us be your light, where there is sadness let them feel our [love]. Oh Divine Master, grant that we may not seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, to be loved as to love. Make us the instruments of your peace for it is in giving that we receive, in pardoning that we are pardoned and in dying to our higher selves we live. Make us instruments of your peace oh Father, oh Divine Parents, make us instruments of your peace.

Mark: I’m going to begin tonight by pulling some threads together that have been out there in internet land that I have been privileged to come across. I’m going to read a short paragraph from the teacher JarEl and the t/r is George.

“God will always speak to you in your own voice so at times you will hear nothing but your own voice speaking back to you. If you learn to listen and discern these thoughts and as you begin to see that many of these thoughts are not your own thoughts, then you can rest assured that much of this information that you are receiving is from God for He constantly speaks to you and He is always there for anything that you ask for granted that much of what you ask takes time to be delivered and in the wisdom of God He might not give you everything that you ask for simply because you do not know what you want.”

“God of all people knows what you need and when you ask Him He gives it to you. In the search for knowledge and truth if you ask you shall receive. God is more than happy to provide you with the tools to reach Him. God is ecstatic to see some of His children reaching out to Him. When His child begins that arduous search for God He makes it possible for you to find the clues that will send you on your way towards this grand adventure”

I wanted to make that point because the topic of this evenings gathering as I reflect, is about the illumination of the presence of the Voice within, which we just heard through another teacher is your voice within and I think that’s a good point, one that needs to be revisited. A lot of people consider that they’re waiting to hear a God-like voice which is profound and different and somehow undeniably grand. I’m here to promote what was just read, the idea that the reason you may not have recognized fully your spiritual component of your thought adjuster, your indwelling spirit, your personal inner voice, is because it sounds just like you. It is you, it uses your voice. There’s no other thing it can be and so if we’re waiting to hear from God to be distinct and different from anything we recognize, we’re not going to hear it.

I point this out because I think all of us have kind of assumed differentness would be apparent in this process and it’s more of an identification of a sameness than an identification in any way of the differentness. It’s kind of a hard line to draw. Also, it needs to be clarified I believe, the distinction between two different processes. At the end of last week’s session there was some impromptu discussion back and forth. There was reference made to the fact that perhaps people could address entities like teachers, like Machiventa, perhaps they didn’t need to consider writing down or addressing in any way their intentions towards the teachers but that they would just know.

Where that came from is that Allene and I were talking back and forth. We have a gift from God, as are all things, that allows us to have a relationship with personalities, that allow us to discourse and talk about and that is the t/ring process that you tune in for on a weekly basis. That is distinctly different and it need s to be noted that the presence of your indwelling fragment which is onboard with you at all times, which is so intertwined with you as to be indistinguishable and yet that is what we are searching for, some identification of that, some awareness, and we find that awareness when we can find ourselves in conjunction with some spiritual episode that has been uplifting for us.

In those times we are quite close to our indwelling fragment. It can be just an inspiring thought, it can be an act of service, it can be any one of millions of things. That is distinct and different from the process some of us are engaged in of rather allowing ourselves to be utilized by our unseen friends and associates in this process and really partnering with them to allow this to happen. It is not meant to suggest that everyone should have the goal or desire or purpose in any way to set themselves out to be t/r’s. I just wanted to make that distinction. They are two different things and they overlap. Certainly our individual experience tells us that they cannot hardly be teased apart from each other, it’s all part of your spiritual development but there are different aspects and the one we are here today to discuss everybody has.

Everybody has access to it. None of us can get away from not having access to it. We’re just trying to fine tune our skill with which we are going to interface with that spirit component of . . . [ourselves] and that’s what we are here to do and that’s what we come to the teachers for, is some heads up on what we need to do to help in this process of learning and working towards that. So I hope that portrays a little clarification about those distinct things and it depends on who you are talking to and what their experience is.

We have to recall, Allene and I, that we have been at this a very long time and we’ve had lots of experiences which provide us with a kind of wealth of information but there lots of people out there who don’t have our experience and so the act of t/ring is not what we’re here to train in. I don’t know even how to do that but the act of coming closer to our individual fragments is something we can all do and get close to and so I’d like to turn it over to the teachers at this point for the guidance that we love to hear from them. It’s very strange talking when it seems that there is nobody out there but I’m just going to go ahead.


The Voice: Greetings, I am this one’s voice and I am welcomed into this arena to instigate another level of connection. I ask you each to consider in this moment, granting your onboard partners permission, right now, to act in your best interest as they always do, and to do so with your permission, perhaps even your petition. In this way we can circle up another group of us who are in attendance. You all have formed your circle of light, your energy field and if you so grant, your indwelling voices may as well join forces and act on your behalf. This can become a potent exercise when you become in awareness of your powers of multiplication when you overlay additional energy circuits with your activation of your intention.

Attempt to create a dialog with yourself in the next few days. Having granted your inner guide permission, expect to receive a response and in the next few days use your keenest senses to discern a sort of dialog with your own voice. That is how you will hear it and you will consider that it is just you and then reach farther and consider it may be more than you, that your voice may be the carrier wave for divine intention, inspiration, peace and love. The activation of your own thought patterns likewise may be the way divinity becomes manifested.

It is designed to be exactly this way. You are powerful creators just now awakening to your potential and you will soon realize the correlation between your own thoughts and your own inspired thoughts. It is common to assume that additions to your thought stream must have come from some external source that you overheard but you will learn to consider that these enhanced thoughts may very well be internal in nature and yet inspired from on high.

You can allow that this is by design, then this is simply a role that you fulfill, a destiny that you fulfill and all is as it should be in this process. There has been activation, whether or not you were in awareness, there has been activation of a central part of your being. Now in these days ahead look for that change, that sense. Allow yourself to perceive deeper and farther. I am overjoyed to participate in such a magnificent encircuitment as was created right before our eyes. I now withdraw and resume my submissive position in this relationship, waiting to be asked, waiting to be invited. I was here as a result of this invitation and I will return with any future invitation. In the blink of an eye I am back. Thank you for accepting my presence and for embracing your own Father presence within.

Monjoronson: Greetings I am Monjoronson once again here to enjoy communing with such a dedicated group. We are indeed all of us fortunate to be in this place of such newness and miracles. Together we witness what creative potential is capable of and can only marvel at the glory and grandeur that is bestowed as grace in this process. I truly do wish that you could have a greater sense of perception for all that is transpiring around you, even within you.

I recognize that in your present form you are quite limited in your capacity to feel spirit influences and I do wish that you had more of a morontia sense to observe and feel the magnificence that is in play all about you. One day you will revisit this time in a reflective mode and you will be surprised at your minimal level of awareness of all that was transpiring about you. Perhaps that is appropriate and good for where you are in this mortal experience. You need to focus on what your next step is and not to be distracted by the implications of universal ramifications.

It is best that we remain focused and humble about the role we play in creating this new reality before us. I encourage you to accept the invitation offered to create an internal dialog with yourself so that you may begin to practice this process. This will be quite helpful to you as you are engaged in this experience if you can touch base and be confirmed with your approach and attitude by your higher self. This takes practice and that is why it would be good to just begin, start out. If you are inclined to then write down your dialog, your questions, your responses, your musings, your understandings you will begin to see in later consideration that there were inspired points and clear moments in your dialog.

You will begin to associate more and more with those times, those episodes and in this way you will more and more quickly revisit that place where you receive these inspirations and answers and confirmations. Just the act of practicing anything demonstrates to the universe your intentions, your desires so if you are truly desiring a direction, to explore a vista, to seek, then here is a serviceable suggestion of a new arena that you can enter of creating this safe environment where you will entertain yourself, your higher self and the self that you consider you are in this moment.

If you set this up in your scenario then you will have a place to return to and revisit this spiritual connection, establish the circuitry once again and receive the spiritual waters that you thirst for. This truly is the greatest key to living ever offered and yet as freely offered as this is, it is so rarely accepted. This is your passage out of this experience and your guide throughout your journey. I would contain my remarks to those. Would there be any questions or dialog from any out there in the constellation sitting around the fire with us?


Q: Hello, it is good to hear your voice again. I have a two part question. The first pertains to human beings who have accepted the reality of trying to experience the morontia life or morontia mota while living here on this planet and the new awareness that it provides and no doubt with the intention of light and life we are going to at some point have human beings experiencing fusion. I read somewhere in the Urantia book that that some beings who are living here have traversed the seven psychic circles and yet fusion is delayed for some reason. Is there any particular reason why a fusion candidate would not experience this in this time frame or to be delayed for some time in the future. If someone approaches that state of existence would they experience fusion and what procedure would that take with regards to information to other Urantia readers of the world in general?

Monjoronson: The primary cause of the phenomenon of postponing fusion is the desire of individuals to be of service. It is literally true that many will put their careers on hold so to speak to fill a need that they see, in fact to be of service, to gain experience, to possess what can only be gained through experience. For these very potent considerations many do choose to delay their diploma so to speak of having arrived at the state where they are considered fusion candidates. It is quite an honorable thing to volunteer to stay behind with the others that you may help in their ascension careers and all the while you are getting the rewards of being in service.

To ones that master achievements of significance in their spiritual career, they are often granted latitude to choose their ascension paths and customize their experiences. This is another element granted [by] the Father around free will choice and its importance and significance. I would make mention of a statement that you made as a means of further clarification. Your statement was “it is good to hear your voice again” and I am motivated to reinforce what I believe you already know and that is that what you hear in these hours, these word symbols, these vocal chords that resonate are not mine. I borrow them.

My partner has agreed to help me as I attempt to squeeze concepts into words and out through vocal chords but what you hear distinctly is not me except in my personality and my tone that you recognize as being me. It may come through other t/r’s and sound significantly different but what you are recognizing is a sense of my personality as if I walked into a dark room with you and no words were spoken, as if I approached you in the darkness and you could feel who it was that approached you. That is how you are experiencing my presence. We are using this vehicle, we are also using telephones and antennas and satellites but what we are sharing, what is us is our individual spirit, our personality traits, characteristics, we have a tone, we have a color, we have light as part of our composition, we are energy.

All these things together create a signature of who we are and this signature remains who we are throughout, no matter what set of vocal chords we may use, what language or vocabulary we may choose we are still who we are regardless. We may know each other throughout this entire experience by this process of sensing our presence and you will feel my presence anytime you come in contact with my energy even if it has been captured in a transcript or a recording. It will still contain my energy, my signature, who I am. I point this out because we are developing this circuitry as well. The abilities to be able to sense each other, perceive each other, feel each others existence.

We will take on many different manifestations and have many different shapes, speak many different languages, have numerous manifestations which are distinctly different. But yet in any one of those we can recognize each other because our essence, our spiritual self, our personality and our companion, our onboard guide, will all still be present as who we are, will combine to form our energy signature. This is the enduring part of you after this earthly life has run its course and we will meet again under different circumstances but we will recognize each other because we have formed this relationship spirit to spirit, presence to presence. So no matter where we may find ourselves of what form or in what section of the galaxy we will remain who we are and be recognized as such throughout this process. Any more comments or questions?

Q: Thank you so much for that explanation. It is the essence of what I was thinking. I seem to have chosen the wrong expression. The question I asked originally, if somebody chooses not to remain here with the mission and chooses to move on to the mansion worlds as was in the case with Enoch and Elijah that we’re aware of, would this transaction of fusion to be known to the world in general or just within our group, if that person chooses to move on to the mansions worlds?

Monjoronson: It is highly unlikely that any individual decision would be earth shaking news after all there are numerous human beings engaged at their death in spontaneous combustion and yet it is seen as not unusual, not unnatural. We are approaching a time of greater spiritual awareness and there will certainly arrive a point at which we will possess the awareness of the potential of spirit even to manifest in such physical acts as the dissolution of fusion. So I think it is simply a matter of time until we get to that point. In the meanwhile where we find ourselves, now, I am not sure that many would have the recognition of what actually transpired.

Those like yourselves who are endeavoring to spread greater understanding of such principles are facilitating this process of the elevation of spiritual awareness and at some point this information may become more or less common knowledge but as you are quite aware, your discoveries which have so liberated you in your understanding are so vastly unheard of and unknown by the majority of mortals on this world. This can certainly change and change rapidly but the picture we would take today, I would have to say that there are not too many people who are possessed of an understanding to even properly observe such a phenomena so the event itself may fall on deaf ears so to speak until there is an upliftment of understanding and awareness.

But it is rejoiced that there are those like yourselves who can contemplate such spiritually advanced principles and their implications. It is for thinkers such as yourselves which pave the way for the others to understand and accept. So thank you for your efforts in service towards that end.

Q: Hello Monjoronson, good evening. [Hello] Basically I want to thank you for your work, your life, your industry towards us and want to ask you how are you doing, how was your week and how is the ministry out there in the universe in general? It occurred to me that it is somewhat important for me and us in a sense in a relationship with you guys to ask how are you, how are you doing? Usually my approach has been o.k. you are fine, everything is perfect, Michael is fine, everything is perfect and He is having a good time, no stress, no problems as it were, it is well. There is no need to ask how are you doing and I was thinking that in a relationship with our fellow human beings in a cordial relationship where we ask how are you, how are things with you, I thought as it were that it would not be out of place to ask such questions in our dealings with our brothers and sisters on the other side of the veil. I just take this opportunity to venture out, to ask the teachers, and you are here right now, to ask you how are you, how is your week?

From what you said about combustion, from my understanding, the body Enoch of Elijah disappeared. Are these things happening today in this present decade. I ‘m from Nigeria and I have heard stories where highly spiritual minded human beings know they are going to leave the planet. They even tell their family members they are leaving soon. A preacher of the gospel named Adam shortly before he left called his daughter and in her presence just left. He was fine, healthy but the body did not disappear, was not consumed. That is a unique case and there are others around the world. Are such cases happening today? Your comments would be appreciated?

Monjoronson: First, your question about fusion and the effects on the human vehicle. It is certainly a potential on this world for individuals to reach a point of fusion in this decade, in this day and arriving at such place there is great spiritual charge to having made such an accomplishment. There are no predestined scenarios to occur when this happens. It is quite possible that the enlightened one might choose to dissolve the vehicle upon leaving and it is quite possible that that would be of no interest to the departing individual. It would be a matter of choice as to how they would like their transformation to proceed but I would declare that it is entirely possible that individuals would never be seen again.

This happens rather routinely on your planet and so it should not be much of a surprise that this is one of the ways individuals may choose to exit this experience and proceed onward. Likewise you might choose as an ascendant master to maintain the vehicle for great periods of time. You have heard of the masters of the Far East who live for hundreds of years. This too is within the realm of potential. So I need to expand your boundaries on what is perceived as possible because you are just now wading into the pool of potential of creativity and you will discover that one of the things that you have to be creative with is your vehicle and that you choose much of how your existence with your vehicle will be and there are people who provide many examples of extraordinary things that their vehicles do and yet they are all the human form or perhaps even above that, they are all energy forms and as energy the concept of fusion is quite tangible.

I now address your question of your response in asking myself or perhaps the others, how we are doing? I appreciate the sentiment attached to the desire to commune and develop intimacy through the process of sharing back and forth how we are doing. It is illustrative of another avenue of interest because in your comments you suggested you weren’t sure how appropriate it was to ask because you may assume that someone in Michael’s position for instance, is always doing well and I will affirm for you that those of us of advanced spiritual stature have an awareness that truly does belie our understanding that all is well.

From your perspective the very question, how are you doing, comes with an understanding that given all your material obstacles and considerations you may be challenged and not be doing well. It is part of your material existence to have to negotiate through rather an obstacle course of opportunities and challenges and that at any given time you are quite used to finding yourselves in a state of un-wellness as a result of your undergoing your experiences.

Such is not the case on high because the more you are ascended the more you realize that truly everything is as it should be, that all is well and that your awareness of that makes it so. Your appreciation for the divinity of the plan overrides any individual occurrence or event or situation with a pervasive sense of well being and goodness. This does not imply that there is no encounter with negativity or sadness or doubt or fear and those are all present out there to be experienced but when you approach any of those encounters with a overall sense of profound goodness you are always finding yourself doing grand. Not only do you do well, you do grand when you function in the awareness that this gigantic plan that we are engaged in always works out, always works to the best possible avenue even if we are unable to see it in any one short glimpse that we have.

Our faith and our trust carry with them a sense of well being and therefore we literally do not have to inquire of each other whether or not we are feeling good because we are being good and are not subject to any particular encounter offsetting us from our intentions of goodness. So I appreciate your consideration and your desire to reach out. I accept any of your efforts to bridge this space between us but you were right, I point out, in your impression that to truly divine beings, there is no other state and that in fact it is not necessary to inquire of anyone of Michael’s stature as to whether He feels good or is doing well at any particular time.

He has mastered good, He is well and you too shall rise to this place of being and becoming that which you strive for now in your daily lives, questions of how are you doing today, how are you doing this week, did you maintain spiritual composure, did you have peace, was there joy or were you pummeled by life’s circumstances and challenged by the many obstacles of material existence. I appreciate your observations my friend, thank you. [ Thank you very much.]


If there are no other questions then I will take this opportunity to draw this incredible meeting of light beings to a close. I refer to you each one. I also refer to those you may not sense immediately who are also present. But you are mortal vessels of light, each one and when we assemble like this we create a beautiful chandelier of light. It is my pleasure and privilege to be one of the bulbs among you this evening. Thank you for this opportunity, I look forwards to meeting with you again, farewell.

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