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LLN121- Lightline

2007-04-19.  Lightline

Lightline #121

Topic: Sanctuary Within

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Michael

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Thank you Father for Michael, our Creator Father, our brother and friend and all of His associates, all of His ministers who we so much enjoy meeting and becoming friends with, developing relationship. Relationship endures, this is what we are building even in this moment. Help us to build this, help us to come closer to you each one that we may grow to be better friends, have a deeper relationship. Help us to make this so in this moment.

Michael: It is with great joy that I come among you and gather you around Me as the children of Mine that you are, eager ones desiring to be close to Me. You are such cherished little ones and I welcome any opportunity you grant Me to have access to you and I welcome this opportunity to join in your circle of friendship, in your circuit of love. We all enjoy the drinking of this cup. We are all nourished by having this cup offered and by offering this cup. Truly we are developing relationships that are deep and enduring that will transcend this time of the flesh. I am overjoyed to reach you in your current manifestation, in fact I have been seeking you and searching you out and likewise I note that you have been seeking Me and so it is that we meet.


It represents your desire and as well it represents My desire. We have a special bond, that of parent and child, even that of friend, comrade and associate. As I witness we are as well engaged in a similar pursuit of pleasing the Father, of having our actions, our very lives be our gifts to The Father. When we join together in this way we are as equals, not as Creator and created but as fellow worshipers, as fellows in service to The Father. I perceive that you experience some uncertainties as to what you are convinced that The Father would have you do. You are so eager My little ones, you are as ones on the bench saying coach put me in and so it is that those who rise with enthusiasm and ask to be put in the game are granted their petition.

So it is that you who pursue Me, who would follow Me wherever I might lead are showing yourselves as the dedicated servants that your soul desires that you manifest. I accept your petitions, I will grant you the desires of your hearts for that that you wish is that that I wish, to be of service to represent The Father. This stems from our gratitude at having been found by The Father and we recognize the glory and sweetness of this realization and this awareness and we become compelled to want to share this with the others that they may taste the sweetness and feel the grandeur of the realization of this association. Once your brothers and sisters can fully or even partially realize their relationship to Me and to The Father they will see that they are part of the family, part of the brotherhood of mankind and they will feel associated and loved and recognized as a member of this brotherhood which upon further realization they will come to understand embraces not only the brothers and sisters in their country, nation, hemisphere or planet but in fact you do have relation that is relative beyond your comprehension.

I am one of these relationships which challenges your acceptance because I do not walk among you and partake of your earthly customs and circumstances but you have found it in your hearts to extend beyond what your eyes can see in what you have been encountering in your lives to provide a place to accommodate a presence such as mine. This indicates great progress of your spiritual capacity to be able to extend in faith beyond what is tangible and to include things that are unseen in your category of things that are real. I am overjoyed that you extend your faith in My direction. I have been waiting for your call and I eagerly answer it. I have been as one in observation and standing aside while you have gone through your lives seeking for something and I was there to witness your finding step by step what it is you have been seeking and I am overjoyed that you turn your gaze in my direction and seek Me for I am right there.

I would share your challenges and burdens and joys with you if you would but more actively invite Me in and I could change My perspective from one who gazes on from the sidelines to one who is involved with you in the game if you would simply make a place for Me to go with you. I have spoken of this before of you, creating this environment, this place where I can be with you even within you. I have provided you with exercises designed to foster this awareness but this does require your diligence and your practice. It may be uncertain, even awkward for you at first but with practice you will more and more sense My presence, feel My very personality as I engage with you through your invitation.

It may be difficult for you to conceive but I am at your command, I await your signal. I will never force you or challenge you to accept Me. That is not how I work, that is not how The Father would have it. I will always respond to your call unfailingly, be there for you at a moment’s notice and unconditionally love you regardless. But I do await patiently your invitation, your signal to Me that I am welcome in this hour, even in this moment. I do not presume that your statement of yesterday or of last week is still reflective of your desires in the current moment, rather I look to the indication of your soul in the moment and when I perceive an invitation, a welcome from you then I do not waste one second of time to make myself available to you.

I proclaimed to My followers those many years ago when I walked upon this earth that I would return and while they may have desired that I return in a blaze of glory to dominate and make things right they were mistaken in that will never be My approach. I remain committed to the will of The Father and in a submissive posture as regards My earth children. I may suggest, I may invite, I may stimulate your desire but I will never dominate. Rather it must be your choice. You must ask Me and then the door is opened and I may enter into your sacred abode and once I am there we may become better friends, our relationship will deepen, our partnership will strengthen and in this way we may act together for the common cause that we would see as our role to play in the moment.

There are steps certainly that you may take to cultivate this environment to make ready the parlor to invite Me in. You may reflect in worship, you may engage in prayer, you may seek the stillness. These are steps that are indicative of your desire. They are outward signs of your inward direction. But even so, having readied the parlor, having cultivated the proper environment, I do not assume that I am welcome. I will assume nothing with you. I will allow you every possible freedom of choice and having observed your posture, your outward signs and indications I may sense that I am welcome but I will never presume to take charge or dominate, rather even with all conditions being favorable I will still await your call, your signal.

When you ask, then you may receive, I may impart but I do not even force grace upon you. Rather you must be involved in the act, even the act of receiving. My dear ones I will remind you that that which you are building in spirit, that which is enduring and beyond this temporal experience is yours to keep forever. It is unassailable by outside forces, it is completely secure and sound. It is your possession to keep and no matter what happens outside of your individual selves you have security safety and certainty with your spiritual dwelling within.

And you will be challenged. Your external environment will shift. You will be knocked off center of what you are used to, accustomed to, but remember and remind yourselves and remind each other that these are all temporal changes and shifts. They do not have power over you unless you grant them such power. You choose what you let in to your internal citadel of the soul. It cannot be assaulted from outside against your desire, against your will. Like Me, it cannot come in unless invited and this is your key to maintaining your posture, your composure, your balance, your steadiness through out whatever experiences may arise.

For you to realize that nothing out there can impact you unless you invite it in and likewise spirit cannot come to your assistance unless you let it in. So you are entirely in control of your internal environment, you [are] now realizing this may seize command of what happens to you by virtue of what you will allow in. If you choose to allow only divine and spiritual influence, then you will be influenced by these factors because it was your choice to let them in. If you choose to be negatively impacted by the deeds of the flesh then that will be your choice it will be because you let them in.

You live in an age which is a double edged sword My friend. Your technology and your abilities to spread abroad the doings of your fellow mortals has risen to a point where if you so choose, you may be confronted with every manner of deviant human behavior as a result of the effectiveness of your news gathering circuitry. You may think to yourselves I should remain aware of all that is going on, I need to be current and up to speed, I don’t want to be seen as unaware and uninformed but I tell you in the times just before you will need to make some decisions about what you will let in.

If the activities of your brethren are highly offensive then they become a commodity to be used by news services to grab your attention and get your readership. If you allow yourself to be impacted this way then you will encounter great obstacles in finding inner peace with the barrage of less than divine actions that are prevalent on your world. You all have lived long enough on this world to have a very good idea of that which your brothers and sisters are capable of in their misguided approaches but it is not necessary that you bombard yourselves with the details of all the unkind and unloving, even evil acts that will be flashed before you on the screen.

Rather must you consider the environment within. Do these bits of information help you or hurt you, will you let them in to contaminate your inner being or will you choose not to. Will you stand guard over your inner sanctuary with diligence or will you be corrupted by those who would grab your attention with so much sensationalism. I encourage you to consider your choices daily about your inner environment and who and what you will allow in. This is your safe zone, this is your garden of Eden, this is your sanctuary. You must preserve your peace and if that means that you choose to not subject yourselves to the worst case scenario of the day, then that decision would be one that would honor your inner environment and preserve it.

If you find yourself swept up in the experience of that part of your collective consciousness then you have given over some of your sanctuary, you have relinquished some of your control, you have turned over some of your mind and some of your thoughts to another. I caution you to guard against turning over your thoughts, they are the avenue to your inner dwelling place. They can bring with them goodness and light and divinity and they can also carry with them darkness, fear and hatred.

Attempt to monitor that which you allow to come in. Attempt to keep a clean garden, a comfortable parlor, a peaceful inner environment. That is where I wish to join you. I wish to come into your inner environment, to be welcomed into your parlor and we would both enjoy if the things we found there were light and bright and good and beautiful and peaceful. We would eagerly want to return to such an environment but if you are troubled and afraid, fearful and doubting then you may not even want to invite Me in as your environment will be polluted and disheveled, will not be peaceful but rather it will be turmoil, fear and uncertainty.

Make every effort to maintain a peaceful and clean environment. If this means that you have to guard yourself against the intrusion of all that is out there then so be it. You would be far better off uninformed as you would call it as to be polluted and contaminated. Choose well which thoughts you would entertain. You have complete jurisdiction over this just as you have jurisdiction over inviting Me in or not, so do you have jurisdiction over inviting anything else or anyone else in. They cannot impose their will upon you if you will not allow it.

So My dear ones let us be in joy together because we know of a certainty of the goodness of The Father, of the beauty that exists in His plan for us, of the truth contained in our understanding of these principles. Of these things we may be certain, we may be secure. Again, no matter what happens out there, we can be peaceful and secure in here within. We can even be joyful knowing that we are secure and safe and this is that enduring component that you spoke of, the relationship that we form, the friendship that we build. Those things are ours to keep for eternity.

I so much enjoy this opportunity to sit and be with you, to even feel your invitations even in this moment. We will have long and beautiful relationships and these can bring us both joy and peace and love. I perceive that you are each steadfast in your desire to follow Me and I will use every means to facilitate that relationship. I am pleased to have the opportunity to use this forum to communicate with you but as well this is an interim step to encourage you to invite Me in.

I will mention finally in our discussion the significance and value of developing the relationship with the fragment of the First Source and Center which is also within you. Once again in that environment that you are creating, that safe place, you may ask to meet and greet your Father fragment and you will come to discover as was mentioned, that they are exceedingly familiar to you. They have in fact been with you for so long that you cannot register what it would be like to be without them and therein lies your challenge, your obstacle at identification.

You are so close that it is truly difficult to draw the line of distinction, where you leave off your personality, and your indwelling fragment joins you. Of course this is the plan, that you become so intertwined that you are one and indistinguishable, that you would speak for your fragment, that you would become one with your voice and that you would not seek to distinguish at all but rather to combine, to unify, to join the elements into the whole. This is the process that you are engaged in even in this moment. When you have inspired thought you are functioning in partnership. Was it your thought, was it inspired from on high, was it a combination of the both?

These questions are stimulating and intriguing to you at this point in your discovery process and your first inclination is to make attempts at separation and identification so that you can more clearly and accurately define what it is, who it is, who is who at any time but as you will discover the union, the joining, the comingling is the true goal of this exercise and rather than to wish to stand aside and point at your voice as separate, it will turn into your desire and your goal to embrace your voice as merely a component part of yourself.

In this way you are divine beings for you have a spark of divinity within you surrounded by your mortality and partnered with your personality. This union that you are attempting is a combination of your component parts by an act once again of your free willed choice. Once again this cannot happen unless it is by your invitation. Once again this is not a dominant process but rather a recessive attraction and once again it is all up to you. That is how it is designed to work and how you are demonstrating to all the universe that it does work. When you choose, the laws of the universe may come into play through you and with you.

So My dear ones, there is so much to choose, so much to allow, so much to accept and all of this resides within your capacity to choose your desire to manifest. And so it is that a universe awaits your choice. Your destiny, while potential, awaits your choosing to make it actual, to make it real but do not be overburdened that you can somehow err in your choice and be derailed from this process as there are innumerable choices to be made and you will err in some of your choices but there will be another one right on the heels of that one and you will be asked again to re-choose every day, every hour, perhaps even every moment there is a new choice and if you are dissatisfied with a previous choice as not serving you, the next choice will be along any moment.

That is your task, if you have one in this ascension, is to keep choosing, re-choosing, restating, revisiting your choices, altering your choices, expanding your awareness and re-choosing. And I will be with you throughout this process. At times I will be standing beside you and at times when you allow, I will be invited in and working more closely with you, even working through you in partnership. This represents My desire and I hope I have made Myself clear to you. I thank The Father for the chance to commune with you in this fashion and I welcome this opportunity at strengthening our relationships. Let us work together as we are to glorify The Father and to be in service towards that end. I withdraw from you now in words only.


I have just declared that I never really leave you. It is only a matter of degree as to how close we may be at any moment in time which is why I cherish this opportunity that we may actually use word symbols and sounds to access yet another avenue of communion between us for which I remain as grateful as you are. Thank you My dear ones. I hear your petitions and I am with you throughout. I only take leave of this form of communion until next time. Farewell.

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